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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I wish to get this our first. Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one! Ha, ha, ha! That being out of the way I can get on with my thoughts on this matter. No! Opinions, not assholes, sheesh!

Have you ever wondered how opinions can vary so much? Nope! Well, this might be a short post! Are you questioning about now "who the hell is that crazy old fart talking too?"

You see it's 4 AM and eveybody including the dog is asleep, sooo I'm talking to myself! Is there a law against that? At least not yet!

Opinions can be full of thoughtful insight that leaves you thinking, "why didn't I think of that"! Or, "that's the craziest, lame brain stupid thing I've ever heard of!" Well, I just reckon we're, as in you and I, are not the crazy assholes, we're somewhere in between most likely. At least I really, absolutely, positively, hope so!

A very wise piece of wisdom is, please shut the frick up and just listen! Damn! Seems like I use to say that a lot at work, before I learned meditation! Well, maybe that intelligent phrase is linked to one of them Confused fella's. U-know, one of them thinkers that sit's on mountains and ponders a lot. Probably thinking how the heck am I going to get down off this mountain, OR, I should of done this earlier in the summer, my ass is freezing, OR, I could really go for a super size meal at Wendy's about now!

Listening, as in REALLY listening! The kind of listening that goes farther than your ears, the kind that gets them synapses firing.

Growing up visiting family and friends was entertainig and educational for us young ones. We boys were allowed to sit with the men folk and listen, but not interrupt. Believe me I got a education and listened to many opinions. The best thing about these days, I learned there are many angles, thoughts, opinions! Made even a young boy learn to listen and take in all sides, to form his own opinion. To this day I love to read and ponder other peoples opinions. Listening, as in truly listening is a lost art. I believe most people tune out the value coming from others opinions, because their too busy waiting to give their opinion. I believe we can learn more by listening! I never tired of it as a young boy, it was stimulating. I learn to examine and see through the bull. Non the less it was fun, we had no television and other distractions it was a room full of grownups talking real adult day to day matters and telling stories.

Move forward to today, my hearing is shot, but I love to read. I get the same fun today, but the fun is harder to come by, too much bull, if you know what I mean Vern! (Remember Jim Varney, who made all those funny commercials and made some movies, he made that saying "you know what I mean Vern famous, sorry, I got sideswiped per usual, but I wanted to remind you where that saying came from.) Why did I mention him? He was silly, he made you laugh, we don't get enough simple, fun, silliness anymore!     

Your saying to yourself about now "what the hell is Glen talking about?" I love opinions, I still learn from opinions, they still stimulate my imagination. Whether I agree or disagree, doesn't matter! I love and live for those moments when I read something someone has put into words what I could not!!! It's like they were inside MY mind and wrote those words just for me, and I know you MY friends know exactly what I'm saying, "ain't it wonderful!"

Silliness, fun, laughter, we can never get enough. We're too busy worrying over the information overload kind of crappola that has filled every nook and cranny and taken over, OUR world! We are shot so full of information overload and it ain't the silly fun kind! Death, destruction, mayhem, wars, world debt and Politicians, yuck!!!

Write your opinions, your stories, your craziness, silliness! WE THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD ARE ONE AND THE SAME. I bet we laugh at the same stories, cry at the same stories, love our families. WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME, PLEASE MY FRIENDS, LET US NOT FORGET THAT, AND USE OUR OWN LIFE LEARNED OPINIONS AND NOT THE DEVILISH TRAITORS THAT WISH US TO KILL, OUR BRETHERN!!!  Thank you my good friends from all over the world, you touch an old man's heart more than you will ever know to see people reading my humble, simple man's words. Goodnight, Glen.     

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's early Monday AM and I'm totally at peace, feels wonderful. How do I keep this all the time? Man do I ever search for the answer! I was out and about doing chores Sunday, visiting my Mother who is 82 years old. Wow! I certainly won't be around then. Don't think I want too either! Visiting family was nice, real nice. My Mother is an amazing person, I think I got most of my genes from my Father as I fight everyday for the one thing I wish for most, PEACE! Wouldn't it be nice if peace came in a bottle! At work when things are going into the red line as in getting tense, I go get me a bottle of Peace! Sounds beautiful! Laugh at me, why not! I can remember not all that long ago, people saying "I must have my coffee in the morning to get me started." They may be talking about one regular cup of coffee at 8 ounces, then. You stop buy one of them Coffee and Gas R US every morning, for a heap more than 8 ounces! Them coffee cups and insulated mugs keep getting bigger and bigger, yep! Java Joe could not sleep until 2 AM last night. That's when the caffeine hit subsided. Six hours later he needs to fill er up again, no not the S. U. V. the 36 ounce mega Joe Java coffee mug.
                                                 This Here pART, i TITLED oopsey!
(I laugh at some of the words I make while typing. Perhaps that's why I like typing fer a wittle bit, before my beddy-bye time, I get a smiley face before bedtime.) [Damn! I can't believe I just wrota what I writa, don't tell anybody, alrighta.] I'm old enough to know better but young enough to not give a rat's ass, i's my blog and I can writa any fricka way I wanna! Oh! In case yee be womdering, I did leave out the t in the last sentence, i's like the way it sounds! What about the m in wombering? I fricks that up, but gotta laugh so's i left it in. This right here is what I be talkin about! I have fun while doing whatever this is, I be doing! I rove it!

I'm making fun of coffee and I'm hooked on that dastardly devil "sodie pop!" Do they still call it that? That's what they used to call it when I was a young pup. Cokes came in 6 oz bottles, yep I ain't a lying! Pepsi and Coke begin fighting and they went to 12 oz, then 16 oz bottles. What happens next begin the down slide of civilization... The Convenience Store... Them "sodie pops" got bigger with every hike in the price of gasoline. Them fountain "sodie pops" on a hot summer day, make a killing. Just think how much caffeine is being consumed, plum frightening ain't it! Around my parts they have a 32 oz "sodie pop" all the time for 69 cents. Good deal, I reckon, but, but, but, you see a 49 lb kid getting all that caffeine, ain't no wonder your beautiful child is a demon sometimes! 

What's the deal with these caffeine loaded drinks? I thought I got a kick with regular "sodie pop"! My old heart would go off like the 4th of July fireworks, iffa I drank one of these electrifying lightning something or the other drinks! I used to work with a man who consumed one of these caffeine lightning bolts every break, ain't no wonder he was skinny as a rail and hyperactive, plus he smoked, he won't see 50.

Peace is hard to come by in the modern world of jittery over loaded insanity from hell! What I find hilarious is young girls talking so fast I can't make out a word, they probably text the same speed.

My search for peace is a relentless day to day frustration. When it's there it's amazing, beautiful! The only way I find peace is staying away from all things that cause frustration and how the hell is one suppose to do that when the everyday world is like drinking caffeine loaded lightning zappers! But when it happens, as in a beautiful dream, or talking to your puppy dog, or looking at a rainbow, WOW! It's good, so good, if only we could go to the vending machine and purchase a can of PEACE when we need it! In my dreams it can happen I reckon! Glen

Monday, February 27, 2012

Glen News, Glen News

I want to jump right into something everybody can identify with. The good o'l weather. In my neck of the woods smackdab in the heartland of corn country, it was 50 degrees and Beautiful sunshine, yes it was and I loved it! I was out and about after the sun's rays clear my windows of ice, yahoo! Uncle Glen don't like using the ice scraper. Let the heater in the sky, clear them frosty ass winders. (I know, I know, the prop-er spelling is supposed to be windows!) You ain't visiting the Land of Properness here on Glen View! For you new readers and in case you old readers have forgotten. Glen View is my home, my own private Sanitarium, Nut House, Mental Institution, Looney Tooney Place and y'all get to visit me, the only cuckoo, as in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, good book! Damn! See how easy it is for this crazy old fart to get side tracked! I forgot to tell ya, it was windy. I decide to try my new ears, oopsey, hearing aids, Uncle Glen needs a lot of aid. Brain aid, blood pressure aid, potassium aid, vitamin D aid, iron supplement aid, amoxicillin for a spell, for sinus aid and I love my lemonade! HA, HA! Sorry I couldn't hep myself. (Please play along with me here, this ain't the local or world news, this be plum ass silliness yee haw!) 

