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Thursday, May 31, 2012

In My Dreams!

I feel the need to type something although I do not as yet know what it is. Have I confused you? You must stand in line behind me first! Its close to bed time but I feel the need to sign off. I have developed a nightly habit of typing whatever is on my mind. My mind seems blank and I know that's not possible! I have been reading for about an hour, the book I'm reading is delightfully stimulating, so how could my brain be dead? First guess would be overuse, not possible where I work! There should be a sign over the time card "check your brain here!" So what then be my predicament? Uh, why am I asking you? Like I can here the feedback! Funny thing is I think we're all connected, through the Mind net, whether we believe or even think about it. Think me crazy, that's okay, we're all crazy in our own way. One only has to observe others, listen to others. No I mean really listen! Not the shake your head in agreement nod, as to be nice. Here in Daisyville, I have major suspicion all across the lands, over the oceans, into every nook and cranny of the globe, we be crazier now than ever!!! I give to you evidence my honorable friends. Television across this planet, more channels than a remote can count. Then why can't you stay on one program and enjoy? Watching The Ed Sullivan Show and Walt Disney on Sunday night on a small screen black and white television with a snowy picture that would rolled uncontrollably sometimes was AWESOME in 1964! We dare not leave for one second to get a snack, holding our bladder until tears came out our eyes! Today there's 72 inch surround sound with definition so good you can see every line on your favorite actor's face. We turned the living room into a TV room. Why was it called a living room for anyway? There's popcorn, soda's, half eaten sandwiches, 500 DVDs. Computer phones that holds more information than Encyclopedia's. Ah oh, sorry I'm showing my age and ignorance. Do people today, even know what an Encyclopedia is? I bet not! Take a young one born in the last 30 years they would not know what the Dewey Decimal System is let alone an actual library.They have the Internet! What was I thinking? We have too much of too much! Our minds are not overloaded, we're fricking bored out of our fricking skulls! Glory be.... 24 hour weather channel. Please explain to me why in the hell would advertisers, advertise their products that only repeats the same fricking thing 24 hours a day? 24 hours a day news channels that rot yer fricking brain with the same-O, same O!!!!!!!!!!!! Who wants to hear Politicians, Wall Street, Wars, Deaths, Millionaire cry baby athletes and Movie Stars that can't live on a a gazillion $$$$. Waa! waa! waa! I feel so sorry for you!!! Try living on my salary one !@#$ing year assholes!!!

Now I've only been into this blog thing for a little while you see. I take a few minutes, occasionally checking some stories that appear on my home page. Holmes! They be taking over the hood baby!!! Main Stream has invaded! Okay, okay! okay, this Face Book stuff. What the hell is this all about. This young feller creates this, sells stock bringing in more money than............................?  I don't get it nor do I want to get it! Somethings wrong, badd wrong and we're flushing ourselves down the crapper! I think I was born during the wrong century!

Did we not... Once upon a time, manufacture product with craftsmanship, believing in something for a reason, with morals, courage, ethics, humanity! Maybe I learned that in school, no I read fairy tales as a kid, no, no,no I remember now, it's only when I dream, when I dream baby I dream!!! Glen, GOODNIGHT! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Glimpse Inside My Mind, Killdeer, & More!!!

Tonight was totally opposite of yesterday, same time, same place here in Daisyville. Remember now, that be my very own magical mystery world where yours truly resides. HELLO! I shall describe my world as only I can, a real yet make believe world from the inner workings of an old man's mind. Sometimes I feel as an old man waking up becoming young once again. I sometimes feel revived and "Lord have mercy," I am the whole revival, like the tent meetings my family attended as a child! A visiting Evangelist sits up a tent in the hot summertime, yep I'm not lying to ya! If you don't know what in the hell I'm talking about, I beg you to see the movie Elmer Gantry. It's an old black and white movie made back in the late fifties or early sixties with Burt Lancaster. Gosh darn it!!! I can't remember some of the other names but I see their faces. If this movie doesn't move you then you be a hopeless case. It's about spirit, amazement, innocence, good acting. It be movies like you don't see anymore! Hallelujah brothers and sisters I'm feeling good tonight!

Last night it was 82 degrees, warm beautiful light breeze. Daisyville was.... far out baby! Sixties flashback sorry! No, not drugs, too much television I reckon! Oh! oh! oh! Lightning done hit me! If I remember right, did Shirley Jones play the mother on The Partridge Family? If my old mind is correct she won an award for a small part she played in Elmer Gantry.

What? "Yes I know I can google it!" What do you take me for an ox or a moron. The parting of my thoughts to find information can be such sweet sorrow. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha! I be such an oxymoron!!!

ANYWAY.... before my mind carried me away.... tonight was a cool damp 62 degrees. I had my windows up in  my truck as I made my midnight delivery. After work I'm driving on the outskirts of Daisyville and there was low lying fog, here and yonder. Yes, I did make it over to my fav-o-rite convenience store. There was an interesting guest on my fav-o-rite radio program. I listen while enjoying my diet fountain red pop. (That be soda.)  So I'm sucking on my straw and I see something scurrying across the pavement out of the corner of my eye. It were little, it were fast! I'm thinking, "what in tarnation was that?" I sit up in my seat to get a better look and scurrying, hurrying, to and fro, as fast as it could go was.... On the sidewalk mind ya.... on the side.... of a convenience store.... in the asphalt parking lot was.... a bird with long skinny legs, scurrying (I like that word!) Yep I kid you not! I also seen that little sucker the other night but forgot all about it until I seen it again tonight. I believe there called Killdeer. We had one make a nest smack dab in the middle of our stone driveway for several years. They be cute little critters,  momma would get right rancy if you come her way while she was sitting on the nest, so we would drive around her and stay out of her way! Yes we did!

Well it's late, I been enjoying a book called Crime and Punishment. What can I say? I give you a glimpse inside my mind but this Fyodor Dostoevsky and the inner workings of Raskolnikov and now the character of Razumihin, Lord have mercy!!! I find myself totally immersed in a way I have NEVER been. Not an easy read like most of the books I read. The characters are forever embedded in my mind as no others have. The in depth details make the main character and the minuscule ones stand out forever wrenching your heart. I've just read a chapter going into another character Razumihin in such detail mind wise that has left me??? I've decided I'm going to reread that whole chapter again and savor it more than the first time.

Coincidences seem to run rampant so far in Raskolnikov's life. I identify with that in a strange way at this stage of my life! Why have I not read this book before now? Most interesting question! My answer "the time was not yet right!" Hum.... why? I ponder upon that at this moment. I have not read ANY books in the last couple years. Once I was an avid reader. I have placed my heart and my soul into this maddening escape I call Glen View. Only recently my boss brought me a book called The Help and I enjoyed it, renewing a long lost passion. I became entwined with the main characters in the way I once did as a young reader that could not get enough. I laughed, I cried, I hated the mean characters. I sit on the edge of my seat as Minny, Skeeter and Abileen meet under the cover of darkness to tell and write stories that may get them killed.

There I go rambling again. The time was not yet right, until now, to read this book. We must live, we must experience, to appreciate this story.   

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Storm

It's thundering as I type, the last few days have been irritably hot! We have gone from rainy coolness to dry and hot most recently! Now a front comes through giving another taste of  mother's nature. The southeast is getting hit, much worse than here.

I hope your long weekend was favourable! I have been immersed in a book for a few days, not an easy read, most interesting however. The most challenging novel I have ever immersed myself into. The 10 years of captivity the author went through is unfathomable. Facing a firing squad looking at your own grave and the mental torture certainly gives an inside, into his thoughts. One must remember that while reading this classic! I may even give a book report on it who knows! I haven't given a book report since high school a long way back.

The thunder is eerie in a strange peaceful way. The same as listening to a train rumble by, breaks up the silence of 4 AM. We could use the rain, the farmers have their crops planted, the rain will cause them sprouts to shoot up high and mighty. I could not resist an 80 degree midnight ride. It called to me, "Glen, Glen, please to come out and play. I was not planning on going out tonight, I wished to stay put in the spoiled air-conditioning. I heard the night call and visit the peacefulness of a sliver moon and the snuggling darkness.

Yes! I must visit my fav convenience store, old habit I do not wish to break. Besides, the clerk would get mad at me if I did not visit them. We do not know each other on a first name basis but seeing a known face probably is comforting in the wee hours of the morning. Strangers coming off the interstate can cause much distress, I have seen many of these strangers and believe you me, I an old man become distressed upon witnessing  some!

The gentle southern breeze seems to pass through my body, quieting my soul down farther than I've ever been before. I take it as a heavenly sign, so far away from my normal working vortex! There I be if only to totally appreciate the night's joy.

I ride through town with my windows down. I see many out tonight, motorcyclist wearing only short sleeved shirts. Wow! I recall when I use to do that! County Mounties, State Troopers, City Coppers out in force, "damn have we been invaded," I think!

