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Thursday, February 27, 2014

No Magic Elixirs . . . Is There?

I wish to write a little somethun, somethun, I've nary a clue, what! I ainna, gonna let that stop me! Never did before!

How be it, in your neighborhood? Fair to meddlin' I hope! Cold again in my neighborhood, brrr . . . my ass is cold! I ain't no Eskimo! I'm an old man, who don't like, cold weather.

A friend of mine at work is retiring Friday. Another one retired a few months ago, soon it'll be just me and them . . .  younger than me, oh my God, am I going to be able to take it? That there my friends, be the question!

I've grown tired, my friends! Tired of the every day bull, if ya know what I mean? I can handle what I do. I've had 44 years of doing it! It be the stupidity of others, that just, gets to me! Galls my ass . . . is what it does! Something so simple, cannot be communicated to, Dinkleberry Clowns. Seems I'm talkin' another language, one that they cannot grasp, nor want to! 

So why don't I retire? Can't, need insurance, 'sides, I don't think I'd last very long without making myself get up, and at 'em, every day. I'd sit around and feel sorry for myself, and die a lump of uselessness. I feel useful, as long as I can earn a living. I need the exercise, besides I ainna, gonna start an exercise regimen at my age. If I'm gonna get my heart rate up, I wanna be paid for it! Yes I do!

You know it's kind of funny, that a man can work a lifetime, measuring his self worth, by his ability to earn a paycheck, Sad, but true! I'm one slave that has done what was expected of him! Wow! Is that all there is . . .  my friends?

Forty years ago, a thought such as this, would've never crossed my mind, seems so forever ago!. Years go by, then realization, that door of old age has blown wide open, and hit me, smackdab upside my head!!! Damn! You feel it too!

What you have learned, don't do you no good. Can't turn back the clock of age, with good intentions, no magic elixirs in a pill, despite all the millions spent on advertising, to make you think so! There's pills advertised in magazines, on the television, wake up tomorrow a new you! I don't want to be a new me, I just want a reduction in my aches and pains! I've lived this long, found some contentment, a little peace of mind, I just . . .  don't want all my joints rebelling, and don't want to hear them talking back to me, all the creaking, and such, you know!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

mY clUb . . .?

Y'all must be plum silly to continue tuning in to me! I think I'll start a club. There was The Mickey Mouse club, that I watched very day after school at my Grandma's house. I sure enjoyed it, way back then. What should I call my club?

Welcome to my "Dreams."

Silliness Prevails!

Out Of Order!

Hit Me!


Looney Tooney!

Your Kiddin'!

I'm Flying High!

Hello . . . It's Me!

Write Something, Say Nothing!

I Do Try!

I'm Touched!


I'm Still, A Standin'!

Lackey's Forever!

I'm A Draggin'!

My Last Chapter . . .!

Just Another Day!

Plain Ol' Me!

Feels So Right!

Imagination, Is Free!


My Body, My Mind, My Soul, I Give To You!

Heere's Glenny!

Forever . . . Young!

Many of you have been with me since the beginning of my ??? I've given you many choices for my club name. If you have others that you would like to suggest, please feel free. . I want for you to pick the most appropriate one, that fits ME!

Many times I think about hangin" this writing quest of mine up! But then . . .  BUT THEN!  I SAY . . . BUT . . .  THEN!!!   I get a comment from you! It warms the cockles of an old man's heart!!! By the way what is a cockle?  Hey now let's look it up.

COCKLE is the common name for a group of (mostly) small, edible, salt water clams, marine bivalve molluscs in the family Cardiidee.    ( Huh?)

COCKLES OF THE HEART definition. The core of ones being-usually used in the phrase, warm the cockles of my heart.   (Ah! Ain't that sweet?)

Just now I looked up on Glenview to see what post has had the most hits. it was Lackey's! Second was Snake Oil Pitch. Blew me away! I could not remember a writin' them and I find that kinda funny, but then I've worked on over 700 and posted over 600. I want to know why those have so many? Above and beyond all the others! Damn, if I know!!!

I truly love taking a word and seeing where it takes my mind, that's the case with Lackeys, as for Snake Oil Pitch, it's a take off on the old Medicine Man Salesmen we've all seen in westerns.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Okay . .  I be a tryin.', to keep my mouth shut, 'bout certain things, butt . . . I grow so fucking tired of what I read about . . .  every day, about minorities here in the U. S. of A.. Minorities, minorities minorities! "GOOD LORDITIES!"

