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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Dream Pills" & Silliness!

Some snow flurries saying, "winter's here" today! B-U-R-R! A new story has blown into my mind with the full fury of a major winter's storm! That's good and bad! While it's good to have so many stories wanting out of my noggin. It be bad to have them lining up and having to wait in line, by pulling one of them number tickets! Could be worse I reckon! What if you're a writer who actually makes a living writing and have writers block! That be scary! The thing is, I'm learning to type and put some words together. An hobby for an o'l man. It be fun, a way to past time doing something that's challenging me wittle bwain. HAHAHA, that be funny! (Is it acceptable to laugh at yourself?) Just askin, causin I sure do, a lot! Me and this here computer keyboard be working on the same wave length, sometimes! Sometimes that sucker don't wanna work at all! I don't know if it's tired or thinks I'm stupid! Probably pissed because it didn't go to someone who could type and spell and had that learning crap! I could make it the proudest little keyboard ever if I could get them dreams of mine to work with me more... Whow-wee! I have been under the weather and spending more time in the bed, even took off a few days of work. My dreams be working !@#$ing over time! They've been off the Dream-O-la charts!

All my life the one constant that has saved me, and makes me, ME, is dreams! I assume everybody dreams, of course we do! Dreaming is a mind alleviator, (whoopsey darn I lika that word, alleviator!) Them drug companies will probably be producing a drug soon like that! Advertising a dream in a pill, choose from our assortment of mind altering dreams. Do you like war, killing? This camouflage army pill is for you! Normal side effects are !@#$%^&*!@#$%^ and killing ones you don't like, but will typically go away as you keep taking our pill daily!

Our new entertainment pills are the latest, throw that old fashion male enhancement pill away. We stock um deep with "Celebrity Bed Partner Series. No we haven't forgotten about you women or those of you that are into other more expanding curiosities! We offer a special deal on our mixture of, I wanna try it all bottle. We can't keep this on the shelves in certain cities, like San Francisco, New York, Hollyweird. Our Scientific Scientist Wizards continue to cook up new and exciting ideas daily! We without a doubt have the happiest Pharma Scientist anywhere, we give them free samples as they make them.

Without dreams I would cease to exist, there would be no ME! I've been fascinated with dreams and why we DO dream all my life! I don't buy into the bull-shit that people selling books give out! Our mind churns every second of every day, visits others and goes beyond waking reality. One of my many quests is to understand more about dreams and there connections to all of you out there!

My imagination, my dreams is stronger than ever! I wish for my endeavor in writing to someday be on par with them! I only wish to be ME! Allowing the stories and thoughts that make me ME, to cross your path is what the remainder of my life is to be about! THANKS FOR VISITING GLEN VIEW...

Monday, November 28, 2011

As my soul speaks!

It's raining and the dreary days of winter torment's me, here in the Heartland. The leaves have perished, darkness inside my mind! Not unusual, but hated! The goal my whole life is to hold a steady course, it's not possible is it? My body cries out in pain from a life of labor. My mind cries from sadness of losses. My heart breaks, from things I can't control. My soul! Ah! I still have my soul, without the veracity of my soul, I fear I would become dust. So I'm grateful. As long as my soul speaks I'm alive. You see in the eyes, when a soul burns out! A mere shell, no flicker in the eyes!

I've come back from darkness many times in my life, I no longer fear! I simply pull my boot straps up and go about my day. That be the problem with dark clouds above my soul. Every time a dark cloud arises it takes away a piece of me. One day this old horse will refuse to get up, I'll have, had enough. Enough of the bull of living, even on a simple scale of mine!

Unfortunately I've never been one, not to observe and feel the everyday atrocities of life! The front page of the Country Gazzette, here in the Heartland always prints, death, destruction, tragedies. I cry out why? Immunization of the people to believe it's okay! It's not okay! Our hearts have been ripped out of our chest, we feel no more! It seems so, or am I too old and past my prime! I hope not! I have many stories, I wish to tell! My heart aches and my soul's troubled, but I still have the flicker!

Once, I was young, and had a glowing flame, but no where to use it to any advantage. Most of my life has been wasted, surviving! Surviving for what? I don't know! I'm a tree that's produced no fruit in a lifetime! What's my purpose at this late stage of life? Could it be, to play my song, in my own way, to strum the keyboard as I allow you inside Glen View!!! One never knows! I be a simple man with a lifetime of observations and untold thoughts, surviving my torments, created within my mind, my soul, my heart! Perhaps, just perhaps, my purpose is to attempt a new challenge in my own unique style of salvation, pecking away at the keyboard and at life itself! Who knows!!! Thanks!   


Friday, November 25, 2011

Super Communication!

I really FEEL the need to write something, it's been a few days! MANY ideas and thoughts swirling around, I hope I can grasp onto one for a few minutes! A friend and I was talking about my last post for a few minutes, "The Park & Pumpkin Pie". We discussed some things about how I got the idea including the rest of the story line. I gave my opinion on something about how I believe we are all connected. He found it interesting and encouraged me to do a post about it so I'm going to attempt my thoughts on this subject. Remember now I'm not trained in any field; however 60 years of life and as I call it think-in. I quickly tire of all the experts talkin about they have all the answers. The greatest gift given to any soul is the ability to think and reason for THEMSELVES!