NEWS FLASH... I interrupt this this attempt at humor to bring you this important news story! HA, HA! Got you there ain't gonna be no BAD news, nope not on Glen News, no way Jose!!! Damn If I didn't get side swiped and forget to finish about my hearing aids, shit fire! I can't do nuttin right! (I know, don't get your panties in a pinch!) Hearing aids, wind, that damn wind was blowing into my new hearing aids and what do you think I was hearin? (Okay, so I don't like using g's give an old fat man a break, if-fun you want PROPER English try???? Hell! I don't know maybe England, yeah! That ought to work!) Okay, let's try once more. Wind blowing through my new fangled hearing aids and the only thing I could hear is... wind that's right! Wowza! I be runnin a test and my new fangled hearing aids sure can pick up the sounds of the wind real good, I'm impressed! Don't hear birds or my release of Taco gas, but sure hear that 20 mph wind right nice, man oh man am I impressed!!! (I hope you got that attempt at Taco humor, u-know FARTS!) DAMN! Old grey haired Uncle Glen is feeling good and silly today, best hang on to your brain you might lose a few cells! Okay back to the hearing aid test. Went to visit family. (Here, sounds a mite like hear don't it? See how good I can hear now with my aids!) Hearing people one on one is much better. I can hear my brother talking to me from the other room, wonderful. Understanding people with no background noises such as 20 mph wind is real good, I'm impressed! Time for the Daytona 500, I want to watch the start of the race, wasn't meant to be rained out. I reckon they need rain down there in Florida I hear, or is it here! I'm so confused and guess what I'm afraid of, hearing is gonna give me more confusion! Uncle Glen can't stand no more confusion!  DAMN! The race postponed until Monday, not words people wish to hear.
Anyhow, I was listening to some pre race talk and my nephew was sittin on the floor in between me and the tv. I could not understand one word he was saying, the tv overrode his voice and the tv's not that loud. That be a good test for my new aids. I think, I might need some itty bitty hearing aids for my hearing aids! (Ha, ha! Here I find that funny, sorry strange humor.) To sum up this insanity, if there is no background noise or wind howling, I hear pretty damn good, BUT, if there is other sounds like a tv, even turned down low, I cannot understand people talking to me. Wow! Sounds an awful lot like before I spent a heap of $$$$ on aids!

My kind of news, might have you thinkin that Uncle Glen is crazy, yep and I totally agree with your way of thinkin! I know you did not learn one dag blasted intelligent thing did ya? What if you had spent the time instead of reading my blog, listening to all the bad news. Do ya reckon, ya would of learned anything of any importance? I'll let y'all out there answer that! If you have learned nothing other than Uncle Glen is one looney tooney sort of fella, then I have accomplished my goal! AH, HA, HA, HA!  Uncle Glen

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bad News, Bad News!

DAMN... Damn... damn! I tried writing a post and it turned too serious on me! I'm tired to death of all the bad news! It's destroying my ability to write my humor. I got's to block it, out if only for a little while! I have been working on several short stories, perhaps that's what I need to do for a spell! The insanity flu, has become a pandemic. Nothing makes sense, tv, newspaper, radio, stories, internet news, wowza! The smarter, the more civilized, the more technalogical gizmo's of instantaneous communication is destroying the fibers of our life. I watch at work as fellow workers cannot wait two hours between breaks to check their phone messages. Give me a !@$ing break! At break time their texting as fast as them fingers can go. How in the hell did the old timers ever get by without these modern communication brain reducing TOYS from the deepest depths of helldumb ? Let's go back before television.Oh my God! Was there ever a time before video games and television? When was that, the Roman Empire! My Grandpa was born in 1900, can you imagine? Nope no one born in the modern era of computers can visualize that! What would we do? Walk to school, I don't think soo! Do chores around the house and help Pa in the barn, plow and harvest the crops! No indoor plumbing, pump and hauling in of water from an outdoor hand pump. Go to the outhouse to poop! I don't think so! With all the modern conveniences we should use the time to learn, explore think, read, make life better for the next generation. It ain't happening is it? Drug usage up, legal or illegal, high school graduation rate, down. Intelligence testing down, well it ain't no wonder to an old fat man like me. It's sure great that there's a lot of fast food restaurants for the kids to work in! It sure is nice the parents allow their children to live with them, as the next generation reproduces!

I got to rambling a mite, u-now I NEVER do that! Ha, Ha. Ha! A friend of mine allowed a fellow blogger's post to be on his site. I could only read part of it. Why? Because it's the same O, same O, bad news stories that I have to block out. It's information overload, the same reason why I don't watch any news programs, nor read a lot of stories in the newspaper. OUR brains are bombarded with so much bad news bad news. We have beome like the old story where the little boy cries "wolf" too many times, then no one pays attention when the wolf is real. Damn! I'm tired of the basic same BAD news retold over and over. Opinions are GREAT! I love reading opinions, but please why are the fellow bloggers repeating the same news as the mass media that destroys the truth and works for The Powers That Be? Beware T. P. T. B. want OUR media too!!! Seems to me like their Pete and Repete! Of course that's My opinion! I occasionally visit other sites and find some quite enjoyable! Maybe I have become old, BUT BABY, I KNOW WHAT I LIKE! I love reading others from around the globe and the differences in how they speak and variations of words they use. I laugh at ones from other countries that write English better than I ever will. It plum tickles my funny bone. We're all INDIVIDUALS unique. It's that uniqueness that makes us special! The repeating of the truth, IF indeed it is the truth is BORING!!!  Opinions and individual stories are interesting, least wise to ME! Remember your favorite teachers? They instilled into you the desire to learn, right? I have a friend who writes an extremely fine blog and I admire "HIS STYLE", have from the beginning. It's not necessarily the message he preaches, it's his style, storytelling, humanity from his point of view. He makes learning fun again. That's what we bloggers should be about! I love reading others words when I sense it's coming from deep within. First and foremost it should be fun for the writer and not a chore. We readers ain't stupid, don't makes us so! We can watch the evening news both local and the world for all the bad news, bad news. Tell us something, unique, interesting, tell us something we don't already know, tell us something going on in YOUR neck of the world, give us YOUR stories, Your opinions, make us feel YOUR innermost thoughts, tell us from YOUR heart, YOUR soul. Feeling YOU is what I wish to understand! I have read many a beautiful words and I LOVE IT!!! I say thanks for that! Goodnight from old Glen.

Feeling Good

Feeling good, can't sleep! Ha, ha! That reminds me of an old Saturday Night Live skit where Billy Crystal impersonates what I believe was Fernando Lamas. In the skit Billy Crystal says "it's better to look good, than too feel good." I disagree whole heartedly!  I would much rather feel good, when I feel good it's like yippee yi-ah! The hell with what I look like! If you don't like the way I look, then by all means don't look at me! Speaking of looking at you don't you fricking hate it when people stare at you! These simple lame brain nin-ca-poops have no manners at all!

Speaking of lame brain nin-ca-poops. No matter where I roam I find them, they seem to be coming out of the woodwork. These ninny's, I have no doubt will reproducing! (Ain't that one scary ass thought!) There here! Reproducing like rabbits! Damn! If that don't make you want to start drinking, nothing will! Drink a six pack of beer, then do your shopping! I just betcha them ninny's seem more intelligent to you OR my favorite, you just don't give a rat's ass anymore! Hell yeah! Get drunk and let one of your children take you to the grocery store. You must be drunk just to squeeze your arthritis ridden body into Timmy's Hyundai Accent. Timmy, your 17 year old son helps push you into the Accent, then realizes he left the seat forward. He pushes the seat releases and you go back and hit your head against a monster stereo system that takes up the whole back seat and the trunk. You finally relax, scrunched up and feeling like a pretzel. Timmy gets in and starts the Hyundai Accent and 10,000 watts of bass hits you! It's bad enough you can barely move, then you feel your body vibrating all over the seat. It's a damn good thing your seat belt is hooked or you would of went through the roof of the Hyundai Accent. Speaking of accent you utter a few choice words but no one on the planet could hear you. Timmy says "sorry" after you have wet yourself! Nothing like a few extra unscheduled heart beats to check the soundness of the old ticker! Yep! I'm still alive! Timmy turns the stereo off for you, what a sweety! You go two blocks and Timmy gets a phone call. Oh my God! After a minute of his conversation with one of his Bro's you turn the stereo on, finding the sound of the bastard bass better than communication between two 17 year old's. Timmy pushes you out of the Hyundai at the Supermarket. Your upper body is weak, stomach flip floppin, brain is at sea, your legs are dancing uncontrollably, from rap music vibrations still in your body from the stereo from hell. As you enter the store the security guard places you in one of them electric carts. You don't argue because, stomach innards and beer would not be pretty all over the produce! Adds a new meaning to fresh produce don't it! You drive the electric cart around the store knocking over all the displays them dumasses put right in the middle of the aisles! You laugh uncontrollably, you have forgotten what the hell you came to the store for, so you have a brain fart moment! You buy vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup and a gallon of water and straws. You decide to throw the water away, cut a hole in the water jug add the milkshake ingredients and use the ride home to make one big ass milkshake from all the shaking you'll be doing! You know what they always say "if life gives you a multi mixer, you might as well make milkshakes."    THE SILLINESS HAS TO COME OUT, U-KNOW! I HAVE THE HANKERIN FOR A CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE ABOUT NOW! HANKERIN, DAMN! MY HILLBILLY HERITAGE IS TRYIN TO COME OUT, GOODNIGHT AND DON'T LET THE BED BUGS BITE!!! ah, ha, ha, ha, ha! .....   signed an inmate from Glen View...

