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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just a Thought!

Hello, hello wherever ye be. Up and at em, another day, taxes to pay, cellphones to use, hurry, hurry, one step closer to ??? World news to read, lies to believe. Governments going bankrupt, it's not my fault. We go to church to clear the air, so much pain everywhere. Why even try it's simply not fair. That's what we do, it's whom we are. Just another day! One lonely soul of billions today, no one will know or care if we've lost our way!

Let's stay home from the rat race, put our feet up read that book we have been wanting to, forever. Lose ourselves inside our minds, let our imaginations roam free, ah yes that's where we want to be! The pressures, the work, the truth, what is the truth? We know, no more! We have become so lost, we must set ourselves free! We fight for truth, justice! We know not what the truth and justice even be!!! We think we do! We don't think for ourselves anymore, did we ever? It's not our lives, never has been! We're herded from the day we're born to the day we die, we don't even know it! Herded by Satan's Spawns, who lead us to temptation, by tempting us with disbelief!

Ah when we're young, too young to know, we're free. Free to investigate Our forming, learning minds. Everything's puppy curiosities, so new, filled with pleasure, so much fun! When we're able to run, we run, just to know we can run! We laugh, ah, do we laugh, at everything, why not! Everything is good, the world is good, we know no better. Eat with our hands, who cares, it's so much fun! Bite Rover's tail who cares, yucky hair in my mouth, who cares, not good, make a mental note, don't do that noo more! We learn, ah, to learn, is that why we're here? When do we stop learning, that be the question here today boys and girls?

Our childish brains grow, we learn. We learn from books, from teachers, from ones with higher learning, ah ha, who taught them? Are we "learning", or being brainwashed, that be the question! WHO chooses, what to teach in our schools? The Curriculum of Learning, does it satisfy OUR curiosity of learning! We learn what Professor Somebody Man, decided we are to learn. Does it satisfy the child curiosity? Nope, we are now being taught! Taught, trained, ah ha, so much alike! Trained to follow! Does it fuel the imagination, curiosity!!! I don't think SO! Seems to me, our imaginations are being taught away! Imagination is a good thing! We need thinkers, doers, that dance to their own tunes! Not the tunes of the Learned, by the Learned, who have taught the same mental disorders of disarray forever!

Sure seems to me the world has always been the same! Many less cattle to be herded by The Appointed Ones who call themselves any !@#$ing thing they want to call themselves. We're still the cavemen being led by the Cave Man King's "mentality". We always will be, times don't change they only become more to be herded!     


  1. I think you have said it exactly as it is here Glen !! Anything I would add would only take away from the sheer truth of your words. EXCELLENT post today my friend.

  2. I agree, PMS. Very well put. Education channels natural curiosity...and that isn't always a good thing. John Taylor Gatto
    ( has written reams on the subject, that too few have read. Sigh...