I don't get up to an alarm clock, man oh man did I ever hate to be woke up with an annoying sound and then your next thought is, DAMN I have to go to work! I work the graveyard shift! NO it's not fun, but it be a haft to case. (You're saying to yourself, "that old fart misspelled that wurd"!" If you asked yourself that, welcome to Glen View, you're new here ain't ya!!! Best get use to my spellin, I spell it as I hear it and I have been hard of hearing all my life! Okay, okay, okay! I know I have gotten sidetracked ONCE AGAIN! The luxury I allow myself in my old age issa I getta uppa when I want toooooo!!!

I have found my dreams to be off the Dream-O-chart by giving myself this luxury. (Don't you be mocking me and saying, "damn I wish I could do that"!) The graveyard shift is a killer and XXXX's your brain up so unless you want to end up like me, don't be saying that!

The physical body must rest, that's just the way it is baby! But that damn o'l brain wanna be working all the time, like the Energizer Bunny on meth! It gotta have that info, gotta learn! So why our body's numb as in sleep paralysis. (Don'ta be a tellin me, you never heard of sleep paralysis!) So our mind puts our body to sleep where do you think it goes? It sure as hell ain't going to learn nuthin listening to snoring. It has to go sommers (country slang for somewhere) else. It leaves your lazy ass body and visits the world, the universe, other realms! Baby it be travelin, at the speed of light or faster, learnin, learnin, learnin! When your physical body wants it back, that mind be mad! Whilst (while it) be out searchin for good times! You don't think our mind grows watching television or listening o Uncle Ray Earl Bob talkin about his life, nor your teenage children talkin!!! How about neighbor Roy a tellin the same lame ass story for the 1,061st frickin time. Damn where you think your mind gonna get some education!

Now for some serious talk... Yep sometimes I fool myself! I'm lucky to have mostly good and entertaining dreams, colorful, vivid, magnificent, most of the times. Most interesting note is they seem to have grown in intensity once I began searching to find myself and stories to write about. I haphazardly lucked into this, it seems! I need to practice my typing, so I began posting anything and everything that enteres my thought process about an hour before going to bed. I believe I have inadvertently opened a door to other universes, realms; whatever or wherever our dreams originate or through! Some of my most beautiful dreams find me playing the guitar or banjo, singing my heart out! I don't play nor sing. I feel my fingers working these instruments like a master finisher of antiques, working for that special seld satisfying gloriful shine. These dreams are off the charts and sometimes the mood and snapshots stay with me!

Seems I'm taking a long time to get to my real thoughts but find it terribly important to build to my final points, thoughts or whatever!!! I know in my heart, mind, body, soul, spirit that we are all connected! I'll use a little example, to TRY and explain my point. There are billions of people in the world. There are limitless amount of cells in our bodies. I certainly don't know how many let's say trillions. I believe the cells in everyone's bodies are slivers of all. Anyone who has ever lived is connected. In our dreams we travel, visit, boldly go wherever we want to go, be a part of someone else. LEARN most probably, but unable to use that fraction of a fraction for any consequential daily purpose. Perhaps, but why I can say this, is from my actual experiences of the last year. That's right, not once but many times something has dropped, into my awaken state of mind.

What if, what I have proposed to you in my own style of thinking is true. As I struggle to put words together there has beeen times when I felt as though someone was helping me giving slight nudges suggestions. It's not an eery feeling, but you go back and reread something and chills go down your spine because you can't believe you wrote that! One of my favorite post was INNER VOICES & ELIJAH. Felt as though I was getting help putting that together!!!

Recently I woke up with the idea to a story I'm currently writing "The Park & Pumpkin Pie".

I believe we're all connected in a way we can't or won't acknowledge in a mysterious way that some wish to keep quiet among the masses. Perhaps in our modernization of all, we have lost some fundamental survivor communication spiritual animalistic instinct that we once possessed! What if we could or actually do tap into something sooo special where our mind must go to survive!

Oh well I think there is something beyond, myth's, legend's, religion's. A super spirituality that's magnificently beautiful and we BABY HAVEN'T BEEN ALLOWED OR SHOWN HOW TO USE IT TO OUR ADVANTAGE!!!     Goodnight from GLEN VIEW. Thanks for visiting my humble site!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Park & Pumpkin Pie

Isabella Ann Nathaniel looks out from her house overlooking Glenview. (Nice name ain't it!) The small community where she was raised. Taking in the activitys at the park and her childhood surroundings. So close, yet so far away it now seems from the small house of her best friend Natie Owens. Natie still lives in the same house. Laughing out loud, not many people can boast, or would boast, about that, but somehow, that's Natie! Since retiring she's been working up the courage to become reacquainted with Natie. She uses binoculars to view the park, once she saw Natie, that was quite an unexpected thrill. When the time is right, she plans to walk from the park carrying a pumpkin pie, Natie's favorite, knock on the door and say, "I'm Isabella the girl next door looking for my best friend Natie, can she come out to play"? Then they would hug, cry, laugh, just like children once again! That's how it goes in her mind. She has drove by countless times, trying to figure Natie's habits and what kind of vehicle Natie drives. She wants this to work the first time, not knowing if she would have the courage to re-enact the scenario again. Sunday afternoon after church seems the perfect time.

When her family found out she was going to college, everyone was happy! Of course she felt that happiness, but she now questions! What she was feeling then, was not happiness for herself , but the happiness of her family, friends, everyone in the neighborhood and small community felt for one of their own, going off to college, that was really something special, to all concerned!

