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Sunday, September 14, 2014


The Elders of the universe cry. The little planet with everything to give, is in a state of impending doom. It should be utopia, natural resources a plenty. Why oh why . . .  is such a beautiful world being led to Armageddon?

The diamond in the rough nears self-destruction. How many bombs of annihilation does a tiny planet need?

The question is, let it play out to destruction, only to be re-seeded and grown again.

Interfere, many wish to do this. Too many good people shall be destroyed by the few who are sickened by the diseases of power, greed, control.

Wipe out the diseased ones, and save most of humanity, seems most logical!

After all in the animal kingdom the strong survive, the weak are weaned out.

Somehow in the human kingdom things have gone astray.

How is it possible that the regular humans are controlled like cattle to slaughter?

All are born and grow up with the same level of intelligence. Wrong.

The true ones of the earth, are simple ones, growing, living off the land, raising their young, seeing themselves as one with this beautiful planet.

The manipulative ones are lazy, educated in slavery, control, the simple ones of the land, are conquered, forced against their wishes, to either play the games or be destroyed. That's what happens when ones see the world from two different views.

To be simple, raise families, enjoy the simplistic needs of life.

Others are all about greed, control, those are their values.

The Elders decide to eliminate those not pure of heart.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Flummoxed, Flumadiddle, but wait, there's more!!!

WHOO-WEE . . . What kind of word is that? Flum-mox-ed . . . I have hit the mother lode of words here! I'm so excited, and perplexed. I don't even know what it means, yet I be a willing to give my five cents worth. Since I have little sense, who knows where this'll go. Maybe, I say MAYBE . .  I should just go to bed and dream about it. That would be the smart thing, but . . . you know me hopefully by now, and I have to go a couple rounds with flummoxed.

Flume be the first thing on my mind, like a flume of water coming down from the mountains.

Flu, don't like that!

Moxy = nerve, or I might say "that dude has plenty of balls!"

I'm gonna make me a word up about. I see and work with a bunch of flumos everyday. I just like the way that word sounds. It's my blog and I like it!!!


FLUMADIDDLE. Is that not a humdinger of a word or what? It means utter nonsense. or worthless frills.

I don't see how a cow's udder has any connection?  

((( Ohh! Silly me! When I say utter in me head, it sounds like udder. Never mind . . . old age brain fart thing! )))

Back to the fuming thing. Well what the hell be a fuming? I know what a fume is. Man sometimes I cut a fart you know, "sheesh where the hell did them fumes come from," I ask.

"I sure didn't eat anything that tasted that bad going in, I got me an internal gas maker some
where's up my ass!"

Gosh darn it, I got sidetracked . . . Imagine that!

I read a Norman Vincent Peale book a looong time ago, called The Power of Positive Thinking. Too bad it didn't work!

Anyhow, he mentioned, "fuming and fretting." 

If one is fuming, (giving off gas), and fretting, (mad) maybe that's what spontaneous human combustion be all about! Get soo mad and let one escape, flammo, good bye!

Fumadiddle is a variant of flumadiddle, well who gives a fuckadiddle!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Post It Note! err somethuin.

Up and watched the sunrise this cool Sunday morning. It was 57 degrees, walking around outside sends shivers through all me timbers, it was mightily ree-freshing though! Yes sir! Good friends of mine. Earlier in the week it was brutally hot, that darn ol' humidity don't wanna give up then dog days of summer without a fight. Them fall days are approaching real fast, can feel it already. Temperature never went higher than 75, I don't reckon yesterday. A breeze along with that coolness made it perfect mowing weather for this here, old man. I push mowed at the lowest setting a tryin' to kill that green shit out. We have had so much rain this summer I could still be a mowin' that stinkin', fricking carpet from Hellania twice a week, usually I mow once every two weeks by now.

