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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sometimes . . . I be!

I have numerous post uncompleted. I'm one for sitting down and letting the flow, "flow". I never know what the flow, gonna be. That's the fun part for me, you see! Sometimes I be a river dry in the late summer. Sometimes, I be a river swollen from the springtime rain, flowing over me bank and carving a new course. Sometimes, I be a dam, all jammed from the clutter, that always flows. Sometimes, I get out of balance from the drugs, pesticides, dirty laundry and never ending waste.

But I carry on, stay the course, living within, what life giveth.

That be the secret heah?

Even with boundaries and seemingly limitless challenges, I'm still here. I must stay!

Once teaming with life, and clear water, age, and human pollution, ruineth, don't it?

More than just the purity of the water, EVERYTHANG! changes. Air, land, animals suffer to get on with life, but somehow they do. Instincts too ingrained, life too precious. The animal kingdom reacts to inborn survival. We the highest forms of animals cling to the last breath.

I watched a beautiful squirrel the other day at break time. Enjoying the sunny spring day oblivious to any danger lying about. A simple run across the asphalt parking lot turns deadly, in the blink of an eye.





Ah . . . but there always, be, another day, another rain, another year, another time, TOO CLEANSE, TOO HEAL . . . WHATEVER IT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUST ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER CHALLENGE IN THE LIFE OF EVEN A MIGHTY STREAM, YA SEE!!!!!!!!!           (Goodnight my friends, sleep tight and may your dreams be real.)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

CAT DRUG IN! (Just being me!)

Lookee . . . lookee . . . lookee, at what the cat drug in! (Have I grabbed yer attention, that be my goal!!!)

For some reason this was at the forefront of me brain as I got into my van to leave work on Freaky Friday. (I'm feeling right good, brothers and sisters of my little bloggy kingdom!)  Yesterday the word inclination was on my mind at the same time. Humm . . . am I coming back to life? I sure hope so. I have been busier than a little Humming Bird crossing the Gulf of Mexico! Flapping them wings for all their worth. Don't you find that plum-ass fascinating? Them little hyperactive nectar filled bodies leave my house here in the heart of the Midwest, most probably making fuel stops all the way down to Georgia or Louisiana. Take on the biggest load their tiny body can hold. Their fat body works even harder to take off, flying non-stop to Central America. Whew-doggie . . .is that a feat or what?

I have been absolutely fascinated with them tee totally tiny slivers of the bird kingdom
since the third grade. One built a nest and had babies outside the window, the whole class was taken a back by them.

"Look at what the cat drug in," is an old saying some may not know. Since I hail from the country and all my family were poor country folk, I knows it, and have had cats since the day I got hitched. (That be married.)

I may or may not explain. WHAT? Well now, that there silly ass saying is the reason I'm at the type thing-a-ma-bob right now. I'm having some fun with ya and attempting to get this here motor of mine a typing once more. Ain't that a hoot?

Ya see, I been busy doing everything and nothing! It sure seems to me, an old man, that it takes much longer to accomplish anything. Simplicity has been thrown out the backdoor with the dishwater. OOPS! Another old saying. Shucks I'll never complete this post. I cannot keep me mind on the same path!

I'm still alive and kicking, the change in hours has wreaked havoc to my schedule as far as writing. I been busier than? Ya see, there don't see right now, to be enough hours in the day! Use ta have plenty of time it seemed. I work the same amount of hours as before, but time has changed! It's moving faster! I sleep less and feel good. BUT . . . DAMN!!! Them minutes have speed up!

(Oh shit! I just hate when this happens! How is the word moving faster, as in faster than speed, spelled? I want sped up. Like time seems to have sped up. My brain tells me there ain't no such a word, but that's what I want to use. SO SHIT! I have to look it up. See that just pisses me off! Here I be attempting to get on a roll and one measly, crummy ass word, has blankety blank blank . . . locked me noggin up!) Damn! damn! damn . . . ! (I always wanted to use that blankety, blank, blank thing! (((By the way what the frick does that mean???)

I wrote once upon a time, about fergetting about any properness . . . . . . and just write what my mind, AND what my ears, as in inner ears hears.

Okay back to that word we have speed. The ? be is there a word beyond speed? I wish or wanna to use sped as in time has sped up, since I have been on days and back to a normal schedule.

Whoopsey! I beg to differ with myself, if I may? Well I can can't I? OH SHIT! You'll think me daft? Let's clarify that word! You'll think me daffy, as in Daffy Duck ya know!

Somewhere along the lines and paragraphs that word I wanted to use NO LONGER seems important. DOES IT?

So is the more strengthful version of speed, as in sped up more to mean more correct or not? I NO LONGER CARE!  


Monday, May 6, 2013


Silly stuff, we all experience it, and we may as well laugh at it, because it's funny. Seasonal allergies are starting and this weekend after mowing the grass they hit me smackdab in the head, ain't it fun? I've learned to live with it. Just part of life, you know! Feeling light headed, the usual crappola! Went to bed early to get my old body a good nights rest. Don't a wanna, to miss a, any work, with a, my a, new job. (Was that good for you? It was for me! I'm a silly old man ain't I!)