We're being fucked, every day, by people of all kind, regular, end to end, mouth to? Why does it have to be front page news, in my local Country Gazette Newspaper?  Sheesh. . . already . . . who the hell gives a fuck, how you fuck, who you fuck? As long as you ain't fucking, in front of me! I don't give a rats ass where your putting your dick! Next time we vote, let all people vote about same sex marriage, same benefits for gay couples, Seems the most DEMOCRATIC way, let the majority rule! Just quit letting our elected officials work it out! They can't . . .  I'm sick of reading about it!

As far as the immigration problem, either send them all home, or make 'em citizens. Oh shit, what would them slave labor businesses do for help. Wouldn't be none baby! You think the young ones of today gonna work for minimum wage? They don't have a clue about that, unless it has something to do with a computer, or the next generation of Apple's hand held tweeting, texting, touching, whatever they be a doing over the invisible air waves. Shit, our government knows all about every text you make to your friends, you think the government gives a rats ass about what your putting on your Face Book page? I doubt it!

What are we gonna do, when they come for all the illegal aliens huh? The government wants them here! All rich people make money off them! NOT WE . . . THE PEOPLE!


I grew up in a small city of 15,000, no interstate near us. Now it be, in our backyard!  We had a small Air Force Base. built during W. W. II. Jobs was mostly farmers and manufacturing. The main factory is a main player in the world market today.

Overwhelmingly Caucasian then, in the heartland from German ancestry.
Hard working farmers, labor coming from south of us for the jobs, no, no , not Mexico! Poor white's, with no hope in their home states, no jobs, especially in manufacturing. I do reckon these were the minorities then, just like me and my family. White and poor, we were the slave labor then! There was this place along the river, on the other side of the railroad tracks, called, Death Valley. Dirt poor people living in tarpaper shacks, surviving off their gardens, fish from the river, and any work available.

There was very few black families then, no one from Mexico, except in the summer. No one from India, Japan.

The ones from Mexico, are now the slave labor. The other countries are partners in building manufacturing in our country.

I've seen the expected population growth for the future, Caucasians will be the minority. I'll be dead then. Caucasians then can get the fanciest Lawyers money can buy, then demand our rights! Damn . . . I wish I would be around to see that!!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Love Kills (part 2) + More Of ME!

Feeling much better after 5 days of flushing, I totally recognize that salt is killing me! Don't even notice it most likely, if you're in good health. After all, your body has to be around for a spell to get gunked up. I picked that word gunk, for a reason, you men will know what I'm talking about. I wish to explain to my wonderful female readers! Yep, you women make old men keep on living! You be like one of them defibrillators to an old man's heart!

Gunk is an automotive product that you pour in your gas tank, to clean your fuel injectors, in your automobile. Think of it like drano, cleaning out your pipes that are running a wee slow in, your home. If ya let it go, you'll have to call the rooter-rooter man, and if you have to call the rooter rooter man, he'll be expensive!! They place ethanol in most gasoline products today, and that can make your gas lines get gunked up!

I've told people for years, when I retire,  I don't want to retire to them warm sunny states to an old folks home, and play bridge with a lot of other old folks. They'll just make me feel, OLD! That's the last way, I want to feel. I want to have a house with a nice front porch, where all the college girls walk by, cause there ain't nothing that rejuvenates an old man, and brings a smile to their face, even when his putter can no longer putt! Many years ago, I drove a truck by a large university, where the road was right on their sidewalk. Good thing I had a young man's reflexes, today I'm quite sure I would wreck!

So me and my friends might be, discussing old age aches, problems of the world, what it was like fifty years ago, then . . . one of them college girls would walk down the sidewalk our heart rates would hit 100. Yep, we'd be almost comatose, speaking gibberish, looking almost beyond help, heart rate almost a straight line, then . . . then . . . I say then . . . eyeballs pop out, the defibrillator cells, synapses, whatever, for a few seconds, mentally were 18 again. That be my way of turning back time. I yie-yie-yie-yie! We can no longer salute . . . but . . . we have our daily massaging of the heart. I reckon we'd be over stimulated, quite frankly never considered that. What if them young women got together and said, "lets play a trick on them old codgers, we'll walk single file and strut our stuff, winking at them!" Well I'd reckon, that'd be the death of us, but what a way to go a smile on our faces, and permanent side effects of taking too much Viagra, it'd never retreat, them flags be stuck in permanent, full sail, charge, charge, charge. Later as we wait to get through the gates of heaven. Gabriel be checking our, out of this world passports. "What brings you here? Oh! I see, too much of a good thing, can be hard on you!!! Ah, ha, ha, ha, a little joke, would you like the same accommodation as your last?"  Glen

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!


