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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Times . . . They are a Changing! (Part 2)

A big HELLO to you. I woke up this morning turned on the computer and it showed me now residing in New York. Apparently I must of moved in one of my dreams last night! I checked the local radar and yep . . . New York. I thought that was kind a funny.

I been busy settling in to my new job at work and getting used to day shift again. DAMN! I thought time flew by on the graveyard shift. It's going by at warp speed on days. There ainna, nuff hours in me day. I feel good, mind and body. But DAMN! Some body's stealing time from me. That damn time crook is working over-time. If-un I find that rat bastard I gonna whoop his ass, yes I is!

It just occurred to me I didn't finish that tale or actually a true story from a couple weeks ago. Remember the R. Shack and then I visited the B. Buy store looking fer me a combination VCR and DVD recorder.

"Why do I want one?"

Thanks Sue, for asking that ?

"Well now, it seemed like a simple want to an old man. I have had a VCR recorder for a long time. I used to work the evening shift many moons ago. I was a Foreman ( Damn I be showing my age and I. Q. ) and wanted to record I. U. Basketball, Monday Night Football, and so on and so forth. Them were the days my friends, you could get only a few stations such as N. B. C., C. B. S., and A. B. C. Goodness gracious, how did we ever survive without Cable TV and them new fangled Satellite
receivers? Oh! Oh! Oh! I just remembered. I had completely forgotten how big them prehistoric satellite dishes were when they were first available for the average Joe's. BIG! Like six to eight footers, yep and expensive! This old boy could not afford them. Now their the size of grandma's largest frying pan. I was happy with my three stations and a VCR recorder. Yes I was!

Darn it! I got sidetracked and here I was gonna finish my story please stay tune through all the static and I'll get tuned in sooner or later.

I mean try to keep my brain tuned to one thought. (Like that's ever going to happen!)

So I go into this mega electronic store to buy what I thought was a simple recording device. I should of thought about it as soon as I walked in. Big! I'd reckon! So I dilly dally around all the modern gadgets which I knew not what they were. I see plenty of sales people but I'm a man, ya see, an old man and I wanted to find it on my on. Well now, finally I found the DVD players. Alongside them were two combination VCR/DVD combination, they had two of them. Yep that's it. I'm feeling mighty good about now! Yes I am!

On the front of the box it said you must have a separate tuner to get channels. Well even though I'm an old fart and out of touch with the modern electronic gizmo's, my cable provider furnished me with two of these new devices a year or two ago. I done been through that shit! Okey dokey now where was I?

I wish to ask one of them modern young computer nerds a question and after looking over hell's half acre I found one! (Apparently they seen this old man, that be me come in the door and all went to break!) So during this conversation one of these brainiac's tells me that "you can no longer record live television."

I say "WHAT?" That don't make no sense at all! I plum fucking perplexed, confused, pissed off. Here me is a old fart with money to spend and this here young pup tells me such a thing! I been recording off them three channels for 30 fricking years with a VCR. I bought my first one in the early fricking eighties. (Ah oh, that there be the problem, that was a century ago, or so it seems like it if you think about how much computers, cellphones and all the modern gizmo's have changed.) So bout now I feel like throwing my hands up in the air and running around that giant store acting like a mad man!

Well now being a man and a stubborn old cuss, I can't believe this young pup I buy it anyway.

Well now seems nothing comes easy to an old fart (that be me) in the modern age of electronics, So I think, I study the manual, I cuss and do get it hooked up to where I can record, yes I did! Why he said you can no longer record live T. V. I have no idea. Well I suspect they want you to buy the modern, satellite T. V, with the new type DVR.

I'm not done with this story yet. I figured since there no longer mass producing the old fashion VCR recorders I best buy me some VCR tapes. Oh shit! I can't find any! Finally I locate some and the saleslady says "those are hard to find we were out of them for a while." None of the modern stores carry them anymore, This store was an older type store that caters to a different type crowd, a buy in bulk discount store. Well now I just happen to be reading the classifieds in my local paper under miscellaneous and there for sale was a ten pack of VCR tapes never opened for $50.00, To prove how hard they are to find someone is attempting to make money off these. Many years ago you buy them for $20. Why am I writing about this? Times they are a changing and grandpa here has been left shaking his head at all the new fangled gizmo's.

Well now I get 31 channels on my lowest tier cable. I watch only 10 of these, the rest are useless channels you see. Example there are 3 Spanish channels, several shopping channels, several religious channels so I ainna getting diddly-squat fer me $23 per month. I know I know I be a cheap ass but I don't watch much of the boob tube, ya see.

Okay remember in the first part of me meandering madness I told of hooking up me old 19 inch Toshiba T. V. to free over the air channels. Well now them free ass channels are crystal clear and free! I have a friend who is getting 51 over the air channels with an in-expensive outdoor antenna. Well now I been checking them out and gonna buy me one of them!

Why? Well my mind be wrapped a tad different and seeing crystal clear channels my 19 inch television I bought almost 30 years ago brings more joy to me than I can write about. I hooked It up above my Hewie Picardo computer and am as happy as can be.  




  1. I don't fit in to this crazy world either anymore. Not really sure I want to. I'm glad you got things working with your favorite TV. I don't watch much tv myself and once my youngest moves out which will probably be before another year, I am getting rid of the cable.......maybe before actually. There are all kinds of alternatives out there and why pay for all those channels ya don't even watch right? You are a wise man my friend!