Anyways, I like to break in a new pair of work boots slowly on weekends, ya see. Don't want my feet to hurt. Man your whole body hurts when your feet hurt! Many years ago I had something called . . . something like . . . plantar fasciitis. It be when the ligaments on your heel hurts from whatever. It hurt like a needle sticking in your heel. No fun at all! I had a few cortisone shots in the heel and it would be okay for awhile. After a spell they quit working, so I went to a foot specialist and he custom fit me some orthopedic insoles.  That done the trick. I wear them in all my shoes. This morning I took them out of my new boots and placed them back in my old ones. Mighty simple task heah? I attempted to go to work, but could not find my keys. Damn! I have the feeling it's gonna be a rough day! I found my keys, rather my wife found my keys in my tool box. (Yep silly ain't I!) I done some work around the house even though my allergies were acting up, wasn't going to let them get the best of me. Well she knows how strange I am sometimes, so I went to work. Walking into the plant my shoes did not feel right. I chalked it up to wearing them new boots trying to break them it. Felt as though my right foot was shorter than my left one. Well now, I get busy at work and forget all about it. A very busy day demanded (I don't like-a that word!) all my attention. I did not think about this again until I took my shoes off. I check my other boots . . . nope, I look everywhere that made sense . . . nope! I think there be only one place they can be. (Their hard plastic, made to support your heel bone evenly.) Sure nuff! Them sons-a-bitches be both in my left boot of the shoes worn all day. I laugh and say to myself and I reckon to you now, "you silly old fart!" I got a good laugh at myself, on that one. Got to laugh at such foolhardiness don't ya?

I get to doing things and do silly things sometimes, we all do, don't we? We all, could write many stories, hell probably a book, if we could remember all the silly things in our life.

Interesting side note, whilst I'm thinking about it. It just now popped in my noggin (That be slang for brain, in case you didn't know.) This spring a cat shows up at our house. We live in what now could be considered suburbs. When we moved here it was country. Any housed (That be kind-a cute I believe I'll leave that in!) many cats have come and gone and stay we have them fixed. Don't want to add to the stray animal problem. This cat seemed awfully familiar. It had a weird me-oow and a white spot on it's right front leg. It was a totally black female cat except for one, inch and a half white sliver of a mark. It took us awhile to remember it. This was one of our old cats that was born here, possibly eight to ten years back. That mark was a bad cut we doctored with peroxide leaving that white mark. Wow we thought where had this cat been all these years. She was perfectly healthy. Maybe she had been on a "walk-about" as Crocodile Dundee said, when he took a long walk. We found that most interesting to say the least.

Any ways trying to get back in the hang of typin, a little somethun, somethun every night. Hope you don't mind, it relaxes me, and I DO, need the practice. I'll just be me, ya see.... Glen here at GlenView. Where I give my views or my silliness or whatever! GOODNIGHT


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Whatever I do!

What's up? I feel, I say, I say . . . I feel the need to type a wee somethun on my good friend Hewie Picardo. (Fer those who donna know a nuthin, bout me, I feel good, today, yes I do!) "Why?" Hell I don't know, just do! Ah oh! I'm must be getting sick! Been busy, real busy with life shit. Ya, know! I'm sure ya do!

Been a workin my big ass off on my new job! You know what, I like it! Back on days after nye onto ten years on the graveyard shift. NOW, I see why it's called The Graveyard Shift. It'll fricking kill ya, sure-nuff.

Man oh man . . . I feel like shouting from the roof-tops, I've forgotten what sleeping during regular sleeping hours feels like. Sleeping about seven hours a night as sound as a . . . a . . . a . . . right good!

I do miss writing and plan to work it much more as I get adjusted. Just seems like there is a heap more things going on in the daytime. SUCH AS LIFE!

Lost my other old dog Pedro a couple weeks ago. Funny how you can get attached to four legged creatures.

All in all, things going right nice fer this old fart. Funny, how life has it's ups and downs. I reckon there's a reason huh? Enjoy them good times because life is all about them ups and downs ain't it?

When I began this exercise in ??? I knew I wanted to learn to type and get some of this here junk in my head into words, stories and such. I be in a real quandary in the beginning (Shit I stay in one!) not knowing nothing about nuthin, about words, Well I'm here to tell ya, I still don't, but I made the decision to just say whatever is on my mind. Kind a like if we were sitting in my living room talkin. Ya see sometimes I can be silly, in person and dag-gone it I want that to come through in my writing. Yes I do! There be too much sadness, troubles and the like in this here's old world. We need more humor, fun and maybe a tad of wisdom will peek outta them there clouds, ya know what I mean.  SURE YOU DO!

Please stay tuned for more of whatever it is I do!

Oh! Oh! Oh! My little project with my old 19 inch Toshiba TV is going good, picking up about twenty of them free channels with a $40.00 antenna. Seeing high definition on that old thing tickles the cockles of an old man's heart. WHY? HELL I DON'T KNOW JUST DOES! Goodnight my friends as always thanks fer tuning in! (A wee funny there!)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Times . . . They are a Changing! (Part 2)

A big HELLO to you. I woke up this morning turned on the computer and it showed me now residing in New York. Apparently I must of moved in one of my dreams last night! I checked the local radar and yep . . . New York. I thought that was kind a funny.

