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Friday, June 10, 2016

My Dog Taco

Good evening my friends, another beautiful day here in the Heartland. I shall try to be serious, but cannot promise. Politics, same O, same O, I summed that up nicely, didn't I.

Rapes, murders, drugs, that's the evening news out of the big city, nothing has changed!

Weather getting hot and humid here in my state, summer's here. A few weeks ago it was rain, rain, rain, now it's dry, dry, dry. My grass is starting to shrivel and I'm cutting it as short as possible, gonna kill what I can, so I don't have to mow. I'm not one of those who has a sprinkler system, I let mother nature take care of it.

Been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying the easy, slow, wonderful moments of life that can only be experienced this time of the year. Swinging away, watching squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks and Robins teaching their young. One can actually lose yourself in the moment, I'm very thankful to still be able to do that. For a short time, I feel no pain, imagine being able to stay in that moment or to recall it when most needed.

I'm fortunate to have my dog Taco, if I linger in bed too long he'll nip at my fingers trying to get me up. He is my hearing dog and my alarm clock, playmate, best friend. No matter what I tell him, he never repeats it. Yes I talk to him he's my Psychiatrist, works for peanuts ... I mean food! Those who've never had pets, can't understand the company the closeness that develops. Example my sister-in-law now has my 4 pound Yorkie. It was obvious she liked the little feller on her visits. He is a special kind of dog, so loving, so small, so cute. To make a long story short, I sometimes have balance problems and him being so small I was afraid I might hurt him. I have Taco my Chihuahua who's a bigger than normal Chihuahua. The Yorkie whom I called Rambo as a joke on his size, she calls Pee Wee, more fitting name I suppose. He's a killer watchdog and could not have a better home, he goes for rides and is spoiled. I'm plum tickled to death for him. I chuckle to myself I nicknamed him Rambo and he's now Pee Wee!

I now have more time to spend with Taco, the person we got him from said he was a Chihuahua well he does have some, plus other mixings, Taco just seems to fit! Little Glenview humor! He's about 9 pounds and built solid, maybe some wiener dog and miniature Pinscher in there, he's awfully cute. "You get what you pay for," since he was free and I'm not complaining, he makes my days and life  easier. On my bad days, mentally or physically he always makes me laugh and feel good inside. He always shows a sense of urgency, he doesn't walk he trots, like a horse. He's his own man oops ... dog!

Been married a long time and we've always had animals around. One thing I'm most proud of all the animals that stays around have been fixed. We've lived in the country most of the time and where there are barns, cats will multiply I think the go out for a walk about and decide "this barn looks better than  my old barn!" Living in the country there's always strays that either go on a walk about or I believe are dumped by poor dog owners. I think some view animals as throw aways and that makes my blood boil!!!


  1. Another wonderful post !! You are on a roll here. I enjoy reading about the everyday things in your life. I bet little Taco. I have a chihuahua/terrier mix. She is a character :-)

  2. Thanks! When we got him he was so little, I stayed up all night with him, he cuddled up inside my left arm and slept there till morning. I wanted him to be warm and feel love on his first night.