Dag-nap-it, I ain't figured out why somedays I get squash, as far as my hit counts, and some days it makes, an old man smile. Here I be pouring my wittle mind out,          

(((Ooohhh, there be daylight in the Okay-a-no-pee swamp, that there be the answer thank you Lord! I must implode upon that, damn, I'm a hitting on no cylinders tonight! I watched a show on The Animal Planet last night about Gator hunting, sure weren't no family show, like my ol' Mate Steve Erwin, The Crocodile Hunter. Crikey, they'd put a bullet between the eyes of Wally Gator! Okay . .. they could of just picked up the rifle, but nooo, you could see the water splash upwards after the bullet done it's job!))) 

                                                                                                        and the ones I think ain't to damn bad get hardly nothin'. Oh well, I be bearing my heart and soul, that be better than paying them devil dogs, that'll listen to you for an hour, and just when you feel you're hitting pay dirt, they say . . . "Sorry our hour is up, see you next week!" They have been doodling, planning vacations, creating visions of their own, on my hour, they go to some kind of Therapist School, so they'd know the right time to say somethin' to keep you talkin' for the hour. I don't know how much them Therapist charge, but I'll bet you 10 cuss words, to a jelly donut, them there, Doctors that prescribe the really good stuff to them sucker-rooneys with insurance, make a right good living.

I must interrupt this??? for a word from ol' Glen. Whoo-wee!! Have I confused you? Let me see, I goes from talkin' 'bout my hits, to swamps, Wally Gator getting a bullet in his brain, to Steve Erwin, to . . . I'm outta control, pleeaassee, call my Doctor for some really good, meds!


I'll recap my last couple hours of tonight. Please bear with me, or you may change channels! I must warn you, instead of parental control for you nine year old on ANIMAL PLANET. I ya, be plum ass mental! Damn . . . I'll never get out of this mess, I've blabbered my way into!

I went to work, first mistake! I could a stayed home, and watch Bambi being scarfed down by a lion!

Off track again! Had to drive the fricking work truck again. Stopped and got me some trail mix goodies while pumping diesel, hmmm, diesel fumes? Did you know that trail mix has almost no sodium in it, and good! Came home and smoked something' good! No! no! no! ol' Glen don't do that! Come home from work and drank a glass o milk, Yep, it be the trail mix, diesel fumes, and fat free milk. So I had really low sodium in my trail mix, diesel fumes, and fat free milk. Ya know . . . I may of accidentally hit on some new, modern, non alcohol, no weed, no big Pharma, concoction to make you feel right good! What can I call it?

Pleeaassee check back later, I hafta take a small break and see if I have typed what I think I have, Or just another of my dreams.

I was so out of it I went to bed, this be 24 hours later. All I can say, I want more of that, and by the way, HIT ME WITH YOUE BEST SHOT!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Rain, rain, everywhere rain, making me wet, freezing my mind. Ah, hah! A little take off on that old song "Signs". I'm a tryin to get going this fine Sunday morning, 2/09/14. I could not get into my dashboard to start a new post. Something screwed up. some where's in this fricking computer world, or WHATEVER!!! "Could it possibly be me?" YEAH! However by now, I've learned a few simple steps, navigating my way to Glenview territory. Been there, done that, a few thousand times, afore!
This computer is only three years old, not used much, only for my silliness, ya see! (That there quite possibly, may be the problem!)

I was out and about early this morn, as in 3 a m. Raindrops are, a fallin' on my head, oh my! Another old song, sorry! No one else on the roads, rain was falling, my wipers were going splish-splash. Relaxingly eerie is how I would describe it. I rather like this time on Sunday morning. I feel in tune with my environment. I especially love the hot humid summers night on Sunday morn. It was much better when my old dog was alive. We'd ride around slowly in the country searching for what I called "Searching for Bigfoot". No, no, I don't believe there's a creature called "Bigfoot"! Although I've seen many a strange long haired bearded ones of normal size. If you was to see them in your headlights late at night . . . well you get the picture! There was this one ol' boy I use to see quite often in daylight that had a walk, that was most peculiar, with overly long arms. He was most entertaining, just a watchin' him. Speaking of walking. There's so many different styles of walks, it's entertaining. Have you not thought about that? Boy! I have!

