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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Doctor, Doctor!

Another trip to the Doctor today. Same O, same O. O hell! I changed my mind, strike what I just said from your mind!

I seem to be in a relaxed mood, but nothing's, not dropping from, me mind. I watched a couple episodes of Naked and Afraid. My question is . . . who in their right fricking mind, would want to do this? I reckon that sums up MORE  STUPID  PEOPLE!!!

Damn, if I don't come up with a little something I'll just go to bed. The thing about the meds I take is, I have to take supplements like iron, potassium, and such because the meds I'm on for high blood pressure, four to be exact, and the maximum amount on each. The Doctor told me "You take enough Blood pressure pills to put down a mule!"

That in itself is funny only because I brought my dad home 30 years ago from the big city hospital after a procedure, it was then that Doctor said "I give him enough medicine to put down a mule!" Funny thing though I made a wrong turn and got lost, here we thought he was sleeping, nope, my dad said, "go up here and make a right" he was fully alert!!!

My Doctor said "I'll put you on another one. but I've never had to place, no one on that much medicine before!"

I said "no that's enough, I'm not taking any more!"

This last visit was 145/80, about normal for me.

What did people do many years, before them blood pressure monitors, and all the modern medicines? Died most likely, what do you think?

I purchased my own blood pressure monitor, after getting used to it I take it with me to the Doctor and check it before going in. It would run about 10 points lower than his. I believe it elevates because I absolutely hate to wait, and sure as hell don't like going to the Doctor!!!

I had one of them procedures where they cut into the main artery in your leg and run one of them scopes up to check for blockage in your kidneys and heart and they show no blockage. They keep you awake during this procedure. The reason I'm telling you this is, my blood pressure was fine before the procedure, then they give me a small dose of valium, if me mind remembers correctly. It stayed down before, during, and after this catheterization, if I remember the name of this procedure correctly.

We are all different. I ask me Doctor to prescribe me the lowest dosage of something like a sedative, I know for a fact I'm one of them high strung individuals. He would not. That's the time he said "you take enough meds to put down a mule!"

All I can say to that is, when I'm within my safety zone, I'm good, but when I'm out of that, I'm not! The older I get, the harder it becomes to stay within myself.

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  1. I have always heard that people's blood pressure is higher at the doctors office, so your reading is probably the right one. Try going to the doctor and waiting 2 hours even after they put you in the examining room. How many times can you read the copy of their medical license which is on the wall before you get really tired of looking at it , yet there is nothing else to look at. That happened to me one time and by the time they finally came in there my blood pressure was through the roof.