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Valley

First I must give a little background. My dreams seem to be more memorable, more vivid, just soo much more, on Saturdays! My thought on this matter. My longest and hardest day at work is my Friday/Saturday, remember now I work the graveyard shift. It takes me longer to relax my mind and body after this night. When it all comes together and I go into a dream mode, its magnificent! Breathtaking in clarity, imagination and meaning, as I try to make sense out of what my mind is communicating or is it meaningless drivel! (I don't think so! I believe there lies wisdom in our dreams that only we can interpret!) I have mostly pleasant dreams and for that I am eternally grateful. Without that beautiful ability to visit the dream realm, I could not survive. Of that simple fact I'm sure of! My imagination and my dreams have created me and Glen View has become my outlet. My posts sum this up, I'll let you decide the whole of my many parts. From the highest mountain to the lowest valley ride along with me. I wish to not bore you, no matter which direction I travel...

I have many dreams with my Grandma and Grandpa N. in them. Why? I believe they may be my guardians into the other world.

This dream starts out and I'm sitting in the backseat of a new automobile of my Grandpa's. My Grandma is also in the front seat and we're going on a trip. I'm thinking to myself as my Grandpa drives, he's too old to be driving and dead, why am I with them? But the dream is so real that thought quickly perishes.

My Grandpa stops the luxurious/futuristic looking automobile and tells me "here you drive for a while." I drive off in this unusual automobile and am having major problems. I'm driving down a hill and the brakes won't work, I'm going too fast and am out of control! My Grandpa tells me to do this and do that, but this crazy futuristic thing does what it wants! I'm bouncing off cars, sidewalks, embankments, hitting everything in my path. It won't shut off, brakes won't respond, I did have some steering as I fought to avoid a direct head on collision with everything. Then the unthinkable happens! We're flying off a cliff, high above the valley of what is sure to be our end! All of us are thrown free. Below us is a lake, all three land smackdab! I hit bottom and rise to the top, my Grandpa's doing likewise. He yells "she's at the bottom." I dive back in and pull Grandma to dry ground! Shes alive, but not responding. We carry her inside the closest house and lay her on a large round oval rug and cover her up. There are six old people sitting motionless in chairs that look at us, more like look through us. They appear coma like, lifeless, not a twitch of their eyes, yet look as though they're alive. I tell Grandpa "I'm going for help!"

I get a good look as I ran outside at this big older house. We're at the bottom of a valley with cliffs all around. Houses line every nook and cranny of this cliff and there's no visible way out, so I start the climb upwards walking across houses that are connected with front porches sticking out over the cliff. People are sitting on the porches looking toward the top of the cliff, all of them have the same motionless stare as the people I first encountered where I left my Grandpa. I walk through one house and in the kitchen is an retarded young man asking for something to eat. He's not looking at me, continuously asking over and over. As I get close to the top there are faces in stone, 10 times life size all moving their eyes and mouth as if trying to tell me something, uttering no sounds. I get to the top and see massive pieces of machinery, earth moving equipment, continually filling in the valley. They are tearing a mountain down and filling in the valley. No humans just the roar of diesel engines with massive wheels turning and rock boulders crashing down into the valley. There's no one to talk to, no one to help me. The valley of empty souls is being entombed. I understand, they're all dead, only their bodies remain to be buried, not alive like me!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday, Apple Pie, Imagination and Humor!

It's Sunday the time for fun day, to rest, to go to church to read Glen View. Do what you want to do. I wish to write something, I just wish I knew what. I start out by typing a wee bit and then like lightning my head reverberates back and forth and presto some madness falls into place. Oh yeah ! Would I kid you, my favorite people of the world? Shucky derns no! What does shucky dern mean? Hell I don't know! I just like the way it sounds! I search for even a little madcap madness today, wowza what's the matter something or someone has stolen my sense of humor. How can it be! Without my humor I cannot survive in this cold cruel world! Of course if somebody was to hand me a piece of fried chicken I might be able to force it down, with maybe some cole slaw and a glass of tea. Also a piece of apple pie would help too! Damn I'm feeling better just thinking about it, ain't mind over matter wonderful! After the good feeling of invisible food in my belly I feel fuller, brighter, taller, happier so much so I'm ready for a nap. Wow mind over matter, I have found the secret weapon to extend my life and get rid of the devil high blood pressure that plagues my very existence! I should bottle this and make a fortune until my seven years is up and my patent expires and generic versions becomes available to wipe out my ungodly profit margin!


Sheesh! That was a close one. I had that system installed the last time I was in for a checkup! Since I was at the hospital for various x-rays and such I had a coupon for a colonoscopy or a brain monitor. I chose the brain monitor, because my colon was rotor rooted within my regularly scheduled maintenance plan. Wow, and since I was getting a hearing screening and new hearing aids, I was chosen patient of the month. I'm so happy and received a plaque and a fast food certificate for fast fried food franchise facility for further up, old fart's body! (That was fun tying all the f words together.) As you can see I'm operational and all systems, well my last 5 synapses are running at a few percentage points!

I know, I know, you think I'm one !@#$ed-up-old-!@#$er-don't-ya! That's entirely true and I be as proud as apple pie to admit it! I'm a product of moderm medical madness!

I wrote another post earlier and thought it was too serious, so I didn't post it. I'm feeling fast and furious and full of myself now, so I'm going to make you a deal yes, sir! I'm going to give you two today! How is that a one time deal of not one screwed up old man's rambling but two for the price of one! It don't get no better than that and only from Glen View can you get that kind of a deal! I'm going to sign off with what my old friend Red Skeleton would always say at the end of his show. "Good night and may God Bless!" Your pal, Glen.


I been doing some reading, I now feel like doing a little writing. I feel really relaxed and a mite woozy! No I ain't been drinking anything with alcohol in it, just ice tea! Sadness of the world sticks inside my soul, building up like that fatty gunk that eventually closes off your arteries and you know what happens then. Bye, bye, OR By-pass surgery!

Why is it, all the wise ones of the world, cannot help US? It certainly seems to me wisdom sure as hell ain't a winning! Wisdom sure seems to be way down and the odds seem insurmountable to this old country boy. It be the two minute warning and all the greatest football players ain't a gonna bring us back from a deficit of 15 trillion $$$$$'s! Wowza! wowza! wowza! That be so many 0's I can't type them for fear of using up all me space!

All of us mentally challenged ones, could not of done such a job as this. This here be an inside job brillantly orchestrated. This uncomprehensible figure does not include the rest of our world.

There is absolutely no way, anybody I grew up with, or currently know, could f-word this up as much as whomever, or whatever is in charged of this here country, or the world, for that matter, huh ah, no f-ing WAY!!!!!!!!

Anyone who reads my semi-coma-induced-ramblings, know-sa I make fun, for the fun of it, and let me make this PERFECTLY CLEAR! Read my lips! Ah oh! I reckon you can't read my lips! Sorry! Rrr-ead my words, as I make this PERFECTLY CLEAR! I believe a President of ours uttered those words once upon a time in the days of fairy tales!

 Damn! Challenged lopsided thing-a-ma-jig-gee in me brain can't processed any data I have read or heard on the radio or television or newspaper or any place anymore for that matter! I just know's what I know's or feel's what my heart feels! Baby! I trust ONLY that, and a few friends and relatives! 

You see, the everyday craziness is messing me up! I cannot write my kind of humor anymore, the burden of the world lies too heavily within my chest. I thought for sure after my latest bout with health problems, I had fluid buildup in my chest, I would feel better and get back to my preferred humor! Apparently, the heaviness I feel, also has something to do with heaviness pertaining to my heart! That cannot be overlooked, no way, no how, can it?

I work with developmenrally challenged and o'l Glen has some big time mental challenges of his own. So don't be getting your shorts all in a bind at what I be writing! Hold yer breeches up for a sec and let me explain in my own way! Just give an old fat country boy with no Ivy League learnin a chance. Ya see I be a by-product of assemblying. I hear y'all outthere saying HUH? Okey, dokey I will explain. I'll break it down fer ya.

ASSEMBLYING! Ass, as in the ones in charge and ruining every dag blasted thing they do for the good of US!

Em, as in them, u-know who them are! Sure you do we vote fer them! Are we clear so far? But little did we simple folk know, it B, be the ones behind the ones, we vote for that be doing the screwing! I don't know about you butt, I, ow, ow, ow, am getting tired of being shafted till death do us part!

Lying, Em be lying through their gold plated teeth to us regular folk and I would also be lying if I said other wise!

The Challenged ones given the opportunity would do a superior job! They do not think in terms of greed, control, manipulation! It's not in there way of thinking! They be a lot like me, simple, who have not been born with silver spoons in their mouth! Simple pleasures are all we want, but it be damn sure! They could rule the countries of the world, without wars, manipulation of banks, stock exchanges, greed , control! EVIL IS NOT IN THEIR VOCABULARY, NOR MINE!!! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

"Ain't Always, Puppy Dogs And Rainbows"

I thought I best take a day off from pecking on my Hewie Picardo yesterday. (That's what I call my new friend, the computer, I began really late you see, never needed one!) I have been too serious lately. A question ran thru my mind as I was fixin a bite to eat after work a moment ago. A simple little question that I wish to explore. If that's okay with you! ( HA, HA, HA!) Why is it that laughter, (Like a good belly laugh, u-know the ones that come from deep within.) smiles seem to be much harder to come by anymore? (I'm talking about myself I don't know about you out there in Blogdom.) I noticed tonight for a spell, I was ME, the way I used to be, while at work! It felt good! REAL good! This was the way I use to be, more so, than now! I was doing the same exact job I use to do, so what is different?