I see what is called heat lightning in the southern sky, the storm slowly rolling in. The air feels so hot and moist, if not for the beautiful breeze it would be hot. I pass through a quick downpour then dryness up ahead.

I ponder upon the book I'm reading, the storm seems relevant. Beyond the quiet peace is there always a storm brewing? I think yes! We must enjoy the spiritual being inside all of us because in our hearts we know the storms are always out there waiting!!!  Glen

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Not Yet Done With The Night

Last night at midnight it was 82 degrees wonderful! I was out and about after reading Uh-Clem's book for a spell. Comforting is the word to describe the beauty of the snuggly warm night.You know the feeling. That warm cozy feeling of jumping into bed on a cold winter's night, when the old northwestern wind is a howling, I do! When I was a boy we didn't have central heat, so the bedrooms were the farthest away from--- in our case the fuel oil stove. I would stand in front of the blower heating up my Roy Rogers jammies until my buttocks were toasty warm, then I would high tail it to my bed! Purr-fect!Visions of Roy and Trigger were soon in my head.

 Just a speck of breeze as I smell a slightly different aroma this fine morn. It briefly took me aback as I realise it was not the natural beautiful smell of late spring as in flowers. I laugh as I identify the country smell. Only this time it was so light my nose did not tell my mind oooweee! I reasoned it had to be a hog farm that was about a mile or so away as the crow flies. I found it funny that I have never smelled that before in my fav convenience store parking lot. Then I thought--- one of them smelly stock trucks must of went by and I smell the left over fumes because it lasted only a short time. If you have ever been behind a semi loaded with pigs whew-wee!!!

Anyhow I got me a fountain diet drink and an apple. Yep an apple instead of one of them apple pies covered in sugar. Um, um good that's what my apple was!

I close my eyes enjoying the peace of the night, nothing on my late night radio program I find interesting. I brought a book with me, so I'm about to enjoy the peace of the night taking myself away for a few chapters. I know you're thinking "how can that old man enjoy the night"? I suppose it is a learned trait going all the way back to childhood. I find solitude in being alone with no hustle and bustle. As a young boy in the heat of July,  August nights it was too hot to sleep, sometimes I would lean on the window sill and stare at the stars in the sky. It felt good, real good, so right! Later on after marriage, we lived far out in the country, after getting off work at midnight me and my Missy would ride around, cooling down after working in a hot factory without air-conditioning. There was ovens to dry the paint so it was hotter inside than it was outside. Upon going home sometimes I found that I was not yet done with the night. I would sit outside in my swing with my dog and swing into the daylight hours. I laugh even now as I reminisce, seeming only yesterday, but real time was nye onto 30 plus years ago. My favorite drink was a beer and a peanut butter sandwich, hey don't knock it unless you have tried it. I haven't had a beer in 10 years and don't allow myself peanut butter anymore. I do partake of peanuts on my diet though. (Whoopsey, I meant lifestyle change as in makeover, you know what I mean Vern!) You may think me nutty, that's quite alright with me, because in actuality ye ain't seen nothing yet into my adventures in writing. I'm an addict in the first stages baby! The keyboard be my needle and whatever me old brain can come up with, I'm gonna stick ya with it!  Glen

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hello my friends another Memorial day is upon us. Per usual no words of wisdom to expand upon. A friend of mine who remains nameless so I'll use his nickname Uh-Clem, yep you read right! He choose this name, not me! He be a smart one graduated college and everything. I don't know how we hooked up, must of felt sorry for an old country boy I reckon. Any how, we like to talk about various things you see. The funny thing is we grew up in the same state, only he moved to California and took big time to college working for one of the biggest companies in the world. We're the same age, I stayed in corn country and went to high school, then to working in manufacturing. The number one thing we have in common is we like to read and we both have a blog. He is totally committed to a wonderful cause with his blog and well, I probably should be committed to a mental hospital! He took creative writing classes in college and everything!! Me I'm learning to type with my daily practicing on you! Sorry! Oh and as I'm sure you can tell I ain't never in my whole life attempted to write until this blog, so I say  "BIG HELLO" from corn country in the heart of the Midwest. He has encouraged me to do this and has helped me more than I can ever repay. Funny how things work out sometimes. Thanks Uh-Clem. So Uh-Clem brings me a book and said "this is the greatest novel ever written!" Wow--- he don't beat around the bush do he!

Uh-Clem said "I read this book for the first time when I was 14 years old."

I started feeling good about the book then, I thought it may of been one of them college books, there certainly be no way an old man who barely graduated high school will understand it.

He says "this book will make you a better writer."

My mind flashes back you know, some of that dejavu stuff. Sweat begins popping out on my forehead as I remember them English work books from junior high school. Verbs, adverbs, nouns, double negatives, dangling something or the others, etc......... Sheesh! I no longer feel the need to write, he done healed me of that temporary affliction!

Uh-Clem gives me a book that was written 150 years ago. What in tarnation is this old man thinking! Damn Abe Lincoln was in the White House! He's been talking to me too much and back in his home state too long, he best be moving back to California!

Uh-Clem says "now you have to take your time, study and think upon his words and the names may seem a little strange so you may want to shorten them."

 Have mercy I'm sweating like a dog who just had a bath shaking itself dry! He gives a name that starts with R and seemed to end with a Russian vodka or whatever, I'll call him "Rusty." Probably about a poor Russian farmer and the antics of farming I'm thinking.

The title of the book is, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

I read the introduction by Joseph Frank, now I'm thinking "this be one of them scared straight programs Uh-Clem is pulling on old Glen here." Uh-Clem gonna scare the writing, right out of me! He is a true friend!
Whew-wee this ain't going to be easy reading like the Farmers Almanac for Dummies! Man Oh Man I read the first chapter. This ain't no book like I ever read a fore. I thought I had some problems, this here Rusty fella. I changed his name to Rascal but don't tell Clem. I mean Uh-Clem. Rascal sure do seem to fit this Raskolnikov fella!

I knew I was in trouble on the first page, hell the first sentence. The word garret was used, the only way I knew garret, is as in Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett.Then the second paragraph used abject. Sure I can reason it out in the sentence, I see I'm going to have to slow my reading down and turn my comprehension up a mite. A mite my ass, more like a Mighty Mite!!!

When I was in junior high we had them reading projectors. Wow ancient science by today's magical computer phones, anyways, they wanted me to read faster. I didn't want to read faster. I read at the speed I felt comfortable with. Well to make a long story short, the speed went up drastically, but there was one drawback to my new reading technique. Damn my comprehension went into the crapper!!!

So about 46 years later and a lot of books I have read purely for fun such as the one I just concluded The Help. I'm going to retrain my mind before the speed reading teacher ucked it up. Now I can trace my lack of comprehension back to the moment. So my buddy Uh-Clem has regressed me back.

I look at it this way, us old people loose brain cells as we grow older, that be a fact! The best thing for old brains is to keep active. So I'm going to either increase brain cells or fry what fricking cells I have left, you dig! Sorry old hippie saying. Ain't Uh-Clem a pal! I'm gonna learn or go on disability and let you out there pay for me!!! Ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahah Glen

Friday, May 25, 2012


Whatever I say has been said before! So why say anything at all? Whether it's funny, sad, dark, enlightening, scary, thoughtful, whatever! The only thing unique about words is the feelings you get from what you read. To always write what's in my head, via my heart is what I shoot for. I give to you, my heart, my soul.

I truly enjoy reading. Be it the newspaper, I absolutely love holding that sucker up. Hey, have you noticed how the newspaper has gotten smaller, or is it just me? Something about holding, a book, magazine, takes me back, waay back! The type size also appears to be getting smaller, so I increase my bifocals, thank God for that. I have been on a reading kick recently, real books. I quit reading books to focus on my latest hobby. I didn't want to be influenced, while experimenting with my new world. I cannot explain why I jumped wholeheartedly into this quicksand of words, typing, computers. Nope never had the need for a computer in my life, never typed, hated English class, but loved to read!!!

I always read to get away, losing myself in other worlds. Growing up poor, can't be changed! Books can fill some voids. That more than anything else probably has been my salvation in life. I dare to glimpse back at my darkest hours, but as I review, I was reading a book, which always allowed a glimmer of hope to penetrate my soul.

Something from deep inside, cries out, I must put my thoughts into words, even though I struggle with the basics of writing.  My words, my way, from MY HEART! Be it self-therapy, who gives a rats ass, it be ME! There is no greater gift one person can give to another than, snapshots from inside, straight from the heart.

Besides the normal pleasures of reading, that can take you, where you have never gone before, is the greatest pleasure of all. I know your asking "WHAT!!!" There's the every day reading, why I have always read, to get away! Huum! Most interesting! I've always read as an escape.. Escape from what? The shackles we're born with, in an attempt to break free! We're dissatisfied with whatever the reasons are, countless I suppose. To me as I place myself on the couch for enlightenment 60 years later, it was hopelessness.

