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Friday, December 31, 2010


                Jimmy is dream communicating with his number one girl, “The Girl of His Dreams.” (Sorry I could not help myself.) They talk as though they are on the porch in her dimension side by side and discussing the news of today and how much they have missed each other for the few hours they have been apart. Instead of the bla, bla, bla boring conversing they hang on every syllable, or is it every thought! Jimmy tells Marla of his wish to take her for a ride on his motorcycle, buy her first milkshake and show her where he hit the fence post that led to their meeting. She asks him to describe what a milkshake is for the millionth time. There is no such drink where she is. Their conversation tonight ends with them discussing what The Giver of Life will do. Both feel strongly that before disrupting their families in two worlds they will settle for dreaming their life as it is now. Jimmy and Marla say good-bye from other worlds feeling oh so close yet when the other is gone they feel so far away. The thought of the other never leaves them. The greatest power of the universe is working in their favor tonight and the magnificently beautiful souls of two young ones in love has the Giver working for them per millions of Marsiers and two human parents.
                In the human world Jimmy senses warmth inside his heart more so than ever before as he wakes up. He throws the covers off and hops out of bed. It seems the reality of dreams become stronger every night. He still smells the city of copper, silver, gold and Marla. He could never forget such lovely smells. Now that he is awake her smell doesn’t disappear. He shakes his head and goes to the bathroom after brushing his teeth he notices a larger than normal lump of blankets in his bed. He shakes the blankets, his way of making the bed when the covers fly up he sees a female body wow! wow! wow! what a body it is. He throws all the covers off the bed and guess who was lying there? Yep, you’re right, however her eyes are closed. An Angel is in his bed, he instinctively gives her a kiss and she comes to life. Eyes open widely and staring into his.  Jimmy was back under the covers and well let’s just say, he would be taking some time off work. Embracing and such lasts for hours; not one word was spoken or telepathically read or sent. The physical touch was doing the communicating.
                The city of one is waking. Marla feels something lying beside her and is euphoric as she plants a kiss on Jimmy that brings him to life. The kiss raises desires as the bed is set on fire with unbridled passion. The Marsiers find themselves waking up extremely happy this morning. Jimmy and Marla together; a celebration is planned. It must wait a couple days to give time for the newly reunited ones to get un-united. Happiness rings throughout the city, of all for one and one for all. The overwhelming euphoria spreads across the planet to the elders, via the Marsier Mind Net. Even the “Giver” senses love at a job well done.
                Marla and Jimmy are making up for lost time. The Marsiers are busy creating something special for their new, this time permanent guest. They are making an accident machine, after all that is what brought everyone together in the first place. Only this will be a one of a kind advanced form of propulsion. 
Where, mom and dad are about to get a surprise that is better than a thousand Christmas’s. As they enter the kitchen after work, there sits Marla for real. It immediately became a 4 way hugging, crying fest. They all sit down at the table where everyone is smiling ear to ear and still holding hands. Marla was more than Jimmy’s dream girl. She was family even before mom and dad had the pleasure to meet her. No one at the table says a word, no need to, their hearts are talking.
                There sets Marla in a pair of Jimmy’s jeans and a tee shirt looking cuter than a new puppy. She no longer has her telepathic abilities. All three with her are more than happy to teach her verbal communication. Mom is a high school English Teacher who won’t mind spending time with Marla. Her new family won’t mind teaching Marla the ropes in her new world. She is in loving hands and that she knows. Mom is seeing visions of grandkids in her head. Dad shakes his head in total disbelief thinking to himself; his son goes out for a motorcycle ride, bangs his head, enters another dimension, learns to communicate with a girl he falls in love with and now that girl is here with them. He can’t wait to tell his bowling buddies this story. They would tie him up and take him to a psychiatric hospital. Nothing else in the world matters to the proud family of 4, anything necessary will be dealt with. Love is what paved the way for Marla to be here. The dream jumping in of mom and dad unwittingly allowed the Marsiers to see the purity of hearts in this family.
                Marla adjusts to her new surroundings. Mom takes Marla shopping and the bond becomes stronger as Marla loves shopping. Marla’s belly seems to be growing and the most beautiful thing is blossoming. From microscopic origins of the purest love a baby is growing and the family couldn’t be more excited. Mom’s greatest wish is becoming true. Within a year a baby girl is born. Mariel makes 5 and mom is already talking more. The family thrives and Marla’s adjustment goes without any problems. Seems this was meant to be, a fairy tale that can never be told.  As grandpa bounces Mariel on his knee and tells her the story of how she came to be she listens intently and laughs. The family eventually becomes 8 and grandpa’s story becomes a family tradition at Christmas. Marla and Jim age gracefully and their bond never wavers. Their love truly is a love across dimensions.
                After a couple of days of close, closeness, Marla and Jimmy step outside and there it is, a Marsier newly built accident machine an exact replica of the one he wrecked, but with  their more modern updates. Seems all Marsiers are expecting a victory tour and what better way to celebrate than a ride on the thing that started the whole scenario. No Marsier was willing to ride it, so Jimmy will be the first. After all everyone in this world knows and feels all because they are a world of one. Jimmy will learn he has Marla and a city to teach him. Before Marla and Jimmy mount the accident machine the city awaits. They are on the outskirts of the city filled with anticipation. The two loveliest residents ride around the city. This moment is so special all Marsiers on earth are celebrating telepathically at the success that can be accomplished when all work as one. After countless rides around the city everyone goes to the community building for a celebration of all celebrations as the world stays in tune. The powers of all Marsiers, Elders and The Giver work as one to create the most magnificent joyous occasion ever in Marsier history. Everyone in the city hugs the new couple. Never before, has so much emotion spread throughout the universe. Pride, happiness, love, pleasure every emotion.
                The best is yet to come, something unexpected and not planned in the world of the Marsiers. You see all Marsiers live 1,000 years and then become light forms known as the elders. Then and then only is new life reproduced. Seems glitches are becoming common with dealing with their human cousins. Now remember Marla is human and Jimmy is created as a human so well they could not control all, as in their all for one and one for all.
                It does not take long before everyone senses new life brewing in Marla. Oh my! This has never happened before without orchestration. Oops! The “THE BIG ONE” can’t foresee human glitches. It gets even better, two lives are brewing and the whole city senses females. Never has twins been born in Marsier land, let alone unplanned. Glitches seem inevitable when dealing with their human cousins but extremely entertaining and delightful in ways unaccustomed.     THE END


