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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Flummoxed, Flumadiddle, but wait, there's more!!!

WHOO-WEE . . . What kind of word is that? Flum-mox-ed . . . I have hit the mother lode of words here! I'm so excited, and perplexed. I don't even know what it means, yet I be a willing to give my five cents worth. Since I have little sense, who knows where this'll go. Maybe, I say MAYBE . .  I should just go to bed and dream about it. That would be the smart thing, but . . . you know me hopefully by now, and I have to go a couple rounds with flummoxed.

Flume be the first thing on my mind, like a flume of water coming down from the mountains.

Flu, don't like that!

Moxy = nerve, or I might say "that dude has plenty of balls!"

I'm gonna make me a word up about. I see and work with a bunch of flumos everyday. I just like the way that word sounds. It's my blog and I like it!!!


FLUMADIDDLE. Is that not a humdinger of a word or what? It means utter nonsense. or worthless frills.

I don't see how a cow's udder has any connection?  

((( Ohh! Silly me! When I say utter in me head, it sounds like udder. Never mind . . . old age brain fart thing! )))

Back to the fuming thing. Well what the hell be a fuming? I know what a fume is. Man sometimes I cut a fart you know, "sheesh where the hell did them fumes come from," I ask.

"I sure didn't eat anything that tasted that bad going in, I got me an internal gas maker some
where's up my ass!"

Gosh darn it, I got sidetracked . . . Imagine that!

I read a Norman Vincent Peale book a looong time ago, called The Power of Positive Thinking. Too bad it didn't work!

Anyhow, he mentioned, "fuming and fretting." 

If one is fuming, (giving off gas), and fretting, (mad) maybe that's what spontaneous human combustion be all about! Get soo mad and let one escape, flammo, good bye!

Fumadiddle is a variant of flumadiddle, well who gives a fuckadiddle!

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