Isabella never had the desire to be any one other than who she already was! She was successful in business merely because she had brains, was always around savvy business people and the luck of being in the right place at the right time. She never had to work at it like ones you read about working night and day. She was blessed with God given brains, looks and in spite of herself she becomes wealthy! Everyone's dream, right, not her's! The happiest times of her life are the simple childhod times. Not a fairy book story, again she laughs at her own rich, misfortunes of life! Traveling the world, meeting people was interestingly sweet! Tasting other cultures and male encounters would make movie material. Everything a small town girl made good could ever imagine and more! Yes good times, the finest the world has to offer. She's always been a small town girl at heart, silly isn't it! Natie and her are like twins, imagining the obvious most realistic goals of simple common children of their time. Why would they want to be different? Good parents, love family! Their world consist of where they play, sleep, feeling loved! What more is there! She found out! Now, too late, to do anything about it! Laughingly uncontrollably, crying, tears of sorrow for herself, a fairy tale made in hell! The title of her life, "Small town girl makes good, dies alone"! 

Natie and "Isa", that's what Natie called her, were inseparable from toddlers until she goes to college. Both from poor families, luckily! Yeah, maybe not! Thinking to herself! Why doesn't she feel  lucky! She was fortunate to attend the local college on a scholarship, for the gifted, while Natie spends her life working in the local factory, raising children, marrying her high school sweetheart leading the life both girls imaginatively assumed they would while playing as children!

She attends local college for two years, won another college scholarship, a big prestigous, out of state college and was on her way! Way to what! She now thinks back, ironically and sarcastically as she thinks about the impending doom with every want, home and money, but nobody to lie beside you, laugh and cry for you, sitting in her mansion upon the hill, crying, feeling sorry for herself. It all happened, so fast!  She always made good grades without trying. "She was gifted," with a high I. Q. That's what the counselors told her, "you're lucky you can be anything you want to be!" As she ponders back upon her last half century, since leaving her childhood friend and home.

Years have quickly elapsed, half a century of separation, only makes the time away appear more like a dream, than reality. She wishes to visit Natie, but has the distance of years separated the once inseparable kindred spirits?

Natie's husband died two years ago, that would of been the time to be there for Natie. As usual she was in another country. Just like her parents death, she was somewhere else. Toasting and tasting the world now seems bittersweet! Speaking several languages has been a great asset but she longs for the simple country twang she once had, here in Glenview, will it come back she truly hopes so. She doesn't wish to be an outsider in her own childhood community! She's now retired and more than anything wants to re-establish a relationship with Natie if she can? It's funny how after going their separate ways or rather she left, the letters got fewer and farther in between until they stopped. Natie's talk was of love marriage, children. It tore at her heart, because that's what she always wanted, always has! She got caught up in the drain of life, but rather in a strange way. She told herself, plenty of time for marriage children. Before she knew it, a couple marriages, divorces, relationships not to bring children up in, she finds herself at this point in her life. Smiling, also crying, she thinks of that phrase from a song, "ain't it funny how time slips away"!

This Sunday will be the day and she was a nervous wreck already! Easter Sunday seems right! She will park her car on the opposite side of the park and walk slowly smiling ear to ear, carrying a pumpkin pie for her only best friend of her 68 years. She has dreamed of this day forever, actually the need to do so has become obsessive in recent years. The day is set and will happen this Sunday!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE WHERE THIS STORY GOES PLEASE LET ME KNOW, MAYBE, POSSIBLY, NEXT WEEKEND I'LL MAKE TIME TO CONTINUE IT. THIS STORY HAS ALREADY GONE FARTHER THAN PLANNED, BUT WHO CARES RIGHT! THE PLEASURE IS SEEING WHERE IT GOES, RIGHT! I DON'T EVEN KNOW BUT WOULD LIKE TO FIND OUT! Your good friend here at Glen View, (That sounds a mite familar.) This is the true plesure of writing, taking a story where it leads you and let it come out naturally. It's finding the time and right state of mind for old Glen to do it, hope you like it, a THANKSGIVING STORY FOR YOU.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Last Full MOON

 I find myself drawn into, this amazing picture recently. I would be lying if I said it spoke to me at first sight. The one thing more than anything, I wish to convey to you that visit my humble site is honesty! I think that's the most important emotion one can give! (With that being said, I feel somewhat like I'm LYING because, I don't share my real name, and all the realities of my personal life, but sadly we all know what un-normal, un-ethical scallywags can do with a little personal info, so I know you real people, REALLY understand!!!)

So I would like to move on to my thought. While searching to find my way of what to talk about in addition to stories that seem to take a lot more time, and more patience than what I have at various times. (I know I wrote about patience just this week, but that there be terribly hard too maintain 24 hours a day. I do real good while sleeping, haha, it be the work thing that tries my patience immensely, I know you understand that!) Damn! I've got so many thoughts jumping out at me!!! Anyhow honesty of my thoughts with complete access into my daily thoughts, emotions, dreams, stories. To me that's the most precious gift one can give to another! I have never kept a diary, so I suppose it's somewhat like that! The most important thing about reading is seeing yourself in someone else's words! (Oh my god I hope that makes sense.) What I have just written is exactly my point! I'm sharing my thoughts and emotions, then I let you in on my exact inner thought as I'm writing to you! I'm talking to you as an individual no matter where you are in the world, ain't that just the most magically fantastic thing you can FEEL!!!   

