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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Okay . .  I be a tryin.', to keep my mouth shut, 'bout certain things, butt . . . I grow so fucking tired of what I read about . . .  every day, about minorities here in the U. S. of A.. Minorities, minorities minorities! "GOOD LORDITIES!"

We're being fucked, every day, by people of all kind, regular, end to end, mouth to? Why does it have to be front page news, in my local Country Gazette Newspaper?  Sheesh. . . already . . . who the hell gives a fuck, how you fuck, who you fuck? As long as you ain't fucking, in front of me! I don't give a rats ass where your putting your dick! Next time we vote, let all people vote about same sex marriage, same benefits for gay couples, Seems the most DEMOCRATIC way, let the majority rule! Just quit letting our elected officials work it out! They can't . . .  I'm sick of reading about it!

As far as the immigration problem, either send them all home, or make 'em citizens. Oh shit, what would them slave labor businesses do for help. Wouldn't be none baby! You think the young ones of today gonna work for minimum wage? They don't have a clue about that, unless it has something to do with a computer, or the next generation of Apple's hand held tweeting, texting, touching, whatever they be a doing over the invisible air waves. Shit, our government knows all about every text you make to your friends, you think the government gives a rats ass about what your putting on your Face Book page? I doubt it!

What are we gonna do, when they come for all the illegal aliens huh? The government wants them here! All rich people make money off them! NOT WE . . . THE PEOPLE!


I grew up in a small city of 15,000, no interstate near us. Now it be, in our backyard!  We had a small Air Force Base. built during W. W. II. Jobs was mostly farmers and manufacturing. The main factory is a main player in the world market today.

Overwhelmingly Caucasian then, in the heartland from German ancestry.
Hard working farmers, labor coming from south of us for the jobs, no, no , not Mexico! Poor white's, with no hope in their home states, no jobs, especially in manufacturing. I do reckon these were the minorities then, just like me and my family. White and poor, we were the slave labor then! There was this place along the river, on the other side of the railroad tracks, called, Death Valley. Dirt poor people living in tarpaper shacks, surviving off their gardens, fish from the river, and any work available.

There was very few black families then, no one from Mexico, except in the summer. No one from India, Japan.

The ones from Mexico, are now the slave labor. The other countries are partners in building manufacturing in our country.

I've seen the expected population growth for the future, Caucasians will be the minority. I'll be dead then. Caucasians then can get the fanciest Lawyers money can buy, then demand our rights! Damn . . . I wish I would be around to see that!!!

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