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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just a streaming!

A big, HELLO! to my friends, well I hope I have a few friends out there. Have some that partake upon this old man's words and that's right nice of you, thanks a heap! I write as my mind thinks, no . . . I'm not kidding you. Funny thing I actually reel it in, because what seems fine or makes sense to me ainna, I'm afraid, gonna make sense to you. This old feller is humbled that you tune in. So what's in store for today? Don't know yet' I'm playing around hoping for a ghost to pop in for a few minutes. I need any help I can get. I feel in a fun mood and when I feel like that I like to mess with the spellin' of wurds. Hope you don't a mind 'cause I'll do it anyway! I'm ready for tis stream of consciousness writing to kick in so I won't have to write anything.

                                        How to Write Stream of Consciousness

Now I'm cooking! going to learn how to write it! Here goes nothing! Probably!

One way to cultivate your emotional and poetic mind, and to improve your writing skills, in general, is to write stream-of -consciousness. This is unstructured, unedited writing that reflects, your observations or feelings about a certain person, event or item. Stream-of-consciousness is a good way to write poetry or journals, and can end with a piece of writing that can be as much graphic as verbal.

I most assuredly need to cultivate my mind. It has a lot of weeds, cobwebs especially in the summer.

I have many emotions, poetic mind . . . don't think so.

Improve my writing skills, that's what I'm after.

Unstructured, unedited, yep that's me.

Reflects my observations or feelings, hell yeah!

Can end with a piece of writing that can be as much graphic as verbal. What? I can understand maybe painting a picture in my mind, but verbal, I'm writing not talking.

Stream of unconsciousness that be me! Ha, ha, ha. I could write better probably if I was unconscious. I have the most fantastic dreams, if I could let my dreams somehow get to the computer, woo-wee sure would be fun. DAMN! whatever kind of writing I'm doing now is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Yes I definitely believe, I write stream-of- unconsciousness.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Bloody Hell"

If it wasn't for my wife and pets, I'd go fuckin' nuts. Can I say that NUTS?!?! Its my blog and I'll say it if I want to!

The House of Representatives are on vacation, holiday or something like that. That's something to celebrate on the Fourth Of July holiday. The set off fireworks early, didn't they? I don't know why I've gotten interested in politics, seems I could find something better to waste my time on! Well now,  I bloody hell would, if my body would allow, sheesh mowing grass and smoking grass whilst I be a mowin' is about all I can do anymore.

I watch too much television, but what's a worn out old man suppose to do when his joints sound like the Tinman on the Wizard of Oz. A can of oil won't help me none, I need some good pain pills and My Doctor won't prescribe them, I reckon I'll get me some good pain meds on my death bed heah? Always frost me balls. People that obey the laws and do what's right must pay the price and carry the burden of the abusers.

Several weeks ago I watched a documentary about drugs in America, this episode was in San Francisco. DAMN!!! Do thy ever have trouble with drugs, homeless, EVERYTHANG!!! Yikes I'll cross that city of as one to never visit in case I inherit some money!

Television advertisements have prescription drugs that'll cure every frickin thing that a Doctor and all the test at your local hospital can find wrong with you, AND your insurance will cover. Just like an automotive care center! They tell you all the conditions you have . . . Hell I already know I feel them, its called old, and worn out.

This evening on The Judge Judy show one of her guest brought up a fact that blew me away, Their talking about the Brexit poll and money was brought up about costing Britain something like 20 billion per year for their share of the European Union "BLOODY HELL!" Apparently like Washington is the capital of the U. S. A. Brussels is the center of the European Union.

( So that Judge Judy, is a firecracker, isn't she? )

I intended to an interesting point about money, the Elite and such, I felt as though I needed to set it up! Okay here goes, the guest said, "of the five richest counties in the United States, three are in Washington D. C. That fact latterly floored me for a second! Do you believe it?  BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Common Sense Gun Control

Common sense gun legislation---- yeah right! The House came to a stop Wednesday, imagine that! Democrats took over the floor, brought our civilized politicians our fine highly paid, excellent benefits, world of law making, get nothing accomplished as we know it, to a standstill. They're probably jealous at all the attention Hillary and Donald are getting, why not further show their true colors to the American people.