      About five years ago, I had an allergic reaction to something and visited my emergency room at 2 AM. Shots and my first taste of prednisone. Tiny little pills that pack a punch. Take so many for so many days and slowly ween yourself from them. We figured detergent caused the allergic reaction that made all the hairs on my body feel like tiny needles. 100 dogs scratching could not stop the itching. I was a man on the edge when I went to the hospital. By the time I left 2 hours later I felt pretty darn good. Okay, Okay, Okay but where is this leading?
      I am breaking out again it's 4 in the A M and I am waiting for my Doctor's office to open. I'm an older man with typical old age aches and pains just like I had five years ago you see. After taking prednisone for a couple of days I did not have one pain anywhere in my body. I want to be sure you got that, I went from many aches and many pains to not one f-----g pain nowhere man!!! I only needed four hours of sleep per day and my mind felt like my I. Q. jumped considerable. My dreams were off the damn charts. I had hyperness and unlimited energy at work. Huumm....? I know someone like that at work now! You don't reckon? naa, he is a young man with frontal lobe damage per my buddy Klem. I believe this young man I speak of  has many of them DDD Disorders and ain't taking his Ritalin, I ain't never seen nobody act and talk continuously like this person, okay never mind it's late and it doesn't take much to sidetrack me especially after I have just taken my Doctor prescribed meds.
      Now for the side effects. My left foot felt like a block of ice when I lay down to sleep, I would put several pair of Industrial, Alaskian strength socks on that sucker to finally get my four hours of sleep. Hyperness was scary man but "I HAD NO F-----G PAIN," I was 18 years old again.
      Now I have been setting the story up for this point. I got terribly addicted to them little bitty pills of pleasure, as I slowly came down from the prednisone high. Them damn aches and pains appear again  with a vengeance. In just a couple of weeks I learned what it was like to be a junkie. I even asked my Doctor to prescribe me a couple a day, that is how hooked I became. I even contemplated many times about the availability through your local "FEEL GOOD ARE US DEALERS."
      If I am offered prednisone again I will ask for something else because I don't like the everyday aches and pains I have to go through but I can't go through that again even though I enjoyed the high's immensely.       THIS STORY IS TRUE. THANKS FOR TUNING IN TO GLEN VIEW. G. E. G. 

Thursday, December 30, 2010


It's late at night
I take my meds, anything that pops into my head, I'ma gonna write
Oh dear, I hope it's not something I'll dread
I have ninety minutes before I must jump into bed
I was so bored at work I wanted to shout
One day soon, I know-a I will let one out
Brain Boy talks non-stop driving me crazy
No matter how hard I try not to let him faze me
Always seems there is someone who pushes your buttons
As hard as I try, I cannot tune out the nuttons
If I dare speak my mind, I get wrote up
Seems hell if I do and hell if I don't, man I ain-na the one that is all fu--ed up
The few that have, cannot speak there mind
Very few here, have a brain of any kind
Challenged are the ones I work with
Believe you me, I'm not talking myth
Ah Oh, I feel Mr. Meds a kick-in
My time here is wearing thin
You go to bed, your day is done
Wooo-weee ain't this fun
A piece of my mind I give to you
Belivee-mee this here post came-a from out of the blue

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I was out doing last minute Christmas shopping and to my delight.
My eyes "behold" a most unusual sight.
A short hooded one in gray, stood in the middle of the shopping center passing something out?
I rushed over to see what the commotion was all about.
There stood a short little one under 5 foot tall.
Handing out $100.00 bills to one and all.
The little one had on gloves and the hood hid it's face.
I keep moving my head to see the eyes as I try determining it's race!
Then Mall Cops started coming this way.
The little one doesn't have long to stay.
The little one in gray moved so fast it's exist was only a blur.
It was spreading happiness around and that was for sure.
I ran outside to see where it be.
At that moment it jumped from the ground to the roof, you see!
Then a large round object was hovering around.
It hovered above me, not 50 feet off the ground.
The craft then turned red green and gold.
I ponder at Christmas should this story be told.
Then I heard echoing from up high, HO-HO-HO.

                                                 Just having some fun with you for XMAS    Glen

Monday, December 20, 2010


Years ago when my grandparents on my father’s side were alive, they lived way out in what was called the sticks of a mostly undeveloped county. The somewhat gravel roads seem to follow what I thought was the original Indian paths. Visiting grandma and grandpa was an adventure. You appear to travel back in time once you left the main highway. No telephone, no electricity; we city folk could not survive there, yet they have lived their whole lives in this environment and were happy and healthy. All the family tried to persuade them to move into town and they would have nothing to do with it. Grandma and grandpa would ask “What does the city have that we don’t have?” The standard reason from all the family would be they would have all the conveniences. “We have all the conveniences within a few paces. Look right here is running water inside the house (a hand pump beside the kitchen sink,) a woodstove that has always kept us warm, a back porch full of dried oak, two tanks of bottle gas for our new fangled gas stove you kids bought ma, chickens and eggs being produced from the hen house with plenty of smoked ham and deer meat. We have regular and sweet taters and enough vegetables we canned last summer to last until next summer in the cellar. Our cupboard has flour, sugar, salt, spices and everything that is needed. It doesn’t get any handier than what we got it. Any handier would spoil us. This house is built better than them stick ones you live in and is as tight as a drum. We have us a convenient and accessible outhouse and if we can’t survive the cold and wind long enough to do our business, then hell we might as well be dead.” Their minds were made up and that was that!
                It was about on Christmas Eve. My wife and I drive out to take my grandparents their Christmas presents and spend some time with them. We have only been married a couple years and loved to listen to them tell stories of another era. It was snowing lightly but I was not concerned; the weather forecast said possibly a couple inches. We have the day off and we have places to go and people to see, so no little snow was going to stop us. Being young is delightful and adventuresome. There was maybe an inch of snow on the ground when we arrived, no problem. All of us sit around the woodstove warm and as comfortable as bugs in a rug. Well, as we was enjoying visiting, the storm takes a turn for the worse. Them few inches turned into a deadly blizzard with wind and whiteout conditions. We weren’t going anywhere for a while. Weather forecasting was not like today. Those weather people let a full blown blizzard slip under their radar (oh sorry they did not have weather radar back then.) Seems we will be spending Christmas at my grandparents. Neither my family nor my wife’s family would be worried about us because we had informed them that we were setting out for the hills and the hollers (country slang for the boondocks.) If anything was to happen we would be staying with grandma and grandpa. The boondocks is what I referred to earlier as the sticks. It be a place where city folks don’t want to be caught in a blizzard. (I know it is hard to believe in today’s world of cell phones, but remember they had no electricity or land line phones.) The lighting was from kerosene lamps. We almost newlyweds would be a-roughing it for sure.
                The blizzard was on top of us as the wind howled throughout the night. We slept in a feather bed with a handmade quilt to keep us warm. Country folk go to bed early and rise before daylight. It is a set schedule they cannot get away from, early to bed and early to rise. My wife and I snuggle and experience a newness never experienced before in grandma’s feather bed. We were up way before daylight. It was an experience of a lifetime. Getting to the outhouse was unbelievable. I helped grandpa gather eggs and my little woman helped grandma make fresh homemade biscuits. After breakfast we sat around the kitchen table and listened to stories of yesteryear as only grandparents could tell. The women start making Christmas dinner as we men were told to get out of the way. While us men was shoveling snow to the outhouse and to the chicken house the women was making pumpkin pie, homemade noodles; all made from scratch, a real Christmas dinner. The joy and delight was in the togetherness shared in the making of an old fashion “work to appreciate” Christmas treat. The warmth felt inside the house and our hearts was unforgettable, truly an experience never to be forgotten or relived again. We spent several days together before farmers came by on tractors and dug us out. Four people living together under these conditions became about as close as you can get.
                This was eons ago, but seems only yesterday as I reminisce about Christmas time. Christmas goes beyond the spiritual side of the universe. It is about family, love, togetherness. The hurry up and spend, spend, spend part of Christmas has taken the fun away from the magic that we as children believing in Santa Claus once thought. It is still there if you dig deep enough. I share this story for you MERRRY CHRISTMAS FROM YOUR FRIEND OVER HERE AT GLEN VIEW. HO! HO! HO!     G. E. G.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