I had an extremely dream filled night of rest. Normally I get up late and have no appetite, therefore I start my day off eating nothing. Then at break time I get something out of the Devil Machine! (Vending Machine) Today I ate a hamburger and a soda from my favorite fast food slowly and basked in the warmth of the sunshine for about half an hour. I felt all snugly warm inside my car. So instead of getting up late because I did not want to get my lazy ass out of bed, I felt good and rested and had some evil calories, caffeine and sugar. Humm! Damn! My belly was content and I was on a sugar and caffeine high. Yep! I like it! If my belly's happy I'm happy! I did not eat, or get hungry until after work. I did drink tea during work.

Could it be as simple as, a good night rest, food in me belly, being in a good mood and not feeling rushed? Nah! So what else could it be?

 All the magical drugs I take? Nah!

Could it be that I do not feel as though, I'm knocking on death's door right now? Possible I reckon!

Anyhow, I'm going to guess all three is most likely the answer! I did notice about four hours into work the antsyness (Nervousness) inside, was poking out it's evil head out. I hate that feeling! Did my magical meds wear off, my sugar high, my caffeine? After much thought I realize, I can no longer work the way I use to, Simply put I'm getting old and don't get the second wind, so to speak. When my first wind goes, baby that's it! I was suffering from physical ailments and pushed myself to exhaustion during my last illness. It is my conclusion I must ease up, I'm no longer a spring chicken, I'm past my prime and almost ready for  the frying pan!

Back to my original point laughter. Have you ever known someone who smiles and laughs at everything? Are they crazy? Probably!!! But they'll probably live longer and do not suffer the inside, nervousness. Can one learn to change bad habits of a lifetime. I do not know, but I must try! The old saying laughter is the best medicine, I do not doubt! Sometimes life is serious, dead serious! it's not always puppy dogs, babies and beautiful rainbows! 

Sometimes life is serious and I feel like I'm the only one who cares! Is it the lifetime affliction of caring too much? CAN ONE ACTUALLY CARE TOO MUCH? I feel the pain of all I see and read about, my heart aches! I truly wish I could block everything out, I cannot!

All my life my frustrations, ALL the things I can do absolutely NOTHING about has ripped my heart!  Out of childhood to now the baggage grows! How does one exorcise your own demise???

I WISH TO BE AROUND FOR A LONG TIME. I have numerous short stories I want to write. This almost nightly escapade in mad cap madness came about by teaching myself to type at the age of old. I need the practice and must tpye something, so I simply wrote whatever was on my mind. Along the way I found it to be calming before going to bed and old Glen needs all the calming he can get! My dreams give me almost daily stories and it would be the greatest thrill of my life to write them for you. That's my goal. My saving grace possibly may be, just that!

This maybe somewhat silly to you or ring clear as a bell! Laughter beyond a doubt is the best medicine! Perhaps the next time I'm at my Doctor I'll ask for some laughter pills just to see the expression on his face!!! HA, HA! Y'all come back now ya here. By the way this old man appreciates those of you from around the globe that somehow have found my humble little site, I proudly call Glen View! Glen

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Common Sense?

I wish to talk about common sense. What is common sense? I haven't the foggiest idea! I have heard that term but who has it? How do you get it and why doesn't everybody have it? The higher learning one achieves, shouldn't they have the most, common sense! After all, they are the most intelligent correcto mundo! (Haven't the foggiest idea where that came from, don't believe I've ever used those words before, oh well, anything goes!) The one with the genius I. Q. is not common, but they should have a lot of sense right! It would make sense, right! What is sense? Sense is not how many coins you have in your pocket or piggy bank. Although, plenty of coins can equal a lot of cents, but not sense, I have no cents, or sense! To ones like me who have a significant hearing loss, cents and sense are the sane, we hear them as scents, oh shit! I just made a new word! I'm so !@#$ing confused! (Ya didn't think I could write one post without using that word did ya! ) ( I just noticed, I used a sentence that began with Ya, and ended with ya, that makes no sense, how did I do that?) I reckon it be, because I have no, cents, sense or scents! I have also heard the word sensor and censor, huh what's this all about? I'm partially deaf, BUT sure sounds a lot alike to me, and that makes absolutely no sense! When I get home after work, sometimes I have many scents. When I do maintenance work as I did the other night, my scent was grease, and uwe, I absolutely HATE that scent, but I have to, sometimes to make cents, does that make any sense? There is a factory close to where I work that makes soap, and boy, do they have a lot of scents! I hope they make a lot oh cents, because I like them scents.

Okay, now that I have made some sense, what is common sense? Common is common u-know. There is a place in my town we call The Commons. Why, because us commoners can go there and see many different events through out the year. Let's pretend I'm common, or a commoner as in the old days of Kings and Queens regular people were called Commoners. I suppose that still the same today in England, regular people like me are commoners. ( Oh my God what would I write like and sound like?)  So the regular people that work pay their taxes and raise children are common, live in a common house and shop in common stores and so on and so forth. Are you following me here because I think I just lost myself! I never thought this common sense thing would be so hard ! Maybe I need another example. I have heard the 16 penny nail in the states referred to as a common nail. Years ago I helped frame a house and that was the nail we used then to bind the 2x4 studs together for framing. It was the most common nail used to build the house. So we commoners as in hard working carpenters used common nails to build a common house for the common people. The 16 penny nail, ah oh! A penny is one cent right. Just when I thought I was figuring this shit out I get thrown for a loop! Does it take 16 pennies to make a 16 penny nail? No them nails are a different color and a penny is made of copper or used to be. My oh my! I'm getting in deeper and deeper here ain't I?

Common as in regular. Sense as in a commoner with good, sound down to earth judgement, upbringing, intelligence, close enough I reckon. I don't know anyone like this, no wonder I hear everybody say they don't have any common sense, it ain't common! I'll certainly testify to that in my little piece of the planet!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shiver Me Timbers!

Happy Valentine's Day to all women from o'l Glen!

What do I wish to talk about today? Someone out there in blogdom help me out! I'm an old fart and getting older by the minute, no time to waste! I can feel the arteries filling up as I type. [ Blowing nose, sorry congestion, snot, NOT, closing of the arteries, ahhahahaha! ]

Did I read anything interesting today? Well if I did, I plum forgot about it! I don't think it is brain farts, just nothing that held my attention. Work wel-l-l work was work u-know, sam-o, sam-o! There was a light snow as I made a delivery, quite pretty actually. We have been real lucky this year in the snow department, way below normal. After work I stopped for fuel and watched the snow falling on my green van, it was so fine, like thread, lint, like mother nature cut each one equally a mere fraction of an inch. Yet on my dark paint I could actually see the individual fine hair type snow. I have seen hundreds of snows from the heavy beautiful wet large snowflakes to everything in between, but never have I seen such fine hair like snow "lint"! I don't know what else to call it! I zeroed in my bifocals in total amazement and just gazed at them! I'm sure it was a one in a lifetime thing! Wow! Amazingly beautiful is the only way I can describe it. Had I not been getting fuel and turned my head away from the light wind I would not of seen them! I had the perfect opportunity along with my van being a dark green!

 Snow doesn't bother me, its that damn ice that shivers me timbers. ( I'm laughing to myself as I write that, I best explain! ) I fall every year no matter how careful I am. Once, while stepping down from my truck at work, as soon as both feet was on the ground I closed the truck door with my left hand, some how, some way, I started to fall, so I grabbed for the truck to steady me-self! Well! Remember the door is closing, I just slammed it with my left hand, so my little finger on my right hang gets caught in the door, as it's slams shut! YIKES! THE !@#$ING door actually latched! Hurt! I'd imagine!( That finger is suffering flash backs as we speak, oops, as I type! For real! Pain just shot through it! ) I'm doing a little dance as my left hand grabs the door handle and presses the button. After I get my little finger out the dancing intensifies because the pain is still there! Believe me this would of been a good one for America's Funniest Videos. I don't know what style of dancing I was doing, I was a mite proccupied getting my pinky out of the door! This Truck has a large rubber seal that kept from breaking my pinky, but damn it hurt like hell for a spell!!!  ( Did you as a child ever get your hand caught in the door as someone closed it, then you can identify with this scenario, ouch-a-roon-ee right!

About 30 years ago there was a ice storm while I was working. I open the back door and step outside, that be my first mistake. I still had my hand on the handle, my right foot slips and down I go! I attempt to get up and down I go again! Repeat once more! After three falls, I have slipped a few feet away from the door, so I stay on my knees and inch on all fours to the door, to right myself and get back inside. My pride shot and body hurting. I have fell many times on ice, it happens every year. No wonder I have two bad disc in my back.