This rain tonight was just a tad above the freezing mark. No wind, but boy, did that rain feel cold! I go the A.T.M.machine, and get some gas. (No! no! I did not get me some gas, at the A. T. M. Although I have got quite pissed off before, at that damn machine! It must be doing a weekly, updating, something or the other!) and moseyed on into my favorite late night Convenient Store.

SPEAKING of Convenient Stores!!! Should be Unconvenient Store! Why? Sure am glad you ask me that question, otherwise I might not be able to tell you what I'm gonna tell you1 Shit! Now I forgot what I was gonna tell you!

Oh, oh! oh! Now I remember. When I worked days and visited them in the daylight, unlike . . . the vampire I be now! There would be several people in line, and . . . the moment I would go to pay, the cashier would take one look at me and place all her $20.00 bills in the safe! I do reckon, they haven't seen many, fat, white haired, old men, before hmmm!

The rain falls gently on my coat, and gentle on my mind. (Ah, ha another old song, I'm smoking tonight!) I thought to myself, "whilst I be out this fine February morn. I'll pick up a few things, so I'll not have to be out and about tomorrow." Ya see, I don't like to be out and about when all them normal people are out and about! I been working the nighttime too long! I love the solace that I find. I just reckon all the rushing, of days has taken a toil, on ol' Glen ya see! I find myself more in order, in the nighttime and out of order with the "normal" day time crowd.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Love Kills!

For those of you interested in dreams, mine have been off the charts this whole weekend. Why? Well I've been super tired, for about a week, and I intentionally cut my medicine in half, for just this weekend to see if they're affecting them. Seems so to me.

Let me back up a bit. Last year I lost 40 pounds, and tried not eating out, because of all the sodium in fast foods. I pretty much eliminated salt, not using any in preparing my food at home. I'm sad to say all my effort flew the coop! The same o, same o, eating habits returned, slowly, but surely. I found myself in the same stupid habits. I could just kill myself! Well seems, I'm trying to, at this point in my life. I be a sorry, out of shape old man, with many conditions. This weekend I attempt getting back on the bandwagon, so to speak. A water and salad detoxification, in attempt to get back into working shape. The last two weeks has seen me simply demanding my body to go, with sheer willpower! I won't go into my meds, I believe they have caused many side effects, but am convinced, I'd been long gone, without them!

I'm looking for a new beginning, convinced I've used them all up, after all, I'm a sorry old man, not a cat with nine lives! "I must make it so" as my favorite Captain, John Luke Piccard used to say, you know, from Star Trek The Next Generation.

I'm not alone in my weight problems, one simply must look at the devouring of America, especially our young ones of today! Parents devour too much of the wrong foods and instill that into their children, so sad but true. When I grew up all meals were prepared at home, had to, could not afford to eat out. Even the meals I grew up on, not healthy, but cheap were probably better for you, than the salt meals in a can, salt laden attempt at meat like hotdogs bologna and such. Why is there so much salt, well history shows that salt is a preservative, (I probably would not need to be embalmed at my funeral!) makes everything taste better. Pizza I've heard is loaded with it, everything you eat out! Well there's the problem for me and all of us fat Americans. Now let's add sugar, whow-wee! You know where I'm going!

ABSOLUTELY, it's our own responsibility, to be responsible for what we put in our bodies. I take full responsibility for my shortened life span!

Addiction, be it drugs, alcohol, food is BIG business. My! my! my! I cannot make a guess at the profits made through the junk we eat. Addiction is created probably in our formative years, unknowingly in my case. A special treat would be a soda, or a candy bar, or sadly both to a young one. My mother must work 40 hour weeks. I'd go to my, grandmother's before school. My grandfather would be sure I are something for breakfast, he would give me a dime. Back then that bought me a soda and a donut for my breakfast. Wrong for a child! Right! I won't go any further into the beginning of a lifetime of addiction to?  Sugar, caffeine now, add salt later in my life, presto, tubby! I was the fat one in my school. Today obesity is an epidemic! That's my story, sad but true. I was a typical kid, did all the sports, was very active, never an issue in anything work related until!

I kept the bad habits, never causing me a problem, sure I was overweight. Lost the extra baggage a hundred times in my life. Always . . . it returned, from poor eating habits.

I ask not for pity, rather a shot at understanding! It's to late for me, but when I see obese children with their obese parents getting a 32 ounce soda, I cry!