What I've been jumping around at is really me! I start off with this amazing picture, I found interesting. I simply didn't quite understand how to evaluate it at first. I've revisited it a few times and now I know what I want to say about this picture that has made such an IMPRESSION (Now that's cute, haha.) on me!

The flash highlights a wooden walkway, very sturdy looking structure, with huge handrails. This structure appears to go on forever, out into the vastness of the sea. It gives that appearance because darkness takes over after a few feet. Complete blackness into infinity. There is a tiny round sliver of light way out over the horizon. A ray of light so small it must be a lighthouse, beckoning. It excites, entices, this ray of light.

You have walked the plank of life, over darkness of unseen, unknowing, obstacles, holding onto the solid handrails that steady life's journey. To question the strength of the structure halfway into oblivion, makes no sense. Keep the course and walk to the light, until THE LAST FULL MOON!!! Goodnight my friends, I hope you have enjoyed this, as much as the actual picture's, did on me!!!           

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Off MY Rocker

I'm terribly afraid, I've been a mite, well more than a mite! I've always been off my rocker so to speak for a long time! Recently more so now, mentally and physically, I feel BLAAAHH! I've tried soo hard to stay on an even keel. Lay a course in, light breeze and calm seas, clear skies. But no! Someone or somebody always has to ruin my happiness! Them damn o'l termites have to rear there ugly heads from the darkness of the ground and munch on me! They don't like seeing me happy, content, feeling good! Them termites are everywhere, low and behold there gonna get ya! Termites have to munch, munch, munch, all the time. Big damn mouth's, bite, bite, bite! I'm pretty much an introvert in my latter life. Too much time in management, forced to work in between upper management and union workers has used up many lifetimes of listening skills/patience.

I an old man with a leg sraddling my last place of eternal rest, am feed up with many things, about life. Most certainly that could be alleviated, IF I didn't need such frilly wants as food, warmth, so on and so forth. Not being a wise man about financial matters I see myself working until the day I die. That may be sooner than later, if I can't learn to say XXXX IT!

I REALLY "try" to wear imaginary blinders! I hear Sue, a friend of mine say,"HUH"! I can take care of myself and do a good job at work. I carry my load like an old pick up truck, ain't much to look at, but can still carry that load of freshly cut oak to burn in the fireplace. What, I'm TRYIN TO SAY IS THIS OLD FAT FUCKER CAN STILL DO HIS JOB! I grow TIRED of working with lazy ass people!  

If the workforce of America has been reduced to some of the lazy people I'm around, YIKES! The future ain't looking good! Common sense, NADA! Intelligence, I dare say they don't know what the word means. NADA! Clean up after themselves. Are you kiddin me, their momma must still be cleanin up after them, NADA!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Patience, Persistence, Preserves and PERSEVERANCE

I haven't been my normal "cheerio" chap, self, in a couple weeks! Please bear, (or is it bare?) I know! Who gives a rat's ass righto! Sometimes I, and probably you out there in the Kingdom of Blogdom get caught up in such little nonsensical bits of unmeaningless crappola! Man I absolutely hate when that happens! When I began this endearing endeavor in madness, as in attempting to learn to actually type and attempt to actually write a few sentences and maybe, tell a story or two... I froze... My mind began spinning in circles... I became woozy, (lightheaded,) sick to my belly... What the !@#k, aimma I'a THINKIN!!! Sometimes I still feel that way... Then I say to myself, magical words of wisdom, "who gives a rat's ass"! I laugh! I was so worried about my lack of training. I told myself, "damn you old !@#ker, you be approaching the big 60, what the hell matters"? My mind went on a tirade at me-self and this is what my mind told me."Patience, persistence, perseverance". I passed out cold, like an electrical overload, burnt all my synapses into extra crispy brain bacon! I have never had patience. I lack persistence, and baby what the HELL is perseverance??? (YOU SEE HERE, I'M UP THE CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE AND I AIN'T IN THE BOAT YET!!!) One itty bitty synapsey was left. So I said, "what the !@#k who gives a rat's ass". (Please don't forget my words of wisdom, just in case you burn out most of your synapses.) So I'm the recepient of an antique computer, that once belonged to a little girl, who apparently loved ice cream! It wasn't pretty but was functional for me too learn on. That damn computer was much smarter than me! I keep thinkin, patience, persistence, perseverance. I know what patience and persistence means. I ain't owned a dictionary since school and was not, about to waste, no money on one now! So I figured, I'd figure it out, when the time come, you see! I remember the word preserves crossin my one remaining synapse. Oh! Oh! Oh! Before I forget! I made a visit to the good Doctor and told him about frying my brain, so he fixes me up with serotonin reuptake something or the other, legal good stuff, as in meds, you know! Okay back to the preserves, like blackberry preserves, peach preserves. You see in the old days they would can foods, vegetables and fruits, for the winter. So they called the fruits preserves! Yummy, them preserves are good, make a cobbler , my mouth's watering just thinkin about them preserves! Well one day somebody told me that preserves and perseverance ain't the same thing! I was flabbergasted! What! What! What! Damn! There goes my last synapsey! This person who told me about perseverance said it means, "stick to it, stay at it". I'm plum confused now! Them peach preserves sure stick to me belly, on a cold winter's day, and we had to stay at it when we canned them, it were hard work! My friend pulls out a dictionary and said listen up, "perseverance is the act of persevering; continued patient effort. Do you understand it now"?  I answer "NOPE, not in the least! If perseverance is preserving, yes when we canned them fruits, we had to be continually patient not to eat them all up!" My friend's  hot under the collar, his face was red and he was talkin to himself, makin no sense at all! he finally says, "perseverance simply means to keep tryin, keep tryin, keep tryin", he continued to say those words as he took off walkin down the sidewalk, it was his house.