The greatest pleasure of reading is to read what others say, filling you inside, you shine like a big lighthouse. Someone has put into words the exact way you feel! It's like, they have jumped inside your head and took your thoughts, arranging them with so much meaning your heart skips a beat! You cry out YES!!! Man don't ya love it!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I work in a factory environment, well sort of! I will be giving hints from time to time and one of these days I'll lay on you what I do, rather-- the product we make. I actually like my job. It's the easiest work and the --- damn how do I say this ??? The easiest bossing around, this here old boy has ever had, in 42 years of working--so how could it be rough--well from time to time in my own way I'll touch upon it. You're saying to yourself  "well what in tarnation do you have to complain about?" I gonna tell ya, in my own way, yep I am.

The town of Daisyville is where I live, right close, let me say that again, real close to where I work. Once I could of, the important word here is, could of, oopsey that be two words! What if I connect them two words with this, could-of, is it one or two words? (It be soo hard for me to keep my mind on one thought, I hate when that happens, actually it's all the fricking time, so's-- I just have to live with it!) Once, as in me younger days, before the many injuries of life and the damn meds, screwed me up. Once, I could of walked two miles through Daisyville to work. Now, I'm too old and mentally disabled. I must drive my 1997 Van. Yep, ya heard right, this old man still drives last century's vehicle. You know what, that sucker has been paid off, fer a long fricking time! Anyways, if I was to walk to work, I would not be able to work, at least wise, not fer a spell, until after I take some pain medicine and sipped a heap (that be a lot) of caffeine. The area around where I live for ever more, will be known as Daisyville. Why? I was making my late night delivery in my truck and that there word, plum jumped into my mind. Don't pay no attention to the crazy use of words here on Glen View. I write it as my mind hears it! Why? !@#k I don't know, that be how me brainee thing-a-ma-jiggee works. I don't have me one of them new fancy smancy telly-phones, with all that computer smart stuff in it! No sir! I gots to use me brain, it be getting plum old, worn out, from where's I work and where's I live. Why Daisyville? Damn ya people be asking an old, tired, worn out, mentally challenged man a lot o questions tonight! What be the dang deal? I'm so glad ya are, gives me something to write about. Ya see, I absolutely love being silly, must-a be something in my Daddy's genes, that came through when he had his jeans off, ya-know... Aw come on now, that's worth a chuckle, work with me here!

Damn! Damn! Damn! I was talking about something before my brain interrupted me! I be old fashion. Bosses use-ta. (That be the same as use to, only I be silly, as silly as fake vomit tonight, or one of them whoopee cushions!) Bosses use to boss and workers used to work. I know I'm probably showing my age as well as my IGNORANCE, hey we're allowed to do that, one of the best benefits of being old! Them lines sure be blurry today... Blurry my ass, blind as a bat!


My medicines seem to be kicking in big time, because I'm getting a mite hot, OR I have been using my mind too much, so before I turn to ashes from spontaneous human combustion I best say goodnight y'all!


Monday, May 21, 2012

One with the night...

Per usual I have a mumbled, jumbled bunch of stories in my head. I think that's the problem! I have a ton of short stories I wish to write. Almost daily new ones pop through, from out of nowhere and from my dreams. That's my first love, problem is they take quite a bit of time. I cannot help but see stories no matter where I go. I work the graveyard shift in case some of you do not know that. I can't sleep at night so during warm nights I'm out and about, an old habit, like the good old days me and my old dog Punkster took midnight rides every Sunday morning. During the winter I don't venture out, but something about warm days and nights I cannot explain. Something spiritual about the early morning hours, that calls out to me. I listen to my favorite radio program, Coast to Coast, it stirs my imagination with a never ending variety of  topics. The kind you won't hear in the day time, no politics or Rush Limbaugh, thank God! I get a bag of cashews and a  soda and lose myself, literally!

If I was a regular day shift worker, this would not happen, of that I'm sure of, however that's not the case and won't be for the rest of my life. I work at a job that must be done as others sleep. I teasingly say "someone has to make the doughnuts".  As hard as it is to believe an awful lot goes on after the 9 to 5 people go home. The world seems to evolve around those hours, the rest of us are forced to work for various reasons!

Twice this week I have come face to face with stories people probably wish to just "sweep under the rug" so to speak! I cannot! I was at what may seem to be one of my favorite spots and in retrospect, I suppose it is! I like fountain sodas, peanuts and at 3 AM where you gonna go? Yep yer fav Convenience Store, as bad as I hate to admit it, I have one. It's a newer one close to the interstate, also close to one of them all night big box stores. I can get fuel for my Chevrolet Venture Van, fuel for me and stories. Being a member of The Night Shift Club, I go where most people don't. I write of what I see, feel and sense.

I have been reading a book called Help. Thursday night after work I get me peanuts, drink and the morning newspaper fresh off the press. The weather has been so nice I wish to relax listening to my program, read the paper and some of the book. I know yer thinking this old man is strange! I say "THANKS!" I do not wish to be like everybody else. The peace I feel in the night, this time of the year through summer is unexplainable. I become one with the night, the world moves at my speed. After a hard day's night (sorry an old Beatles tune) I can relax and reap the benefit of pure and total mind cleansing relaxation, my own sort of meditation I reckon!
DAMN!!! I know I ramble, but this is how I think! Seems I can be thinking too many words, sentences, stories, simultaneously. I had high hopes in time my focus would come clear! It only gets worse! You may laugh at me, but it's as though the thoughts of many other individuals are trying to come through at the same time! That's why I make fun of the ones I lovingly call Missfits in my head. You know channel surfing as in TV, maybe I'm a soul surfer. I use to convince myself that all people are alike, but as I age, I know that certainly is not true!

I'm checking the air in my tires at 3 AM, a man in a pick up truck parks and walks over to me talking a mile a minute. Don't take long to realize he is asking for a handout. An older man, bout my age in an older pick up. Since I'm hard of hearing and don't have my hearing aids in, I don't catch everything. Anyway to make a long story short. One never knows whether the person is telling the truth or not. I used to not give money to ones like this. Then one day I had a conversation with myself. I feel bad for quite a spell after witnessing people on street corners holding a sign for help. If I cannot spare a few dollars that may or may not help somebody in need, then what kind of a person am I? I must live with myself and my conscience!!! GLEN


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Me & Myself!

I feel plum silly tonight but in a different, silly way. It be a good feeling, yet mischievious silly. Not a tuckered out stupid kind of silly. Oh shucky dern, I better try to explain, if I can! I use to get a good, although tired, yet relaxing peace, years ago after getting off of work... Oh crap, maybe I best try to explain that a little more! This may take a post just to examine and explain my current state of mind. I have quit taking Aleve to aleve my pains and pushing my old body harder, as in physical activity + I have lost a few bags of taters I use to eat... Huumm, do ya reckon after several weeks of more than normal body aches and such my tired old body is reaping the rewards of a better diet? If that be the case then excuse me while I say one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies, please hold............. (Yippee-Yi-ah.) ((I could not bring myself to type the rest of the words, please use your imagination, remember Bruce Willis in Die Hard.))

I'm going to ask meself, "self, why you be feeling so good?"

Self answers, "maybe, just maybe, I be turning the corner, you know what I mean Vern!"

Me answering, "nope and I best explain that, you know what I mean Vern shit! An actor, Jim Varney played a character he made famous in commercials and several movies, that was his line, "you know what I mean Vern!"

Me will ask once more, "self why you be feeling so good?"

Self answers, "first off, don't you think that people reading you, asking yourself and answering yourself questions, might look just a wee bit unusual?"

Me answers, "nope, causin if anyone in this big old world has read any of my silly, ramblings, they already know I'm nuts!"

Self, "I'll second that you multiple personality crazy ass!"

Me, "so self do you mind please answering the orignal question?"

Self, "if we didn't ramble so much, maybe we could write something. Well I reckon, we, as in, you and, I, or is it, me and you, damn, you make me so !@#$ing crazy! Here's a self diagnosis, hahaha, that be funny!!! Our mind has teetered on the precipice for so long, we have finally gone over, and are in that mode before we become a big SPLAT on the boulder down below, we be so plum stupid from watching all those Road Runner cartoons years ago, that we think we're going to be like the nemesis of the Road Runner, Mr. Coyote and live through the SPLAT, with just stars flying over our head. OR, it could be them medicines finally kicking in. Think of all them meds finally mending the holes in our head! OR most likely it be old assheimers setting in! Yep! We've always had some wisenheimer in us!"

Me, "well what I be hoping is.... with warm weather upon us, eating better causin me to feel better both mentally and physically, old smart ass Glen be ready for a change of pace fer awhile. I have this feeling from within that there is a ray of hope in this old man. I see the light house of life welcoming me into it's safe harbor to enjoy life fer a spell. Damn! I'll take happiness, silliness, feeling good anyway I can get it!!! Ain't HOPE grand, whether it be through the mind of a big loony toony or WHATEVER!!!   Goodnight my friends, y'all come back now ya here, you know what I mean!"  GLEN

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grumpy and the Freeloaders!