      It was December of 1963 a Christmas tree was being decorated in Mr. Breeden's sixth grade class where I attend school. All the students are making and bringing decorations from home to put on this special one of a kind tree. Why is this tree so special? Mr. Breeden cut this tree off his farm for this class. All the students help in putting the tree in the stand and decorating it with love.
      This was a most unusual year, you see our President John Fitzgerald Kennedy had been assassinated and darkness hangs over the entire nation as well as this class. It was Mr. Breeden's way of returning joy and love to replace the sadness felt this Christmas. Even though we were considered children at that age we felt the devastation and loss that our parents and teachers could not hide. We saw it on the evening news, we heard the comments and watched the funeral. It had brought this great nation to it's knees. We as a class were unable to comprehend such an act of madness here in America.  
      The Christmas tree represents peace, love and togetherness to all of us in the class. As it happens school is shutting down early for Christmas break and we are taking down the tree. All of us are taking our handmade or brought from home special decorations back home to hang on our trees. One young boy was extremely sad about this, he did not have tree at home. Usually a week before Christmas his family would go buy a tree but money was extremely tight this year. The family of 6 did not have a tree. As the boy help carry the tree outside and place it up against the fence for trash pick up he was hurting inside. Sadness fills his heart.
      As the boy walks home his heart was heavy. That Christmas tree would do no one any good and his family needs a Christmas tree. The boy turns around seems he will carry the Christmas tree home to his family. He felt better just thinking about it.
      The once beautiful Christmas tree lay up against the fence, discarded before Christmas, how sad it seems! A Christmas tree not making it to see Christmas morning. Three boys carried it out of the classroom yet this young boy was determined to carry the tree many blocks. It was to be his family's Christmas tree and he would see to that and he did. It took a heap of doing but you see his heart was set on accomplishing his goal. The family had it's Christmas tree and the tree shines once again. It shines even brighter with a star on top and lights. The boy thought it was the most beautiful tree ever. His two young sisters eyes of delight made it all worthwhile. To children it's not Christmas without a Christmas tree.
                                                                                                   Merry Christmas G. E. G.      