So I kept up with the P. P. P. words I don't like to say them anymore! As for my friend, they found him walkin in the next county uttering "keep tryin", over and over and over! He's back home now and doing pretty good, they say! I'm not allowed to see him and apparently he takes some of them serotonin reuptake something or the other meds like I do!         

You know it ain't easy learning new things, I keep practicin, practicin, practicin. I never knew the rules when I went to school, to propa English then. I started off in my endeavor a-tryin. I found out real quickly I ainna neva gonna master it and guess what? I'm too !@#k-in old too give a rat's ass! I'mma gonna keep on tryin and a-practicin any way! WHY? BECAUSE I'M HAVING FUN! Iffun some good things about propa English pops into my one synapse mind occasionally that be okay! I'm going to keep tryin as long as I'm having fun. It warms an old man's heart to have you'all from around the world visit my humble site. I'll do my best to give you a laugh and talk to you from "my heart"! If you want propa English, you'll have to look somewhere else! I be an old fat man, writing whatever is on my mind! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, FOR VISITING MY HUMBLE LITTLE BLOG! Glen

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I knew the TIME would be right, to write this heartfelt post,,, whenever THE "TIME" was right! I lost my DEAREST friend, last Saturday..... One's, never ready for something like that! How can one prepare, for such a devastating lost??? I've carried a stiff upper lip and gone about my daily business, OR so I've tried! My soul cries out! Tears of sorrow, does NOT comfort, ENOUGH!!! I've known my departed friend their whole life! Way too short for such a wonderful soul, one who helped to make me, ME!! I miss, more today, than a week ago! I've known this soul in another past, of that I've no doubt! We'll meet again, I'm sure! Destiny has it's own way, doesn't it! 

Destiny, is a lovely word, don't you think? DESTINY, the seemingly inevitable or necessary succession of events. 2 what will necessarily happen to any person or thing (one's) fate. 3 that which determines events said of either a supernatural agency or neccessity --- SYN, FATE

WOW!!! I don't know how to follow such an amazing meaning! My first experience at death, came at age seven... Much, too early to undserstand, such life altering event, for all concerned... One day you're playing with your, younger sister,,, then you see her lying in a casket, in a strange place... Parents say "she died"!!! You've never seen death before!!! How does a child of seven deal, with such a thing? You can't! All you know is, you'll never play, touch, laugh, with her again! You can't understand, you've no understanding of death... Children play, laugh, explore, imagine... Death is not understandable... Life's  forever altered, childhood changed! It should never be, for a child!

It's etched, an unhealable scare across your heart! It's the, not knowing, the not undestanding, WHY??? You'll NEVER learn, it's unexplainable!!!

The scar stays open, it can't heal, no medicine can take away that kind of pain!!! Five years later the assasination of a President, makes the un-understanding of death, MORE REAL!!! You're now twelve and it's someone you've never met.. The old wound is deeper, magnified millions of times by mourners... You'll never meet... A great man... The President Of The United States.. The greatest nation of the world, we school children are taught... Every detail plays out, live... At this point in history, unimagineable, on the small screen... The Funeral with John john, walking in front of the horse drawn hearse carrying his Dad, was me, as I lost my sister a few years earlier... I'm an almost adult of twelve, now, it doesn't matter, I cry out, for all... And I feel the nation crying out, with me...

I could say everything returns to normal, but that would be a lie! One year later at the manly age of thirteen, the most devastating blow of my too young life happens!!! The only adult male, I truly loved, the man I'm named after dies! I was as close to my Grandfather, as to my Mother! WHY? I don't know why! DESTINY... Seems rather cruel, reflecting back at this point of my life...

At my Father's death, I felt relief , for him, a tormented individual... And for the rest of US, whose lifes, he has tormented... Possibly, his life was a life of torment... it certainly seemed to me, to be... Noo-body gets to choose their path, do they??? By simply living our life, one's DESTINY, makes us whom we are NOW... Is that good or bad... Depends on what you choose to do with it... One can feel sorry for themselves, until the day, they die, OR, they can use the wisdom, the feelings, what TRUE HEARTFELF emotions to LIVE, to move on, to LOVE, to grow, TO ENJOY WHAT LIFE HAS GIVEN US, TO EMBRACE THE WEAKNESSES, THAT GIVE US STRENGTH, THAT'S IN ALL OF US..

It's there, it's always been there... Tap into it, on a daily basis to sustain one's self for the rest of your life. Damn! Does an old fat man have to tell you!!! It's inside all of us... If you can't find it, it's because you don't have the COURAGE to look!!! To find it, will set you free... Tap into you're most inner emotions, there lies the answers... A shrink will charge you and never set you free... Unlock the beast within, let him out... Only you, can set YOU free... Only you know, you enough to set you free... Don't waste any more of your life's "time"... DAMN IT! NOW IS "THE TIME" BEFORE YOU DIE... Die free, an Eagle, flying above it, knowing YOU ARE FREE!!!