I have always wanted to do a regular, as in daily humor section from my everyday encounters. I have toyed with it, in a few posts. I've thought of many titles, but the one I have been waiting for, has finally arrived. Yep! The title of this post. It will be obvious why I chose this title as I advance into the exploration of these characters. I wish to emphasize these are fictitious characters. The title character of this escapade in complete silliness, where fundamental reasoning and common sense is thrown out the window! Grumpy will be somebody you may recognize... Well, you won't actually see, you know! I intend to give you glimpses to  fuel your imagination. So in a way, through your imagination, I wish to paint pictures, so I reckon, if you have the imagination that once made childhood so colorful, you will see, you see!!! Characters will come and go with the cast being unlimited, as many as, as, as, I create. Oh shit! Now, I'm in deep doo doo!!!


          Once upon a time in the land of Special, many, many, years ago, a place for 'different' people (I must emphasize this a tad more, REALLY DIFFERENT!!!) were created, not by God, by 'Man.' Damn! Ain't that scarry! These are not an ORDINARY different ones. They seek employment, in a land, far, far, away. They find employment deep, into the countryside, where no 'normal' man, woman or child, dare to venture. They arrive around the clock, 24 hours a day, although plenty of times, some are late, or don't come in at all! Apparently their not good at understanding the complicated hands of a clock, that does not stop the factory deep in the countryside from flourishing. The brillant ninds in the big city can't figure this out. Aliens are far too productive for these nodder-offers. This band of Freeloaders work, 'like no others!' I search for proper words to explain 'these' like no others to you. I may have to create new words as I go along. To quote Grumpy, the eldest of this band of others, "God please don't let them bear little others!" He'se a fat old other, with a gray beard and thinning hair. He be a testy old fart! He's forced to be the elder other of this band of Freeloaders. Not by choice!!! He becomes the Grumpy Grandpa other, out of necessity. He said, "there ain't no Engineer running this here train, it be headed no where fast, somebody got to stoke the engines to them others, causin all they know is breaks!"

          Grumpy believes while it's still a free country, he is obligated to speak his mind. Many others don't like that. They have been spoiled by their parents and modern day lack of leadership, where no leadership appears to be the norm! "Got to have chiefs running the tribe, not the indians," says Grumpy.  If Grumpy uses the F word, he gets written up, but Fukum can use it all he wants, and he is a boss, how do you reason that out? Can't, can ya?

          Grumpy decides, to step up to the plate so to speak, he explains, "I be an old man, I can't stand it any more. Somebody got's to be the voice of reason here! I reckon, I got more sense than anybody working here, that alone used to scare the hell out o'me, so's I'll let'er rip! You know things are a mite out of control when Grumpy's handing out advice to the ones 'supposedly' in charge. Workers got to be on the same page,  they ain't even reading the same comic book! Bosses, smooshes, like having Jethro Bodine in charge or maybe Barney Fife!"

         Grumpy calls this place o'business "D. Z. I. Doozies Incoporated." Grumpy says "they hire these Freeloaders like there going out of style. The truth be the exact opposite these Freeloaders are popping out every day, like they be coming out of the woodwork. Mentally challenged, physically handicapped no problem! No high school education, no problem! It may take three, to pour sand in a rat hole, no problem! Once they started hiring these Freeloaders they can't stop. They have a pipeline to a temporary hiring firm, only it be one for the mentally unstable missfits. Once upon a time there was these speciality farms where they placed the special ones. There they could wander about and do what they do. Then when the government started having financial problems, they turned these ones away. We have cured them all, now there fit for employment. Turned them loose on society, yep! Now there making product for you! Humm, I wonder if that might have something to do with why nothing is made in the U. S. of A. anymore!"  

          Anyhow this is a little background and occasionally I'll write a little somethun, somethun through the eyes of Grumpy explaining stories about life, and the Freeloaders.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Life style change is going good. I have lost 20 pounds, by eating healthier and not eating fast food, yeah! The goal is to continue eating smartly the rest of my life. So I don't call it a diet and I only weigh myself every three months when I visit my least favotite person, sorry Doc.! My three year goal is to get off all my medicines. Like everyone that has fought weight problems I have lost weight many times and it always comes back. Why? When you have all these fast foods on every corner the way they used to have service stations back in the 60's. That's funny, because all these fast food chains in my town have replaced those sevice stations, because they had the prime locations. So once upon a time you could get a tume up on your Ford Falcon, which was a small car back then. Now you stay in your S. U. V. and go to the drive-up window. You need a S. U. V. to haul all the fast food you've ate, over a lifetime. Instead of sport utility vehicle, it should be called, S-U-per Vehicle to haul all the fat asses around! Every place today want to super size you! Damn see there that be the fricking problem. I wish to give one itsy bitsy, teeny, weeny, little bitty example. (Damn I would love to see an English major see those words, plum give them a heart attack, yeah baby!!!) (Oh! Oh! Oh! My brainee just told me to add a little somethun, somethun, remember these lines from an old silly ass song, "she wore a itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka dot bikini," that be an old song that plopped into my conscious out of my sub-conscious, sorry!!!)

See how my mind wanders, damn that'd be a good title fer this here post, yippee! You see I never have a title fer my late night practicin on y'all. I was about to make a point about somethun before my sub-conscious raised it's smart assy self, don't ya just hate when that happens?

I remember now. When I was a young pup coca colas was in small, as in about 6 ounces or so. Yep, they be in little baby bottles compared to today. I have always had a hankerin fer them soda pops. All kinds, I just looved them sugary sweet drinks of deliciousness. I thought why the hell would anybody drink water when you can have sodie pop. So back then you would have one occasionally and they be much smaller than these super duper sizes of the modern obesity epidemic!!! These super convenience diabetes of hell stores have soda fountain drinks from 32 ounce to 44 ounces. Damn talk about a shot of sugar! I was in a convenience store recently getting a diet coke. In front of me was a regular size man with a 32 ounce drink. Beside him was a chubby 10 year old girl with a 32 ounce drink... Hello! That be the problem!

Super size my ass! Yep asses and bellies! We being super sized to death! It has become too easy in the modern hurry up world, trouble is we ain't learning our children. If we be super size they gonna be super size too! Damn I'm know fighting a lifetime of abusing my body at the age of 60. It be this simple for me boys and girls, if I don't succed, then I ainna gonna be around much longer! Now what in hell good would it be to have a blog titled Glen View and there ain't no Glen?

ANYWAY, I HAVE MORE THINGS ON MY MIND TO WRITE ABOUT THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A STICK AT. I THINK THAT'S THE TROUBLE, IT'S HARD FOR ME TO FOCUS ON ONE AT A TIME. One I'm working on is called Grumpy and the Freeloaders, I have big plans for that, I wish to make it a regular article based on my every day escapades. Through the eyes of a Grumpy old man, starring an old man similiar to me.. Glen

Saturday, May 12, 2012



                                                                                                                             When I woke up Wednesday morning, I was thinking what a dream as I shook my head. My infatuation with the apartment had finally taken a toll on me. Imagine all those years the story of the apartment lies dormant, then someone sends me breathtaking information from out of the blue. Only my imagination could dream that up. Only Keith and Ruth are aware of my visits. While there is mysterious energy in the apartment I doubt it would use a mailman. I laughed at the dream. I got ready for work and on my way through the living room I saw a familiar looking envelope on the coffee table.  I walked out the door and started my Gremlin (remember they actually made such a car in the seventies). I turned the engine off and went back inside. I picked up the letter and opened it, an overwhelming feeling of been there done that struck me. I saw the first page and fell backwards on the sofa. It’s real! How was I able to sleep after reading it? The apartment has warped my brain. Apparently I can no longer distinguish between reality, imagination, dreams, dust formations and mysterious vibrating energy flowing into me. An apartment that becomes new again. That’s it, I’m nuts. I put the letter under a cushion and went to work. The daily activities at the newspaper would reset my mind.

On the way to work I turned the radio full blast and sung along to the Bee Gees eight track tape of  Staying Alive. I visualized John Travolta strutting down the sidewalk. When I pulled in the parking lot I had successfully reduced the imaginary letter in my dream to my unusually overactive imagination.

Everything was normal for two days until I went home after work. I changed clothes to meet Keith and Ruth at Zonas. I saw a piece of paper sticking out under a cushion on my sofa. Hello! I had successfully blocked the letter out until now. I put the letter in my pocket and drove to Zonas, where Keith and Ruth were waiting . Zona kindly loaned us her office once more. When Keith looked at me he handed me his drink and told Ruth “Get us two more beers and a shot of whiskey, sit down my boy”. Ruth returned and Keith said “drink this” handing me the shot of whiskey. “Now drink the beer and relax”. I was looking at a poster on the office with the Budweiser Clydesdales pulling a wagon load of beer barrels with two men and a Dalmatian in the seat. After drinking the second beer and staring at the Clydesdale picture I took the letter out of my pocket and handed it to Keith. He read it and handed it to Ruth. She read it and looked at me in disbelief. Keith stared at me with the same look. Nobody spoke for maybe five minutes. I revisited the Clydesdale Picture. It appeared there are two Dalmatians driving the beer wagon, I believed now was the time to speak.