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Robert Garrett is an over 50 Truck Driver who works while the world sleeps. Preferring the peacefulness of the late evening to early morning where there is less traffic. The world slows down and that suits him fine. Most of his life has been spent in the hurry up and wait world. There, it seems, your heart always beats fast and every beat brings you ever closer to an early closure. High blood pressure thrives amid those feelings that have become normal in today’s manmade hectic schedules. Where it takes 5 minutes to find what you need at the store and 10 minutes in the speedy checkout line.
            Bob comes to these hours quite by accident, filling in for a friend who needed a helping hand due to illness. Coincidentally, it was when The Comet Hale Bop was visible. Had he not been working at night he would probably not have taken the time to view the night sky. Bob did and became hooked. Every night he takes the time to gaze at the most magnificent sight. This Comet touches him to the core. He feels renewed. He and the universe are now one.
            Bob’s friend recovers but, since Bob’s new passion for life continues he decides to stay on the night shift. Every night is new and exciting. He has learned how to relax and appreciate the little things that used to go unnoticed. Animals are everywhere but you must train yourself to look beyond the tunnel vision. They lie at the edge of the high beams. Coyotes and Foxes are the smartest. Possums are the slowest. Deer scare you the most because some appear to understand and wait while others jump right in your path.
            Each season brings unique characteristics. Spring breaks free of the winter doldrums. Summer is warm nights with your windows down smelling the corn. Fall brings the first frost and Holiday feelings. Winter is snow cold and everyone’s favorite, Christmastime and the spirit of the season.
            One night close to Christmas Bob made his early morning run as usual.  Suddenly the radio springs to life causing poor old Bob to jump in the seat. Oh Holy Night was playing.  Usually Bob listens to talk radio; however nothing that night held his interest. He was driving along, deep in thought, enjoying the simplicity of the nightly drive in ways he could not do when working days. Bob was caught up in the moment as it was his favorite version by John Berry. A young girl’s voice says “Just for you Bob Garrett.” He thinks to himself “Holly Night!” He immediately pulls off the two lane highway and walks around his truck trying to regain his composure. He leans on the fender opposite the highway and stares into the heavens at the beautiful moonless night. The stars seem to shine brighter than ever. He feels so small, warmth and peace spreads through his body.
            It is 3 A M. Lights begin popping on one at a time out of the darkness; Christmas lights. They are stretched around 3 trees and continue up a hill highlighting a small house and going up to the roof where a beautiful golden star shines. In front of the house a young blonde haired girl with big blue eyes is visible as if a spot light was shining on her. This young girl was perhaps 200 feet away yet Bob could see her mouth move as she says “Merry Christmas Bob, may God bless.” It was the voice off the radio. His knees buckle from underneath him. He tries to regain his balance as he sits down on the running board of his truck. He shakes his head and looks up at the night sky; one star is shining brighter than the others. Bob begins crying as he stares steadily at the one star. He looks back to where the house was, but it had vanished. He stares in disbelief. Totally shaken, he gets back into his truck. He starts and backs the truck up. There is a lane and he maneuvers his truck so that lights shine directly where the house stood only moments ago. There was absolutely nothing but a field of corn stubble where the field had been harvested.
            The next morning, Bob wakes up convinced it was a dream. He never has experienced such a vivid dream with so much emotional content. That night at work Randy his dispatcher asks
“Are you feeling okay Bob? You did not speak or acknowledge me in any manner as you left this morning.”
“Yes I’m fine, thanks for asking though” Bob answers.
He begins his regular route and focuses on the job at hand, blocking out what Randy said. Bob tries everything to keep his mind off the dream. Even his favorite late night talk show with a subject he normally would be totally interested in could not keep his mind occupied for long.
Later at home as he sleeps, the dream fills his mind once more. That same day in his own vehicle, he retraces his route of the night he experienced the unusual sighting, unable to convince himself it was only a dream. He finds the lane where he pulled his truck into to get a good look only to see an empty cornfield once again. He spots large tire tracks. A feeling of relief followed by confusion runs almost simultaneously through his body as cold chills sweep through his body.
            Saturday night he tries to rest but only sleeps for brief periods of time. His dreams are filled with bits and pieces of the little blonde haired girl. He remembers there is a church close to where the house should have been that night he saw the lights. It is a large red brick church with a graveyard as all the older churches seem to have. He drives to the church, why he wasn’t sure, it was simply something he had to do.
            There are no cars in the parking lot. Bob gets out of his car and is drawn to the small graveyard. He slowly walks around and stops at a small tombstone with a star and an angel on it. Between an Angel and a Star it simply read “Gloria”. Bob was deep in thought and full of emotions attempting to make sense of his situation. He hears a voice say “Can I help you?” Bob was took a back believing he was all alone and glad that the voice was coming from behind, rather than well, you understand. After the other night anything seemed possible!
“Hi I’m the Pastor here, can I be of assistance to you?” Handshakes and pleasantries are exchanged.
            Bob begins, “Perhaps you can, may I please tell you about a most peculiar incident from the other night.” that continues to baffle me? The Pastor motions “Let’s go inside where we will be more comfortable, there is a bit of chill in the air.” After seeing the small headstone and the Pastor he knows he is about to find out the secret he is looking for.
            They take a seat in the front. It is your typical old fashion country church, immaculately kept, probably looks the same as it did when it was built.
“Please proceed” the Pastor says. Bob tells the Pastor the story with all of his emotions, nothing was spared. Both Bob and the Pastor had tears in their eyes as Bob concludes.
            The Pastor says “That is a truly amazing story. Now I have much to tell you about your vision. Pastor Michael whom I just replaced retired and told me about a most precious child and that child is the one you speak of. Pastor Michael went in to great length about Gloria. He could not remember her last name and I believe that to be unimportant because everyone years ago knew her by her first name. That is how her father wished her to be remembered on her stone with simply an angel and a star. Her father believed that she was an Angel here on earth and surely is now a star in the heavens. Pastor Michael told me one day I would be questioned about Gloria. Seems he repeated the story countless times during the Holidays to strangers just as you in the same situation. You, Bob, are my first but; it will be a great pleasure to tell the story of Gloria to you. 
            Gloria was an ailing, little blonde haired, blue eyed girl that lived just down the road many years ago. Born with a bad heart, she lived to be 12 years old. Gloria and her family attended church here and people say she always had a smile. You could see her frail body was in pain but, you would never see it in her face; she was always smiling. She was the star of the Christmas play every year and always brought the people to their feet crying. She played the baby Jesus. Her favorite Christmas carol was Oh Holy Night; Bob felt warm from within. She touched everyone’s heart. Some say she was who she played in the Christmas play.
            Gloria’s passion during the holidays was the church play and looking at the beautiful lights her father strung for her. Her father bundled her up in so many blankets she could barely move to keep her warm and they would sit in the car down the driveway so Gloria could enjoy her beautiful lights. He would sit with her until she fell asleep, only then would he carry her and put her to bed. She was unable to do much and he would not rob her of one of her few enjoyments. Gloria never complained and always smiled; that alone was what motivated her father and anyone she met.
            Gloria’s last Christmas was out of this world. A frail Gloria carried in by her father. She was determined to play the baby Jesus one last time. Just her presence brought the church to an unprecedented level of excitement. The congregation was on their feet before the play began. Energy of the universe filled the country church. When the play began a golden light circled Gloria; she was glowing. The blonde haired, blue eye Angel was inside everyone’s heart. The spirit took control of the church. A golden light from heaven flowed through her
            Gloria stepped out of the manger scene and the congregation witnessed a 12 year old Angel as she would look in heaven. This is what she would look like if her body had not been ravaged. Not one dry eye in the crowd, not one fussy child. Gloria led the church in her favorite Christmas song, Oh Holy Night. Gloria sings and it sounds as though 1,000 Angels were her choir. Everyone sways to the spirit with their arms stretched high above their heads, the power of the universe was being felt by all in this Church on Christmas Eve, a beautiful Angel singing, showing no signs of illness.
            Suddenly a bright golden light shot through the roof of the church and hovered above Gloria. It penetrated her body and circled throughout the congregation and back through the roof. Gloria was in Heaven.
            The tears were tears of joy, not sadness as they witnessed her going home.
            Pastor Michael says a prayer and shakes Bob’s hand.
            Every year the story of Gloria is repeated and I suspect it always will!


            A CHRISTMAS STORY FOR YOU       “Merry Christmas”  G. E. G. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


      Remember the "Bobble Head" toys. My first glimpse of one of these extremely amusing toys was a very young child. Riding in my uncle's car and on his dash was a freaky looking toy that bobbled. It was hilarious to a young child. All the dang thing did was bobble, bobble, bobble. Simple little head on a spring and a fat body. A funny looking toy if it was just sitting on a table but put that little burger on the dash of a moving Buick and to a kid it becomes sheer delight. I liked the silly little toy so much I received one as a present. It was not as enjoyable as watching that critter groove to the motion of an automobile. "Are you going to talk all day about a damn bobble head toy you num skull, you are a bobble head," says Devil Dan. (I must apologize for the outburst. To any new readers to Glen View I have many unusual I call them misfits that reside in the empty sections of my mind. They pop out and voice their opinions.)  
      There is this simple headed person I know that reminds me of a bobble head. While the bobble head toy shakes it's head to movement this person shakes their head out of simpleness. Their head shakes all the time because there is lack of brain cell activity. This adult person once I got to trying? to understand them trying, as in there is no fricking way to understand what planet this soul came from. They would ask me a simple question and dumass me would explain. Seems them were wasted words! After a few hundred questions I finally give up on trying to get them to understand. So you know what I started doing! Well I become a bobble head pal. I couldn't get through because apparently them bobble heads have bobbled so long they shook all of their brains out. When this person talks to me instead of me attempting communication I just would shake my ahead in agreement. So I try to avoid this person at all cost. I can't stand to loose what few brain cell that are still alive up there in bobble country.



