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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Electronic Madness!

I was driving my truck and a thought came to me and I told myself "self don't forget that thought." I don't remember what it was, so I'm going to entertain myself for a moment or two and practice some of my insanity if you don't mind and if you do mind. [My tongue is stuck out.] You're never too old to act like a kid ur ya???
Too much fucking static in the air! Can you feel it? People fed up, tired of all the bullshit! It's as though humanity's sewer is backing up! Land, sea, air, insanity is permeating even our former stress free zones.
I wish to time travel so put on your imagination hat and imagine with me! Can you remember a time before remote controls? Okay, hold that thought! Remember when we had an outside antenna hooked to our house. How many channels did we have? That's right ABC, NBC and CBS! We watched the commercials, we didn't flip channels. Channel surfing only adds to the antsiness, we cannot be still, mindwise for a couple minutes! Families used to sit still waiting patiently, because they did not want to miss one second of a program that was ENTERTAINING them. They were totally, caught up in the simple classic television programs! Can you imagine that today?
What were some of those old programs that captivated us? The earlier ones were black and white and still amazing, now why was that? There was three channels and sometimes the picture was of poor quality, but I was entertained and rode along with the adventures of The Lone Ranger. Laughed with The Andy Griffith Show. Followed the two young men as they drove across America in their Corvette in Route 66. The whole family watched Walt Disney and then The Ed Sullivan show and loved them. Anyway times were much simpler and we could be entertained easier.
The electronic industry started a wave of more is better?  Huum! Think so? Cable brought more channels, MTV, 24 hour television, movie channels, more, more, more! Instead of a couple hours of TV, it was anytime, remote controlled addicting madness, where we could not get enough! But was it better or more entertaining!
Many more electronic goodies follows, some good some bad. BUT, but, but, what has it done to us and society as a whole???
My opinion this be my fav-o-rite part of me post! I loove to give my opinion! It has created the madness of the world we live in. We want all and everything right now! But nothing entertains us or soothes our tired souls! Too much of too much and absolutely NOTHING has added to the madcap insanity as much as the CELLPHONE! Glen

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  1. Having grown up in the same era as you, I can remember the good old days when tv was wholesome entertainment. It sounds like we watched and enjoyed the same shows. I also remember my parents watching the Lawrence Welk show and us kids would dance around the room when they would show the people on the show dancing and my dad would put up with us for a little while until we got to noisy and then make us sit down quietly and watch. We always sat down as a family and watched Gunsmoke and then on Sunday we watched Bonanza and that was the only school night we got to stay up until 9 instead of 8:30.
    I HATE TV now and rarely watch anything, but I do like how they have a channel for the old shows like Andy Griffith and Leave it to Beaver, etc.

    And you just had to mention my "favorite" (BLAH) subject.......the good old CELL PHONE!!! grrrrrrrrrr, ya just HAD to mention that didn't ya hahahaha.