I explain the whole letter dream, real, not real story and how I put it under the cushion and seen it sticking out story. Keith asked me “Are you ready for another beer?” I replied “Not just yet, I see two dogs driving the Budweiser wagon; perhaps I should wait until I see two men driving the wagon”. Keith and Ruth looked at the picture and laughed. “You are starting to snap out of it. You had me worried when you first arrived. You looked shook up. I can see why, after reading about Angel, Nick and their daughter. What a beautiful first and second name; seems slightly familiar. Take all the time you need, we’ll talk whenever you’re ready”.

“I’m not sure what to make of it. Remember that saying, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. It seems appropriate here but I don’t know what it means, I’ve apparently been in a confused state of mind the last few days”. Well to clarify the horse story for you. If someone gives you something for free, a free horse years ago. You do not look the horse in the mouth, to see how old it is, for value sake. It’s given to you “FREE”. Now do you see the correlation, from out of nowhere comes information. Why question where it came from”, Keith exclaimed. “I suppose you’re right, the letter completely threw me off. I was questioning my sanity”, is my response. Keith let out a belly laugh and said “After all the strange things going on in the apartment you just now are questioning your sanity. I would have been nuts several Saturdays ago.”

“When you put it in perspective, the letter came from someone real. It had a real stamp and was delivered by a real mailman and that is the reality”, I reasoned.

“Keith said “So you do understand, dust ghost forming out of the air is not real”. I fired back, ‘Wait one second, I want to tell you about last Saturday”. Keith says, “Can you top what you just showed us?” I continued, “I’m relaxing in the kitchen chair and I feel the hair tingling on both arms, energy is presenting itself. I open my eyes to see Angel and Nick forming. Both forms are clear and bright. They are youthful looking, Angel has something in her left arm, what is it I’m thinking? Roses crossed my mind. I don’t think roses anymore”.

“Certainly not” exclaimed Ruth, it’s a baby. “Yep” was all Keith said. “Well it is obvious now. Something else, I have already told you they look younger. The apartment became new again” I explained. “What do you mean new again” asked Keith. “As clean and as shiny as the day it was completed” I told them.

Keith asked “Do you have any more bombs to drop tonight. Here is what we do. Tomorrow, when you are ready to visit the apartment call me. I want to see for myself an apartment that miraculously renews itself, reversing years of aging”. “No I will”, exclaimed Ruth. “I have been inside the apartment countless times. You have never set foot there and were not as close to Angel as I was”. “It’s settled then. Ruthie can drive you home and I’ll follow in your little car, whatever it is”. “It’s a Gremlin” I responded with drunken force. “It’s one strange looking little car, looks like someone smashed into the back of it”, laughed Keith. “I’m glad to give you something to laugh at” I replied.

On our drive home I asked Ruth, “You sure about tomorrow?” “Absolutely” she answers. “It is the only way to put to rest any doubts we might have of you hallucinating in the apartment. Follow your usual rituals. Don’t acknowledge me in any fashion. I’ll be your shadow”. “Okay I’ll call you tomorrow at the appropriate time, thanks for the lift”. Keith handed me the keys to the Gremlin and pated me on the back. Get a good night sleep son, you appear worn out”. I was tired, the last few days have taken a toll on me.

I called Ruth thirty minutes before our visit to the apartment. She arrived and we walked in together. I went through my normal routines and went to the kitchen. I made myself comfortable in my chair and Ruth stood quietly behind me. I was waiting for the energy to alert me. The tingling sensation is felt on my arms. I opened my eyes and just like before, the dust forms after a light that seems to appear from within the room. One form, Angel with life like qualities, I gasped for air. She looked at me and smiled, no she was smiling at Ruth. Ruth’s fingers dug into my shoulders and energy flowed into her.

  When Angel looked at me my legs wobbled, she looked exactly as she looked the first time I met her here in the apartment. She came from out of nowhere; so real, still existing here in the apartment. The love she once knew holds her, the happiest memories of her much too short life is embedded here.  Angel smiled as energy flowed from me to Ruth. She’s not speaking, yet she warms Ruth’s entire soul. Her vision of Angel is not long but breathtakingly beautiful. Ruth somehow found the strength to walk out of the apartment. She realized I was correct, the kitchen appeared as new as when Nick personally gave her a tour. Upon leaving the apartment Ruth broke down and cries on the steps.  I hugged her and said “I know, let it out”. After a heartfelt cry they proceeded to Ruth’s office.                         

I asked Ruth “You going to be alright? “

“Please sit with me for a little while” she replied. After regaining her composure she said “It was so beautiful, Angel acknowledged my presence and when I touched you the sensations; I presently don’t have the words to do them justice and the apartment was as fresh as the day it was completed. How do we explain our experiences in there?” My reply was simple, “I can’t, maybe now you can help me with that”. Ruth answered, “I suppose it’s like someone who knows with absolute certainty they have encountered a U. F. O. How are you going to convince others? Any one that’s experienced encounters of our magnitude would keep their mouth shut. Remember I witnessed the same thing today that you did and being here was Keith’s idea”.

Bob left, Ruth remained alone in thought recreating the many unusual encounters Keith and she had had recently. If only Bob knew what had happened during the 4th of July parade and the days that followed, she thought to herself.

It all started when Keith and she were watching the antique cars go by and Keith says “Oh my God”. He looked at her in shock, convinced he just saw Angelina go by in the old 53 Mercury. Ruth wasn’t paying attention as old cars carry no interest for her. The “classic automobiles” as Keith called them were to be available for the public to view later so they went to that location. They stopped at a green automobile that Keith was convinced was Angelina’s old Mercury. There was an older man standing beside it. Keith and the man started talking about the automobile. The man explains that it has been in storage for some time and he brought it back from Arizona. He bought it new and gave it to his daughter who drove it for many years. She moved to Phoenix in ‘60 to live with her sister and the young girl that was driving the Mercury is his granddaughter. She would be right back she left to get them something to drink.

Keith walked over to where Ruth was waiting for him and informed her of what the man just said. A few minutes later a young girl handed the man a drink. She turned around and they got a good look at her. Keith mumbles Angelina at the very same time Ruth does. This girl is probably 18 years old and looked just like Angelina. Taller, leaner, but the same color hair and same facial features. They looked at each other shocked. It has to be fate, the apartment and now the Mercury. They walked over and Keith introduced Ruth. Tom McMillan was his name and he introduced his granddaughter Josephine Nicole Prescott. Keith talked to Tom and once they realized they both served in the Navy it was as though they had known each other forever. They pretty much ignored Josephine and Ruth.

So they had their own conversation. She said “Please, everyone calls me Nicole”. She explains how her and her mother Abigail moved here from Phoenix Arizona two years ago to be with family and how her father was killed in an auto accident. She has spent every summer vacation here helping Grandpa on the farm and she really loved being with family. She was amazed by the weather, explaining how since moving here she enjoyed the different types of weather in Indiana.

You could tell that Keith and Tom were having a good time talking about their glory days. Tom wanted them to join him tomorrow for a barbecue and would not take no for an answer. Nicole also pleaded with them to come. So they are expected at Tom McMillan’s house, Angelina’s father and they had just been introduced to Josephine Nicole Prescott who they are positive is Angelina’s daughter. 

Keith and Ruth discussed the odds of meeting Tom and Nicole. Coincidence, they think not! Powers beyond comprehension were at work here. They are now part of the story. We’ll see what happens at Tom’s farm tomorrow and it should be good.

Ruth remembered it  with awe. It was Sunday afternoon. Keith and she drove up the lane to Tom McMillan’s farm where Angelina grew up. Ruth was thinking “unbelievable”. When Tom said barbecue, she figured steaks hamburgers chicken. Half a hog was roasting over a fire pit, there was a keg of beer and several side dishes. Ruth had made a cake and Keith brought a fifth of Tom’s favorite whiskey, apparently they talked about this yesterday. Tom said he was getting old and liked whiskey sometimes after a hard day. It helped his old joints relax. Ruth could see children running around and various games occupying them so that the adults could enjoy visiting with friends and family. Approximately 30 adults and children she would say. They had just met Tom yesterday, apparently Keith’s personality and the fact they were in the Navy made both of us immediate friends.

