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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grumpy and the Freeloaders!

I have always wanted to do a regular, as in daily humor section from my everyday encounters. I have toyed with it, in a few posts. I've thought of many titles, but the one I have been waiting for, has finally arrived. Yep! The title of this post. It will be obvious why I chose this title as I advance into the exploration of these characters. I wish to emphasize these are fictitious characters. The title character of this escapade in complete silliness, where fundamental reasoning and common sense is thrown out the window! Grumpy will be somebody you may recognize... Well, you won't actually see, you know! I intend to give you glimpses to  fuel your imagination. So in a way, through your imagination, I wish to paint pictures, so I reckon, if you have the imagination that once made childhood so colorful, you will see, you see!!! Characters will come and go with the cast being unlimited, as many as, as, as, I create. Oh shit! Now, I'm in deep doo doo!!!


          Once upon a time in the land of Special, many, many, years ago, a place for 'different' people (I must emphasize this a tad more, REALLY DIFFERENT!!!) were created, not by God, by 'Man.' Damn! Ain't that scarry! These are not an ORDINARY different ones. They seek employment, in a land, far, far, away. They find employment deep, into the countryside, where no 'normal' man, woman or child, dare to venture. They arrive around the clock, 24 hours a day, although plenty of times, some are late, or don't come in at all! Apparently their not good at understanding the complicated hands of a clock, that does not stop the factory deep in the countryside from flourishing. The brillant ninds in the big city can't figure this out. Aliens are far too productive for these nodder-offers. This band of Freeloaders work, 'like no others!' I search for proper words to explain 'these' like no others to you. I may have to create new words as I go along. To quote Grumpy, the eldest of this band of others, "God please don't let them bear little others!" He'se a fat old other, with a gray beard and thinning hair. He be a testy old fart! He's forced to be the elder other of this band of Freeloaders. Not by choice!!! He becomes the Grumpy Grandpa other, out of necessity. He said, "there ain't no Engineer running this here train, it be headed no where fast, somebody got to stoke the engines to them others, causin all they know is breaks!"

          Grumpy believes while it's still a free country, he is obligated to speak his mind. Many others don't like that. They have been spoiled by their parents and modern day lack of leadership, where no leadership appears to be the norm! "Got to have chiefs running the tribe, not the indians," says Grumpy.  If Grumpy uses the F word, he gets written up, but Fukum can use it all he wants, and he is a boss, how do you reason that out? Can't, can ya?

          Grumpy decides, to step up to the plate so to speak, he explains, "I be an old man, I can't stand it any more. Somebody got's to be the voice of reason here! I reckon, I got more sense than anybody working here, that alone used to scare the hell out o'me, so's I'll let'er rip! You know things are a mite out of control when Grumpy's handing out advice to the ones 'supposedly' in charge. Workers got to be on the same page,  they ain't even reading the same comic book! Bosses, smooshes, like having Jethro Bodine in charge or maybe Barney Fife!"

         Grumpy calls this place o'business "D. Z. I. Doozies Incoporated." Grumpy says "they hire these Freeloaders like there going out of style. The truth be the exact opposite these Freeloaders are popping out every day, like they be coming out of the woodwork. Mentally challenged, physically handicapped no problem! No high school education, no problem! It may take three, to pour sand in a rat hole, no problem! Once they started hiring these Freeloaders they can't stop. They have a pipeline to a temporary hiring firm, only it be one for the mentally unstable missfits. Once upon a time there was these speciality farms where they placed the special ones. There they could wander about and do what they do. Then when the government started having financial problems, they turned these ones away. We have cured them all, now there fit for employment. Turned them loose on society, yep! Now there making product for you! Humm, I wonder if that might have something to do with why nothing is made in the U. S. of A. anymore!"  

          Anyhow this is a little background and occasionally I'll write a little somethun, somethun through the eyes of Grumpy explaining stories about life, and the Freeloaders.

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