THE recent death of a true friend, has taught ME this, as I cry out! ONLY NOW, I TRULY UNDERSTAND... IF I DIE NOW, I'M FREE, (Let's ride to OUR last sunset, FREE! As we're meant to be!!!) Goodnight my friends, no matter where you be!!!   G. E. G. As always thank you for visiting my humble site!     

Friday, November 11, 2011


I'm mentally disturbed! But you already know that! I'm proud to be one of the mentally disturbed, and baby I'a worka every scheduled day! (Plese don't worry about the misspelled wurds and my OWN slang, or wacko, weirdo sense of huma!) You can fill in the blanks and laugh at me if you want! That would plum tickle me to death! I laugh at myself as I'a writa, you dang well tootin! Any silly ass shittin wurd that poppa inna mya head when I be in a way past silly moood like toNIGHT! I DON'T KNOW OR UNDERFUCKINGSTAND THEM BIG ASS E-D-U-C-A-T-E-D-WURDS!!! I hope you gotta that wurd, see whatta I'mma telling ya'all out there all around the p-l-a-n-e-t. Iffa ya'all are tryin to learn ENGLISH, or as I call it PROPA ENGLISH, as in wherever they speak propa English.

I absolutely LOVE! to hear English spoken with accents from around the world! When spoken by a  British Anchor Woman, I get well let's say, excited! My wildest dream would be for a lovely British Anchor Woman to read some of my silly ass stuff. I'm laughing just thinking about looking soo, lovely and with perfect Britian English, it would be a RIOT!

I get hits from around the world and that simply warms the cockles of my heart. (What the hell's a cockle? Dictionary says, one's deepest feelings or emotions.)

I've often wondered how my slang and made up words are changed into other languages. I bet I've frozen a few computers trying to figure me out! That be just it! I don't want noobody to figure me out! Hells fire I haven't, figured myself out! I be me, one old man speaking WHATEVER comes across! Don't ever try to FIGURE ME OUT!

I be crazy and proud of it! The word CHALLENGED in the United States means mentally slow, hard of hearing, blind, can't talk, etc. It seems to mean any ONE who ain't NORMAL. What the hell is NORMAL? NORMAL as in a Politician! Don't want to go there! NORMAL as in my Aunt Edna, who read and quoted the bible all the time! NORMAL as in the limp wrist Man next door! NORMAL as in cousin Jim Bob, who drives a pick up truck painted in green camouflage. Wears a camouflage hat and camouflage clothing. Has a shotgun rack in the cab of his truck, drinks beer and hunts. The point here is!!! I don't know anybody I would classify as NORMAL. My Momma ain't NORMAL!!!

You watch the news, read the newspaper, listen to the Radio. You think them people on talk radio is NORMAL!!! You think Mouth Limball is NORMAL!!! Do you "really" know anybody that is NORMAL???



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just checking in on ya!

It's late, I'm tired but I really enjoy letting my crazy ass mind wander a mite before, beddy bye time! (I can't believe, I just wrota, whata I wrota.) Oh well just being silly and guess what, I don't care, I don't care, how about that! I'mma gonna write what I think, at least for a few more minutes while I can still think!!!

Physically feeling good, mentally in a down mood, from something devastating happening over the weekend. The world moves on hey!

Just watched a DVD of a movie I have been wanting to see, Iron Man One. I wish to take my mind away for a spell. Since I was an avid comic book reader as soon as I could put a few words together, these type movies regress me back to childhood. I still enjoy these type movies, hey I still have the imagination inside, it feels good to bring that part back from time to time. Mentally I feel 18, even though my body tells me, WHOWZA, old man!

In the hurry up and wait and accomplish NOTHING world of madness today, it feels right DAMN good to just RELAX! I hope you clearly understand what I mean! Put your feet up, drink a glass of wine, block out all daily activities, read a good book, gaze mindlessly into a fire, stare at the clouds, watch children playing, watch the waves rolling in. DON'T be a thinkin about one single solitary thing! That be clearing the daily accumulation of ------------ "SHIT" outta your head! (I bet ya didn't think, I's wassa gonna saya that, did ya?)

I was getting uptight about some things at work tonight, stuff I've been laughing off, ya have to! Not one darn thing, I can do nut-tin about! (Damn I lika that wurd, nut-tin, kinda hits close to home on me don't it!) Say, yes! No really! Who gives a shit if anybody hears you, say yes for a discombobulated Glen! If they ask ya, "what did you say"? Tell them, "Glen asked me to say it"! I doubt they'll ask ya to repeat it!!!

Laughter poking fun at yourself is good. Ask yourself, "would I rather be laughing or all grumbly face"? What's your answer? I certainly hope it's not grumbly face!!! Nobody, looka good, grumbly faced! Just typing grumbly face is fun! If that's not enough for ya just think that old fart is off his rocker! Yes I am, but dwell on the other alternatives next time you are relaxing!!!  

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Man, I should of gone to bed!!!

To write or not to write! That be the dilemma here tonight! Whether it makes more sense to just go to bed! Hell! There ain't never been, much sense, or cents, for that matter in my life, so why the !@#$ start now! NOW that makes sense! 