In my mother's childhood, her mother made breakfast for her and her siblings, then they'd walk to school, no matter the weather. Lunch in the two room schoolhouse was a sack lunch from home. Supper was simple, but homemade. Sugar may of been in a homemade pie now and then on special occasions, or cake on birthdays. No stopping for a soda. ( Soda's and caffeinated death are in soda machines in our schools today! Where for be, our learning, in our schools of learning? Ah! The almighty $ dollar and the millions of dollars for them dastardly, C. E. O's,

Well folks! I don't see it getting any better in the future! Fast food restaurants, especially pizza joints, everywhere. Sodie-pop was what it used to be called. Now they call them energy drinks. Simply loaded with caffeine. I seen a new one the other day, an 8 ounce drink with 320 mg's of caffeine. It had a caution on it, about drinking too much at once! (This is the dumbest, sign, warning, absolutely disgusting is what it is!) Before this, the 16 ounce ones, had 160 mg's, so it's double in this one and comes with a caution! My, oh my!

Seems to me many years ago the cigarette industries were forced to put a warning on them. We've went from, Ya-hoo! Mountain Dew with 51 mg's of caffeine not too long ago, to  this for the children and people of today. If the early commercials for Mountain Dew made the drinkers go ya-hoo! What does the energy drinks of today say???

I could go on and on about this subject, addiction = $$$$$$$$$, ALWAYS HAVE!

A BIG RAPER OF ALL, THIS IS? Come on you know! Pharmas, Hospitals, yep!

There's such thing as a Military Industrial Complex, Eisenhower warned us about over fifty years ago. Please tell me you know what that's all about?

What would you call the ones who start with us at conception, and supposedly take care of us till death. We voluntarily give our life to them, and they take us, all our life! Insurance continues to go through the roof. An example, where there used to be a $500.00 deductible for me and my wife. Now it's $6,000.00. It's basically a catastrophic health care plan, but the cost goes up every year. They try camouflaging it with many terms but???

The major drugstores are trying to cash in further. It ain't bad enough they now sell everything from alcohol to Xanax! You know about alcohol, Xanax is an antianxiety medication. There making it more affordable, for basic healthcare,  they say? Shit yeah! Pick me up some baby wipes, a gallon o milk, get me some medicine for one of my many disorders, and get me some whiskey!

From the Military Industrial Complex,  now "They" have Pharmaceutical Healthcare Complex.

I know you're asking once again who are they? It be them rich ass S. O. BITCHES! It sure as hell ain't me and you! "WE" the little people grow fatter with so many disorders and medical conditions beginning with vaccinations for our own good at childbirth. We are the fatted calves being fattened, pickled to death, by them, fat, and always. getting fatter men, on their imaginary thrones, where money is never enough. It's the manipulation money game for them!


Saturday, February 15, 2014


Just got off work, another wee snow today, absolutely nothing in comparison to our other white goodness of this winterrr brrr . . .! I love, how clean a snowfall makes every-thang, (I like it spelled that way! roll that A, thaaang!) pretty, and clean, so . . ,. wonderfully, terrific!

Yes I went to Taco bell! With me belly full, and snuggly warm, me Mercury Mountaineer felt like a warm comforter, listening to a radio program about dreams. BABY! I was in Glen heaven, don't get no better than that!

Speaking of dreams, I had me the bestus . . . one yet, two days ago! There was so much to it, I've already forgot most. That be okay, because it's the ending I wish to tell you about.

I awake from my dream with my arms shaking frantically, with much pain extending from my lower back to between my ribcage. A drill or spear, something,  was wedged in that much of my body! I'm hurting terribly, I feel the warmth of my blood, oozing out of my torso!

Just before this, I was fighting a machine, that was making small, possibly 18 inch robots of death, whose sole purpose, was to kill humans. This machine turned on me, trying to destroy me! My father was there picking me up, holding me ever so tight slowing the blood loss. He was running with me, searching hysterically for medical assistance!

There was much, much, more that happened in that dream, but this part was UN-FRICKING-BELIEVABLE. . . . because, like I said earlier, my arms are flailing out of control by my sides, shaking. That either woke me up, or was happening in my dream.