Tom and Martha McMillan welcome them. Martha started small talk with Ruth and made her feel comfortable. Tom took Keith to get a beer and to pick up the conversation that they apparently did not finish yesterday. Martha introduced me to her son Jim, who has four children running around somewhere. Nicole spotted Ruth and came over to say hello, Martha excused herself and said” I’ll leave you in good hands’. Nicole and Ruth walk around and Nicole introduced Ruth to several people. They walked to the front porch of the farmhouse and there was a woman in a rocking chair. She looked at Nicole and said “there you are honey I was wondering where you were”. Ruth immediately recognized her as Angelina’s sister because of the resemblance. Nicole said “Mom this is Ruth, she is friends of grandpa’s. Grandpa and her friend Keith are walking around I’ll introduce you later”. “Please call me Abigail, you don’t have to call me mom like my daughter”, we smiled. Ruth and Abigail talked for a few minutes.  Nicole continued to walk Ruth around and show her the farm. Ruth told Nicole she didn’t she didn’t want to take up all her time. Nicole said “I feel as though we have met before; I am comfortable around you”. Ruth agreed, telling her, she had that same feeling about Nicole, as though they have known each other a long time and saying “Strange isn’t it?” They both look at each other and laughed. Nicole explained that her mom had not been the same since her father died. “Moving back here had been good for her and she is doing much better. Being around family and especially grandpa has been really good for both of us. Having a father figure helps us cope with our loss.” Nicole seemed older than her years. She did not dress like girls her age. She also liked being on the farm, that didn’t sound like an 18 year old. Ruth shivered from flashbacks as though she is Angelina. A beautiful sad thought, Ruth kept to herself.

Tom brought Keith back and apologized for keeping him away so long saying “It’s nice to talk to another Navy man.” They had their pig roast and

Ruth told Keith about meeting Nicole’s mother Abigail and what Nicole told her. Ruth said “One thing I can say for sure is that Abigail is not her real mother. There is enough resemblance to fool everybody”. Ruth also told him of the feeling Nicole had of knowing her somehow. Ruth had Keith to herself for maybe half an hour before Tom came over and asked him if he wanted to do a little casting for bass in his lake. Boys will be boys Ruth thought to herself, only in this case its old men acting like boys; must be the country air.                                                                                 

Martha and Ruth talk for a while and they discover that they have a love of accounting in common. Martha talked to Ruth as if she were a cousin that she hasn’t seen in several years. Martha told Ruth how Abigail fell apart after her husband died how she spent a few months with her and how Nicole became more like Abigail’s sister than daughter. But then Martha said Nicole had always appeared much older than her age her whole life. Tom and her convinced Abigail to move back here and Nicole was all for that. Abigail is more like her old self now and Nicole loves being on the farm. She said Nicole reminds her of, Martha pauses and wipes her eyes, then told Ruth “Sorry something came to mind.” Ruth knew what she was referring to; Nicole reminded her so much of Angel. There had to be mixed emotions. She probably could not look at Nicole without seeing Angelina. However, she has a beautiful granddaughter and she can see both and it’s almost like having two rolled into one, and you can love both at the same time.                             

Keith returned from his fishing expedition. Finding themselves alone they discussed what to do about the predicament they had gotten themselves into. They are in agreement that they can’t just take Tom and Martha aside and tell them everything that Bob, Keith and Ruth had discussed, let alone trying to explain visions, ghost or whatever was going on inside the apartment. Keith made a simple but valid point. The story has gone beyond the apartment they were both now immersed in the story as much as Bob. That all happened when Keith saw Nicole driving the Mercury yesterday. They needed to discuss the situation in detail, but here is hardly the place. They decided to invite them to dinner and to be sure they understand the importance Keith was going to take Tom aside and tell him as briefly as possible.      

The guests left; only a few remained. Keith pulled Tom aside and explained that fate has brought them together and this matter needed more time to discuss. Keith told Tom “I’m talking as a friend when I tell you this is of extreme importance to your family. It involves your granddaughter Nicole, Angelina and Joseph Nicholas Sonnatello.” Needless to say Tom was completely caught off guard, Keith handed him a piece of paper with his phone number; pated Tom on the back and said I want you and Martha to come to dinner at Ruth’s, call me okay?” Tom nodded in agreement. Tom walked to the lake and sat down alone in thought. Keith and Ruth say goodbye to the rest of the family.

The only words spoken on the way home was, how Tom took the news. Needless to say he was shocked but being the patriarch of the family he would do what’s right, Keith told Ruth. It had been a most unusual weekend for them and they were tired mentally and physically. Ruth laid her head on Keith’s shoulder and enjoyed the closeness the rest of the way home.                                   

Tom called Keith and they agreed to meet on Wednesday. Tom brought the whiskey that Keith gave him at the barbecue apparently thinking he might need it. Martha and Ruth have wine, Keith grabs a beer and Tom mixed himself a whiskey and coke; it looked to be a double with the amount of whiskey going into the glass. They went to the back porch where there was shade and always a breeze.  Ruth was not looking forward to this meeting. Earlier Keith and Ruth discussed that Tom and Martha knew this day would come; however they probably never thought two total strangers would come into their life and be the messengers. We talked for several minutes, weather and such. Then Keith started with the Navy stories. Ruth knew what he was up to. He was taking Tom as far away from the inevitable as possible. He wanted Tom to relax and he would be if he drank much of that whiskey. Ruth had known that big “galoot” a lot of years but only in the last few weeks had she seen other sides of him. There were brains in that bald head; also compassion, inner and outer strength and most importantly love. “Oh my” was she falling in love at her age? Mercy me, life was hard to understand. Funny how you can live your life in a bubble and reality can step in and throw you for a loop. Looked like the reality surrounding the apartment was about to touch many lives; only for the better it seemed. First they have to sort out many years of neglect that complicated situations and would change many lives, if done properly. That is where Bob came in. A convincing and inquisitive young man that charmed Ruth into giving up Nick and Angel’s secret. He has compassion and sincerity. Add to these qualities his inquisitive and unrelenting desire of a reporter and he is a part of the story that’s not clear at this time. He’s chosen by time bandits to repair glitches that have occurred. That would be Nick and Nicole.



By Robert S.Garrity

Friday, May 11, 2012


I wish to type something, after taking my ya-hoo beddy bye meds! OOps! Do I seem a mite too happy, sorry about that! No I'm not! I'll take a slice of feeel goood any how I can get it. ? for ya! If I laugh at myself am I considered a little off, OR REALLY !@#$ED-UP? Just wondering... You see sometimes, I really, as in REALLY, cannot tell! Sometimes I think I'm the sanest person I know! Yep! I know yer thinking, "that old man is totally screwed up," I completely agree with your diagnosis, until I go out into the regular world of TODAY! Wowza! Due to my working hours of the graveyard shift I thought I that I had a few less brain cells than the "normal" people!" I venture out into the world of everyday reality and think I must of jumped down a few realms, you know what I'm saying!!! I leave my door and get into my van and before I know it I am visiting the other realms they talk about in them other multi verses I hear them smart Scientists talking about. I have heard a lot about them Theoretical Physicist! They talk about such stuff as string theory. Yep they take a piece of string and come up with such crazy ass theories about multi verses and so on and so forth! I don't know what in hell they're talking about! They be so highly educated they be plum loony toony! I think these Physicist are time travelers that have come back to make regular brained ones look stupid! I see through them, they be plum loco!

Sheesh! On the other side of the multi verses/rail road tracks or whatever, you have the lower verse ones, rather than them uppity, high versed ones. (I sure as hell hope you understand what I just said, because I sure as hell don't!) 

So when this old vampire is forced to go out in the daylight to do business and such, I don't find much intelligent life out there! What's the !@#$ing deal? Please can anybody explain to me where all the normal/regular good 'ol boys and girls have gone? Have they all been beamed up to another planet to reseed life, because all the intelligent life has disappeared in my lifetime!

Once in a while I like to turn the television on. Yep I know, sometimes I like to live dangerously. My television is a 20 year old model, tube type regular screen ancient type. Once in a great while I might be lucky and catch a decent movie. You see I'm getting old and I get interested in a movie, then 30 minutes of commercials makes me forget what the movie was about. Yuck, the things they advertise on TV anymore! I don't understand how anyone could be sick today! They have miracle drugs to fix everything, from erectile dysfunction, bladder control, mental disorders, man oh man, them modern meds can fix you right up.

When I was young we had the Marlboro Man riding his horse in the great outdoors. The Marlboro Man lived to be 92, but the horse he rode croaked after the commercial! They don't make smokes like they used to! We had Mr. Whipple selling Charmin, Maxwell House coffee commercials, advertising fine Colombian coffee beans. Well today we get another fine product from Colombia that gives a mightier thrill! Whoops or is that Afghanistan, I get soo confused about where all these drugs come from!!! We had Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler automobiles. Now we have automobiles that I can't pronounce the names to and the size of model cars I used to build when I was a lad. I loved the old commercials where the stars would advertise the product live on the air. Have you noticed the commercials today are so smartly produced you watch a 30 second commercial, let's say for a automobile, there's animals, U. F. O's and such silly goings on, then the last 5 seconds they show you the beautiful automobile. In the old days, let's take the Ford Mustang commercials, damn I got to see that beautifully pony being driven and my mouth was watering for one of them new 64 Mustangs with a 289 cubic inch V/8!

