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Friday, May 4, 2012


Let's visit what lies behind my brain and see what's cooking today. I went out of my way to help someone at work today. I gave him my advice and explained in great detail, what to do and why! Why do I even bother? I gave him the advice of 42 years of working.

You know, what flat pisses me off? People look at you the way they see you, TODAY! I'm 60 years old and work with ones from 18 years up. They, think I just fell off the turnip truck! I'm an old man, yet can still out work most! What's even worse is, I can out think them too! That's scary!!!

Let me put this in perspective. I'm old with physical ailments. I'm not complaining, I wish to enjoy what time I have left! I am six weeks into a new way of eating, that will hopefully improve the quality of my remaining years. I teasingly tell people "I have one leg in the grave!" There's many days I feel as though, I have most of my body in one! Why, oh why, do younger, healthier individuals, find work so tough? Maybe I expect too much, because I expect them to use that part between their ears! 

I gave this man in his 40's information to help him, secure his load in his truck, so as to be transported free of problems. I wasn't taking this load, yet my wish is for him to have a successful one. I view the way he was preparing his pallets and offered advise, to escape any expected difficulties. I was simply giving him a way of insuring, NO problems. He failed to take my advise and lost two of 10 before he pulled away from the shipping dock!!! Guess what??? He came to me and said "I should of done what you told me!" Too late now he is pushed for time! IF he has aleady messed up 2 without driving around corners, the interstate, with 2 rail road tracks to cross... Well it don't look too pretty now does it?

Okay now before you ask yourself, "yo Glen what makes you think your so !@#$ING smart?"

I would like to answer that, if I may! "I certainly DO NOT consider myself smart. I do have the ability to reason to think, to learn, as I age. I reckon that would be called, common sense! I learn every day! Yep even old dogs can! We may be slow, hard of hearing, but we still, be a thinkin, big time baby!!!"

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  1. Ha! This blog sounds oddly familiar. I think I wrote a similar thought a couple of months ago. These younger people always think they know it all and don't need advice..........until they need advice hahaha
    By the way, you are smarter than you give yourself credit for my friend. :-)