Thursday, December 9, 2010


                Marla and Jimmy communicate every night within Jimmy’s dream. They learn about their worlds. They become closer than those that live in the same world. Their bond grows stronger with every dream. However they long for the physical touch to quench their thirst for each other. What Marla feels the city feels. Jimmy is number one on the dream channel every night throughout the city. They are fascinated by how the determined young man found a way to communicate with Marla. The love they share is a story that will be told forever, a love from another dimension.  
                His parents read Jim’s dream journal and are concerned. He acts like his old self in every way but they find his journal disturbing. They ask themselves, isn’t a dream, just a dream? So how can dreams be of any harm? So what if he believes in his dreams that he is communicating with a girl in another dimension. Everyone dreams and all dreams are strange, but they have never heard of anyone attempting to control their dreams as he does. Possibly they are overacting but they are his parents and he did ask for their help. They will talk with him and present their concern. He will not like anything negative. They believe Marla and the city is just Jim’s overactive imagination manifesting as a dream. When he comes home they will talk to him. After all that is a parent’s job.            
Dad asks “Jim do you truly believe you are communicating with Marla in another dimension or is it your imagination?”     
Jim answers “Everything in my journal is true. You know how much effort I have put into making sense of my situation. I have recreated my first ride on my bike, found the side road, the fence post and felt the overwhelming feelings of dejavu.”
Mom responds, “You understand that we are concerned out of love don’t you dear?”
Jim answers, “Certainly, that is why I asked for your help.”
Dad asks, “How can what you write in your journal be possible?”
Jim answers “I’m open to other ideas but this is my conclusion based on what facts I have and my feelings.”
Mom says, “How are you going to proceed from here?”
Jim answers “I only wish I knew. It seems as though each dream is another piece of the puzzle that I build upon. My only hope is an answer will present itself in time. Meanwhile I ask for your understanding and trust.”
Dad responds, “How can you hope for an answer when what you are talking about would get you committed if you discussed this issue with anyone else?”
Jim answers, “I’m not discussing this issue with anyone else; I am talking to my parents who know and trust me. Scientific discoveries in all areas happen daily in the world we live in. You admitted that the computer and the world of the internet is the most amazing discovery of your generation. What if each individual’s mind is a computer and we combine our minds. Just think of that possibility for a minute. I might have stumbled onto a civilization so far ahead of our prehistoric one. Dad did you not watch the twilight zone as a kid and ask questions beyond normal thinking? Am I making any sense?  I and I alone have gone head first into where no man has gone before. Ask yourself are we so arrogant that we think what we know, is all there is. What if other dimensions exist here on earth and they have always been here right beside us? We as humans do not know everything, even though we like to act as if we do.”
Mom says, “Teach us this type of dreaming you talk about and if we can control our dreams even a little bit maybe one of us can communicate with Marla. I wish to try it and if I do it your father will.
Jim answers “Sure.”
Dad says “Well alright, then we try dream projecting.”
                 Jim teaches his mom and dad about the technique and they start that night with a serious belief in the possibility after Jim’s passionate professor like lecture. Their 18 year old seems to have found a lifetime of wisdom. With Jim’s guidance and their seriousness at attempting the dream projecting they are showing amazing results at controlling their minds while in the dream state.
                What mom and dad did not know was that that the city of one was also helping Marla to connect with them. With all the positive energy behind Marla and Jimmy it could not fail. The goal is to make contact in the same night whenever Jim believes the timing is right. The mind power of the whole city simply awaits the cue.
After a period of time, Marla introduces herself with the power of the city behind her to both parents on the same night of dreaming. Mission accomplished and like Jim, their question is how do we meet her? What a question that is! If it was real once, then why can’t it be again they ask? If she is originally from our dimension, why not just come back as Jim did? Seems Jim and Marla have “ones” from both dimensions pulling for them so what do they do now? What a question? So what is the answer?
                 To Jim’s mom the answer seems simple; bring her back to her home dimension just as they returned you.
Jim explains “That life is all she remembers. You can’t just uproot Marla from her family no more than you would wish me to leave you.”
Mom admits it just breaks her heart.  She wants to hold her grandchildren and to witness the love Jim holds for Marla.  Why in the world did you fall for a girl that you can’t have?”

Jim responds “It was a might out of my control.” 
Dad has a slightly more advanced idea. He tells Jim that the people in Marla’s world have to be way ahead in their development and may possess answers that our minds cannot grasp and to ask them for help.”
                The city of all for one and one for all is but one city of many here on earth. Each city is independent, however if a situation arises where the mind power of millions are needed they call upon the entire planet for assistance. If even more mind power is needed then they can go to their elders who exist on a higher plane. The “ELDERS” are pure energy containing the accumulative power and wisdom of the past and present. The elders answer to the most powerful force known to ever exist. “THE SUN” they believe that is the source of all life in the universe.
The ones on earth are known as Marsiers. They are one and the same as humans but have evolved more quickly. The Marsiers use the power of all minds working together as one. The Marsiers are literally an internet of minds. They have never possessed individuality; therefore the spreading of the corruptive diseases that have devastated other dimensions did not slow their progress allowing them to leap light years ahead of their human cousins.  All for one is all they have ever known. The feelings of love and happiness are so powerful that any signs of darkness are immediately voided by the city. Their minds work as one enabling them to harness powers not comprehended by their cousins.
                In community centers across the planet Marsiers are gathering to understand the story of Marla and Jimmy. Assistance has been summoned with hope that millions will react as Marla’s city has. Marla’s city relays all the details telepathically. Marsiers measure the magnitude of situations through the power transmitted and felt through all receiving the message. Seems the whole planet is amazed by such a simple heartwarming story. Each city has had instances of helping humans at one time or the other. However Marla and Jim are unique. Marla was barely walking when the Marsiers stepped in to save her and she was raised as one of them and taught their abilities. The city found this feat astonishing as they did not think humans capable of achieving such skills.  Jimmy was saved from an accident on his motorcycle which the Marsiers refer to as an accident machine. It’s how Marla and Jim became one and the love they have for one another that captured the Marsiers hearts. This was not thought possible with such war like distant cousins. All Marsiers across the planet have but one question, they must know more about Jim. The way to gain the answer to their question is only achievable with the aid of the elders. The Marsiers can feel Marla’s heart and read all her thoughts but they must read Jim’s heart and mind to see his purity of soul.  
They ask the elders to acknowledge the will of all Marsiers. They request help in finding a solution for Marla’s and Jimmy’s happiness. It has been decided the elders will allow all the millions of Marsiers of the world to channel through Marla’s dream and ask Jimmy’s permission to search into the depths of his mind and heart for the answers needed. Never before has this happened in their world. It will become so that night.
That night Marla and Jimmy unite in their dream and Marla asks Jimmy for his blessing for all Marsiers past and present to enter his spirit. Jimmy has no qualms, he owes them his life and has not one doubt in allowing them into his consciousness. So with his permission they evaluate his heart and find complete purity and love for Marla and all Marsiers. Such overwhelming love and purity from now two humans break their measureable scales in the Marsier Kingdom.
An unexpected yet wonderful surprise for the Marsiers happens. All the brain power of the Marsiers tapped into two more human minds. Mom and Dad jumped into Marla and Jimmy’s dream and well let’s just say they found more good souls in that dimensions. Millions of minds can have small glitches no matter how advanced you are. Three humans Marla and all Marsiers have a laugh of delight at what transpired, humor across two dimensions.
The stage is set for the Giver of Life to do some extra creating in creating an ultimate solution never before asked.
Marsiers across the planet wait patiently on an answer and they see many options.
Allow Jimmy back into Marla’s world just as before that is option number one in the Marsiers world.
The other is to allow Marla to rejoin her original dimension and have access to her through the dream world.
Neither option feels quite right. Both would be disrupting families in two dimensions and that does not feel right. Family is everything and they felt that from Jimmy’s parents when they mistakenly taped into their souls and consciousness.
The Giver of Life will create two new lives one for each world. A Jim for Marla and her dimension and a Marla for Jim in his world; therefore families stay together. These new partners are one and the same with identical souls, bodies, minds identical, not copies. Not different individuals in two different dimensions.  Individuality is unknown to the Marsiers but they really see the need for this particular instance. But will individuality really exist? A person must know where he comes from to become who they are, so without that knowledge would it alter them in any way? The answer must play itself out.
Tonight in two different dimensions surprises will happen upon awakening. Togetherness never thought possible exists from a chance happening. 


