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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Storm

It's thundering as I type, the last few days have been irritably hot! We have gone from rainy coolness to dry and hot most recently! Now a front comes through giving another taste of  mother's nature. The southeast is getting hit, much worse than here.

I hope your long weekend was favourable! I have been immersed in a book for a few days, not an easy read, most interesting however. The most challenging novel I have ever immersed myself into. The 10 years of captivity the author went through is unfathomable. Facing a firing squad looking at your own grave and the mental torture certainly gives an inside, into his thoughts. One must remember that while reading this classic! I may even give a book report on it who knows! I haven't given a book report since high school a long way back.

The thunder is eerie in a strange peaceful way. The same as listening to a train rumble by, breaks up the silence of 4 AM. We could use the rain, the farmers have their crops planted, the rain will cause them sprouts to shoot up high and mighty. I could not resist an 80 degree midnight ride. It called to me, "Glen, Glen, please to come out and play. I was not planning on going out tonight, I wished to stay put in the spoiled air-conditioning. I heard the night call and visit the peacefulness of a sliver moon and the snuggling darkness.

Yes! I must visit my fav convenience store, old habit I do not wish to break. Besides, the clerk would get mad at me if I did not visit them. We do not know each other on a first name basis but seeing a known face probably is comforting in the wee hours of the morning. Strangers coming off the interstate can cause much distress, I have seen many of these strangers and believe you me, I an old man become distressed upon witnessing  some!

The gentle southern breeze seems to pass through my body, quieting my soul down farther than I've ever been before. I take it as a heavenly sign, so far away from my normal working vortex! There I be if only to totally appreciate the night's joy.

I ride through town with my windows down. I see many out tonight, motorcyclist wearing only short sleeved shirts. Wow! I recall when I use to do that! County Mounties, State Troopers, City Coppers out in force, "damn have we been invaded," I think!

I see what is called heat lightning in the southern sky, the storm slowly rolling in. The air feels so hot and moist, if not for the beautiful breeze it would be hot. I pass through a quick downpour then dryness up ahead.

I ponder upon the book I'm reading, the storm seems relevant. Beyond the quiet peace is there always a storm brewing? I think yes! We must enjoy the spiritual being inside all of us because in our hearts we know the storms are always out there waiting!!!  Glen

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  1. "Beyond the quiet peace is there always a storm brewing? I think yes! We must enjoy the spiritual being inside all of us because in our hearts we know the storms are always out there waiting!!! "

    Thank you. You always seem to say exactly what I need to hear at any given time. I am officially adopting you as my slightly older and much wiser brother !