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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Me and You and All About Mail!

It be 3 AM. Do you know where your brain is? Nope, and don't care! I'll conjure up something with or without one. It has never stopped me from pecking away at them little letters on the key board. By the way, the more I type the bigger them letters seem to be getting! I reckon my eye sight is improving from all them super, wonder pills I be a taking! Yep! That has to be the answer!

I know, I be plum silly sometimes, but you know what! I LIKE IT, YES I DO! Certainly beats the flip side! Now DON'T it!

Had me an appointment to get me, two new hearing aids on February 2nd. The audiologist leaves a message on my machine telling me "the hearing aids have been delayed." Okey dokey! No problem! A couple hours later I get another message from that office telling me" this is a reminder of your appointment tomorrow, we require 24 hour notice for cancellation." Huh! What the !@#$ is going on! On one hand, someone calls me and cancels and on the other hand, from the same office, I get a call reminding me to show up! Ain't no wonder we live in such a confused and mixed up world!

I find it asininely ( Is that a word? Don't matter, is now! ) funny, that in today's world of communication overload, its harder to communicate now, more than EVER! All these years, I thought it was me because of my hearing impairment! Yikes! There seems to be a lot of communication impairment today! The more people involved, the bigger the communication impairment! Y'all out there know exactly what I'm, saying, don't ya???!!!

U-know those of "us" impaired people of the world ( like me ) have "us" an excuse! What about you "normal" people of the world what be your excuse?

Sheesh! Ka! Bob!!! ( Some-thun new, I like it!" ) I just received the answer! I reckon I don't hang with any "normal" people! If my daily acquaintances are examples of "normal" people. Are the people at the local C-o-n-v-e-n-i-e-n-t store "normal"? ( Have mercy! ) What about The Super Stores? What about the Supermarket's? I personally never found them Super!

We be in deep shit if the average person I meet and work with is "normal!" We be in deep shit if I was considered normal!

Modern gadgets like voice mail and e mail have only made it worse. If we don't wish to listen or look at our mail, we don't! IGNORE IT! Seems to me it would be hard to run a business or any kind of relationship or communication, playing phone tag or e mail avoidance! What if your significant other be in a frisky mood and wants a little. ( Please, please tell me you understand what I'm talking about here! ) Maybe I should quit trying to communicate and mailto:!@#k I mean! Maybe I just did! Did I actually say what I think I said? I ain't going back to check because my beddy bye meds are a kicking in BIG TIME! I only hope I gave a smile or two. If I think of anything else I'll contact you via dream mail or I'm becoming a hit on EDIOT MAIL!!!! Glen 

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  1. I love how you can take any subject and make it humorous, yet there is always an underlying ring of truth or common sense to what you say.

    I think communication is becoming a lost art in this day of least the one on one communication where we actually use our voices to speak.

    Great post Glen :-)