Once upon a time before air-conditioning in every home in America. Families would sit on the front porch. You would see well worn yet grandma comfortable rocking chairs or a swing. Did you ever wonder why all older homes had a large front porch? Before rocking around the clock was a hit, you could rock on the front porch. Rock away the stress and keep cool.
On the hot evenings you watch the sun slowly disappear, drink freshly squeezed lemonade and if it was a real scorcher you might get lucky and make homemade ice cream. Wow that was a real treat to the youngins. Kids sitting on the edge of the wooden porch dangling their legs. Listening to the older ones telling stories and then look at your brother in disbelief and then giggle not knowing what the word meant grandpa said. Slang of country folk.
Simple people enjoying the most basic of pleasures. Bacon, eggs and biscuits for every breakfast. Fried chicken with biscuits and taters of all kinds fer supper. Sunday afternoon at grandma and gramdpa's house was fer visiting. Family and kin you never seen before would drop by. Uncle Cecil couldn't stay long cause he just escaped from prison. Uncle Maynard who spent most of his life in the Army. Then there was crazy uncle John or alcoholic aunt Malbelle. Uncle Floyd was a womanizer and con artist who never worked a day in his life.
The prejudice talk that was thrown around I never understood or bought into, it just didn't make sense. All of them words I heard used by my hillbilly side of my family would be incorrect today.  
At the age of 59 I laugh because it appears to me we all are part of all races that my ancestors made fun of back then. Most don't know what lies in our ancestrial closet. Seems we all are a mixture of all races and that is certainly where we are headed as the world becomes one.
Appears that I have always been out of tune with everything! I don't think I ever have been in tune with that side of my upbringing.

A point of view from GLEN VIEW.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Suzie Smart Ass ask, "good what?"
I comment, "Ones that do!
Suzie asks? "Ones that do what?
I answer, "Ones that can work, chew gum and think on their own. Ones that can cover while their Boss takes a smoke or takes a shit."
Suzie comments, "what dumass un-reality world are you a-living in."
I say! "excuse me"
Suzie responds, "All them fools that earn their money all had heart attacks after seeing their new and improved replacements"
I ask "where is Bill, Fred, Debbie and Pam?"
Suzie tell me, "them there ones are gone baby. Lookee at Princess, Hollyweird, Hoodman and Challenged-one. This here is the future we got rid of them ones that could. Them there ones just cost too much money. We had to cut back on labor. We bought these new versions excuse my phrase for a dime a dozen the temp agency couldn't find them no jobs so we got us a special. This here is the new world baby so be cool"
I ask "where is old man lazy?"
Suzie say "he took your place so now you be gone"

