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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Greenhouse Christmas & More!

Me and my Missy went to dinner at a beautiful, magical one of a kind place around here! A greenhouse that's transformed into a restaurant for the first time this year. New owners with vision open this new eatery in the summer for lunch. They decide to open the doors for Friday and Saturday night for the Christmas season. It's still a working greenhouse. They've taken one section off the plastic enclosed actual greenhouse off the gift shop, I would guess approximately 100 x 70 feet. It has the outdoor look inside, filled with numerous amounts of Christmas trees, poinsettas a large water pond in the middle. Outdoor patio furniture with those umbrella covers above the tables, decorated fantastically with picket fences and outdoor decorations. I can't describe it to do it justice, it was Christmas outside on a winter's day! I've had a rough time getting into the Christmas spirit but this place did it for me! Aches and pains, unexpected extremely expensive auto repair bill has tried to ruin my Christmas spirit! After the special one of a time magical Christmas dinner we ride around looking at Christmas lights savoring the beauty of the season and a full belly of prime rib! It don't get any better! Fourteen hours before this special occasion I was lying in bed with my back hurting, thinking I'm old and over the hill! I go from agony to ectasy in a matter of hours. There is no way we can truly enjoy the simple highs without the lows!

One can't help to be humbled and be somewhat corny this time of the year can we? If we allow ourselves to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and commercialism of the season it can ruin our spirits! Usually I have to work every holiday and that includes Christmas. The business I'm in requires 365 days a year and if the holiday falls on my regular scheduled day it's work as usual. This year Christmas falls on my day off and I'm grateful. I don't go to church often but will be attending this Christmas. Christmas seems to of lost lustre as I grow older but still I sense the reality and the feel. How can one not?

The phrase "less is more" use to mean absolutely nothing to me or just plain sounded stupid! As I age I understand! When young, Christmas was magical! I somehow believe that one Christmas present thoughtfully given was cherished more years ago! Today it seems it's all about a lot of gifts and money spent! I have a gut feeling this year is going to be one of my best! Why? It's about the spirit, the stories the reason for the season and all that corny childhood imagination that still lives in all of us! It's there, find it once again and enjoy to its fullest1 That's my wish for one and all!!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM Glen.

ALERT  SOME DIFFICULTY EXPERIENCED IN RETRIEVING AND REWORKING MY SHORT STORY "THE FLAME". I will only be able to post part of it. I will give you a good sampling and understanding of the story and make it several post. We don't always get what we want, now do we? But we can make the most and be happy with what we have, can't we? Later today or first thing tomorrow "The Flame". I can't wait I'll give you the first paragraph.

          The lock opens on the forbidden door; no turning back. My heart beats out of control as cold chills run the length of my spine. Hinges groan grudgingly as a blast of air catches me off guard and slams the door shut! "OKAY" Fear out prioritizes curiosity anytime, as I change my mind about entering. 

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  1. It was nice to read about your dinner and how it uplifted your spirits. I am glad you and your dear lady had a wonderful time. It is times like those that make Christmas special. You have found that true meaning of Christmas Glen.

    I look forward to each installment of "The Flame".

    I KNOW it will be worth waiting for :-)

    Merry Christmas !!!