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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Suzie Smart Ass ask, "good what?"
I comment, "Ones that do!
Suzie asks? "Ones that do what?
I answer, "Ones that can work, chew gum and think on their own. Ones that can cover while their Boss takes a smoke or takes a shit."
Suzie comments, "what dumass un-reality world are you a-living in."
I say! "excuse me"
Suzie responds, "All them fools that earn their money all had heart attacks after seeing their new and improved replacements"
I ask "where is Bill, Fred, Debbie and Pam?"
Suzie tell me, "them there ones are gone baby. Lookee at Princess, Hollyweird, Hoodman and Challenged-one. This here is the future we got rid of them ones that could. Them there ones just cost too much money. We had to cut back on labor. We bought these new versions excuse my phrase for a dime a dozen the temp agency couldn't find them no jobs so we got us a special. This here is the new world baby so be cool"
I ask "where is old man lazy?"
Suzie say "he took your place so now you be gone"

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