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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Thoughts of an Old Man

I was working on a post late last night, a very serious post. I reread it earlier today, I'm not sure if I'll post it or try to work on it some more.

Hello to you, thanks for stopping by. I'm one old man, in search of making sense where there seems, no sense, there is so much nonsense, there's not enough time in the day to find a lick o sense.  Although I did hear one politician use the phrase "it's just commonsense."  "Good Lord Almighty!" My grandmother use to say that, and I'll add "God rest her soul!" The saddest fact is this politician who is a very powerful politician, thinks he has commonsense!

I have nothing on my mind, I'm trying to lasso something. In case something doesn't come, I'll try again tomorrow. I'm trying to stay clear of all the tragedies in the news. The tragedy of our presidential hopefuls is fair game, I suppose, but doesn't excite this old country boy. You got the Jackass party and the Dumbo party. Sure does not me want to party, get drunk yes! and stay that way! The country is in need of miracles, don't see it happening.

Growing up every man I knew loved hunting and fishing, it had always been passed down from generation to generation.  Most had a shotgun and a rifle. They consumed what they shot and the fish they caught. I have consumed rabbit, squirrels, fish. I was taught how to properly handle weapons since I was a little feller. I would go with my dad and grandpa, I never shot an animal never wanted to, I would go along to carry what they shot. I thought my grandpa could do no wrong, most certainly did not think any less of him by hunting. It was something he always did, growing up poor they needed the food. It's a caveman thing I reckon, the hunt, the thrill, the cleaning of the critters, yuck! 

Westerns were all the rage, growing up, weapons like a rifle and six a shooter like Matt Dillon in the Gun Smoke television series, tools of the trade as U. S. Marshall. You have the bad guys, who do bad things, such as murder, so Matt Dillon, the lawman made them pay. Everything seemed so simple and made sense. It's called Justice, an extremely powerful word. 

Justice, I was watching justice as it was served in the old west. Bringing a man to justice back then if he wasn't shot first, if he was alive, then a trial by a Judge and Jury, just as it should be.

Trials were quick, off to prison, or if you're found guilty of murder, a proper hanging. Wow! simple, straightforward. How did the justice system of today get so bogged down? Ahh!

We have become lost in a maze of Lawyering! ( Where big money is involved. )

This country is made up of individuals from around the world. Different cultures have been around for a long time. Many had a hand in the killing the red man, after all their savages, that's what we're taught. Confined to reservations the Indians, no longer a threat, their weapons are confiscated.

I find it most interesting that in the larger cities as different cultures come to America they make their own city, within big city. They carve out blocks of the where they practice their own cultures within the United States. I have no idea how many cultures are represented, seems they come here and go to the city within a city. Certainly makes sense at least in the beginning a much less shock at acclimation. If they stay in these cities within cities they most likely retain their old country right?

I don't have a problem with that, it makes us unique and that is a positive thing. for the most part, however problems can develop. Prejudice sadly will never stop. It will work both ways, that's just the nature of humans! Most will accept causing no trouble, but we all know there's bad apples in every bunch.

The Japanese were placed in camps during WW II.  Most likely for their own safety, I'd imagine. Cultures from around the globe have built themselves a new home.

There is no other country in the whole world that can say the same. What has made this country different, is the opening of our doors to all. Sadly that is the same thing that is destroying us.

If only 1% of the of the latest culture coming, wish us harm we find our self in dire straits. We have struggled for a long time from the influx from south of our border. Most I assure you are good hard working people who like us want to make a fair living and raise their families. They come at a price, we have to educate, give healthcare. BUT the illegal activities, ravaging our country has steadily taken a mighty toil, drugs, murders, cost of prisons. Every thing comes at a price. The price has crippled us, the baggage, from gangs, drugs, law enforcement, trials, is killing us. We've already partially hung ourselves. We suffer from too much trying to take care of the world. No other country tries to do as much as we do. We cannot no longer carry the individual rights of all the world!

Now that's the different cultures making new homes here. We have our own inner problems of equality to every man, woman and child. Within this lies never ending problems that try to be sorted out. If you're different, rights are demanded. Politicians are locked in, to attempt, to fix the 1% percent of human rights while the majority can go to hell. They need to be working on the things that can make a real difference to all!

The modern age has brought us new enemies, they fight a warfare not understood, a culture not understood.

Our all knowing, all seeing Governors of Government kept in check by the powers behind them.
Reminds me of the three monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, as they lead us through the sea of ignorance. Worst part, way too many have allowed it! Dummycritters, or . . . or . . . or . . . Jackerasses, don't matter they simply play a game. They win becoming rich of the ones their suppose to be serving. In todays world of self-serving in our little world, they have served themselves to the richest of riches.

The running of Government must change, it stays in a state of confusion, blaming the other party and  never accomplishing anything for WE THE PEOPLE. Its so sad that highly educated people cannot work together, oh! most are Lawyers that explains everything.



  1. I agree with everything you say and can add nothing more . Great blog my friend !

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