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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Man, I should of gone to bed!!!

To write or not to write! That be the dilemma here tonight! Whether it makes more sense to just go to bed! Hell! There ain't never been, much sense, or cents, for that matter in my life, so why the !@#$ start now! NOW that makes sense! 

Many things stirring in the pot today, but I never know what's coming out my fingertips! Ain't the mind suppose to control the fingertips, or is the fingertips in charge? You see I'mma really new at this typing thing-a-ma-bob! Or is it thing-a-ma-boob as in crazy, or thing-a-ma-bOOb! Damn, damn, damn I'm stuck some one out there shake the mouse thing, to get my mind synapses, a-firing once again! (You really didn't do it did ya!) 

Okay now back to the regular unscheduled mind of Glen View. Inna-casey you quita haven't figured me out yetta! (Believe me you never willa) I somma times, lika to playa around! I be hard of hearing but don't tell anybody! (Little humor sorry!) Let's see where was I? I have been some what deaf all my life. Been somewhat dumb all my life. Now my eyes seem to be going so, soo, sooo, soooo! I'm gonna run for President Of The United States! Man oh man, oh man! I could be a deaf, dumb and blind President and accomplish as much as the Presidents of the United States Of America have done in quite a spell, couldn't I? ( Say yes! Or, amen brother!)

Let's evaluate what current and past Prez's have accomplished, (I lika Prez better has a homey feel don't it.) Wars, hell yell, I could declare war! Economy, hell yeah, I can let the economy go down the crapper! Big Business, hell yeah, I can let Big Business run amock! I can let the Military be the strong arm for all them BIG ASS COMPANIES who are a runnin the world! I think there, more commonly referred to as THE POWERS THAT BE!!! Why not give away 14 !@#$ing trillion dollars to all them POOR, Powers That Be ONES! I could rape, pillage, plunder the world as good as all them backstabbing SOB's THAT HAVE DESTROYED THE FUTURE FOR THE GENERATIONS THAT FOLLOW ME! I BE OLD, I WON'T BE AROUND TO SEE TORMENT, SUFFERING, ON A GLOBAL SCALE, UNMATCHED BY ANYTHING WE CAN IMAGINE TODAY! THE UNDERGROUND CITIES BEING BUILT, WILL PROTECT THEM POWER THAT BE ONES!

So where will the rest of the deaf, dumb and blind be???

This is a nightmare of biblical porportions happening as we sleep! OR IS IT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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  1. My dear friend, it is a WAKING is real and I don't think it is going to end, at least not anytime soon.

    Great post, glad you stayed awake to write it. Now get some rest, sleep might be the only peace any of us has these days.