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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

News and Fun!

I come to you today with a stut-stut- stuttering mind. Been watching news and news on the internet. Why do I do this to myself? Ig-ig- ignorance seems to be the correct word. I has an uncle who stuttered, and I cannot forget the singer/comedian who made a ri-ri- right nice living in country music. Mel- Mel-Mel Tillis. Oh my really showing my age. I even remember Dolly Pardon when she was a wee thing, on the Porter Wag-Wag-Waggoner show. I was going to make a wee funny but that joke I was gonna use is-is- older than the hills, maybe even Dolly.

The news will certainly wreck havoc, or how about wreak havoc on your mind. Them's too mighty fine words no matter which one I use. Hells fire! I love then both!

Wreck as in, politics as in both parties seem to be in a wreck!

Wreak as in, both parties seems as though they have all been in the pen, pork-barreling!

What the f-f- fuck I don't seem to stut-stut- stutter when I write about politics, who'd ever a thunk it?

I have decided I'm going to take a little vacation from now till after the election. I'm going to cash it some of them bonds, I been a hoarding from my life of working and caring. I'm going to go to Mexico, hire me somebody who speaks Spanish and is a big un, to protect me, I shall pay him good with most of the money after he gets me back home from my inebriated stay. I'm wondering if that guy who made the Machete movies is available. We could have us a hi-oh time, yes we could ain't nobody going to mess with him especially carrying that bloody machete! No, no, no, it won't be real blood, just ketchup, or maybe some of that good salsa from south of the border.

I've decided I want to walk into Mexico, I think that'd be so appropriate, yes I do! Me and my protector Danny Trejo.

How many more days till the election? Are you a kiddin' me? Mercy will never survive till then, unless we swear off politics all together, no news, no internet skimming, we'll go crazy!!!  Can we do it? Ain't no fricking way!!! It's less than 5 months till we elect a new president. "GOOD LORD, PLEASE HELP US!

Are you getting tired of the Presidential candidates on the news, oh boy! I sure am! Seems like Trump is everywhere, is he cloning himself, He's gonna wear that Trump plane out!

You certainly don't see Hillary getting around as much as Donald. Why is that? She sure seems to be on the news with a picture of her as the news people talk about her a lot! She sure seems to be, popular on the news I watch.

How can a billionaire be running short on money? Seems some republicans aren't cozying up to Trump. By golly he was elected and is their candidate, press on, raise money and fall in line, behind him, "my little chick a dees" ( That's a old W. C. Field saying, I really like him! ) be the problem them there Elite, whoever they be. The Elite is the establishment and the money people who make or break candidates. You know like Bush's, You haven't forgot about Jeb, have you? He petered out, hell he never even got a rise, then most likely was to be Rubio, but a billionaire who doesn't know them politically correct words, or proper words as I call them. A man that had as much success as Trump has got to have plenty of baggage, and baby I'm sure it's gonna come out!  

I must give Hillary equal time on my blog. Heavens to Betsy! where do I begin? No, no I'm not going to go all the way back to Arkansas, is that part of the U. S.? I heard ol' Bill is a redneck hero, if you know what I mean? Woo-wee . . . , apple pie the U. S. A., sorry about that, but damn somehow they've stayed married, Yikes . . . who would a thunk it? All you have to do is follow the money and where does it lead you? Yep! some people are so rich our banks won't hold it so they put in in off shore accounts! All I need to say is money, money, money.

So we have a mucho billionaire and someone who is such a popular speaker, people of the world give her money and they give it away!

"Money is the root of all evil," I think that to be so!  Enough silliness for tonight, sleep tight!


  1. I am tired of the circus. Will be glad when it is over, but then again, no matter who wins, how glad can I be with what choices we have. We are doomed!

  2. I cannot get away from the circus, I laugh just when I think it can't get any sillier, IT DOES!!! Thanks