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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Me & Myself!

I feel plum silly tonight but in a different, silly way. It be a good feeling, yet mischievious silly. Not a tuckered out stupid kind of silly. Oh shucky dern, I better try to explain, if I can! I use to get a good, although tired, yet relaxing peace, years ago after getting off of work... Oh crap, maybe I best try to explain that a little more! This may take a post just to examine and explain my current state of mind. I have quit taking Aleve to aleve my pains and pushing my old body harder, as in physical activity + I have lost a few bags of taters I use to eat... Huumm, do ya reckon after several weeks of more than normal body aches and such my tired old body is reaping the rewards of a better diet? If that be the case then excuse me while I say one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies, please hold............. (Yippee-Yi-ah.) ((I could not bring myself to type the rest of the words, please use your imagination, remember Bruce Willis in Die Hard.))

I'm going to ask meself, "self, why you be feeling so good?"

Self answers, "maybe, just maybe, I be turning the corner, you know what I mean Vern!"

Me answering, "nope and I best explain that, you know what I mean Vern shit! An actor, Jim Varney played a character he made famous in commercials and several movies, that was his line, "you know what I mean Vern!"

Me will ask once more, "self why you be feeling so good?"

Self answers, "first off, don't you think that people reading you, asking yourself and answering yourself questions, might look just a wee bit unusual?"

Me answers, "nope, causin if anyone in this big old world has read any of my silly, ramblings, they already know I'm nuts!"

Self, "I'll second that you multiple personality crazy ass!"

Me, "so self do you mind please answering the orignal question?"

Self, "if we didn't ramble so much, maybe we could write something. Well I reckon, we, as in, you and, I, or is it, me and you, damn, you make me so !@#$ing crazy! Here's a self diagnosis, hahaha, that be funny!!! Our mind has teetered on the precipice for so long, we have finally gone over, and are in that mode before we become a big SPLAT on the boulder down below, we be so plum stupid from watching all those Road Runner cartoons years ago, that we think we're going to be like the nemesis of the Road Runner, Mr. Coyote and live through the SPLAT, with just stars flying over our head. OR, it could be them medicines finally kicking in. Think of all them meds finally mending the holes in our head! OR most likely it be old assheimers setting in! Yep! We've always had some wisenheimer in us!"

Me, "well what I be hoping is.... with warm weather upon us, eating better causin me to feel better both mentally and physically, old smart ass Glen be ready for a change of pace fer awhile. I have this feeling from within that there is a ray of hope in this old man. I see the light house of life welcoming me into it's safe harbor to enjoy life fer a spell. Damn! I'll take happiness, silliness, feeling good anyway I can get it!!! Ain't HOPE grand, whether it be through the mind of a big loony toony or WHATEVER!!!   Goodnight my friends, y'all come back now ya here, you know what I mean!"  GLEN

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  1. I'm thinking eating better is doing wonders for your well-being Glen :-) If you are feeling this good now, imagine how you are going to feel six months from now ! Keep going my friend. You are doing fantastic.