Many things stirring in the pot today, but I never know what's coming out my fingertips! Ain't the mind suppose to control the fingertips, or is the fingertips in charge? You see I'mma really new at this typing thing-a-ma-bob! Or is it thing-a-ma-boob as in crazy, or thing-a-ma-bOOb! Damn, damn, damn I'm stuck some one out there shake the mouse thing, to get my mind synapses, a-firing once again! (You really didn't do it did ya!) 

Okay now back to the regular unscheduled mind of Glen View. Inna-casey you quita haven't figured me out yetta! (Believe me you never willa) I somma times, lika to playa around! I be hard of hearing but don't tell anybody! (Little humor sorry!) Let's see where was I? I have been some what deaf all my life. Been somewhat dumb all my life. Now my eyes seem to be going so, soo, sooo, soooo! I'm gonna run for President Of The United States! Man oh man, oh man! I could be a deaf, dumb and blind President and accomplish as much as the Presidents of the United States Of America have done in quite a spell, couldn't I? ( Say yes! Or, amen brother!)

Let's evaluate what current and past Prez's have accomplished, (I lika Prez better has a homey feel don't it.) Wars, hell yell, I could declare war! Economy, hell yeah, I can let the economy go down the crapper! Big Business, hell yeah, I can let Big Business run amock! I can let the Military be the strong arm for all them BIG ASS COMPANIES who are a runnin the world! I think there, more commonly referred to as THE POWERS THAT BE!!! Why not give away 14 !@#$ing trillion dollars to all them POOR, Powers That Be ONES! I could rape, pillage, plunder the world as good as all them backstabbing SOB's THAT HAVE DESTROYED THE FUTURE FOR THE GENERATIONS THAT FOLLOW ME! I BE OLD, I WON'T BE AROUND TO SEE TORMENT, SUFFERING, ON A GLOBAL SCALE, UNMATCHED BY ANYTHING WE CAN IMAGINE TODAY! THE UNDERGROUND CITIES BEING BUILT, WILL PROTECT THEM POWER THAT BE ONES!

So where will the rest of the deaf, dumb and blind be???

This is a nightmare of biblical porportions happening as we sleep! OR IS IT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just a Thought!

Hello, hello wherever ye be. Up and at em, another day, taxes to pay, cellphones to use, hurry, hurry, one step closer to ??? World news to read, lies to believe. Governments going bankrupt, it's not my fault. We go to church to clear the air, so much pain everywhere. Why even try it's simply not fair. That's what we do, it's whom we are. Just another day! One lonely soul of billions today, no one will know or care if we've lost our way!

Let's stay home from the rat race, put our feet up read that book we have been wanting to, forever. Lose ourselves inside our minds, let our imaginations roam free, ah yes that's where we want to be! The pressures, the work, the truth, what is the truth? We know, no more! We have become so lost, we must set ourselves free! We fight for truth, justice! We know not what the truth and justice even be!!! We think we do! We don't think for ourselves anymore, did we ever? It's not our lives, never has been! We're herded from the day we're born to the day we die, we don't even know it! Herded by Satan's Spawns, who lead us to temptation, by tempting us with disbelief!

Ah when we're young, too young to know, we're free. Free to investigate Our forming, learning minds. Everything's puppy curiosities, so new, filled with pleasure, so much fun! When we're able to run, we run, just to know we can run! We laugh, ah, do we laugh, at everything, why not! Everything is good, the world is good, we know no better. Eat with our hands, who cares, it's so much fun! Bite Rover's tail who cares, yucky hair in my mouth, who cares, not good, make a mental note, don't do that noo more! We learn, ah, to learn, is that why we're here? When do we stop learning, that be the question here today boys and girls?

Our childish brains grow, we learn. We learn from books, from teachers, from ones with higher learning, ah ha, who taught them? Are we "learning", or being brainwashed, that be the question! WHO chooses, what to teach in our schools? The Curriculum of Learning, does it satisfy OUR curiosity of learning! We learn what Professor Somebody Man, decided we are to learn. Does it satisfy the child curiosity? Nope, we are now being taught! Taught, trained, ah ha, so much alike! Trained to follow! Does it fuel the imagination, curiosity!!! I don't think SO! Seems to me, our imaginations are being taught away! Imagination is a good thing! We need thinkers, doers, that dance to their own tunes! Not the tunes of the Learned, by the Learned, who have taught the same mental disorders of disarray forever!

Sure seems to me the world has always been the same! Many less cattle to be herded by The Appointed Ones who call themselves any !@#$ing thing they want to call themselves. We're still the cavemen being led by the Cave Man King's "mentality". We always will be, times don't change they only become more to be herded!     

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tid Bit Thought!

I'm too tired, to sleep so I'm gonna see where my brain is! "Oh no! This ought to be plum silly ass silly" says Susie Smartassy. (One of my inner voice misfits.) I have been in a adrenalin junkie rush for over a week. Why I'm not sure! I start off the day like a drunken sailor, after a couple hours at work I get this rush and feel rights good! Yeah baby! It defeats logic! While in this drunken stupor, my arthritis disappears and I have no pain! How the hell do you figure this? This adrenalin induced stupor is some what, like a medication I took once, prednisone. This is good and bad to this predicament I find myself in. I take medicine to keep my blood pressure down, while in this adrenalin kick, it has to be off the charts!