I've rambled quite enough for tonight! I really had nothing earth shattering to say! I'll leave that to the mass media. I just want to have some fun, practice my typing until my meds kick in big time. Just call me THE RAMBLER, my wish is to give you a smile and to take you out of the reality of the real world, if only for a few moments, that's what GLEN VIEW is all about! Thanks for visiting my humble little world, y'all come back now ya here, from deep in the heart of corn country, goodnight my friends... Glen

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I try not to go back and read any of my posts after I post them, Why? Causin, I get pissed! Why? Causin of my silly ass mistakes! Yep, I should always use spell check! I will attempt to defend myself! Key word here, attempt! Soo here goes. I really do type at the end of a day before I hit the hay! (That be go to bed.) Well why didn't I say that then?

Okay, okay, okay! I fight with myself A-LOT! One part of my brainee, be wanting to say for example, "before, I go to bed," but, but, but NO! The silly ass part of me prefers, "before, I hit the hay."

Then, then, then, I start thinking upon this itty bitty teensey weensie few words, and what do I ask myself?

I'm glad I asked! "Maybe, they don't understand, hit the hay!"  Then I be in a predicament! So you have PROPERNESS in one corner fighting,  SILLY ASS in the other corner! Well I prefer, "I really do type at the end of the day before I hit the hay." Any way, I take my beddy-bye medicines, (Notice I said cines as in plural, damn! I'm getting to be a smart ass, as well as, a silly ass!!!" Have I ever told ya? How much I loove them cute little exclamation points! I've been trying to find the capitol exclamation point! That sucker be hiding from me! Either that, or I have a defective keyboard! I believe I have, not a defective keyboard, but the proper word today, be "challenged"! Actually that makes a lot of sense. Why????

I be tired at the end of the day. I've done used up my daily quota of firing brain cells from my Paxil cloning reuptahe producing serotonin something or the other!!! But guess what? That's when I want to practice my typing. I'm not sure I'LL EVER, get enough practicing. Soo I practice, by ATTEMPTING to type whatever comes into my mind. Soo you put a challenged mind together with a challenged keyboard, add an Old Man, end of a day, with big Pharmas finest insurance laden goood stuff....... What in tarnation is being concocted deep in the basement of Glen View??? ME!!!

I USED MY SPELL CHECKY THING A-MA-BOB. GUESS WHAT? THERE WAS AS MANY MISS SPELLED WORDS IN YELLOW, AS WHEN I DON'T USE THE DARN THING! (think about that fer a sec!) SO WHAT DAMN GOOD IS IT? I'M NOT SURE, I COULD SPELL PROPERLY IF, I BET MY LIFE ON IT! THERE'S ONE THING IT DOES FOR YOU? "A MAN'S GOT TO KNOW HIS LIMITATIONS!" Shucky derns, I ain't never going to learn mine! I gonna keep on typing away and practicing. Never know one day, I might actually know what I'm doing! Naaah! That wouldn't be, no fuun!!! Goodnight my friends, Old Man Glen, giving Glen's View here on GLEN VIEW...........  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


You know what I think? Oops sorry! You can't, because I haven't written anything yet! Sometimes, I get confused! No! Not from old age, I have always been confused!!! Even as a wee pup, there be so many things I did not understand. Then I thought, when I go to school I'll understand. Yep! I'll learn everything I need to know! I learned to read, I never learned to write, right! Guess what? I sure as hell ainna gonna learn too if-un, I ain't by now! I wish to quote myself for y'all out there on that big beautiful planet and to you Aliens tuning in! (Ah, ha, ha, ha!) I kinda like that! Firstly to you Aliens, "There sure as hell ain't no !@#$ING intelligent life down here!"

I plum forgot what the quote was to be.... Oh now! I remember, If I haven't learned to write right by now, I never will and guess what? "I don't give a rat's ass!" That's not the complete truth! "I don't give 1,000 rat's asses!" That there my friends and neighbors of this crazy home planet of ours be the truth! This old man, actually I prefer Old Dog better. This Old Dog just wants to have some fun with words, telling stories and his thoughts doing it in his own way! Trying to understand proper English and all them tenses, well "THEY FRICKING MAKE ME TENSE!!!"

My oh my! After I lurned to read right good. I become the little Glen readun machine, yep there wurnt nothing I wood-unt read! Anything and everythang, I cood get my eyes on, I wood read! When I was bout 12, I seen a Playboy magazine. I red that, but never luuked at them pitchers though!!! Yes sir-ree when this Old Dog was a Young Pup, I was into all that lurning.

Before you know it, I'm in my twenties, life is good! Young and full of yourself with life to look forward too! Naive, like a young pup taking it all in, hurriedly smelling, seeing, taking it all in, can't get enough, I need, I want! Before you know it your thirty, still young but some maturity sets in. Thirties was both good and bad! Life becomes more adult like. Fourties are extremely challenging, changes to your body and mind, you don't like, life goes on!!! Fifties mentally and physically hit you like a ton of rocks. Realizing you have not LEARNED anything! You have lived life, learned through actually looking, seeing, questioning. NOW, much of what you've learned through schooling, reading is incorrect! What man has messed with, man has tainted! You cry out, but nobody hears! At the age of sixty, you start to learn again! You see life for which it is! Not through the shades of dark sunglasses! Rather, through the best clear lenses, with bifocals! Most of life is a farce, as you believed, what you've been feed, like the fatted calf! How could I have been so stupid? You listened to people that you trusted, unbeknowst, they eat from the same feed you have been feed, generation after generation!

Ah, but somethings different know, how so? An Old Dog has more time to lie around on the front porch, watching the young pups fly by at dizzying speed, smelling, a-howling, thinking with their youthful exhuberance, the thrill of life so new, it seems life is simply chasing rabbits and butterflies! But the old Rascal know thinks, with a heart! Head and heart work as a team! Damn you howl out for all to hear! But you're just one OLD DOG!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Little Peace

I've grown accustom to the solitude I find late at night. Seems I'm able to find peace when the day slows into the wee hours of the AM. I can move about unhindered, enjoying the tempo of my own drum. I absolutely love when the heat of the day allows, warm cool nights... Ah, I must explain! You see, I prefer not to use air conditioning in my automobile. I enjoy the air blowing through my hair, the smell of where, I be!. A simple pleasure, important to me. So when days are warm, I love the night, because---work with me here---because---just checking to see if you're paying attention---because the nights are warm enough to enjoy the crisp clean night air. Especially the smells of springtime, also the sweet smell of corn on a hot muggy July night. Them stalks love the humidity, I think they're popping, cracking, growing! Yes I do! If you don't understand that, then you ain't never, experience the country at it's finest. Riding on a country road with fields of corn on both sides is exhilerating, if you appreciate the simplicity, and amazement right in front of your eyes. Field after fields of simple seeds blossoming into seven feet stalks in a few months, providing the nutrients of survival, for one heck of a lot of people! I reckon, city folks might not understand what I'm talking about.

As early as I can remember, I'd help, or get in the way, I'm not sure, of my grandpa as he planted a very large garden. Ground's plowed deep, disked, rows made and these tiny seeds placed with love into the ground. Soon tiny sprouts are coming through the soil. I swear, those sprouts grow so fast. Every day we would look at them green wonders, as they matured into, tomatoes, sweet corn, whatever. Them potatoes must be planted on good Friday! Them taters are tricksters, they hide below ground! Yes they do! When the time is right, we use a potato fork and dig them beauties up! Yes we did! Fuunn, I'd reckon! Man them taters were goo-ood! One must smell the earth, crumble it, in your hand to appreciate, understand, I suppose! You see, I was taught the love of spring and gardening from my grandpa. He worked for the Rail Road, but his passion was growing a garden. Once a neccessity of survival, everybody raised big gardens. Canned their food, had to! The love of Mother Earth, is an acquired trait, can't explain, it just is!!!

The love of my Grandpa, the love of Mother Earth has never left me! I can see him well over six foot tall, lanky, wearing grey trousers, grey long sleeved shirt, even in the summer, he spent all his time outside and a blue Rail Road cap, with suspenders. When he took his hat off, there was a tan line on his forehead, from wearing that Rail Road hat all the time.

You must understand, when I ride around late at night, I'm never alone. I feel, see, smell more, than the darknes of night! The peace of a lifetime, the childhood memories I wear on my sleeve, where I also wear my heart, I'm at peace. The world and I, are in tune, I despise the hectic, hoopla, of a world, I wish to not be part off. The fast paced world does not allow the peace I need. I'm forced to sleep during the day, not by choice, but out of neccessity. Ah but, I can dream during the day and enjoy the warm, cool, peaceful memories on a hot summer's night. I'm at peace, alive, one with the world, damn my friends, it don't get, no better than that. I'll take a little peace, anywhere I can find it!!! Thank you for visiting my humble little sight. Glen    

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Drug of Choice!