Just last year we had a snow with ice on top of it! I kid you not. I made the delivery 30 miles in baad weather. There is an embankment after I get out of the truck I normally walk right up through the grass. I thought to myself, a mistake! I try so hard to be careful so I won't fall. The closest point between two points is straight right-o! If I follow the parking lot to the walkway it would be three times as far and all roads to the door was ice on top of snow. I get out of my truck and think if I step hard I should go through the ice and not slip because there is grass underneath, good plan bad follow through! I stepp hard with my right foot onto the embankment fully anticipating to crack the ice and have good footing! Wasn't meant to be! Ice won, as I slide under my truck yep, yes sir ree! Once the first step was unsuccessful it was slide until level ground which happened to be under my truck! If anybody was to tell me this story I would think no way! Yes sir Jose, it happened!

I told my neurologist (Yep I have one of them also, and a chiropractor on speed dial in the winter! )  how my balence ain't worth a !@#$ on ice. Now you would think a person with flat feet would have an advantage over these young whipper snappers that roll their feet, but NO! They be sliding all around and having fun and staying upright. This here old fat man be walking like Tim Conway impersonating the little slow walking old man, remember from The Carol Burnett Show. Anyway I walk like a snail on anything that even looks icy and pick my way carefully holding onto everything. When I decide to go it sure as hell ain't slow, it be faster than the eye can see, as fast as a speeding bullet and when my body goes down, it hits like a locomotive and it be a while before I can jump anything because I sure as hell ain't no Superman !!!   HOPE YOU LIKE MY LITTLE POST AND THANKS FOR VISITING GLEN VIEW.   Slippery-man.       

Monday, February 13, 2012

Picking The Carcass Clean!

Whitney Houston's song "I will Always Love You," is one of my all time favorite songs. Such talent and beauty at one time, such a waste! From reaching the highest highs to possible the lowest lows, how does Superstar or the average person get caught up in apparent self-destruction. Was it bad relationships with the devils influences of drugs, alcohol or something else entirely that we'll never know! Such a waste, for a one of a kind! Money, fame, talent does not buy love or happiness or much needed friendship.

Fulfillment, strength comes from one place within! Every person has weaknesses, vultures will pick even the strongest carcass clean. Even young children feel the effects of peer pressure and can easily be led down the wrong path, if stability is not given. Too many distractions coming from all directions are destroying the very fabric of our society. Proper guidance seems to be lacking, it's evident every where today. The modern age makes it harder for all of us, too damn easy to get caught up in attempting to get by. The previous generations have not done an adequate job in preparing the future. We have lost the basic family strengths. Somehow, we have lost center, the strength, the building blocks that create a solid foundation to build on! Why? The all about me attitude, I got to have the biggest, the best buy, buy, buy, has destroyed us. Greed, jealousy and evil ways are the destroyers.

It's too late to save the future, the future is already gone! We just won't admit it! The glory days have passed us by! I wonder if we really ever had them! People behind the curtain, sitting in the directors chair have managed and maneuvered us, we just didn't know! Keep us deaf, dumb and blind, direct us through fine showmanship of Political Leadership!

The daily grind of living wears all of us down, from Super Stars, average Joe's and Josephine's on the streets! Trillions of dollars have been given away, how has it helped you? Trillion dollar war that was based on false pretense, fought to help whom? Unemployment high, housing foreclosures, states out of money! The Medical and Pharmas seem to be doing good, why is that? Under insured, high insurance premiums, no insurance. Our Utopian Society has crumbled within my generation. Wars have been fought but never won! It was never about winning was it? Money to be made off death, destruction! Has that not been so since the beginning! The mighty Roman Empire was built by killing, destroying, plundering and returned to the wise men, who sit on the thrones! Wow! Reads like today doesn't it! Animals natural instincts is to kill for food, to survive, to reproduce. Man kills for the greed of gold! How much is enough? Apparently there is never enough! The greed of gold can never be stopped! It has been instilled in Man and cannot be stopped! That greed has been orchestrated and filtered down to the working class! We cannot help ourselves we simply wish to survive to raise our families that is instinctive in us! Actually, that's quite an admirable trait! Evil Entities ( Men of greed. ) understand this! We are but masses to be manipulated by the people sitting in the producers and directors chairs. The behind the scenes manipulators of money, men, power! Damn! I sure wished we could of woke up before it was too late! If somehow we could have destroyed the greed in the Evil Ones and let the good of the masses shine, it could of been a beautiful world! What a wonderful world that would of been!

How the fuck can 1% control all? It doesn't seem possible, does it! I suppose if you own the banks, the military, the leaders of the countries and have ones willing to do anything for money you can accomplish it, I RECKON, I'M JUST AN UNEDUCATED OLD MAN ON THE BRINK OF GOING TO THE NEXT EXISTENCE. HOW THE FUCK DID INTELLIGENT PEOPLE NOT STAND UP AND FIGHT AND DO THE RIGHT THING? TOO MUCH SMOKE AND MIRRORS AND GREED, I RECKON!!!

I hate being in this mood, but I reckon it's part of living and for a little while before The Powers That Be shut this type of communication down for our own safety, I can voice my opinion I reckon! Glen

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I love Saturdays don't you? I'm not at work and can do whatever, whenever, yippee! Of course, it's the thought that I don't have to go to work that makes me happy! The work part I do like, it be the other part I hate. The work part keeps me body as loose as an old fat man can get. The part I have grown to despise is... some of the people... not all the people. People just rub me raw sometimes and I want to just pick them up and smack some good old fashion values, work ethics and common sense! Whoops am I being a mite too tough on these God forbidden souls from Haites! Hell no! These lazy, whiny, morons have jobs when other people are looking for work just kills me! They don't appreciate their job and have destroyed the working class of America. Whether your 60 years old or 18 years young, iff-un your !@#$ing lazy, yer lazy! My number uno pet peeve in a working environment, always has been LAZY people! How did they get to be so lazy?

At the age of 18 by law you're an adult. What makes you an adult is a different story! You can have the mental faculties of 10 year old, but by law, your an adult and you can get someone to hire you. Damn! Don't they know how to interview people anymore! I have been in the workforce for over 40 years and have seen drastic deterioration. Why? I have thoughts on this matter for sure. If a child has not been taught work ethics, loyalty, honesty, dependability at home how are they going to learn it! Where in the world did some people ever, get the idea that work is showing up and working at the speed they wish to! I doubt old Henry Ford built the Motor City with lazy nincompoop's. They had people waiting in line for jobs and appreciated the fact that they were employed! When did pride, loyalty, craftsmanship, work ethics, get thrown out the back door? To go along with that, WHEN did employers, especially the SUPERVISORS, start settling for the laziness in the workforce! I believe laziness gets started in the home and each generation grows to expect to be GIVEN, what the old generations had to fight for and build! That my friends is what has destroyed the backbone of the workforce! I would like to send the lazy people of all ages I'm not just talking today's generation back to when if you didn't work to produce food or hunt you didn't eat. The basic work ethics has been lost because too much is given and too much is expected, handouts! These handouts, ARE, handed out too @#$ing easy! One generation after the other learns to take advantage of these handouts! These handouts from the government become a learned behavior that never stops. These handouts are not an entitlement and they sure as hell ain't free baby!!! WE the working class pay, and pay, and pay! I for one, am !@#$ING-TIRED-OF-IT!!! The mental midget, lazy ass ones with all the protection granted to them by legislation, ONLY breed's laziness and handouts. WE THE WORKER BEES, DEMAND EQUAL RIGHTS! You read me right and those of you who are the worker bees, the backbone of the workforce I salute you, BUT ain't you like me, tired of carrying the poor unfortunate lazy, challenged SOB's !!!  

I remember reading within the last few years about a city devastated by a hurricane. The kicker is... 40% of these people received government handouts before the hurricane! How can this possibly be so! Where is the money coming from that can allow such a thing? You and me baby, the worker bees! We BEES, be busy carrying the load once again!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Water & Stuff & Crap!

Hello once again. Time for some silliness or God knows what! I have no idea what's about to come our way, ain't it wonderful! I fix me a glass of tea and plant my ass in the chair and see where my mind is. I hope I don't scare you too bad! It's just a silly old man who likes to practice typing before he goes to bed, ain't that a hoot! I try to think while I still can! When the mind goes there won't be nothing to type. My blog would look something like this          .              .          . Not a pretty sight aye? Not that it's much now, some mumbo jumbo with some !@#$%^ thrown in for good measure. I see where some cold and strange people have drilled down into the oldest and largest lake in the Antarctica. The hell with the Glacier water! Now we have the oldest most pristine water on the planet. There be billions of $$$$$$ to be made! People be lined up to buy old water. Not the kind of old water we currently have. Currently if you live on a river like the Ohio River, your fresh water comes from the river, you use it, it travels through the sewer and is filtered clean ( Yeah right!!! ) and goes back into the Ohio River. The next community down stream gets water that has been through many, many bladders and the process continues. Remember now the water is filtered clean after each use ( Yeah right!!! ) You understand what I'm saying here, man oh man, what kind of shit ( Ah, ha, ha, a little humor, yuck, yuck, yuck!!! ) You think I'm kidding don't you! Our water is getting so polluted and all of these modern medicines we take where do you think the END product ends up and goes to be reprocessed and made crystal clean like a mountain stream! Them mountain streams are getting contamination from anything and everything in the air, plus now they are adding what is referred to as Chemtrails and nobody knows what's in that! I'm sure it's just some harmless "shit" that's being put in for our own good! ( Yeah right!!! ) Some kind of People Raid to make our shit fluorescent green! Fluoride has been put into our toothpaste and municipal water supply since the fifties to make our teeth whiter and clean up our water and make it fresher. Google this and see where this shit comes from. The good old U. S. of Fluoride A. The rest of the world doesn't use it, but we do! Why? None of this CRAP makes any sense but when dealing with !@#$% nothing does, does it? You think I be pulling your leg! I wish I were! There will be nothing more valueable than fresh water someday!