Sunday, November 28, 2010


The same night Jimmy took his new bike out for a ride he dreamed about a girl called Marla and about a city. He woke up playing the dream over in his mind it was so real. Never in his 18 years has a dream shaken him to the core like this one. Nightly he has other dreams that seem to coincide with this magnificent dream. The dreams are always centered around this beautiful young girl named Marla and he feels they were very close.
                He talked to his parents hoping for some insight on why he keeps dreaming with regularity about a city and this girl he has never met. They reassure him that dreams are just a reflection of your subconscious and things that are happening in your everyday life. For example his mother believes that Marla simply represents that he is an adult. As an adult you are preoccupied with the opposite sex and that indeed is normal for an 18 year old. Jimmy talked to his Aunts, Uncles and friends about his dreams and they all pretty much tell him the same thing. Since he has become obsessed with the dream his mind keeps replaying a similar theme over and over.
                Jimmy tries to get the dream out of his mind but now is waking up with a splitting headache. He touches his hand to his head when he first wakes up and he swears he feels a bump. He goes to the mirror to see and the bump is gone. He dreams of a fence post that he is headed toward and wakes up with the thought of thank you dad. In his dreams he sees people walking over a hill, smiling faces, and copper, silver and gold structures and feels as though someone is trying to communicate with him.
                He starts keeping a dream journal to help link the many pieces of his dreams. He reads all the books in the library about dreams and interpretations. He does not seem to be getting the answers he searches for.
                Jimmy’s mother and father are worried about him. Ever since the first ride on his motorcycle he acts different. He can’t stand to be called Jimmy. He is an adult now and wishes to be addressed as Jim. They discuss these differences between themselves. It is as though he left on the ride as Jimmy the teenager and returned as Jim the man. What on earth happened on a leisurely cycle ride? They discuss with him their concerns and he admits it seems as though he grew up on his return ride. His mannerism, his thoughts, his unbelievable realistic dreams are somehow connected, so he leaves them his dream journal and pleads with them to help him understand.
                Jim finds a book at the library about dreams and mind projection. According to the book you can train your mind to do amazing things during dream state. The book teaches you how to control your mind so that when you are dreaming you can control your actual dream. Yeah right was Jim’s first response but since he was not achieving the answers he needed in the conventional manner he was willing to try other techniques. Per the author, some people have become good enough to communicate with others like themselves using his techniques. This made sense to him in a strange way because he felt as though someone was trying to communicate with him while he was dreaming. Before all of this dreaming quest began he would of laughed at such foolishness, but it had hit home with such an impact he was going to pursue all avenues.
                Night after night Jim faithfully practices the guidelines to achieving the intended state of dream consciousness. He does notice more clarity and the sense that he is aware of projecting his mind into the dream. Before falling asleep he programs his mind to where he wants his dreams to go each night and he is achieving amazing results. He writes in his dream diary his intended attempts and as he wakes up he compares the actual results. You must work at remembering the details of your dreams, as everybody dreams, yet not everyone can remember what they dream. His ultimate goal; once he feels secure that he is actually in his dreams rather than merely projecting his will, he can become a receptor to the one he believes is trying to communicate with him, Marla of his earlier dreams. He has worked so hard at controlling his dreams he has not dreamed of Marla but she is such a part of him. He definitely has not forgotten her. After all, that is why he is doing all these dreaming exercises so hopefully he can figure it out.
                 He has been conducting a test and has written all clues in his journal. He is going to recreate his first ride on the Kawasaki motorcycle with his new understanding of himself and his dreams. His mother and father tell him this is not normal behavior for an 18 year old teenager. They have been actively involved all the way in Jim’s endeavor of understanding. Even though they have reservations, the fact that he has not been secretive about it and asked for their help assures them of the importance it has to him.
                He recreates the ride and is at the Dairy Queen drinking a milkshake. The ride so far has been enjoyable. On his way back, there is one spot in the road, if you weren’t paying attention the road veers to the right and another road just jumps out at you. It would be easy to turn onto the side road so he does. The feeling of loss overtakes him and suddenly the road ends without warning. It is a dead end road and dejavu envelopes him. He gets off his motorcycle and walks around. His emotions are running amuck. The feeling of pleasure and loss permeates his mind at the same time. Suddenly he sees himself being thrown at a fence post and thanking his father for making him wear a helmet, he walks to a fence post and it shows signs of being hit recently. He takes off his helmet but it shows no visible scars. As he runs his hand over the top he feels several small dings, oh my god he did hit that post! Jim sits down and tries to gather himself. Something happened here he knows it in his heart. He rides back home and will start his dream here at this dead end road.
                It takes forever to get to sleep but once he does he finds himself being hurled into a fence post and then he wakes up within his dream to an unusual looking place with a gigantic headache and then falls back to sleep within the dream. He wakes up again and a young boy and two adults walk by smiling but he cannot understand them. Then a beautiful young girl walks by and he understands every word she is saying and he knows her name before she says it, Marla. At that powerful moment he snaps back to reality and is fully awake but he has succeeded in achieving the results that he was striving for.
                Night after night he projects himself to the exact point where he wakes up the night before. Has his mind becomes so strong that he can produce such a story or is he reliving what actually happened? The feeling of dejavu is so strong! He is convinced it actually happened. Wow!, wow!, wow, he laughs at those words. He can smell the city and feel Marla’s body behind him as they ride around a city of copper, silver and gold on his accident machine. “Accident machine,” he would never refer to his cycle like that! He senses Marla trying to communicate with him but her mouth is not moving. He wakes up at that instant in the real world with cold chills going through his body. He goes back to dreamland thinking of Marla, they are making love and he senses more than one. He sees faces, all smiling. A thought goes through him as clear as a bell. It is a city where all are one.  Suddenly he wakes up in the real world with the overwhelming sense of loss and extreme emptiness in his heart. He is in love with Marla the girl in his dreams. The next night the complete “reality dream” plays itself out. Only now Jim knows it was real and Marla is trying to communicate with him in his dream and he believes she already has by helping him relive the whole scenario in his dream to prove it was real.
                The next night he sees only Marla’s face as he drifts off to sleep,” He hears Jimmy… Jimmy is that you.”
He ask “Marla is that you.”
Marla replies “yes, yes, yes, wow! wow! wow!
                That was definitely a message breaking through from another reality and he has been there for real. He has finally succeeded and was saved by her and her people somehow he visited and fell in love with a human, that like himself, was saved by smiling faces that are all one. Where does he go from here? He can communicate through dreams and visit her. He has heard of long distant romances but inter-dimensional might just be something completely different. He can have sweet dreaming every night but can he feel her body next to his. His life as well as Marla’s has been altered forever and as he dreams, they will work together to dream this one out.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Jimmy is taking his brand new motorcycle for a leisurely drive. He has participated in youth motor-cross races so he is no stranger to riding. He is extremely proud of this bike because he paid for it, working during high school and summers. His mother and father always told him if you want something bad enough you must work for it. That is exactly what he did and this is his accomplishment. He feels like an adult after graduation last week and now a new bike to break in. He is on top of the world.
                He tells his parents his route. He is taking the old scenic hi-way with a lot of curves to get the feel of the handling. There is a small town 30 miles away where he plans to stop and get a milkshake and turn back. He tells his parents he will not deviate from this route for any reason. They ask him out of concern to please do this. He asked, what could go wrong on a new motorcycle, wearing a helmet and a scenic state highway where you cannot go fast because of so many curves and traffic. Better safe than sorry; they agree.
                That is exactly what he does. It is a beautiful summer day, a young man 18 years old with his whole life ahead not a care in the world. It was a spectacular ride to the Dairy Queen. He gets his milkshake and sits near his prize, admiring the red Kawasaki. He takes his time drinking the milkshake. He is in no hurry and is gazing at the bike as if it were a beautiful girl.