I find that . . . WONDERFULLY-FUKING amazing!!! I have had several dreams of impending doom, suchas, a fall, where I wake up, just before I'm splattered, like an egg breaking in a frying pan, you know, all the yellow yoke flowing together with the white. You know that's exactly, what would happen, if I went kerplunk-ee, on the cement-ee!
Ya see, that pain in my lower back, especially the pain, between my ribcage, stayed with me, I swear the pain in my chest was there, only reduced, for several minutes. It was time to get ready for work, the intensity of the whole dream, excluding the pain in my ass, to my chest was like watching a
fantastic movie, holding you on the edge of your seat . . . except . . . I was in the movie! It was more than that!




Thursday, February 13, 2014

ADRIAN . . .!

It's late, but I want to see what my mood is. After all I  don't know until I start typing on my keyboard. I watched me, some more curling late, at night. Did you know? There were fans in the stands! Must of been a 100,000 cheering for their favorite team! ( Sorry I'm being funny and cruel I suppose!)

Kind of sums up my life, and that ain't funny! Once I was a baseball, thrown about, batted about until my seams burst and my innards chewed up by a pit bull!

Well perhaps a cheap basketball purchased at one of them variety stores, the forerunners to todays mega marts. Back then they were called Dime Stores, if my memory, recalls, correctly. We had a Murphy's  5 and 10. Meaning a nickel and dime store. Yes it did! In the early sixties I would go there, since it was within walking distance of my school and get a dime's worth of peanuts. (Hmm . . . reckon that's why I'm so nutty, and . . . loves nuts, especially peanut butter? )

Whoops! off track again . . .imagine that!!!

Maybe, my life was like a basketball, once new, full of air, shot thousands of time at the basket holding a straight line, reduced to being very out of round in one summer at the playground, from all the little play ground kids sitting on me during breaks. Yep, that sounds about right, going from a basketball, to a football for fall. What in the wonderful world of playground sports, would make a kid think they should even sit on a basketball?

Perhaps today, I can more correctly, identify, with a heavy, round, piece of stone sliding down its little world, getting knocked all about, out of bounds, cracked, with a little handle on my head!

Reminds me of the little tea pot song. (I know . . . playing-with-yer-mind.  ain't I? ) I'm a curling stone, short and fat, take me by the handle and scoot me down the ice, watch me whal-lopping them other stones, all about!

Yes . . .  I most assuredly identify with an old curling stone. My body carries a lifetime of being used, beat up, chipped, playing it's last tournament. My handle's fuked up from all them freaking people a screwing around with my handle/mind!



Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Okay! okay! okay! I tune into the Olympics the last two nights, just a looking. Somehow it seemed important. Why, I haven't the foggiest idea! For a minute out of my day, it just seemed . . .  absolutely necessary! The first night there's women pushing brooms, in front of a round, rock like thing, like they're hopped up on energy drinks! Before that a woman pushes this round thing down a line, she was almost on the ice, and she were concentrating man oh man! I don't know what this round thing is called but this is called curling. I don't get it?

I can see these athletes on skis from high above, going lickety-split down a steep embankment and sail high in the air for a few seconds. That my friends be brave and stupid! The highs, the thrilling release of endorphins while sailing like a big ass bird would be so fucking??? But then they'd have to come back down to earth thinking "oh my there goes my ass!"

Ya see, I remember back in the olden days, when them new fangled satellites first went into orbit and we could watch live T V. "The Wide, Wide, World Of Sports" was on, on Sunday afternoon.

I must interrupt this important message for what I just did, and I found it rather FUNNY! I did laugh at what I wrote, so I'll repeat it for my friends.

I could not think of what the first live satellite program mentioned above was called. I first thought it was The Wonderful World Of Sports but . . . I typed are you ready . . . "The Wonderfuk World Of Sports." Okay tell me that ain't at least worth a smile?

Now after careful examination of me, by me, I think I know why! At the beginning of this program the lead in, shows many different types of sports shown on this program, maybe a few seconds each. What I remember from these, is the poor skier that comes down one of them ski slopes, and goes off line, doing an Evil Knievel like, rolling, tumbling, un-acrobatic, bone crushing, ball busting, crash. Oh my God . . . you just know he's dead! I just bet ya, when O'L EVIL. seen that he be plum jealous, thinkin' to himself "I do it for fame and money, what's that fool doing it for"?

ANY HOW, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE FUK UP, ON "WONDERFUK"? I do fuk up a lot, but for some idiotalogical reason, I found this most amusing! Is idiotalogical, actually a word, don't care, I'm a using it, because it seems to make my STATEMENT, right nice!

I look it up and find IDIOTOLOGY, a mighty fine word, I must say!

