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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tid Bit Thought!

I'm too tired, to sleep so I'm gonna see where my brain is! "Oh no! This ought to be plum silly ass silly" says Susie Smartassy. (One of my inner voice misfits.) I have been in a adrenalin junkie rush for over a week. Why I'm not sure! I start off the day like a drunken sailor, after a couple hours at work I get this rush and feel rights good! Yeah baby! It defeats logic! While in this drunken stupor, my arthritis disappears and I have no pain! How the hell do you figure this? This adrenalin induced stupor is some what, like a medication I took once, prednisone. This is good and bad to this predicament I find myself in. I take medicine to keep my blood pressure down, while in this adrenalin kick, it has to be off the charts!

I absolutely love these highs! I feel 20 years younger. I can work like I once did, in my younger days, damn, damn, damn, feels sooo goood!!!!!!!!

An interesting thought pops into my mine, thinking about the highs I have experienced recently. What if, you could have ten years of life, but you must take medicines to slow, way down and you feel every ache and pain of your life. Also you're not yourself, your medications helps you to exist but in a weakened zombie state! Would you be willing to trade, say five years of your life to be you again! Interesting to say the least!

So ten years of aches pains, only a fraction of yourself mentally, or five years not as a teenager mind ya, but feeling decent with a passion for life, are you thinking about this?   

If you've not experienced enough of life I suppose there is no way you can answer that question! If you've not been there, done that, experienced both, you can't answer that!

I certainly have in the last  twenty years of life! Living is fantastic when things are good! Life sucks mentally and physically at times and that may be putting it lightly!

The highs of going beyond your self imposed limitations is euphoric! The lows, well the lows can be baad!     THANK YOU!


  1. I read this three times so far and I think I would prefer the five good years if I had to choose. I would rather live a short time and have a real passion for living, than a 10 year zombie existence. At least that is how I feel at this moment in life ! I have had both the highs and lows, the good and the bad, and times where I just about despaired of living for one reason or another. So yes, five good years would be my choice :-)

  2. I will say this though. If this hypothetical question had been a bit different, and you had asked if we could take away all the bad years in the life we have actually lived, I would say no. The reason being, that as you and I have discussed briefly in various comments.... the negative helps us to appreciate the positive. I have learned a lot from the adversity I have been through in my 56 years and without those experiences, I may not have developed the character I possess today. At least I think I am a pretty decent person..... not perfect of course, but decent !!