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Monday, May 6, 2013


Silly stuff, we all experience it, and we may as well laugh at it, because it's funny. Seasonal allergies are starting and this weekend after mowing the grass they hit me smackdab in the head, ain't it fun? I've learned to live with it. Just part of life, you know! Feeling light headed, the usual crappola! Went to bed early to get my old body a good nights rest. Don't a wanna, to miss a, any work, with a, my a, new job. (Was that good for you? It was for me! I'm a silly old man ain't I!)

Anyways, I like to break in a new pair of work boots slowly on weekends, ya see. Don't want my feet to hurt. Man your whole body hurts when your feet hurt! Many years ago I had something called . . . something like . . . plantar fasciitis. It be when the ligaments on your heel hurts from whatever. It hurt like a needle sticking in your heel. No fun at all! I had a few cortisone shots in the heel and it would be okay for awhile. After a spell they quit working, so I went to a foot specialist and he custom fit me some orthopedic insoles.  That done the trick. I wear them in all my shoes. This morning I took them out of my new boots and placed them back in my old ones. Mighty simple task heah? I attempted to go to work, but could not find my keys. Damn! I have the feeling it's gonna be a rough day! I found my keys, rather my wife found my keys in my tool box. (Yep silly ain't I!) I done some work around the house even though my allergies were acting up, wasn't going to let them get the best of me. Well she knows how strange I am sometimes, so I went to work. Walking into the plant my shoes did not feel right. I chalked it up to wearing them new boots trying to break them it. Felt as though my right foot was shorter than my left one. Well now, I get busy at work and forget all about it. A very busy day demanded (I don't like-a that word!) all my attention. I did not think about this again until I took my shoes off. I check my other boots . . . nope, I look everywhere that made sense . . . nope! I think there be only one place they can be. (Their hard plastic, made to support your heel bone evenly.) Sure nuff! Them sons-a-bitches be both in my left boot of the shoes worn all day. I laugh and say to myself and I reckon to you now, "you silly old fart!" I got a good laugh at myself, on that one. Got to laugh at such foolhardiness don't ya?

I get to doing things and do silly things sometimes, we all do, don't we? We all, could write many stories, hell probably a book, if we could remember all the silly things in our life.

Interesting side note, whilst I'm thinking about it. It just now popped in my noggin (That be slang for brain, in case you didn't know.) This spring a cat shows up at our house. We live in what now could be considered suburbs. When we moved here it was country. Any housed (That be kind-a cute I believe I'll leave that in!) many cats have come and gone and stay we have them fixed. Don't want to add to the stray animal problem. This cat seemed awfully familiar. It had a weird me-oow and a white spot on it's right front leg. It was a totally black female cat except for one, inch and a half white sliver of a mark. It took us awhile to remember it. This was one of our old cats that was born here, possibly eight to ten years back. That mark was a bad cut we doctored with peroxide leaving that white mark. Wow we thought where had this cat been all these years. She was perfectly healthy. Maybe she had been on a "walk-about" as Crocodile Dundee said, when he took a long walk. We found that most interesting to say the least.

Any ways trying to get back in the hang of typin, a little somethun, somethun every night. Hope you don't mind, it relaxes me, and I DO, need the practice. I'll just be me, ya see.... Glen here at GlenView. Where I give my views or my silliness or whatever! GOODNIGHT


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  1. How very neat that the cat showed up after all of that time. It probably took up residence at some neighbor's house who fed it and then remembered you haha. I know I have not been posting much lately so I will try to give myself a prod in the azz and get back to doing what I love to do which is writing. I can't be leaving you here all alone with the wolves *smiles*

    Hope your allergies don't give you too hard a time Glen. Nothing worse than sinus headaches and all that other crap that goes with it.