IDIOTOLOGY = is utterly blatant (and annoyingly vocal and overt) stupidity, combined with a bucketful of ignorance. ((( OH MY THIS GETS BETTER AND BETTER!!!) Example is a Sarah Palin speech about history! That sounds so funny now I got to read this speech!

I'm not sure I can top the WONDERFUKING job I've already done on this post, so I'll say goodnight all, and to all a goodnight!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

This Be MyTherapy

I do reckon yesterday's post was a perfect example of Automatic Writing/Spirit Writing . . . or whatever! Yep, I reread what I wrote, and . . . I don't know what the hell it's a talkin' about. Kings, Queens, Jokers and such. One of them wandering spirits seeking truth, and justice, hijacked my mind long enough to write it for me! Mighty nice of them, I must say!I do wonder who them people, behind the people be? However, we know, there has to be, don't we.  Have you ever, really pondered upon some of the elected officials, that WE, supposedly, elect? I'll be damned . . . did we do that? Our current president started out with nice shiny, coal black hair, and in just a few years, it's white! Wowza!!! Oh well! Enough!

I awaken, this cold ass, February morn. Haven't figured out if that's good or bad yet! Sometimes, I wish to lie in the nice warm, Serta Therapeutic Mattress, until my therapy is completed! I do wonder, how long that would take?

When, I was young, oh so much younger, I thought I had the time to figure out everything! Yep, by the time I'd take my last ride in a Cadillac, I would have completed the biggest test of all. As years turn into more years, age 50 slapped me down to size. I realized, I was but an Ant in the world of Ant Eaters. I awake from the stupor, of life's stupidity! (I surely do like that last sentence. You know what, I'm sayin', don't you?) By that age you realize many things. Let's just say, living is learning. Ought to give anyone who lives a half century, a degree. Sure as hell we have fought many battles! Unless you're still living at home with mom and dad and have never married, never left the cozy confines of your youth. Your still your momma's and daddy's little toddler, just 50!

Ah! life's good and life's bad, but to know that, one has to be on your own. Intelligence is highly overrated in my book. I've seen ones dumber than, owl shit handed a golden spoon. To be the handsome or beautiful one, was never a problem of mine! Wouldn't you just hate it to be one of them. Vanity of ones self, has to be a sin, right?

I'm jealous of our young ones today. Their youthful bodies, which slips, slides, moves so effortlessly! I'm struggling to work at the needed pace, full of Aleve! I bring my tattered body home and melt into my easy chair, wishing only to take it easy, till bedtime! Getting through another day is my priority, every day!

I have to outsmart them from experience. If it weren't for a lifetime of meaningful knowledge, they'd fire my ass in a heartbeat. I've worked there awhile and make pretty good money. They could hire the new ones and save much money. Why don't they?

I think they're smart enough to know that you achieve important needful things by doing.

Think back when we were young! Seems a hard thing to do, don't it? Your asking, "was that, this life", seems more like, a lifetime, or two ago, hey? When I was 18, I thought, "I'm a man now, gonna do what I want! Well it ain't, quite that simple is it? Ya got to have a job, and a good paying one to just get by! Ya knows, whats on all young ones mind at that age . . . the opposite sex. Your mind's only on one thing! Controlled by urges beyond sense. Now expectin' young'uns to have common sense and to control their sensual sense . . . ainna, gonna, happen!

I admit, with all my heart, I'm jealous of most of the young, I come into contact with. Having what I would call a normal upbringing, as normal as today's world allows, is a special thing.

After a lifetime of challenges, I find my therapy lies in my dreams and this blog. Lucky perhaps for me, I don't know how you feel about it? Perhaps we can see ourselves in others words, can't we? Your good pal Glen Bob! That's what they call me at work, kinda fits, I think, therefore I am! "ME"

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lets Play Poker, Shall We!

Ya know, life is tough and what do you have to look forward to, afterwards? Humm . . . did I get you on that? Are you looking forward to your next big adventure? Can you not wait until, what's around the corner? A new body to go on about your next step in the learning process of the life's schoolin'. Maybe visiting the castles in the sky lined with streets of gold, where all wear white, most interesting wouldn't you say?

How about that reincarnation, where you keep coming right on back's here, until you learn. Learn what? What is there to keep on learning? Years ago the Monarchy sat on their thrones of gold, in their castles high above, looking down at their people. Ah, that must be the common man! Who works as hard, like a pig in slop, that's okay, they say to the other, uppity uppers! "As long as they pay my taxes , fight my wars, and breed like the finest sows!"  Uwe-wee . . . they sure have always known, how to keep "We" the slaves in our place.