Hope We The People aren't paying for their overtime, they cost too much the way it is!

One representative talking last night said, "we're trying to get common sense gun legislation passed."

That's never going to happen! To start with you must have people with common sense. I've seen little common sense out of politicians any time, past or present, let alone this season of  the Reality Politician show. Waayyy too much reality for me!

I'm quite simply, a simple old man from a simple upbringing of being a simple boy, and young man. Common sense was what we depend on. Common sense and simple means the same, don't it?

If we the simple, common man, who's poor in education and dollars, could be in charge with common man sense, hey let's not forget the women, so let's call it, common Joe and Josephina sense. You think it don't take sense to raise families with today's wages!

It takes a hell of a lot of common sense, good parents to raise a family, most likely both will have to work to keep a float. Takes two strong willed, strong backs, with good common sense, values. These kind of people have common sense, core values. Sadly with everything against these type people today these values are disappearing, too damn many obstacles. There's no wonder the common, middle class is dying off.

There's never going to be any common sense gun legislation that'll truly make an impact, sheesh some of the toughest gun cities have the highest death rates.

I have never understood why an average citizen would need an assault rifle, with large magazines.

Too many factors at play for our legislators to pass meaningful legislation. there's so many other problems that need fixed. No they would rather make it appear like they're really doing something.

Seems, drugs, hate, culture, race, religion, sex, mental illness, a whole lot of other reasons are at play here.

What would happen if assault weapons are banned? Those weapons would still be bought like drugs, illegally.

Placing a Band-Aid over a severed artery won't help much.

Where are the heroes when most needed? There's no simple fixes. Politicians talk a lot, some I believe have a heart and maybe common sense, I said maybe! Corruption along with money corrupt even the best of the best. Real life and the Real Reality show we live in, is not like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. That's an old movie that still underlines the goings on behind the scenes.

To me it's not just about the gun control, it's far greater. I could rant forever I won't do that to you! We as a nation we have many problems, seems none ever get solved.

The finest minds money can buy, fail to do anything, about anything1 I reckon that last sentence sums up everything in a nutshell to this old, country boy, at he end of his life.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

News and Fun!

I come to you today with a stut-stut- stuttering mind. Been watching news and news on the internet. Why do I do this to myself? Ig-ig- ignorance seems to be the correct word. I has an uncle who stuttered, and I cannot forget the singer/comedian who made a ri-ri- right nice living in country music. Mel- Mel-Mel Tillis. Oh my really showing my age. I even remember Dolly Pardon when she was a wee thing, on the Porter Wag-Wag-Waggoner show. I was going to make a wee funny but that joke I was gonna use is-is- older than the hills, maybe even Dolly.

The news will certainly wreck havoc, or how about wreak havoc on your mind. Them's too mighty fine words no matter which one I use. Hells fire! I love then both!

Wreck as in, politics as in both parties seem to be in a wreck!

Wreak as in, both parties seems as though they have all been in the pen, pork-barreling!

What the f-f- fuck I don't seem to stut-stut- stutter when I write about politics, who'd ever a thunk it?

I have decided I'm going to take a little vacation from now till after the election. I'm going to cash it some of them bonds, I been a hoarding from my life of working and caring. I'm going to go to Mexico, hire me somebody who speaks Spanish and is a big un, to protect me, I shall pay him good with most of the money after he gets me back home from my inebriated stay. I'm wondering if that guy who made the Machete movies is available. We could have us a hi-oh time, yes we could ain't nobody going to mess with him especially carrying that bloody machete! No, no, no, it won't be real blood, just ketchup, or maybe some of that good salsa from south of the border.

I've decided I want to walk into Mexico, I think that'd be so appropriate, yes I do! Me and my protector Danny Trejo.

How many more days till the election? Are you a kiddin' me? Mercy will never survive till then, unless we swear off politics all together, no news, no internet skimming, we'll go crazy!!!  Can we do it? Ain't no fricking way!!! It's less than 5 months till we elect a new president. "GOOD LORD, PLEASE HELP US!

