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Thursday, May 31, 2012

In My Dreams!

I feel the need to type something although I do not as yet know what it is. Have I confused you? You must stand in line behind me first! Its close to bed time but I feel the need to sign off. I have developed a nightly habit of typing whatever is on my mind. My mind seems blank and I know that's not possible! I have been reading for about an hour, the book I'm reading is delightfully stimulating, so how could my brain be dead? First guess would be overuse, not possible where I work! There should be a sign over the time card "check your brain here!" So what then be my predicament? Uh, why am I asking you? Like I can here the feedback! Funny thing is I think we're all connected, through the Mind net, whether we believe or even think about it. Think me crazy, that's okay, we're all crazy in our own way. One only has to observe others, listen to others. No I mean really listen! Not the shake your head in agreement nod, as to be nice. Here in Daisyville, I have major suspicion all across the lands, over the oceans, into every nook and cranny of the globe, we be crazier now than ever!!! I give to you evidence my honorable friends. Television across this planet, more channels than a remote can count. Then why can't you stay on one program and enjoy? Watching The Ed Sullivan Show and Walt Disney on Sunday night on a small screen black and white television with a snowy picture that would rolled uncontrollably sometimes was AWESOME in 1964! We dare not leave for one second to get a snack, holding our bladder until tears came out our eyes! Today there's 72 inch surround sound with definition so good you can see every line on your favorite actor's face. We turned the living room into a TV room. Why was it called a living room for anyway? There's popcorn, soda's, half eaten sandwiches, 500 DVDs. Computer phones that holds more information than Encyclopedia's. Ah oh, sorry I'm showing my age and ignorance. Do people today, even know what an Encyclopedia is? I bet not! Take a young one born in the last 30 years they would not know what the Dewey Decimal System is let alone an actual library.They have the Internet! What was I thinking? We have too much of too much! Our minds are not overloaded, we're fricking bored out of our fricking skulls! Glory be.... 24 hour weather channel. Please explain to me why in the hell would advertisers, advertise their products that only repeats the same fricking thing 24 hours a day? 24 hours a day news channels that rot yer fricking brain with the same-O, same O!!!!!!!!!!!! Who wants to hear Politicians, Wall Street, Wars, Deaths, Millionaire cry baby athletes and Movie Stars that can't live on a a gazillion $$$$. Waa! waa! waa! I feel so sorry for you!!! Try living on my salary one !@#$ing year assholes!!!

Now I've only been into this blog thing for a little while you see. I take a few minutes, occasionally checking some stories that appear on my home page. Holmes! They be taking over the hood baby!!! Main Stream has invaded! Okay, okay! okay, this Face Book stuff. What the hell is this all about. This young feller creates this, sells stock bringing in more money than............................?  I don't get it nor do I want to get it! Somethings wrong, badd wrong and we're flushing ourselves down the crapper! I think I was born during the wrong century!

Did we not... Once upon a time, manufacture product with craftsmanship, believing in something for a reason, with morals, courage, ethics, humanity! Maybe I learned that in school, no I read fairy tales as a kid, no, no,no I remember now, it's only when I dream, when I dream baby I dream!!! Glen, GOODNIGHT! 

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