Justice! They've always had their justice! All through history it's always been the same! The Kings! The Queens! Ah! reminds me of poker! There's another class above the royalty though, let me think I've not played poker in a long time! We count the cards to 10, oh yeah then there's that evil. maniacal, S. O. B. "tHE jOKER!" THERE'S GOT TO BE A HIDDEN MEANING BEHIND THAT FUCKING CARD! Queen, King, then, I say, THEN! There's that Ace. Something-'bout-that-card-that-gives-me-the-hee-bee-gee-bees!!! Ace O spades . . . ooh . . . dig us a grave! Ace O clubs . . . they used that on us before they dug our grave! Ace O diamonds . . . clear, manipulated money from mother earth, controlled, by the controllers, that rule higher than high, above the Monarchy. These clear cutters of the hardest substance known to man! What's left, the mighty ace O hearts. A beautiful sign, I must say, a universal sign of love, strength, the pump of man. A simple organ that pumps, life's fluids, throughout the many, many, veins of the human body. A work of art!





Guest writer tonight, The Wandering,Wondering, Spirits that forever circle the globe!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014


You know, I do read the newspaper and scan the headlines. I mean, I search for articles away from the mainstream crap. Seems pretty much always the same to me. Nothing that will change my every day world. Well that's not true, seems it's always more of the same o, same o, for we the people. I look at the pictures, horoscope, the comics, then I skim for more humorous articles in the paper itself. Sheesh, it doesn't stop there, looking at the stories that pop up on my home page, yikes. Anyway I find few worthy enough to read! The ones I do, I'm sorry I did!


I see a headline mentioning this Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD for short. There's sure does seem to be a lot of them Disorders, don't there?

SAD is a type of depression that affects a person during the same season each year. Lack of light may upset sleep-wake cycle and other circadian rhythms. May cause trouble with a brain chemical called serotonin, that affects mood.

Circadian rhythm, refers to the "body clock", a 24-hour cycle that rules us all. This internal clock is affected by external forces. When ones circadian rhythm is disrupted by, say jet lag, sleeping and eating patterns can run amok.

Whew-wee, I be a learnin' today. I look up disorders, I wish I hadn't, now I have a disorder, from looking up the disorders. I reckon, I'm out of order! My oh my! If you put dis, in front of order you get disorder.

Everybody knows what order means, right? In a courtroom the Judge may tell someone "your out of order". Meaning he didn't like how the people in the courtroom are behaving. So he throws them all out and says, "your all out of order, get out of my courtroom"! It be his job to keep things in order. Maybe them Lawyers be arguing and the Judge gets pissed and tells them, with the banging of his little hammer, "your out of order". (I know it's called a gavel, let's please not grovel. I like little hammer better!) Judges seem to be testy old codgers, probably because they've seen so much riff-raff come through their courtroom, and that be just the Lawyers! (place laugh here)

My favoritiest (one of my words, ain't you proud of me) courtroom scene of all time is when Tom Cruise was questioning Jack Nicholson in a Naval Court. Tom was picking away at old Jack and got him riled up. Tom told Jack (hell I can't remember their names in that movie, nor the name of the movie, was it A Few Good Men, damn it, now I'll have to Bing it to find out please hold . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .)

I'm back!!! I hate to change gears in mid sentence, because I lose my train of thought! Yes . . . I'm hitting on one more cylinder than normal for some reason!

Now I return to my earlier scheduled thought. Tommy boy was badgering ol' crazy ass Jackie about his testimony and Jackie was not telling the truth ya see! Tommy knows he's lying, and a few words were said. Tom tells Jack "your out of order", Mr. Jacko Crazy O, has had enough of this young snot nose Lawyer, fires back with both barrels a smokin'. "No, your out of order" and goes on a tirade, whew, it were a good one! Apparently the Judge that day could not control his courtroom!

I'm sad for ever starting this post! I'm sad about a lot of things in life. Some days I be sad, I ever got out of bed! Most days I'm sad about the goings on at work. We need us a cranky old Judge to bang his little hammer to stop all the out of ordering!

I'm sad, for all the mistakes I've made in my life!

I'm damn sad, about this post running amok!

I reckon I'm just SAD!!!

Some days I'm sad for attempting to do the impossible, which is learning an old dog like me a new trick!  Good day my friends and may peace be with you!

Sadness is a way of life. It's a veil that can be lifted!