Are you getting tired of the Presidential candidates on the news, oh boy! I sure am! Seems like Trump is everywhere, is he cloning himself, He's gonna wear that Trump plane out!

You certainly don't see Hillary getting around as much as Donald. Why is that? She sure seems to be on the news with a picture of her as the news people talk about her a lot! She sure seems to be, popular on the news I watch.

How can a billionaire be running short on money? Seems some republicans aren't cozying up to Trump. By golly he was elected and is their candidate, press on, raise money and fall in line, behind him, "my little chick a dees" ( That's a old W. C. Field saying, I really like him! ) be the problem them there Elite, whoever they be. The Elite is the establishment and the money people who make or break candidates. You know like Bush's, You haven't forgot about Jeb, have you? He petered out, hell he never even got a rise, then most likely was to be Rubio, but a billionaire who doesn't know them politically correct words, or proper words as I call them. A man that had as much success as Trump has got to have plenty of baggage, and baby I'm sure it's gonna come out!  

I must give Hillary equal time on my blog. Heavens to Betsy! where do I begin? No, no I'm not going to go all the way back to Arkansas, is that part of the U. S.? I heard ol' Bill is a redneck hero, if you know what I mean? Woo-wee . . . , apple pie the U. S. A., sorry about that, but damn somehow they've stayed married, Yikes . . . who would a thunk it? All you have to do is follow the money and where does it lead you? Yep! some people are so rich our banks won't hold it so they put in in off shore accounts! All I need to say is money, money, money.

So we have a mucho billionaire and someone who is such a popular speaker, people of the world give her money and they give it away!

"Money is the root of all evil," I think that to be so!  Enough silliness for tonight, sleep tight!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Thoughts of an Old Man

I was working on a post late last night, a very serious post. I reread it earlier today, I'm not sure if I'll post it or try to work on it some more.

Hello to you, thanks for stopping by. I'm one old man, in search of making sense where there seems, no sense, there is so much nonsense, there's not enough time in the day to find a lick o sense.  Although I did hear one politician use the phrase "it's just commonsense."  "Good Lord Almighty!" My grandmother use to say that, and I'll add "God rest her soul!" The saddest fact is this politician who is a very powerful politician, thinks he has commonsense!

I have nothing on my mind, I'm trying to lasso something. In case something doesn't come, I'll try again tomorrow. I'm trying to stay clear of all the tragedies in the news. The tragedy of our presidential hopefuls is fair game, I suppose, but doesn't excite this old country boy. You got the Jackass party and the Dumbo party. Sure does not me want to party, get drunk yes! and stay that way! The country is in need of miracles, don't see it happening.

Growing up every man I knew loved hunting and fishing, it had always been passed down from generation to generation.  Most had a shotgun and a rifle. They consumed what they shot and the fish they caught. I have consumed rabbit, squirrels, fish. I was taught how to properly handle weapons since I was a little feller. I would go with my dad and grandpa, I never shot an animal never wanted to, I would go along to carry what they shot. I thought my grandpa could do no wrong, most certainly did not think any less of him by hunting. It was something he always did, growing up poor they needed the food. It's a caveman thing I reckon, the hunt, the thrill, the cleaning of the critters, yuck! 

Westerns were all the rage, growing up, weapons like a rifle and six a shooter like Matt Dillon in the Gun Smoke television series, tools of the trade as U. S. Marshall. You have the bad guys, who do bad things, such as murder, so Matt Dillon, the lawman made them pay. Everything seemed so simple and made sense. It's called Justice, an extremely powerful word. 

Justice, I was watching justice as it was served in the old west. Bringing a man to justice back then if he wasn't shot first, if he was alive, then a trial by a Judge and Jury, just as it should be.

Trials were quick, off to prison, or if you're found guilty of murder, a proper hanging. Wow! simple, straightforward. How did the justice system of today get so bogged down? Ahh!

We have become lost in a maze of Lawyering! ( Where big money is involved. )

This country is made up of individuals from around the world. Different cultures have been around for a long time. Many had a hand in the killing the red man, after all their savages, that's what we're taught. Confined to reservations the Indians, no longer a threat, their weapons are confiscated.