I hear Billy Bob Wise ass saying "I get my drinking water from them plastic bottles that comes from Glacier water, it's pure clean water, or from fresh clean underground streams." ( Yeah Right!!! )

The way I understand it there "is" Government regulations on our municipal water supplies, but NO regulations about the water that we Ameridummy's drink by the lakes full everyday in them plastic bottles! Okay now! Please tell me this cannot be so! The water we buy and believe we're drinking because it's cleaner, healthier, better for us could be the same water that has been through the gut numerous times or it could be Glacier water, or from underground streams. ( Think about that OR maybe not!!! ) I haven't even talked about possible contamination from the plastic bottles themselves! Anyhow, whether we drink water from our own well driven water supply, OR water from our municipal government controled water supplies, to the fresh pristine water from the plastic bottles we can be sure we're getting the finest water money can buy right???

I would like to try me some of that 20,000,000 year old water from the Antartica lake. If it's been trapped and man hasn't touched it, I betcha it's some good stuff! Can you imagine the value of a lake the size of lake Ontario put into little plastic bottles!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Barbie Dolls & Real Women!

Man this here work shit s-u-c-k-s! Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Glen View I liked it! ( Shows you how stupid I really am! )  I reckon they call it work for a reason huh! If it was called play or have fun it would be too easy but know somebody had to call it work! Man the first full night back liked to killed this old !@#$er! I can say what I feel right? At least until Security decides to lock everyone up for OUR security! Think about that for a moment!

Do actors call what they do work? Would saying certain lines in front of a camera and being paid to be good looking really complicated? Runway models get paid to walk strangely and wear hideous clothes that nobody in my neck of the woods would ever wear! The pay must not be too good, they apparently do not make enough money to eat a quarter pounder. Damn! They look like death, it would be like making love to a pencil! They ain't got nothing to grab onto! I'd be afraid to squeeze one of them super skinny ass models, I would crack a rib! These clothing designers, are they mostly gay and they take out their pent up frustrations on these poor skinny young girls! I can't help but think the way they all walk strange because they don't have enough energy to walk right. The poor things have to force one leg in front of the other and really concentrate, you can see that look of concentration in their faces! Deathly hollowed facial features show a far away look! They are thinking I won't get my daily popsicle if I don't concentrate and make it down that runway, how they find the energy to turn around and make it back I don't understand! Probably adrenalin rush from thinking about the popsicle. These models are probably kept in  the basement, they be so white! You would have to lock normal people up to keep them from eating something.

I must break away for one moment to give further opinions. I'm sorry! Hell no I ain't! It pains an old man, to see women be made to look like Barbie Dolls. What's special about all women is they are all uniquely different, and baby! REAL women, don't look like they come from a concentration camp! I like women who smile and have some life in them! I love women who think and have some brains. Blonde jokes portray blondes as having low I. Q.'s The fashion industry has set women back to the caveman times. They appear to me nothing more than slaves to them !@#$%^&*!@#$%^&*-SOB's. I was going to say some really bad words, please feel free to fill in your own chosen ones for me. I don't understand things in this life, I only hope I do in the next life. I see beautiful women everyday, REAL women! Women have delicious curves and they are suppose to show them curves!

Whoa! I don't have the foggiest idea where this post came from! The paintings of famous artist does not show Barbie Doll features. Man I loove to be out and see real women wearing sweats and you can see them womanly curves showing and they be walking like REAL women! One of them pencil models wearing sweats would look like a gay man, oopsey! Did I say that! Some things are really screwed up in life and the fashion industry sure as hell is one of them! I just bet you, like everything else men, even gay men screw everything up!!!  GLEN    

Monday, February 6, 2012


The majority of the time I never have a title to my post, I just start pecking at the keyboard waiting, hopefully for something that I find entertaining to start me on the path to silliness, seriousness or whatever! I find the posts like Trading Places fun, funner, funnier, the funniest, the most funniest to write! Ah the silliness is beginning to drip from me head. Let's see if I can get the spicket at least to a steady trickle. I have been a tryin to teach myself for nye over a year and a half. After breaking many keyboards over my head, I think I'm improving on my speed. I sure miss the rush from the adrenalin that caused me to pick up the poor innocent keyboard! What I don't miss is the headaches! I took pieces from the broken keyboards and made some keyboard art that is hanging above my desk. I appropriately titled it, PATIENCE! AH, HA, HA, HA!

Me and the keyboard have reached an understanding. I also have come to an understanding with myself. We cannot be anything other than what we BE! I did not take one creative writing class in ME lifetime and I sure as hell ain't gonna start NOW! I do it simply for the FUN! That's why, I'm having FUN! WE "must do" soooo many !@#$ING things in life WHY? Because we have to! Them have to do things TIRE US """out"""!!! No I shouldn't of put all them cute little quotation marks around out! Why did I DO IT? Na, na, na, na, na, na! Because it makes me feel like a mischievous wittle kid again and I'm having !@#$ING-FUN! If I get ( somethun ) close to the ( wurd ) you will be able to figure it out and maybe, JUST MAYBE you'll get a smile outta IT! This here, Bloggy-thing a-ma jig ain't costin me nuthin and I'm having the time of ME life! Ain't that a hoooot!

Speaking of hoot! Don't you absolutely loove Owls! They are such cute animals and curious always asking whoo! whoo! whoo! I need a sec to ponder upon somethun that just crossed my mind, please hold.................... Can you teach a Hootie-Owl to say more than whooo? That would be a real hoot now wouldn't it!!! Maybe them Hootie-Owls ain't found any one here on earth they wish to converse with ya reckon? They probably sit outside in the Oak Tree watching them 72 inch big screen televisions and turn their heads side to side thinking to themselves these are some !@#$ING-STUPID-PEOPLE! There is NO WAY I wish to talk to them!

Any-whoo ( Did you like that? ) I weite whatevur pops up ana I ain'ta gonna apoligize fer it!  GOODNIGH  MY FRIENDS IN BLOGDOM. Your friend Glen.

Sunday, February 5, 2012



Bridge across time

How can I convince anyone about my apartment experiences when I’m having a rough time? They have put me in an unexplainable situation.  I’ve heard of a sixth sense; can this explain what I’m part of. Perhaps I’m receptive to other realities, chosen to fulfill a purpose at this particular moment in time. The fact that science doesn’t acknowledge the unexplainable does not make it impossible? It simply means it is unproven at this time, or they simply cannot rationalize it with an equation.

Trying to understand the unknown is a little too much for this young reporter. That might be it! Exactly, I’m a reporter and I am part of this story. What else can explain it, my imagination and curiosity is essential.

Mom once told me that I possess what she called a special sensitivity. She explained it to me as the ability to pick up on emotions way beyond normal. She was convinced that at times I could read her mind. I also remember her saying it was stronger in my younger years.

I’m somehow in tune with the energy that invades me while in the apartment. It explains the overwhelming warmth and energy I feel.  Perhaps I am unique. The energy penetrates every cell of my body and takes, while at the same time filling.  It is my destiny. I’m communicating with the past, present and future. I’m chosen to restore order. Yes! That’s it. I’m the bridge to the misplaced. I am “The Bridge Across Time.”

 I won’t go into details about my conclusion at Zonas. Keith and Ruth will think I’ve gone over the edge.

Time for our weekly discussion, Keith and Ruth are already there. Zona invites the three of us to use her office. “Ya’ll make yourself comfortable” she says.

“Made an old man sleep on the floor, what kind of friend are you?” Keith asks.

“You probably passed out” I replied.

 “Yes hangovers are hell no matter where I sleep. I got you typing didn’t I”

 “Yes professor and I owe you, thanks a million” I answer. We share a good laugh.

“Ruth you look good, I can’t put my finger on it” I remark.

 “That’s the way women look when I’m the dessert, you know what I mean” smiles Keith. Ruth slaps Keith and giggles, saying “you big ape”. “Okay I got my answer, you two look great. Please control your dessert cravings until after our conversation. Has Keith filled you in about last Saturday night and my writers block”, I ask. “Yes” Ruth answers. I explain Keith got me typing in his own unique way.

