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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Okay! okay! okay! I tune into the Olympics the last two nights, just a looking. Somehow it seemed important. Why, I haven't the foggiest idea! For a minute out of my day, it just seemed . . .  absolutely necessary! The first night there's women pushing brooms, in front of a round, rock like thing, like they're hopped up on energy drinks! Before that a woman pushes this round thing down a line, she was almost on the ice, and she were concentrating man oh man! I don't know what this round thing is called but this is called curling. I don't get it?

I can see these athletes on skis from high above, going lickety-split down a steep embankment and sail high in the air for a few seconds. That my friends be brave and stupid! The highs, the thrilling release of endorphins while sailing like a big ass bird would be so fucking??? But then they'd have to come back down to earth thinking "oh my there goes my ass!"

Ya see, I remember back in the olden days, when them new fangled satellites first went into orbit and we could watch live T V. "The Wide, Wide, World Of Sports" was on, on Sunday afternoon.

I must interrupt this important message for what I just did, and I found it rather FUNNY! I did laugh at what I wrote, so I'll repeat it for my friends.

I could not think of what the first live satellite program mentioned above was called. I first thought it was The Wonderful World Of Sports but . . . I typed are you ready . . . "The Wonderfuk World Of Sports." Okay tell me that ain't at least worth a smile?

Now after careful examination of me, by me, I think I know why! At the beginning of this program the lead in, shows many different types of sports shown on this program, maybe a few seconds each. What I remember from these, is the poor skier that comes down one of them ski slopes, and goes off line, doing an Evil Knievel like, rolling, tumbling, un-acrobatic, bone crushing, ball busting, crash. Oh my God . . . you just know he's dead! I just bet ya, when O'L EVIL. seen that he be plum jealous, thinkin' to himself "I do it for fame and money, what's that fool doing it for"?

ANY HOW, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE FUK UP, ON "WONDERFUK"? I do fuk up a lot, but for some idiotalogical reason, I found this most amusing! Is idiotalogical, actually a word, don't care, I'm a using it, because it seems to make my STATEMENT, right nice!

I look it up and find IDIOTOLOGY, a mighty fine word, I must say!

IDIOTOLOGY = is utterly blatant (and annoyingly vocal and overt) stupidity, combined with a bucketful of ignorance. ((( OH MY THIS GETS BETTER AND BETTER!!!) Example is a Sarah Palin speech about history! That sounds so funny now I got to read this speech!

I'm not sure I can top the WONDERFUKING job I've already done on this post, so I'll say goodnight all, and to all a goodnight!!!


  1. I haven't watched any of the olympics. I do remember the show you are talking about, but don't remember an fuking in it :-) haha

  2. The curling is absolutely wonderfukable!!!