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Thursday, May 10, 2012


I try not to go back and read any of my posts after I post them, Why? Causin, I get pissed! Why? Causin of my silly ass mistakes! Yep, I should always use spell check! I will attempt to defend myself! Key word here, attempt! Soo here goes. I really do type at the end of a day before I hit the hay! (That be go to bed.) Well why didn't I say that then?

Okay, okay, okay! I fight with myself A-LOT! One part of my brainee, be wanting to say for example, "before, I go to bed," but, but, but NO! The silly ass part of me prefers, "before, I hit the hay."

Then, then, then, I start thinking upon this itty bitty teensey weensie few words, and what do I ask myself?

I'm glad I asked! "Maybe, they don't understand, hit the hay!"  Then I be in a predicament! So you have PROPERNESS in one corner fighting,  SILLY ASS in the other corner! Well I prefer, "I really do type at the end of the day before I hit the hay." Any way, I take my beddy-bye medicines, (Notice I said cines as in plural, damn! I'm getting to be a smart ass, as well as, a silly ass!!!" Have I ever told ya? How much I loove them cute little exclamation points! I've been trying to find the capitol exclamation point! That sucker be hiding from me! Either that, or I have a defective keyboard! I believe I have, not a defective keyboard, but the proper word today, be "challenged"! Actually that makes a lot of sense. Why????

I be tired at the end of the day. I've done used up my daily quota of firing brain cells from my Paxil cloning reuptahe producing serotonin something or the other!!! But guess what? That's when I want to practice my typing. I'm not sure I'LL EVER, get enough practicing. Soo I practice, by ATTEMPTING to type whatever comes into my mind. Soo you put a challenged mind together with a challenged keyboard, add an Old Man, end of a day, with big Pharmas finest insurance laden goood stuff....... What in tarnation is being concocted deep in the basement of Glen View??? ME!!!

I USED MY SPELL CHECKY THING A-MA-BOB. GUESS WHAT? THERE WAS AS MANY MISS SPELLED WORDS IN YELLOW, AS WHEN I DON'T USE THE DARN THING! (think about that fer a sec!) SO WHAT DAMN GOOD IS IT? I'M NOT SURE, I COULD SPELL PROPERLY IF, I BET MY LIFE ON IT! THERE'S ONE THING IT DOES FOR YOU? "A MAN'S GOT TO KNOW HIS LIMITATIONS!" Shucky derns, I ain't never going to learn mine! I gonna keep on typing away and practicing. Never know one day, I might actually know what I'm doing! Naaah! That wouldn't be, no fuun!!! Goodnight my friends, Old Man Glen, giving Glen's View here on GLEN VIEW...........  

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