I find it most interesting that in the larger cities as different cultures come to America they make their own city, within big city. They carve out blocks of the where they practice their own cultures within the United States. I have no idea how many cultures are represented, seems they come here and go to the city within a city. Certainly makes sense at least in the beginning a much less shock at acclimation. If they stay in these cities within cities they most likely retain their old country right?

I don't have a problem with that, it makes us unique and that is a positive thing. for the most part, however problems can develop. Prejudice sadly will never stop. It will work both ways, that's just the nature of humans! Most will accept causing no trouble, but we all know there's bad apples in every bunch.

The Japanese were placed in camps during WW II.  Most likely for their own safety, I'd imagine. Cultures from around the globe have built themselves a new home.

There is no other country in the whole world that can say the same. What has made this country different, is the opening of our doors to all. Sadly that is the same thing that is destroying us.

If only 1% of the of the latest culture coming, wish us harm we find our self in dire straits. We have struggled for a long time from the influx from south of our border. Most I assure you are good hard working people who like us want to make a fair living and raise their families. They come at a price, we have to educate, give healthcare. BUT the illegal activities, ravaging our country has steadily taken a mighty toil, drugs, murders, cost of prisons. Every thing comes at a price. The price has crippled us, the baggage, from gangs, drugs, law enforcement, trials, is killing us. We've already partially hung ourselves. We suffer from too much trying to take care of the world. No other country tries to do as much as we do. We cannot no longer carry the individual rights of all the world!

Now that's the different cultures making new homes here. We have our own inner problems of equality to every man, woman and child. Within this lies never ending problems that try to be sorted out. If you're different, rights are demanded. Politicians are locked in, to attempt, to fix the 1% percent of human rights while the majority can go to hell. They need to be working on the things that can make a real difference to all!

The modern age has brought us new enemies, they fight a warfare not understood, a culture not understood.

Our all knowing, all seeing Governors of Government kept in check by the powers behind them.
Reminds me of the three monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, as they lead us through the sea of ignorance. Worst part, way too many have allowed it! Dummycritters, or . . . or . . . or . . . Jackerasses, don't matter they simply play a game. They win becoming rich of the ones their suppose to be serving. In todays world of self-serving in our little world, they have served themselves to the richest of riches.

The running of Government must change, it stays in a state of confusion, blaming the other party and  never accomplishing anything for WE THE PEOPLE. Its so sad that highly educated people cannot work together, oh! most are Lawyers that explains everything.


Monday, June 13, 2016

"Dog Days of Summer!"

Hello, its me again. Never had any doubt that it was me did you? Summer is in full swing, corn in the fields, seems a bit behind schedule, with all the rain we've had this spring, I'm not a farmer but every year I get to enjoy the thrill of farmers and watch the corn grow. As a child I was fascinated by watching my grandfather plant these small seeds, especially corn, in a child's measurement of time it seems like only a few days, presto we're picking sweet corn, perhaps my perspective of time and fast growing may have been influenced by Jack and The Bean Stalk cartoon, never the less I still find planting a garden is a magical illustration of wonderment, with pure eye popping out amazement. I use to plant a garden every year, something I just had to do, I got that from my grandpa, I reckon I use to help him every year, well he may of not thought I was much help, but he loved spending time with me and me him! I would go house to house in my neighborhood, had regular customers, they called me "the tomato boy".

The smell of fresh turned ground, as I place the plants and seeds gives me a special bonding That I still experience till this day, even though I planted two tomato plants this year, I really did not do it for the tomatoes, it was something I just had to do. Actually I wasn't going to plant anything, but I saw a couple tomato plants mixed in with my wife's flowers, they looked so pitiful and pass their prime planting time, I lovingly pick them up and dig their holes, watered them and in just a couple days they looked fantastic. It's the looking at them plants every single day thinking "them suckers are beautiful and growing like a weed!"

My grandfather use to say "the corn should be knee high by fourth of July." This may sound silly but miracles to me are the seeds growing from the fertile dirt and  ....

a tiny sperm mixing with the tiny egg and in nine months a precious little human pops out hollering and bellowing for all it's worth, he has seen the first light and noise of his new world, ain't no wonder them little wee ones belt out their favorite song for years to come, gotta get them lungs at full expansion for all the crying and hollering to come!