                As he enjoys the ride back the road suddenly ends and he is thrown off the motorcycle. The last thing he remembers seeing is a fence post and thanking his dad for instilling in him the good sense of wearing a helmet, “thanks dad,” then lights out.
                Jimmy opens his eyes, he feels like someone hit him in the head with a hammer. The room is moving and he goes back to sleep. He awakens again and his head is propped up and he could see a living room. A young boy walks by and says something but Jimmy could not understand. A man and woman appear and it is the same with them; he can’t understand them. Then a girl his age smiles and speaks to him. ”You have a head injury please lie still and don’t attempt to get up. We have been taking good care of you.” Jimmy studies the room, perhaps it is the head injury but everything in the room seems out of balance. He asks, “May I please use the telephone to call my parents?”  They look at him and smile. He goes back to sleep.       
                He awakens to sunshine sitting on a porch; the young girl is there with him. Looking at the trees and gently rolling hills he spots no cars no telephone poles. There are children playing, people walking by smiling at him. Everyone is friendly but something is amiss. It seems more like a dream than reality. He is not afraid, finding the surroundings peaceful.
                He tries to rationalize his situation. Somehow he lost the hi-way and wound up on a dead end road. There he hit his head so his concussion would explain the situation he finds himself in, also the abnormal appearance of everything. He can’t understand anyone except for the girl his age. Her mouth does not move but he hears her inside his head. Oh no! It can’t be, they communicate with their mind; that is not possible at least not in his world. No one has asked his name or any questions and that is definitely not normal in his world. The young girl is sitting next to him and she knows everything that he is thinking.
“Do you understand what I am thinking?”
“Yes” she replies with her mouth not moving. He asks her name,
“Marla” she says; or her mind says.
“Wow! Wow! Wow!” he is thinking.
Marla says “I am unable to understand wow! wow! wow. Sorry but I too am confused, a lot.” 
Jimmy ask “I’m not in my world am I?”
“Correct” Marla answers. “You, Jimmy, as well as I, are in our Host’s world. They brought us here in order to save us.” She explains that like me, they brought her into their world. If not she would not have survived. “There was an accident when I was a toddler and they had to bring me through. They are compassionate people and have nurtured me so that now I am like them. I do not remember anything. All this was told to me. It was against their rules but they could not let us die. You see we are from the same world but I know nothing of that world. This is my home and these people have been my family.”
“I don’t understand any of this. You are telling me I am not dreaming and this is real.”
“Yes” Marla says, “I will leave you alone to think for a while, if you need me just think my name and I will return.”
                Really what was there to think about, they saved his life and how was he to get back? He thinks “Marla” and in a few minutes she joins him on the porch. Jimmy asks her if he will be able to return to his world.
“Of course as soon as you’re healthy enough. When the time is right for you to return they will alter your memory so you will not remember this place.”
They have your riding machine and have made repairs. Before you leave they wish to see you operate it; no one here will have anything to do with it. They refer to it as an accident machine.” We both have a laugh at that and look at each other in a playful manner.
“I won’t remember you?”
No, it is for our protection and yours” Marla explains.
“But I have so many questions; can I walk around and see some of this world?”
“Why if you won’t be able to remember anything” Marla ask.
Jimmy was in the most amazing unreal event of his life. He wanted to pursue it further, to find out and see more if only for a brief period? That is what being human is all about.
“I’ll see if that is acceptable and if so I will walk you around. Are all humans so curious” Marla asks.
“Yes” Jimmy replied.
                So in a few days Marla asks me “Are you ready for that walk?”
He was about to go where no man had gone before. The small barn is where they are keeping his motorcycle. He watched as people would disappear and reappear over this one hill, so that is where he wanted to go.
Marla tells him “Relax we’re in no hurry. Everyone here shows no such emotion so you must be at ease to enter the city. Where you have spent the last several days is an area built for me to remind me of my world. The leaders wish to remind me of my heritage. Heritage and family is most important here. I wish you to be at rest with your inner self, no one here will fear you but if you want to enjoy their warmth you must be in control or they will shy away instead of embracing you. Do you understand Jimmy? The whole city knows you are here and will be walking with me today. I am a member of their city and my family lives there. Please smile, be polite, and keep your arms at your side. If they nod their head please return that gesture of respect.
                We reach the top of the hill and I gasp; this is not what I expected to see. I see trees, land just as where I come from. Marla reading my mind laughs.
“We must get closer to see what you want Jimmy.”
As they walk the city takes shape; immaculate most unusual looking buildings, no transportation of any type, no roads. Smiling faces walking on the greenest grass he had ever seen. There are individual smaller structures that appear to become larger as they walk to the center of the city. Immaculate is all Jimmy can think of; flowers greenery it’s like living in a flower shop. The smell of all natural aromas relaxing him to euphoria of contentment unfelt in his 18 years. All structures appear to be copper, gold and silver in color. They continue their walk to the center, passing by smiling faces. No wonder they’re so happy, this place is magnificent. They walk into the largest building; it is unlike anything in his world. Beauty beyond imagination, it’s a community building for all to enjoy. They walk on to Marla’s home. It is the same and as beautiful as the whole city. Every structure radiates with color and warmth in ways he can’t understand. He has not been introduced to one person but he is not in his world. Marla laughs at his emotions and says
“We are one.” Only as we walked away from the city did what Marla was trying to get through my human head finally ring clear. They are all connected, what one feels they all feel. They’re not individuals; they are a society of one and the same. The consciousness of one is part of the consciousness of the whole.
Jimmy asks Marla “Do they really want to see me ride my accident machine,”
“Yes they are looking forward to it.”
So back over the hill and he comes back riding the accident machine. Everyone in the city comes outside to see him on his motorcycle as he rides around the outskirts. He stops and convinces Marla to hop on the back. He reassures her and she does. Around the city they, go people smiling and waving at them. He put the accident machine back into the barn.
                Marla and Jimmy walk back to her house in the city. He has the overwhelming urge to kiss her and does just that and she responds passionately. They spend the whole night embracing minds and bodies. They become one and in satisfying their sexual desires the whole city was feeling the pleasures of two. It was a night not to be forgotten, but his memory must be altered for their protection and his. Once he rides out of their dimension he is Jimmy enjoying his new motorcycle and the week or so he spent there was lost. They had returned him to the present time before his accident.                                                 
                That night he had the most amazingly beautiful dream. He has a wreck on his motorcycle and finds himself in another dimension where he meets a beautiful girl by the name of Marla. He spends time with her and they ride together around a city of gold, copper and silver structures that smelled as if it were a flower shop. They spend the night making love where he feels as though he is making love to more than one.
It was like he made love to an entire city. He has nightly dreams about this city and Marla who remains vividly in his mind. He cannot nor does he want to stop thinking about her or the city. It seems so much more than a dream. He is one of them if only in his dreams. 

Monday, November 15, 2010


It’s Magic
Light from within illuminates the quiet patio, the most charming area of the home. The old world workmanship creates character. Craftsmanship is spared nowhere in the building of this masterpiece. A quiet place to see another sunrise, to enjoy the warmth and coziness of a semi-warm morn, protected from the wind allowing the sun’s rays to make you feel fuzzy inside. The sun gives beautifully deep colors to the flowers on the patio. It gives life and deep green color to the ferns and somehow creates all the individual colors to the plants cared for with love. The same magical power penetrates all who wish to sit and appreciate.
This amazingly special corner appears to transforms all who participate in the simplicity of the surroundings. To sit in the comfort of the soft Rattan chairs and smell the natural aroma from the flowers. Its uniqueness brings magical powers to all which is the ability to refresh & renew ones essence. Be it the morning color, the noontime shade of a hot summer day, the gigantic glow as the sun sets to the full moon casting shadows of moon beams and the glorious dark nights where you can gaze at the beauty of the stars that make you feel so small.