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Friday, December 2, 2011

"Trials & Tribulations"

Man oh man! I love looking at the stats that shows hits from around the world, it brightens an o'l man's heart, yes it does!!! I don't have much to compare to because I'm a new born to everythang (Yep I misspelled that word on purpose, I love the way the a rolls when I be in a goofy ass mood!) concerning computers! To those of you that have always been around computers, good for you! I've never needed, nor wanted one, until a little over a year ago. I'm old fashion, I reckon! If-fun I was to want, or need one, I figured, I'd buy one, it was that simple! I'd been playing around, actually doodling, just playing around with writing some silly stuff, a few simple stories. THEN, I decided to try typing! DAMN! Nooo-body, told me how hard it was, or I wouldn't of tried! A old computee thing-a-ma-bob, was dusted off from the closet. WOW! for me! I'm so excited! Damn! Damn! I'm stupid! Frustration reigns! I was heartbroken!

Deep inside there was a flame, an itty-bitty (very small) flame. Ironically there's this complete story in my head, of which I've written several thousand words of all by hand! It wouldn't allow me to give up! The story appropriately titled "The Flame". To this day I consider it, the best I've done. It's my baby, rising from the ashes of a place I once visited, many years before. The amazing thing about visiting this small apartment in 1998 above a small town newspaper was leaving the apartment thinking, it looks as though someone left it in the 50's. A completely furnished home! It stayed the same all those years! Why? Anyway, I never thought about it again, until one day many years later I couldn't sleep. This story appears, and I must write it! After countless trials, tribulations, old burnt out computers, I bought my very own computer in July last year. The most amazing thing is! I did finish that story! I cannot count the hours, slowly pecking, I MEAN "slowly" pecking that story took. The beautiful part is after ending the story, I found out I couldn't actually end it, it was too much a part of me, for too long. I didn't wish, to end it! The story itself is over 20,000 words. I intend to post, "The Flame" when the time is right. I haven't revisited it in over a year, I'll know when the time is right!!!         

There is a point to this post! I feel connected to all of you who visit my humble site! I assure you, I come from the humblest of background, in the heartland of the Midwest. I know in my heart we have a common denominator, that crosses time and barriers of man made obstacles, created by evil men with help from evil entities! They want to own us, lock stock and barrel! Why? I don't know! I can't fathom things from their perspectives! I'm an old man raised simple! In my own way just speaking my heart from The Heartland! You know what, I'm loving every minute of it and only hope my FLAME turns into a roaring FIRE!!! Thank you no matter where you live!!! We are one, I "truly believe"!!!  GLEN! 

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