The truth be known, I have a lot to say! The problem IS? It wants to come out all at the same time! My fingers cannot keep up, with my mind ! My mind goes into the manic phase and the information becomes nothing but jibberish to my fingers. I have been working really hard to get control of this. The problem is, I have taken up this impossible hobby at a time in life, when old men just wanr to watch Nascar and sit on the front porch with a cushion under their fanny! I absolutely, do not want to end up like that! This rather fun, rather insane attempt at madness, has become my new drug of choice. It gives me highs unequaled in my life! I practice, practice and practice. On you, my unsuspecting partners! HA, HA! I''ll betcha you don't come across someone like me in your everyday world! BABY! THAT BE MY GOAL!!! I reckon I'm improving, although not fast enough for me! The more I type the more I find I wish to type! I have a never ending amount of short stories that come from out of no where! I have this story I have titled Harmony stuck in my mind and am outlining it. I have the beginning and the ending, man oh man, do I ever have the ideas I wish to put in it!

Okay, okay, okay, I'll give ya'all out there a itty bitty sneaky peeky! Have you ever in your life heard of a grown man talking, excuuse me! Typng like that? I feel as though I have been given a new lease on life and want to shout it from the rooftops! Excuuse me once again, type it through the keyboard!

Anyhow before my mind got  to rambling I was fixin to say somethun... Oh yeah! This story I am working on. I have always been fascinated by certain old buildings. The type that were being built around the end of the 1800's. You know the kind, courthouses, schools, libraries etc. These buildings were built to last, made of Indiana Limestone, also known as Bedford Limstone, Salem Limestone. Trade name for a certain Limestone found in Indiana. This Limestone was used in buildings such as The Empire State Building and other well known buildings.

These earlier mentioned buildings such as schools, hold a special spot in my heart. I wrote a short story about a year ago titled Limestone, Brick and Mortar that gives just a tad of the flavor and love of these structures. Exactly why, I don't rightly know! I believe the writing of this story/book, whatever; only God knows, where it's going to go, will be a journey unlike any I have taken, of that somehow I do know!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Let's visit what lies behind my brain and see what's cooking today. I went out of my way to help someone at work today. I gave him my advice and explained in great detail, what to do and why! Why do I even bother? I gave him the advice of 42 years of working.

You know, what flat pisses me off? People look at you the way they see you, TODAY! I'm 60 years old and work with ones from 18 years up. They, think I just fell off the turnip truck! I'm an old man, yet can still out work most! What's even worse is, I can out think them too! That's scary!!!

Let me put this in perspective. I'm old with physical ailments. I'm not complaining, I wish to enjoy what time I have left! I am six weeks into a new way of eating, that will hopefully improve the quality of my remaining years. I teasingly tell people "I have one leg in the grave!" There's many days I feel as though, I have most of my body in one! Why, oh why, do younger, healthier individuals, find work so tough? Maybe I expect too much, because I expect them to use that part between their ears! 

I gave this man in his 40's information to help him, secure his load in his truck, so as to be transported free of problems. I wasn't taking this load, yet my wish is for him to have a successful one. I view the way he was preparing his pallets and offered advise, to escape any expected difficulties. I was simply giving him a way of insuring, NO problems. He failed to take my advise and lost two of 10 before he pulled away from the shipping dock!!! Guess what??? He came to me and said "I should of done what you told me!" Too late now he is pushed for time! IF he has aleady messed up 2 without driving around corners, the interstate, with 2 rail road tracks to cross... Well it don't look too pretty now does it?

Okay now before you ask yourself, "yo Glen what makes you think your so !@#$ING smart?"

I would like to answer that, if I may! "I certainly DO NOT consider myself smart. I do have the ability to reason to think, to learn, as I age. I reckon that would be called, common sense! I learn every day! Yep even old dogs can! We may be slow, hard of hearing, but we still, be a thinkin, big time baby!!!"

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Old Dog Speaks!!!

Here I sit all dejected, trying to think, but can't get started!!! Ha, ha, ha, I always wanted to start a post like that. I won't tell you the origination for that. I'm trying to break through my funk and write something funny. I don't know where my words will go, that be the fun part for this old boy. I put my hands on the keyboard and ler'er rip! Too many things in this old world to bog us down, ain't there? Yes, I'm talking to my compadres across the world.

The daily goings on, in this old world is enough to make a minister swear! Yet, we must carry on. I believe that's why I took up this hobby as an old man. Either that, or stare at the walls with a permanent blank look! I attempt to get you to that point with my rambling madness! Ha, ha! If you found a twinge of humor in that, there's still hope! Not for me but for you!!! My mind goes up and down like a mighty roller coaster. The highs are thrilling the lows are well, not pretty! That's life huh? I search for rainbows and puppy dogs, but find darkness and ticks!

You see when I begin this heart filled attempt at the impossible, I took a vow, to do but one thing, to write whatever's on my mind, with my heart as the guide! That I owe to you, no matter what country these words are translated into. I have been blessed to see the humble meandering madness of an old man, show on the map across this world! There is no greater warmth than return views, some countries, I've never heard of. Thank you soo much!!! I believe with all my heart We, the average person are the world!!!
Seems we are overlooked in the fast pace world today! We have been victimized by over communication! Too much of too much! Too much, bombarded at us, from every direction,we cannot cope! We retreat to our own self-world, in attempt at survival! Good and bad don't you think? We have been beaten down, dependent upon others, to think for us, to protect, to look out for the future of our children! How do you grade them???

If you had a little ground, years ago, before modernization, you were dependent upon yourself, family, friends. Church was a special way of giving thanks, in a most humble way. The core belief in God was instrumental! A shining light of universal proportion, solidifying you in the darkest hours. It's from your heart, your soul! It's from seeing the birth of your children, the blossoming each year, of tiny seeds, providing the bounty to sustain life! The moon was so much bigger, the sun brighter, the rain so welcoming! The production of life, most assuredly, not overlooked!!!

To look up at the full harvest moon in a plentiful year, generations ago as a hard working self made man, working in harmony with God, would give one the satisfaction uncomparable to anything our modern society gives US... Where have we gone wrong? We have voluntarily taken the path of instantaneous rewards, working for the man, instead of ourselves. We're victims of modernization, dependent not on ourselves, but wolves in sheeps clothing!

I have thought long and hard on ancient people living in harmony with the land, unbeknowst to outside forces. Then forces such as the Romans, spread their might, conquering village after village, forcing their will, their way, upon simple people working in harmony!

Ah, progress is so sweet, don't you think???

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Golden Egg!

What is on my mind today? Feeling down and out of sync. Had to work 16 hours Saturday and my old body is rebeling. I'm too old for that shit!!! My body doesn't recover quickly from that kind of abuse. I will myself through, but pay the price. That's where I am at this moment, mentally blah, old joints hurting, with a headache, I can't rest. It takes all my strength to manage through a normal day. How can anyone expect someone to work like that? Ah, they really don't give a shit do they! I happen to be on the shit end of the stick, so to speak! Slave to the man because of the almighty dollar! Yep! That pretty much sums it up I reckon!!!

I hate being mentally down. I give my all, to stay upbeat. Problems of an individual mundane existence, wrench tighter. It's so hard to dwell on the big picture, when living a simple life keeps us occupied. Wow! Daylight in the swamp to old Glen, might that be one piece of the puzzle in keeping me down! Certainly seems likely! I don't like to complain, I do my best to live and let live, but sometimes you want to go outside and howl at the moon in frustration! That's meant to be funny! Ha! ha! What else can the average person do? Does anyone care or listen? I mean, really listen! Most certainly, elected officials don't! They listen only to the ones that lay the golden eggs!

I've never had a goose that laid golden eggs! I have had many Geese fly across my land and visit my watering hole of a pond. What did I get? Goose shit! Yep! No gold! What about you? We the laborers deserve better! We raise our families, go to church, pay our taxes. Don't find good people behind bars, yet we pay for them! We pay for them lifetime Politicians, that's suppose to represent we good, loyal citizens! What do you reckon they be doing, they be enjoying the fruits from our labor! I read one time where we the taxpayer pay for their lifetime insurance. Now to make a point in a funny way, this article was talking about how much we the laborers of freedom pay for, get this, VIAGRA for these old fools!!!  If their willow tree, be weepy, how good is their brain working? Then again, I suppose your brain doesn't need to function, if the Goose with the golden egg, be dropping golden eggs in your lap!!!

The day to day world is broken! Maybe it always has been! I have given my life to upholding the Golden Rules of being a good person.

The abusers of the system are the winners! The millionaire Politicians that are bought by Lobbyist for the Mega Corporations of the world. On the other hand you have the hand out people, who drain us the real honest tax paying members of society!

Everything is broken, no elected officials are doing anything about it! Talk is cheap, yeah right!!! Everytime they open their mouths the deficit soars.

Seems the answer is every few years one party is voted out and the other party comes in! Well that certainly makes a big difference doesn't it?????