Longest day of the year is almost upon us, then fourth of July, "dog days of summer," they call the hottest days of the year. Well know just in case some of you don't rightly recollect ever a hearin' that phrase. Think back, way before air-conditioning was in every house, when it really got hot all the windows of the farm house or poor person's modest house or even the poorest people they all had one thing in common to cool their home. A good stiff breeze to dry away the sweat, all had a front porch, Yes they did! Nary a house no matter the richness nor poorness, they'll have front porches, mother nature's way of living through the "dog days of summer," Oh about the dog, everybody most assuredly had a dog. Think of a coon dog, lazily laying on the porch during the heat of the day, yep there you go. They might have a favorite big ol' shade tree that they have dug to fit their body or get under the porch and snooze thinkin' about when they were a young pup and had plenty of energy, now that the coon dog has seen many a seasons come and go, a lyin' on the front porch on the hottest day of the year is about all he cares to muster up. The old smart coon dog is getting thirsty but he knows his mater hasn't forgotten about him, he'll just lay still and swat the flies with his tail saying all his energy, mustn't over do it, "in the dog days of summer!"

Friday, June 10, 2016

My Dog Taco

Good evening my friends, another beautiful day here in the Heartland. I shall try to be serious, but cannot promise. Politics, same O, same O, I summed that up nicely, didn't I.

Rapes, murders, drugs, that's the evening news out of the big city, nothing has changed!

Weather getting hot and humid here in my state, summer's here. A few weeks ago it was rain, rain, rain, now it's dry, dry, dry. My grass is starting to shrivel and I'm cutting it as short as possible, gonna kill what I can, so I don't have to mow. I'm not one of those who has a sprinkler system, I let mother nature take care of it.

Been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying the easy, slow, wonderful moments of life that can only be experienced this time of the year. Swinging away, watching squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks and Robins teaching their young. One can actually lose yourself in the moment, I'm very thankful to still be able to do that. For a short time, I feel no pain, imagine being able to stay in that moment or to recall it when most needed.

I'm fortunate to have my dog Taco, if I linger in bed too long he'll nip at my fingers trying to get me up. He is my hearing dog and my alarm clock, playmate, best friend. No matter what I tell him, he never repeats it. Yes I talk to him he's my Psychiatrist, works for peanuts ... I mean food! Those who've never had pets, can't understand the company the closeness that develops. Example my sister-in-law now has my 4 pound Yorkie. It was obvious she liked the little feller on her visits. He is a special kind of dog, so loving, so small, so cute. To make a long story short, I sometimes have balance problems and him being so small I was afraid I might hurt him. I have Taco my Chihuahua who's a bigger than normal Chihuahua. The Yorkie whom I called Rambo as a joke on his size, she calls Pee Wee, more fitting name I suppose. He's a killer watchdog and could not have a better home, he goes for rides and is spoiled. I'm plum tickled to death for him. I chuckle to myself I nicknamed him Rambo and he's now Pee Wee!

I now have more time to spend with Taco, the person we got him from said he was a Chihuahua well he does have some, plus other mixings, Taco just seems to fit! Little Glenview humor! He's about 9 pounds and built solid, maybe some wiener dog and miniature Pinscher in there, he's awfully cute. "You get what you pay for," since he was free and I'm not complaining, he makes my days and life  easier. On my bad days, mentally or physically he always makes me laugh and feel good inside. He always shows a sense of urgency, he doesn't walk he trots, like a horse. He's his own man oops ... dog!

Been married a long time and we've always had animals around. One thing I'm most proud of all the animals that stays around have been fixed. We've lived in the country most of the time and where there are barns, cats will multiply I think the go out for a walk about and decide "this barn looks better than  my old barn!" Living in the country there's always strays that either go on a walk about or I believe are dumped by poor dog owners. I think some view animals as throw aways and that makes my blood boil!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Balderdash and Millennial Words

Have you heard that word before? I know I have just don't remember where. For some reason W.C. Fields the old comedian of the first half of last century comes to mind. I can just see him saying. "Ah . . . Balderdash!"