No, no, no I don't mean to complain about the rain when plenty out there need it! Ya see I just hate to mow grass!  (Ainna like a smoking grass you know that gives ya a nice little buzz!) I get the sneezies and runny nose syndrome shite! I'm now using my mulching mower and mowing it by hand to eliminate some of that dander, blowout crap that gives me the sneezzy-gee-bees, from all them grasses, trees, hoodoo, voodoo, hist-a-mean-to-me SHITE! Takes me a lot longer but since I bought It, may as well use it before I lose it, ya see.

Haven't been posting, me mind's been, other places, AND not places I want it to be! No sir! I wish I had me a no-thinkin' switch, just turn me nose or something and turn that damn ol' no-thinkin switch off, HALLE-BERRY, oopsey, sorry, sometimes it's harder than a hard-on, being me! (Oh! did I just say what I thinka I said???)  (( I meant to say hallelujah! Butt, butt, butt!!! The first a thing that come to me mind when I was typing h-a-l-l-e, ya see . . .  was well . . . I'm sure you men understand! Is that not a fine woman, or what?))


I had to take a temporary hiatus from my madness to do some bathroom stuff, old man = weak bladder, ya know. I was really thirsty and I drank one of them mighty, BIG ASS DRINKS! It were soo good! "How good was it?" Usually, I'll drink on it, till the thing gets watery then I'll throw it away, but it taste, soo good I drank it down, faster than I thought! I'mma feelin' GOOD and SILLY!

Ohh, what I wanted to tell you, I be a gettin' more hits, when I don't write anything, than when I post. WHOOM? I do find that i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g!!! Right at this here, very moment I be a getting, over 20 hits from France, several from, Germany and Russia. I love The Eiffel Tower! How the hell do you keep that thing standing, for so long? My ancestry dates back to Germany. My favorite author is from Russia, Fyodor Dostoevsky.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!



Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Doctor, Doctor!

Another trip to the Doctor today. Same O, same O. O hell! I changed my mind, strike what I just said from your mind!

I seem to be in a relaxed mood, but nothing's, not dropping from, me mind. I watched a couple episodes of Naked and Afraid. My question is . . . who in their right fricking mind, would want to do this? I reckon that sums up MORE  STUPID  PEOPLE!!!

Damn, if I don't come up with a little something I'll just go to bed. The thing about the meds I take is, I have to take supplements like iron, potassium, and such because the meds I'm on for high blood pressure, four to be exact, and the maximum amount on each. The Doctor told me "You take enough Blood pressure pills to put down a mule!"

That in itself is funny only because I brought my dad home 30 years ago from the big city hospital after a procedure, it was then that Doctor said "I give him enough medicine to put down a mule!" Funny thing though I made a wrong turn and got lost, here we thought he was sleeping, nope, my dad said, "go up here and make a right" he was fully alert!!!

My Doctor said "I'll put you on another one. but I've never had to place, no one on that much medicine before!"

I said "no that's enough, I'm not taking any more!"

This last visit was 145/80, about normal for me.

What did people do many years, before them blood pressure monitors, and all the modern medicines? Died most likely, what do you think?

I purchased my own blood pressure monitor, after getting used to it I take it with me to the Doctor and check it before going in. It would run about 10 points lower than his. I believe it elevates because I absolutely hate to wait, and sure as hell don't like going to the Doctor!!!

I had one of them procedures where they cut into the main artery in your leg and run one of them scopes up to check for blockage in your kidneys and heart and they show no blockage. They keep you awake during this procedure. The reason I'm telling you this is, my blood pressure was fine before the procedure, then they give me a small dose of valium, if me mind remembers correctly. It stayed down before, during, and after this catheterization, if I remember the name of this procedure correctly.

We are all different. I ask me Doctor to prescribe me the lowest dosage of something like a sedative, I know for a fact I'm one of them high strung individuals. He would not. That's the time he said "you take enough meds to put down a mule!"

All I can say to that is, when I'm within my safety zone, I'm good, but when I'm out of that, I'm not! The older I get, the harder it becomes to stay within myself.