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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Golden Egg!

What is on my mind today? Feeling down and out of sync. Had to work 16 hours Saturday and my old body is rebeling. I'm too old for that shit!!! My body doesn't recover quickly from that kind of abuse. I will myself through, but pay the price. That's where I am at this moment, mentally blah, old joints hurting, with a headache, I can't rest. It takes all my strength to manage through a normal day. How can anyone expect someone to work like that? Ah, they really don't give a shit do they! I happen to be on the shit end of the stick, so to speak! Slave to the man because of the almighty dollar! Yep! That pretty much sums it up I reckon!!!

I hate being mentally down. I give my all, to stay upbeat. Problems of an individual mundane existence, wrench tighter. It's so hard to dwell on the big picture, when living a simple life keeps us occupied. Wow! Daylight in the swamp to old Glen, might that be one piece of the puzzle in keeping me down! Certainly seems likely! I don't like to complain, I do my best to live and let live, but sometimes you want to go outside and howl at the moon in frustration! That's meant to be funny! Ha! ha! What else can the average person do? Does anyone care or listen? I mean, really listen! Most certainly, elected officials don't! They listen only to the ones that lay the golden eggs!

I've never had a goose that laid golden eggs! I have had many Geese fly across my land and visit my watering hole of a pond. What did I get? Goose shit! Yep! No gold! What about you? We the laborers deserve better! We raise our families, go to church, pay our taxes. Don't find good people behind bars, yet we pay for them! We pay for them lifetime Politicians, that's suppose to represent we good, loyal citizens! What do you reckon they be doing, they be enjoying the fruits from our labor! I read one time where we the taxpayer pay for their lifetime insurance. Now to make a point in a funny way, this article was talking about how much we the laborers of freedom pay for, get this, VIAGRA for these old fools!!!  If their willow tree, be weepy, how good is their brain working? Then again, I suppose your brain doesn't need to function, if the Goose with the golden egg, be dropping golden eggs in your lap!!!

The day to day world is broken! Maybe it always has been! I have given my life to upholding the Golden Rules of being a good person.

The abusers of the system are the winners! The millionaire Politicians that are bought by Lobbyist for the Mega Corporations of the world. On the other hand you have the hand out people, who drain us the real honest tax paying members of society!

Everything is broken, no elected officials are doing anything about it! Talk is cheap, yeah right!!! Everytime they open their mouths the deficit soars.

Seems the answer is every few years one party is voted out and the other party comes in! Well that certainly makes a big difference doesn't it?????  

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  1. It makes me sad to know you are feeling down. I was feeling sort of down myself for a few days, but my mood has lifted today.

    You know, nothing will change in this world as long as it is the same bunch of tired old politicians and bankers running it (and other evil creatures, I won't even call "men").

    I wrote a blog sometime ago and basically answered your last question here. Nothing changes but the surrounding bullsh** ! Vote right, vote left, they are two peas in the same pod.

    I hope you feel better real soon my friend.