All men know what bald is, that's for sure. Right at this second I'm trying to picture Donald Trump bald! What is with his hair anyhow?

Balder, can a man be more bald than bald? If you have no hair up top, oh, oh, oh. Balder would be no hair no . . . where . . . If you know what I mean Vern!!!!

That's enough punishment to poor Donald, what can I say about Hillary? She sure as hell has no chemistry as far as a speaker. Old Billy Bob Clinton was like Obamie. Gives a right nice speech and was likeable at least while they were campaigning. Poor Hillary, she has nothing going for her except money! Well know that's usually enough ain't it? For sure, for sure, good buddies!

BALDERDASH senseless talk or writing, nonsense: ( Oh my God that's me, I be full of balderdash. ) Synonyms are rubbish, gibberish, claptrap, ( I love that one! ) baloney. ( I love a fried baloney sandwich with a slice of tomato, matter of fact, I had one today! )

This definition of balderdash is obsolete, a muddled mixture of liquors, originally milk and beer, beer and wine etc.

Balderdash as far as speech writers go, being so full of it and Politicians imbibing in some strange
mixtures of something that's for sure!


Here are some words used by millennials, per this article.

On Fleck means on point, excellent.

Bae means before anyone else.

G. O. A. T.  means "greatest of all time."

Dabbing means hip hop dance move.

Netflix and chill means sexual encounter.

YOLD means you only live once, exclamation of extreme approval, thumbs up.

Turnt means drunk.

Bye Felicia means see you later.

Thirsty means desperately seeking the attention of others.

I have never heard these words before, but I'm never around millennials. Every generation invents some of their own words.

I'm going to attempt to use these words, this ought to be fun.

You're thirsty so you invite some people over, planning on getting turnt. Many new people also show one of these girls was a G.O.A.T., you must talk to her Bae. You show her your best dabbing. You have Netflix and chill on your mind! The next morning you say "Bye Felicia."  You're thinking "YOLD."

Ah-ha-ha-ha, just having some fun with you!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Another find mess! CAUTION!

CAUTION1 Reading this post may be hard on your IQ or not if you're a regular to Glen View!!!!

I have to putt . . . putt . . .  putter around about something or the other to get going. I let me mind wind down and my body almost ready for bed, thenn I attempt to bring something out of the depths to write. At this point in my not so busy day I'm mind numbing nuts, yeah! yeah! yeah! I thought buying a new computer may class up my act. Sorry, I got a be me, I got a be me. One would think at my age one would know whom one is, wouldn't one? I be one who has never known! I do know that I'm a man of differerent mindsets. I'll never be able to explain what I mean. Oh . . .  am I still typing I, thought I was just thinking to myself! Well I was thinking to myself, butt I reckon  my mind and fingers are starting to work together, OH MY! another fine mess I find myself in, oh my! Lord have mercy on this poor late arrival to keyboarding and computering! Sure as hell is not going to stop this old Roger codger, I have found myself in worst predicaments in my life, I think! Me memory is not as sharp as it once was. Well now, I reckon I don't really recall how sharp it was, because I, I, I, - I - yi -yi -yi- yi!  Oh no! is my new computer a failing me?  Hell no! that just be me a testing it out. Got to break it into how I think.


Now back to the regular unscheduled, seldom, used part, hope you don't mind? There is an old saying in cards "you have to play the hand your dealt." Dah, well yeah, just another one of them useless sayings inside my pasture up top, waay up top and in the back, next to the automatic oiler that was sent to Mexico!

Dag nap it! I plum forgot where I was, or meaning what I were a sayin'. Shite!

My brain is sending a message thru shock therapy, ah , ah, ah, uwe, we! that feels good. Oh yeah I was attempting to reconfigurate my 'plaining of mindsets.         

Mindset, " I got, I got, my mind set on you."   Once again SORRY, a few words of an old song reverberating because there is no oiler to quiet me brain parts.