“How about you boys sit back and let me tell you about Angelina. Can’t let you two do all the talking. I knew Angelina better than Nick thought. I talked to her countless times. She was bright and charming. A real down home person; she had the knack of making you feel at ease. She was simply one of those people you could not dislike. Angelina told me the first time she shook Nick’s hand and formally introduced herself she got goose bumps.  She actually felt a charge enter her hand when they touched. After their first lunch she knew it was more than a crush. She wanted to take him home. The more he talked the more she wanted him. He brought passion out in ways that no one else ever had. Nick possessed every trait that she desired with one exception. He was married. She simply could not resist Nick, yet all they have done so far was talk. Not a kiss, he has not touched her, not held her hand. His looking deep into her eyes made her lust unbearable. She hung onto his every word; he understood her better than anyone, even her best friend. Nick had surpassed her best friend, he was her best friend. He was not like any of her male friends. He was a real man and she was a woman lusting for him. The longer she waited the more aroused she became. She was a stick of dynamite waiting for his cap so she could explode.

He walked her to the car and opened her door. How she remained in control she could not understand. Nick talking about his wife and their life story did not stop the lust, rather the opposite. He has been with one woman all his life.

Finally he explained to her how he spends nights in the apartment and would she join him for dinner. She thought to hell with dinner, she would be his dinner and dessert. At last her wish was to become true. He told her that he would be working late tomorrow, so he would pick up carryout and a bottle of wine. He told her to come about eight and gave a key to let herself in. He told her it was his home away from home. No one had ever spoken more romantic to her, not one sensual word yet foreplay had already begun. She was about to get her gift. If giving was better than receiving; well, the things she had dreamed about giving Nick.

She never understood the word giddy or is it even a word. She was acting strangely, light headed, happy and entirely emotional. She could not make a decision, what do I wear? She was totally off center. Oh my goodness silliness, that must be giddy.

She didn’t want to be early; she did not feel right unlocking the door. She waited until a light appeared. She knocked on the door a few minutes after eight. “Door is open” Nick said. Upon entering, the first room she noticed was a bedroom. The thought of stripping and lying on the bed enters her mind. Her first glimpse at Nick, he was wearing jeans and did he look good!

A candle was burning; he took her by the hand and led her to the table. He poured her a glass of wine. Holding her hand he looked deep into her eyes. She could see the candlelight flickering in his. He’s was now holding both her hands, he was making love heart to heart. They had not shared a kiss yet she felt like they had made love 1,000 times, not speaking as their eyes did the talking. She thought this cannot be real. Is it truly happening? Nick released his hands and put them around her waist. Angel did the same and laid her head on his chest. Sea of love played as they melted together in a slow lustful dance. This was their first; first hand holding and closeness, their first kiss, her first lovemaking. She was glad she waited for love, and not the back seat at the local Drive-In. This is fairy tale closeness, two hearts melt together. Nick took her to the bedroom. He tenderly placed both hands beside her head and kissed her forehead and under each ear, then a brief kiss on her chin. Finally their lips meet ever so gently, at this second her body became weak. He locked his arms tight around her waist and kissed her with such passion quivers went through her body. The more passionately he kissed her, the stronger her quivers became. His strong arms held her up as he unbuttoned her dress. They had all night and he didn’t want animalistic lust to interfere with the completeness he wanted. She was a mound of wet clay waiting on the sculptor to turn her into a masterpiece. Her mind said, get down to it. She was glad she did not get her way. He was fulfilling both their fantasies beyond her wildest dreams and he had not removed any lingerie; she was his toy. He removed his clothes and gently guided her onto the bed face down, kissing the back of her neck and at the same time unhooking her bra. With the bra lying open he kissed every inch of her back stopping at the middle just above her panties. Her back tingled. Propped up on his right elbow his left hand is rubbing her all the way down to the small part of her back and teased what lay beyond. His breathing was becoming rapid as his desire was intensifying. She moaned with contentment; she was a woman. Her pleasure was first and foremost on his mind. After feeling her climax he resisted the urge to speed up his movements. He wanted the pleasure to last as long as it could. But when Angel climaxed once more he could no longer control himself. They shook uncontrollably and lay face to face with contentment. Angel lying curled up in Nicks arm savored the euphoria. Time had ended; it carried no meaning; only the feeling of that moment mattered. The gentleness along with his control to satisfy her made her cry with contentment. She was glad she had waited for Nick to be her first. No lovemaking could possibly top that night, however she would be willing to try. They lay as one, not a word spoken, Nick fell asleep. Angel listened to his breathing as she smiled with happiness, knowing she had given him pleasure. If only that moment could last forever.  She felt like fine wine that had been bottled up, aging. waiting for the right time of perfection to be opened. Nick chilled her to exact perfection and masterfully popped the cork to smell the aroma.

After sleeping nude all night, waking up together was not awkward. That was the first of many nights in the apartment. They sometimes actually had candlelight dinners. They would talk for hours about everything and gaze deep into each other’s eyes. It was more than sex. Sometimes they would have a long candlelight dinner, then go to the living room and fall asleep holding each other. It simply was about being together. They shared a love that will never burn out THE FLAME”

How about that apartment story Bob” Ruth asks. Keith and I are speechless. It’s clear that Ruth and Angel were good friends, more like girlfriends to know the detailed and juicy stories that Angel told her.

“Has keeping Nick and Angel’s secret all these years, been trying for you Ruth?”

“Not at all, in the beginning when Nick asked me to keep Angel a secret, I was upset. His love for her won me over and Angel and I became extremely close as you can surmise from the story that I just told. It was the kind of love that was meant to be. The kind of love movies are made from. Only this was real and I helped them to share that. I was privileged that they both confided in me and told me their innermost thoughts. I had their trust and they had my loyalty. I have much insight from both of them which I will share. Nick and Angel’s first encounter was so beautiful I cried when she told me. “Enough for tonight” she says. Smiling, Ruth asks “Have I given you anything to think about?”

Keith and Ruth say goodnight. I give Ruth a thank you kiss on the cheek.

 “Hey take it easy there fella she’s my girl” Keith says. We laugh at that. When they leave I sit alone in thought. Such breathtakingly beautiful love, why did it end? That’s where I come in. Bob Garrity. That’s where I come in, “Private Eye” to the unknown. Something vibrates within me to find the answers. I will cross the bridge of time for you.

The door opens bringing me back to the real world and I realize I am in Zonas office. She said “Can I get you anything honey? For a second or two the thought of the girls that Zona could put me in touch with crosses my mind. Ruth’s story of Nick and Angel was arousing. I want lovemaking not a sex toy, “No, thank you very much for the loan of your office, much better”.

When I get up to leave Zona tells me “I would do anything for that old bald headed sailor. I hope Ruth and Keith get along, they make a nice couple. It’s like a coincidence has brought them together.” Smiling at that, yes I think that’s true.

On my drive home I dwell on what Zona said. Ruth and Keith have worked together all those years. Attending social gatherings, I suppose you could call that dating. Two lonely people that know and trust each other, coincidence, I think not. Only after questioning Keith he leads me to Ruth and convinces her to join us. She then decides to confide in both of us after hearing me talk about the apartment. The story of Nick and Angel has helped take their friendship to a new level. I am extremely happy for them. A young reporter feeling happy for his friends, maybe I am sensitive. I hope I don’t have to wait as long as they did to find my special someone.

It’s Saturday afternoon and I am sitting in my favorite chair. My mind is calm and I am relaxed. I am at peace. Energy starts flowing through me as the hair on my arms feel like they are moving. The tingling sensation is once again within me. Upon opening my eyes I see Nick and Angel forming out of millions perhaps billions of dust specks. What an amazing sight to see. The locket emits a light into me and the Nick and Angel dust replicas. Not only do I see them but I can feel their presence. I feel as though the energy that they are part of is now part of me. Angel appears to be holding something in her left arm cradled against her. I cannot make it out. I feel so close to them. Would it be possible to control the length of time I share with them? We seem as one now and I have the feeling that my concentration will allow me to do just that; amazing. The life like Nick and Angel dissipate much slower. Perhaps I just received my answer. Panning the kitchen, the whole room is brighter cleaner even the curtains are hanging straight. It is truly an amazing sight. The apartment is transforming itself back to a time when Nick and Angel were together. Surely clues have presented themselves today. I need to think about what I have seen. Bob Garrity time detective is on the job.

I walk away happy yet wondering how it must feel to be in love. I think of my own love life, not just someone to date and sex. Someone you would share and give your life for. Nick and Angel probably knew each other better than people that spend a lifetime together. They were best friends before any sexual encounters. The time they spent was real togetherness. It seems to me to be the ultimate love. No outside interference, only quality time, sharing innermost thoughts. All night holding hands on the couch, the pleasure of truly enjoying the others company. The world comes to a halt when they are together. If you were forced to pick your last moments this is where you would be. No words need to be spoken the ultimate happiness. Nothing I have experienced would be measureable compared to what Nick and Angel shared. Compared to their love my encounters would not be measured. Young men are more attracted to sex first. That is probably where we go wrong. That is our first mistake thinking only of our pleasure.

People like Keith and Ruth have lived their life and not found love. I hope now is their time. If that is happening now because of the apartment story I will take much satisfaction in being part of that.

I cannot dwell on my pity. Whatever life gives you must make the best out of it. I am too young to worry about such. I have a story to tell and I won’t allow my selfish thoughts to take attention away from my goals. The story is of two love birds and the love nest upstairs. There lies my destiny and is my story to tell. That is exactly what I will do.

