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Sunday, May 19, 2013

CAT DRUG IN! (Just being me!)

Lookee . . . lookee . . . lookee, at what the cat drug in! (Have I grabbed yer attention, that be my goal!!!)

For some reason this was at the forefront of me brain as I got into my van to leave work on Freaky Friday. (I'm feeling right good, brothers and sisters of my little bloggy kingdom!)  Yesterday the word inclination was on my mind at the same time. Humm . . . am I coming back to life? I sure hope so. I have been busier than a little Humming Bird crossing the Gulf of Mexico! Flapping them wings for all their worth. Don't you find that plum-ass fascinating? Them little hyperactive nectar filled bodies leave my house here in the heart of the Midwest, most probably making fuel stops all the way down to Georgia or Louisiana. Take on the biggest load their tiny body can hold. Their fat body works even harder to take off, flying non-stop to Central America. Whew-doggie . . .is that a feat or what?

I have been absolutely fascinated with them tee totally tiny slivers of the bird kingdom
since the third grade. One built a nest and had babies outside the window, the whole class was taken a back by them.

"Look at what the cat drug in," is an old saying some may not know. Since I hail from the country and all my family were poor country folk, I knows it, and have had cats since the day I got hitched. (That be married.)

I may or may not explain. WHAT? Well now, that there silly ass saying is the reason I'm at the type thing-a-ma-bob right now. I'm having some fun with ya and attempting to get this here motor of mine a typing once more. Ain't that a hoot?

Ya see, I been busy doing everything and nothing! It sure seems to me, an old man, that it takes much longer to accomplish anything. Simplicity has been thrown out the backdoor with the dishwater. OOPS! Another old saying. Shucks I'll never complete this post. I cannot keep me mind on the same path!

I'm still alive and kicking, the change in hours has wreaked havoc to my schedule as far as writing. I been busier than? Ya see, there don't see right now, to be enough hours in the day! Use ta have plenty of time it seemed. I work the same amount of hours as before, but time has changed! It's moving faster! I sleep less and feel good. BUT . . . DAMN!!! Them minutes have speed up!

(Oh shit! I just hate when this happens! How is the word moving faster, as in faster than speed, spelled? I want sped up. Like time seems to have sped up. My brain tells me there ain't no such a word, but that's what I want to use. SO SHIT! I have to look it up. See that just pisses me off! Here I be attempting to get on a roll and one measly, crummy ass word, has blankety blank blank . . . locked me noggin up!) Damn! damn! damn . . . ! (I always wanted to use that blankety, blank, blank thing! (((By the way what the frick does that mean???)

I wrote once upon a time, about fergetting about any properness . . . . . . and just write what my mind, AND what my ears, as in inner ears hears.

Okay back to that word we have speed. The ? be is there a word beyond speed? I wish or wanna to use sped as in time has sped up, since I have been on days and back to a normal schedule.

Whoopsey! I beg to differ with myself, if I may? Well I can can't I? OH SHIT! You'll think me daft? Let's clarify that word! You'll think me daffy, as in Daffy Duck ya know!

Somewhere along the lines and paragraphs that word I wanted to use NO LONGER seems important. DOES IT?

So is the more strengthful version of speed, as in sped up more to mean more correct or not? I NO LONGER CARE!  



  1. You do realize it has been 13 days since you wrote anything before this? You sure you are not stuck in some time warp somewhere? I was beginning to get really worried (sad face here).

    I guess I can see how life would change drastically once you changed shifts. I bet your lovely wife has been making you get busy on that "honey-do" list now that you are home at normal hours *smiles*

    Well I am just glad you are ok and glad to see you post something so I won't worry again for another two weeks. haha

  2. I can relate to being busy and not getting anything done.
    It's amazing how there is not enough time to do what you want to do when you have nothing to do.

    Your old boss.