I been busy settling in to my new job at work and getting used to day shift again. DAMN! I thought time flew by on the graveyard shift. It's going by at warp speed on days. There ainna, nuff hours in me day. I feel good, mind and body. But DAMN! Some body's stealing time from me. That damn time crook is working over-time. If-un I find that rat bastard I gonna whoop his ass, yes I is!

It just occurred to me I didn't finish that tale or actually a true story from a couple weeks ago. Remember the R. Shack and then I visited the B. Buy store looking fer me a combination VCR and DVD recorder.

"Why do I want one?"

Thanks Sue, for asking that ?

"Well now, it seemed like a simple want to an old man. I have had a VCR recorder for a long time. I used to work the evening shift many moons ago. I was a Foreman ( Damn I be showing my age and I. Q. ) and wanted to record I. U. Basketball, Monday Night Football, and so on and so forth. Them were the days my friends, you could get only a few stations such as N. B. C., C. B. S., and A. B. C. Goodness gracious, how did we ever survive without Cable TV and them new fangled Satellite
receivers? Oh! Oh! Oh! I just remembered. I had completely forgotten how big them prehistoric satellite dishes were when they were first available for the average Joe's. BIG! Like six to eight footers, yep and expensive! This old boy could not afford them. Now their the size of grandma's largest frying pan. I was happy with my three stations and a VCR recorder. Yes I was!

Darn it! I got sidetracked and here I was gonna finish my story please stay tune through all the static and I'll get tuned in sooner or later.

I mean try to keep my brain tuned to one thought. (Like that's ever going to happen!)

So I go into this mega electronic store to buy what I thought was a simple recording device. I should of thought about it as soon as I walked in. Big! I'd reckon! So I dilly dally around all the modern gadgets which I knew not what they were. I see plenty of sales people but I'm a man, ya see, an old man and I wanted to find it on my on. Well now, finally I found the DVD players. Alongside them were two combination VCR/DVD combination, they had two of them. Yep that's it. I'm feeling mighty good about now! Yes I am!

On the front of the box it said you must have a separate tuner to get channels. Well even though I'm an old fart and out of touch with the modern electronic gizmo's, my cable provider furnished me with two of these new devices a year or two ago. I done been through that shit! Okey dokey now where was I?

I wish to ask one of them modern young computer nerds a question and after looking over hell's half acre I found one! (Apparently they seen this old man, that be me come in the door and all went to break!) So during this conversation one of these brainiac's tells me that "you can no longer record live television."

I say "WHAT?" That don't make no sense at all! I plum fucking perplexed, confused, pissed off. Here me is a old fart with money to spend and this here young pup tells me such a thing! I been recording off them three channels for 30 fricking years with a VCR. I bought my first one in the early fricking eighties. (Ah oh, that there be the problem, that was a century ago, or so it seems like it if you think about how much computers, cellphones and all the modern gizmo's have changed.) So bout now I feel like throwing my hands up in the air and running around that giant store acting like a mad man!

Well now being a man and a stubborn old cuss, I can't believe this young pup I buy it anyway.

Well now seems nothing comes easy to an old fart (that be me) in the modern age of electronics, So I think, I study the manual, I cuss and do get it hooked up to where I can record, yes I did! Why he said you can no longer record live T. V. I have no idea. Well I suspect they want you to buy the modern, satellite T. V, with the new type DVR.

I'm not done with this story yet. I figured since there no longer mass producing the old fashion VCR recorders I best buy me some VCR tapes. Oh shit! I can't find any! Finally I locate some and the saleslady says "those are hard to find we were out of them for a while." None of the modern stores carry them anymore, This store was an older type store that caters to a different type crowd, a buy in bulk discount store. Well now I just happen to be reading the classifieds in my local paper under miscellaneous and there for sale was a ten pack of VCR tapes never opened for $50.00, To prove how hard they are to find someone is attempting to make money off these. Many years ago you buy them for $20. Why am I writing about this? Times they are a changing and grandpa here has been left shaking his head at all the new fangled gizmo's.

Well now I get 31 channels on my lowest tier cable. I watch only 10 of these, the rest are useless channels you see. Example there are 3 Spanish channels, several shopping channels, several religious channels so I ainna getting diddly-squat fer me $23 per month. I know I know I be a cheap ass but I don't watch much of the boob tube, ya see.

Okay remember in the first part of me meandering madness I told of hooking up me old 19 inch Toshiba T. V. to free over the air channels. Well now them free ass channels are crystal clear and free! I have a friend who is getting 51 over the air channels with an in-expensive outdoor antenna. Well now I been checking them out and gonna buy me one of them!

Why? Well my mind be wrapped a tad different and seeing crystal clear channels my 19 inch television I bought almost 30 years ago brings more joy to me than I can write about. I hooked It up above my Hewie Picardo computer and am as happy as can be.