I previously gave mom a copy of chapter one and we discussed it after dinner Sunday. As normal, dad was snoring in the living room with the T. V. on. Mom loves my story but mom has always loved my stories. She has told me countless times that all writers must possess a lively imagination or they would not have anything to write about. “How did you come up with a love story when you are not romantically involved”, mom asked me.

“It’s all imaginary, a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. I simply pull it out of my head”, I tell her. “It’s because of your encouragement and long talks that I can write such stories. You single handedly developed my imagination. From as early as I can remember I saw you reading and I would ask what the book says. You always discussed the book to me in ways that a young preschool child would understand. As I grew up you continued. We would discuss for hours some of grandma’s books.” Being a retired librarian she was able to purchase hundreds of old books which we used to expand our mind. “That kind of attention and learning is an important part of who I have become”, I explain to her. She starts crying and says

“Now don’t you forget to get some loving from a good girl, you will be able to write the sensual parts better”. Ending on that note, I tell her, good-bye. What a mother.

Tuesday evening I open an envelope from the mail. The letter states, you have been investigating the apartment above the newspaper. The mystery of Nick and Angelina needs to be brought to a conclusion. Angelina moved to Phoenix, Arizona in early 60. She stayed with her sister Abigail and David Prescott. I will make this brief, look at the next sheet of paper. I have underlined the most important part. It was a birth certificate. On this day 11-11-1960 a girl weighing 7 pounds and 6 ounces, Josephine Nicole was born to Angelina Christina McMillan, father is Joseph Nicholas Sonnatello of Wabash City Indiana.

Now look at the next sheet. It was a Death Certificate. It read deceased, Angelina Christina McMillan died 12-13-1960. Cause of death: Heart Attack, from lingering complications due to childbirth.

I drop the letter. Angel died a month after giving birth to Nick’s daughter. Josephine Nicole named from Nicholas Joseph. I pick the letter up, the last page states. David and Abigail Prescott, aunt and uncle, adopt Josephine Nicole and legally her name is Josephine Nicole Prescott. Date is 2-15-1961.

The last paragraph of the letter reads. David Prescott died in a car accident 6-19-1975.

Abigail and Nicole moved back to her hometown. They now reside in Ridge County, Indiana. Abigail’s father is a farmer; you can find them rather easily. Please bring Nicole and her father together. This should have happened a long time ago. Signed a friend.


Bridge Across Time

By Robert Garrity

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trading Places

T. G. I. F. I only workes 16 hours this week. Why? I have been on limited activity as I try to get my brain functioning once again. HA, HA, HA, just messing with your head and having some fun trying to get my sense of homor back! ( HA, HA, that be kinda of funny I think I'll leave that in! ) Medical retrictions u-know! I got more mental and physical retrictions than you can shake a stick at! But u-know what, na, na, na, na, na, na, I don't care the more handicapped I become the funnier I feel and the more fun I have playing with these here wurds and y'all in Blogdom don't know what to think about me! I can sum it up for you in one wurd CRAZY! U-know it ain't easy being me BUT, I'm comfortable in my body! I have been training this body for many years and I'm not going to jump ship now. Unless some good looking young man that has his way with all the girls would happen to say to me!!!

Suddenly, as if the genie in a lamp heard me. I hear a young man's voice saying "I'm worn to a frazzle from all these girls demanding sex, sex, sex, I can't take it no more, I need a break, hey you, you old fart rocking real slow in your rocking chair, taking life slow and easy like you haven't got long to live, let's you and me trade places for a while I need some rest."

My answer "I'm awfully relaxed and in my meditative state don't think I can help ya Sonny. It's important to meditate, keeps your mind clear and you body free from stress and tension. You my friend have too much energy. Do you have an apartment and something to drive around town? I've worked 72 years for this moment to have nothing to do but sit on the porch and watch the sun rise and at the end of the day to watch the beautiful and relaxing sunset. You would be asking me to give it all up for what! The tension of being young, lean, and the only way to release the buildup is through your pleasure pony!"

Young man crying out "please Mr. Old man, I can't take it no more! I have a house in Malibu and a new Mercedes convertible!"

I have one more question before I'll make up my mind "I get your house, your car, we just change identities and I get to use your young muscular body. One little thing I need to see the size of your u-know! The young man shows me his U-KNOW and I say it's a deal!!!   (AH, HA, HA, HA, HA, I'M BACK!!!!!!!)            

Friday, February 3, 2012

General Store

Let the day begin. Up and at em sleepy heads. How are we going to solve all the problems of the world if we don't rise early. Remember the early bird....what does the early bird get? I forgot! The first cup of coffee at the convenient store. As you may surmise I absolutely loove convenient stores! Yep! The heartbeat of America is in these stores. ( That's scary, makes one want to go back to bed and cover your head up don't it! ) Once upon a time there was the General Store. In the western movies you would see a sign above a building "General Store." Back then that was really important as important as the bar and of course the bank. Them folks back then did not come to town often, so they would hit Mr. Bankman for a loan against their fourty acres. Then the man of the family would go to the bar and get drunk and let the little woman go shopping. Damn I bet them country women back then had so much fun at the general store. What in tarnation was in a General Store 150 years ago? Damn I haven't the foggiest idea! I reckon there wasn't a shoe department or ladies wear or jewelry or hell I don't know! So the man of the house is getting drunk the little woman as usual the backbone of the family is trying to stretch the dollar until next season. I reckon things never change! The man of the house is hanging with his drunken Bro's lying about everything as only drunken sailors and drunken men everywhere can! That's why I don't drink. I'm silly enough! Interesting thought just flashed. What if I try one time drinking a few beers and typing! I start off being me, and as I get woozy from the alcohol where would my mind take me! Damn! That's one scary ass thought, shivers me timbers just thinking about it.

The convenient store of today be the general store of the old west. Well maybe I figured it out. In my neighborhood the convenient stores have a little bit of everything from snacks for a convenient heart attack, from gasoline to convenient alcohol.

I think to some people the convenient store is an addiction. Here is what Professor Glen thinks. Since convenient stores are....convenient, as in right on your way no matter where your going. Why make coffee, stop at the convenient store for a doughnut and coffee. For those who smoke add cough-a-rettes ( Kinda cute what do you think? ) So we have caffeine, sugar and nicotine. Yep! That will kick start the day and of course gasoline for the S. U. V.  Billy Bob Ray Earl Bob stops by the same convenient store on the way home for a case of beer and a quart of milk for his seven kids. Some things never change I reckon! So this is why convenient stores are called convenient stores. The Professor predicts Pharmacy's and a Nurse Practitioner in every convenient store within 20 years and you heard it first right here on Glen View!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Me and You and All About Mail!

It be 3 AM. Do you know where your brain is? Nope, and don't care! I'll conjure up something with or without one. It has never stopped me from pecking away at them little letters on the key board. By the way, the more I type the bigger them letters seem to be getting! I reckon my eye sight is improving from all them super, wonder pills I be a taking! Yep! That has to be the answer!

I know, I be plum silly sometimes, but you know what! I LIKE IT, YES I DO! Certainly beats the flip side! Now DON'T it!

Had me an appointment to get me, two new hearing aids on February 2nd. The audiologist leaves a message on my machine telling me "the hearing aids have been delayed." Okey dokey! No problem! A couple hours later I get another message from that office telling me" this is a reminder of your appointment tomorrow, we require 24 hour notice for cancellation." Huh! What the !@#$ is going on! On one hand, someone calls me and cancels and on the other hand, from the same office, I get a call reminding me to show up! Ain't no wonder we live in such a confused and mixed up world!

I find it asininely ( Is that a word? Don't matter, is now! ) funny, that in today's world of communication overload, its harder to communicate now, more than EVER! All these years, I thought it was me because of my hearing impairment! Yikes! There seems to be a lot of communication impairment today! The more people involved, the bigger the communication impairment! Y'all out there know exactly what I'm, saying, don't ya???!!!

U-know those of "us" impaired people of the world ( like me ) have "us" an excuse! What about you "normal" people of the world what be your excuse?

Sheesh! Ka! Bob!!! ( Some-thun new, I like it!" ) I just received the answer! I reckon I don't hang with any "normal" people! If my daily acquaintances are examples of "normal" people. Are the people at the local C-o-n-v-e-n-i-e-n-t store "normal"? ( Have mercy! ) What about The Super Stores? What about the Supermarket's? I personally never found them Super!

We be in deep shit if the average person I meet and work with is "normal!" We be in deep shit if I was considered normal!

Modern gadgets like voice mail and e mail have only made it worse. If we don't wish to listen or look at our mail, we don't! IGNORE IT! Seems to me it would be hard to run a business or any kind of relationship or communication, playing phone tag or e mail avoidance! What if your significant other be in a frisky mood and wants a little. ( Please, please tell me you understand what I'm talking about here! ) Maybe I should quit trying to communicate and mailto:!@#k I mean! Maybe I just did! Did I actually say what I think I said? I ain't going back to check because my beddy bye meds are a kicking in BIG TIME! I only hope I gave a smile or two. If I think of anything else I'll contact you via dream mail or I'm becoming a hit on EDIOT MAIL!!!! Glen