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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Glimpse Inside My Mind, Killdeer, & More!!!

Tonight was totally opposite of yesterday, same time, same place here in Daisyville. Remember now, that be my very own magical mystery world where yours truly resides. HELLO! I shall describe my world as only I can, a real yet make believe world from the inner workings of an old man's mind. Sometimes I feel as an old man waking up becoming young once again. I sometimes feel revived and "Lord have mercy," I am the whole revival, like the tent meetings my family attended as a child! A visiting Evangelist sits up a tent in the hot summertime, yep I'm not lying to ya! If you don't know what in the hell I'm talking about, I beg you to see the movie Elmer Gantry. It's an old black and white movie made back in the late fifties or early sixties with Burt Lancaster. Gosh darn it!!! I can't remember some of the other names but I see their faces. If this movie doesn't move you then you be a hopeless case. It's about spirit, amazement, innocence, good acting. It be movies like you don't see anymore! Hallelujah brothers and sisters I'm feeling good tonight!

Last night it was 82 degrees, warm beautiful light breeze. Daisyville was.... far out baby! Sixties flashback sorry! No, not drugs, too much television I reckon! Oh! oh! oh! Lightning done hit me! If I remember right, did Shirley Jones play the mother on The Partridge Family? If my old mind is correct she won an award for a small part she played in Elmer Gantry.

What? "Yes I know I can google it!" What do you take me for an ox or a moron. The parting of my thoughts to find information can be such sweet sorrow. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha! I be such an oxymoron!!!

ANYWAY.... before my mind carried me away.... tonight was a cool damp 62 degrees. I had my windows up in  my truck as I made my midnight delivery. After work I'm driving on the outskirts of Daisyville and there was low lying fog, here and yonder. Yes, I did make it over to my fav-o-rite convenience store. There was an interesting guest on my fav-o-rite radio program. I listen while enjoying my diet fountain red pop. (That be soda.)  So I'm sucking on my straw and I see something scurrying across the pavement out of the corner of my eye. It were little, it were fast! I'm thinking, "what in tarnation was that?" I sit up in my seat to get a better look and scurrying, hurrying, to and fro, as fast as it could go was.... On the sidewalk mind ya.... on the side.... of a convenience store.... in the asphalt parking lot was.... a bird with long skinny legs, scurrying (I like that word!) Yep I kid you not! I also seen that little sucker the other night but forgot all about it until I seen it again tonight. I believe there called Killdeer. We had one make a nest smack dab in the middle of our stone driveway for several years. They be cute little critters,  momma would get right rancy if you come her way while she was sitting on the nest, so we would drive around her and stay out of her way! Yes we did!

Well it's late, I been enjoying a book called Crime and Punishment. What can I say? I give you a glimpse inside my mind but this Fyodor Dostoevsky and the inner workings of Raskolnikov and now the character of Razumihin, Lord have mercy!!! I find myself totally immersed in a way I have NEVER been. Not an easy read like most of the books I read. The characters are forever embedded in my mind as no others have. The in depth details make the main character and the minuscule ones stand out forever wrenching your heart. I've just read a chapter going into another character Razumihin in such detail mind wise that has left me??? I've decided I'm going to reread that whole chapter again and savor it more than the first time.

Coincidences seem to run rampant so far in Raskolnikov's life. I identify with that in a strange way at this stage of my life! Why have I not read this book before now? Most interesting question! My answer "the time was not yet right!" Hum.... why? I ponder upon that at this moment. I have not read ANY books in the last couple years. Once I was an avid reader. I have placed my heart and my soul into this maddening escape I call Glen View. Only recently my boss brought me a book called The Help and I enjoyed it, renewing a long lost passion. I became entwined with the main characters in the way I once did as a young reader that could not get enough. I laughed, I cried, I hated the mean characters. I sit on the edge of my seat as Minny, Skeeter and Abileen meet under the cover of darkness to tell and write stories that may get them killed.

There I go rambling again. The time was not yet right, until now, to read this book. We must live, we must experience, to appreciate this story.   

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  1. Reading is one thing I have never stopped doing. No matter what was going on in my life, I always have a book open to read when I have a few moments to myself. I am currently reading what you suggested and I think I am going to enjoy this book as much as you seem to be enjoying it. I wonder how long it will take me to read it though? haha Thanks for suggesting it and I am glad your friend gave the book to you. It will be interesting to see all you have to say about this story as you make your way through it.