I'm a gonna going into some sic-ol-ogy, you know, ( psychology ) stuff now. Are you ready, because I don't want to get into too deep and be over your head. I'm already in way over may head and have to ride this sucker out!

My mind is all over the place, I can't control it, no sir my mind has a mind of its own, it won't take directions from me! I get pissed off sometimes, I be a tryin' to ponder on something that seemed real important and then me mind will change the mind channel. I have a heap O trouble, a stayin' focused.
At this very moment it just checked itself out, you might know I be trying to understand me, and what makes me . . . ME, and it checks out.



I come to you tonight with a sad heart, Hewie Picardo, my old computer has bit the dust, "Yes I named it, doesn't everybody?" Oh perhaps not! Don't I feel foolish! Nah! I do believe that I killed him off with my style of writing and all the mistakes I make. Oh well! "Another one bites the dust!"

How y'all out there doing? Fair to meddlin' I hope. I heard that somewhere, don't remember where, I'll throw that in free of charge.

What have I been up to, oh about 5 foot 9 inches tall and I won't tell you my weight. I do believe I'm shrinking as far as the height. As you age you kind of get more of humping down thing, age has taken its toil. Age also takes its toil on the other kind of humping, if you know what I mean! Sure you do or you will as you get older! As far as the weight thing, I basically have given up everything I use to love. Number one being then sugary caffeine soft drinks. Damn! did I ever love them. I was hooked on them, ya see my mom loved her Coca-Cola and I did also. We did not buy them at the grocery store because money was needed for more important things, like food! A Coca-Cola was a special treat, back then they come in small bottles of 6 ounces, oh yeah! Can you imagine that with the gigantium size ones you can buy at these convenient stores. I don, go there any more but I do the last one I bought was a  humdinger, ( you've heard that word before right? ) 42 ounces for 89 cents. That be one hell of a lot of sugar even after ice, yes it would. Hell I ain't even talkin'  'bout the caffeine boost, but these here kids of today are use to that caffeine. Ya see they have to have that caffeine for the texting, uh huh, you know what I'm tellin' you!

Any how, I got to loving them sugary soft drinks, so when I started earning money in the summers mowin' grass and later as a paper boy I got hooked on them, yes I did! I kept that bad habit until recently. I have pert near give up everything I use to enjoy, a tryin' to lose weight. I have been tryin' to be more active, but there seems to be a big problem. I have no energy! Once upon a time not all that many generations ago I was full of energy. Well hell yeah! I was younger and hopped up on sugar and caffeine, any lame brain moron coulda figured that out! I was 10 on the energy mater, now I'm 1, on my better days! Would I lie to you, hell no!!! I been pushin' myself by mowing the grass by hand, BUT DAMN! I hurt all over, I hurt in places I never knew there was places. Didn't use to be like this, I consoled myself by thinkin' that "I'll get use to it," DAMN!!! SHITE!!! I been doing this for about 10 weeks, guess what, ain't no better! Damn over the counter pain meds ain't worth a shite! I've tried them all, I actually think they make it worse, either that or my body just laughs at them puny pills! The doctor he says "you need to get more exercise." Uh huh! I want him to visit inside my body for just one day, hell just for hours. I mow about 15 minutes then rest for 15 minutes, so after I mow for about 2 hours, I have 1 hour of mowing and 1 hour of resting. Some days I cannot mow that long. I have a big yard and after I get it mowed it's time to go at it again, its been such a wet spring. So let's say on a good day of mowing and resting, 1 hour each. I come in and drink some water, take a good long shower and eat something, put my feet up, and my whole frickimg body starts to, how do I say this? It starts rebelling, it tightens up and them pains are a sprouting every where! I don't have enough ice pads and foot bathes to win the battle. No way no how! When I have to get up I be a lookin' for me cane, it takes all can do to get my big arse up and out of the easy chair! There's two different sides to callin' it, an easy chair, you'll only know this if you're older. Easy yes, you can plop your tired ass body down into that leather and it snuggles you in comfort! NOW, you have to ease that aching body from the grasp of comfort as your whole body fights you! "That ain't easy folks!" You have pain showin' on your face as the leather chair slowly releases its hold, you f'anigle your fat ass to the edge, but you aren't done yet, you got-sa place both arms on the chair with your shoulders already hurting and lift up to your feet, then you be a lookin' for that cane fer balance, yes sir! Them first few steps is excruciating, yer damn body has forgotten its job! Works a mite better after a few steps but it is protesting! Protesting a leavin' the confines of the easy chair, which you would not have if-fin you didn't have to pee!