I absolutely love these highs! I feel 20 years younger. I can work like I once did, in my younger days, damn, damn, damn, feels sooo goood!!!!!!!!

An interesting thought pops into my mine, thinking about the highs I have experienced recently. What if, you could have ten years of life, but you must take medicines to slow, way down and you feel every ache and pain of your life. Also you're not yourself, your medications helps you to exist but in a weakened zombie state! Would you be willing to trade, say five years of your life to be you again! Interesting to say the least!

So ten years of aches pains, only a fraction of yourself mentally, or five years not as a teenager mind ya, but feeling decent with a passion for life, are you thinking about this?   

If you've not experienced enough of life I suppose there is no way you can answer that question! If you've not been there, done that, experienced both, you can't answer that!

I certainly have in the last  twenty years of life! Living is fantastic when things are good! Life sucks mentally and physically at times and that may be putting it lightly!

The highs of going beyond your self imposed limitations is euphoric! The lows, well the lows can be baad!     THANK YOU!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Return to Me!

Veering of course is part of life! There are so many variables to the modern way of life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with veering. That makes us unique, we learn through the obstacles, challenges, veering. Well, some do! Life ain't a bowl of Wheaties, no matter what the ad says!

I never read the column Dear Abby, for some unexplainable reason I did! On the flip side I do sometimes read the obituaries, not unusual, you're thinking for a 60 year old fart! This was not my hometown newspaper and I was reading the obituary of one man in particular. I go from reading about Tony Stewart and how bad the Indianapolis Colts are this year, to reading the bratty letter of a 15 year old snot nose brat to Dear Abby. Very unusually, interesting I must say!!!

Do you not see the picture I'm drawing for ya! I always read sports and Tony Stewart is my favorite driver. Certainly nothing strange here. The Colts are my favorite football team, no strangeness there!

Let me make this perfectly CLEAR! I never read Dear Abby, my horoscope yes and the daily cartoon Garfield yes! If I only glance at the front page of the newspaper, the only two other items will be Garfield and my horoscope. I always get a smile from both, okay!

What in tarnation caused, or made me to read ABBY & OBITS???? Hummm! Frightening as hell ain't it!

The gentleman that passed away was 87 years old, served in the Air Force in WW II, lived a very productive successful life with many accolades per the obit.

The 15 year old was whining about such nonsensical bratty snot nosed things that makes you want to puke.

Is there a message here for me? One would certainly think so, am I right. Syncronicity or WHAT!!!

Do I wish to be a snotty nose teen? I think not! I could never live up to what this man has accomplished, no way!

I vent some frustration one day and the very next day this mystery gives me much thought! I find it terribly funny, coincidental, interesting OR maybe I'm making something out of nothing! It really doesn't matter I suppose in the grand scheme of things, but I'm glad it happened....

All of us are somewhere in between these two human beings. VEERING OFF COURSE IS A GOOD THING OR WE WOULD NEVER KNOW WE'RE OFF COURSE AND NEED TO RE-EXAMINE OUR COMPASS AND SET THE COURSE RIGHT!!!  Goodnight as I try to RETURN TO ME, whoever that is! Sorry about the little venting! I gotta be me, I gotta be me!!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"New Type Fuel Found"!!!

I seem to have something stuck in my crawl for over a week now, I need to get it out! This doesn't feel like it's going to be on the light side, so I'm giving fair warning, you might want to skip this post!

 I'll attenpt to write this out, so's I can get on to being ME! I've been tired since Friday the 21 st of what is now last month. It was a brutal day physically, mentally I lived up to the challenge. It's that mental challenge that bothers me! I try to stay within my "self set limits", that I, and only I, know, for survival mentally & physically. This is from a lifetime of learning, to live within myself, for MY SURVIVAL, if I'm making any sense, I dare I'm not!!!

It simply CANNOT be done! One has to work, for survival, monetarily, that be the first obstacle. I've never had a problem doing my job! I like the rush one get's, IF ONE WORKS! (Yes I meant to capitalize, for the ones that have no fucking idea what work is!!!) Teamwork, whether on a ball team or a production line ain't one, it be everybody!!!

What has destroyed the workforce of the U. S. of A. is pure fucking LAZINESS! This LAZINESS starts from the top, SO CALLED "LEADERS". Leaders don't know diddly squat about LEADERSHIP! They have meetings and listen to what their Generals all the way down to their lowest level incompetents. Starting at the lowest level nincapoops, they start covering their own ass all the way up to the top! It doesn't matter if it is the President of a country, or the President of a Shit Stacking Company! So much shit is covered up by every fucking manager, the truth is completely lost. I have seen it all my life at my everyday little man level and read about it every day in the newspapers, watch it on the news, read it on the internet! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!............................ LEADERSHIP, more like LEADERSHIT!!!

I, a simple hard working, honest man, am fucking fed up at every level! I'm 60 years old and the shit just keeps stacking! If I could capture this invisible shit, from around the globe I could probably light up every light on the planet, produce enough global electricity to electrify every country and every household, even the ones that do not yet have electricity. I feel assured that there is PLENTY!!!

The Presidential election coming up could produce an abundance, I have no doubt! The amount of MANURE expelled from Washington could probably light up every light bulb in the world, I have no doubt!     

I see the future, "New type fuel found, we'll never run out. Tap into something that is self-sustainable"!