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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Dream Pills" & Silliness!

Some snow flurries saying, "winter's here" today! B-U-R-R! A new story has blown into my mind with the full fury of a major winter's storm! That's good and bad! While it's good to have so many stories wanting out of my noggin. It be bad to have them lining up and having to wait in line, by pulling one of them number tickets! Could be worse I reckon! What if you're a writer who actually makes a living writing and have writers block! That be scary! The thing is, I'm learning to type and put some words together. An hobby for an o'l man. It be fun, a way to past time doing something that's challenging me wittle bwain. HAHAHA, that be funny! (Is it acceptable to laugh at yourself?) Just askin, causin I sure do, a lot! Me and this here computer keyboard be working on the same wave length, sometimes! Sometimes that sucker don't wanna work at all! I don't know if it's tired or thinks I'm stupid! Probably pissed because it didn't go to someone who could type and spell and had that learning crap! I could make it the proudest little keyboard ever if I could get them dreams of mine to work with me more... Whow-wee! I have been under the weather and spending more time in the bed, even took off a few days of work. My dreams be working !@#$ing over time! They've been off the Dream-O-la charts!

All my life the one constant that has saved me, and makes me, ME, is dreams! I assume everybody dreams, of course we do! Dreaming is a mind alleviator, (whoopsey darn I lika that word, alleviator!) Them drug companies will probably be producing a drug soon like that! Advertising a dream in a pill, choose from our assortment of mind altering dreams. Do you like war, killing? This camouflage army pill is for you! Normal side effects are !@#$%^&*!@#$%^ and killing ones you don't like, but will typically go away as you keep taking our pill daily!

Our new entertainment pills are the latest, throw that old fashion male enhancement pill away. We stock um deep with "Celebrity Bed Partner Series. No we haven't forgotten about you women or those of you that are into other more expanding curiosities! We offer a special deal on our mixture of, I wanna try it all bottle. We can't keep this on the shelves in certain cities, like San Francisco, New York, Hollyweird. Our Scientific Scientist Wizards continue to cook up new and exciting ideas daily! We without a doubt have the happiest Pharma Scientist anywhere, we give them free samples as they make them.

Without dreams I would cease to exist, there would be no ME! I've been fascinated with dreams and why we DO dream all my life! I don't buy into the bull-shit that people selling books give out! Our mind churns every second of every day, visits others and goes beyond waking reality. One of my many quests is to understand more about dreams and there connections to all of you out there!

My imagination, my dreams is stronger than ever! I wish for my endeavor in writing to someday be on par with them! I only wish to be ME! Allowing the stories and thoughts that make me ME, to cross your path is what the remainder of my life is to be about! THANKS FOR VISITING GLEN VIEW...


  1. I read this earlier this morning, but I had my grandbaby in one arm so was unable to comment. Going to reread it now and then comment :-)

  2. First, I envy the snow you are getting ! It never snows here where I have lived for the last 11 years so being originally from Indiana, I miss it. But I guess I would not want a full winter's worth of it either..maybe something in between ??
    I sure understand having all those stories lined up waiting to come out. I have things that come to me to write also and I don't always have time to write something when the idea first appears, so sometimes it gets lost in the back of my brain and I can't just pull it out on demand haha. I could never write for a living though. I am not that disciplined, so this is just a hobby of sorts for me also. And it is a type of therapy because it helps to write and get things out of my system .

    Your idea about dream pills and all those other sorts of pills may not be too far off the mark. They have pills for everything and the world is becoming so creepy like a science fiction story, that I have no doubt they will come up with something like that if they have not already.

    I think your computer likes you just fine too. It allows you to post some great stories and a lot of humor, mixed with a lot of wisdom, so you are not doing a bad job at all. I like the way you write and I don't think I would be reading this if you didn't write just the way you do. It was your unique style that kept me coming back, so just stop worrying about any so called mistakes in spelling or grammar or whatever. Just be YOU !! And keep on dreaming !!