The next time I go to the Doctor in, over a month I'm going to explain to him my quandary, it be hell if you do, and hell if you don't, I wanna my share of them good pain meds! "What are you waitin' on won't do me no damn good when I'm dead!!!!!"

That's what there suppose to be for us old ones, why should we suffer because they're abused by others! I don't want to abuse, shoot up, or inhale up my nose, I just want to mow my fricking grass ( not smoke grass ) and be able to move a little without PAIN!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sweet Smell of Honeysuckle and More

Hello there! It's the Big Blooper! Sorry, I just write down whatever comes out, good or bad. In case you're wondering "why my posts have so much different shit in them," I'll just explain it to you, by the way thanks for asking! I may sit down for a few minutes and purge whatever comes out. I may do this several times over many days, it ain't pretty but it's me.

Remember I do the stream of consciousness writing whatever that is? I do jump around and cannot stay on one subject. I try not to be too serious and find some humor.

Well, well, well, is there anything to write about that has not been said a gazillion times? That's about the size of the debt of the good ol' U.S. OF A.

Another Memorial Day has come and gone, seems like only a year ago we celebrated the last one! HA-HA-A For the first Memorial Day ever I did not grill, Just didn't want to, so I didn't. Use-ta always go on a nice ride, didn't do that either. "Why not?" I heard someone ask, or maybe it was inside my head I don't know!


Holds yer hat on I be 'bout to go sille, on ya! I gonna have me some fun!

Once upon a time, I qwestioned everythang, had to make sense out-ta shit, that just don't make any cents at all. Well . . . well meaning folk would say, "you cannot dwell upon it, you'll go crazy!"
Now I surely understand, I done been crazy, and come back around to be a Senior Citizen. Now . . . I be a askin' "y'all out there is that good or bad?" I'm plum complexed, yes I am. I do not qwestion things I use-ta qwestion because it doeth me no good, I use-ta get a headache whilst I thought upon the unsolvable. So many things in life be unsolvable. Nary a man, let along a whole country is smart enough to figure things out. These people be educated to the max and they so damn intellectually, ideologically, theoretically, theologically smart, or ure they?


We now return you to the normalcy of whatever Glenview is?

I'm sitting outside temperature in the lower 80's a nice steady breeze, the sweet smell of honeysuckle fills the air. At this point my eyes are closed, lazily in my swing enjoying the moment with, the kind of peace rarely found. Mind drifts to past times, places, memories, all good, no body aches, reliving a younger me! Daydreaming I do believe would explain the moments I was lost, yet found in a blissful montage of many real life experiences. I slowly return to the real world, it did take some time, because the same senses that led to the beautiful experience was still around, the breeze the smell of honeysuckle.

I feel good mentally, my body feels like hell! Could not get that sucker in gear, no way, shape or form! No way, no how! I take a wee ride over to Burger King for tea and nuggets, damn! what the hell is a wrong with me?

Did not want to go in the house, too nice a day, to do nothing. I piddle around doing a few simple chores, nothing to raise a sweat, gosh darn it! what is wrong with me? Along toward late evening I did mange to mow some grass and do a little weed eating. Damn it! was a rough day!

What have I learned today? Not diddly-squat!!!

What is my saying for today? I'm retired who gives a rats ass whether I do anything or not!

Hey as long as my spouse is happy then "I'm plum tickled to death!"

I reckon seniors are around for their gray hair!

All the thinking, for all them years is why seniors lose their hair, their minds. The dark hair of youth, turns gray, you lose a lot of hair, some go almost bald. Natural hair color were once synapses firing away like the newest computers brain, with them depleted and now on minimal brain support we seniors live out the life of watching Tom and Jerry cartoons, we cannot find the humor in the new ones.