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Friday, December 30, 2011


Do you know what my favorite time of the day is boys and girls? No not lunch time! No not time to get off work! Now! Because I'm free, to be me! I have no agenda, nothing to sell. It's not Sunday morning and I'm not in the pulpit! Whatever is on my mind I say it, why? I need to practice typing and thinking. I have started a hobby really late in life. No not thinking! That's the problem I've always thought too damn much! That's my problem! All the thinking in the world does no good. Thinking gives me migraine headaches! I must have a release, so a friend of mine recognizing my dilemma gets me into my madness deeper! What a pal! What a pal! He cannot tolerate listening to me anymore, so he wants me to spread my illness around the globe. There is mad cow disease, bird flu, cancer, heart disease etc.

He wants me to start a new mental illness, Glennitus!  He's a smart old fart! Them big Pharmas have cornered the mental illness market creating new disorders and making new meds. You can't fight pills with pills like fire with fire! Damn! We all know by now there is only so much money in the world and The Federal Reserve prints it! We must have vision to try alternative madness. My name is Glen View and that's where I come in.

I have been a mental illness medicine sampler test subject for a long time and I have fought and conquered all them billions of pill men armies! I'm the first of a new strain of non-addictive free choice lunatic! My goal is to unhook the silly craziness that they have kept bottled up! (hahaha) And a word they don't comprehend, it's "free" baby! Right know I can read your mind! You're saying to yourself. "This is one !@#$ed up man!" My answer to that is "right on brothers and sisters of the world!" You think you can fight them SOB'S that have destroyed our world with Intellectual Brainiacs that have gone to Ivy League Colleges! Damn! Them are the ones that have created the world of modern take as many drugs a day as what your insurance will cover!

I'm the new Super Blog Dummy and I'm here to cleanse your brain of drug induced, political, news media overload, before it's too late! We are Ooonnee! We the world must think together as ONE! One of spirit mind and soul! We must get these drug induced devils out of our heads! They want us not thinking! But rather thinking through our asses as they lead us to temptation with them devil drugs and them smooth talking Ivy League Debaters that debate and debate and debate and never say anything! Yeah we so full of them devil drugs we actually believe Polluterticians!

Ask any man on the street, since they can't pay their mortgage anymore! Ask them "who you think is going to win the next Presidential election?" I guarantee you they'll say "a Republican or a Democrat." Nope it'll be a DUMOCRAT or a REPUKETICIAN!" How can I be so sure of myself? I say "look at the past 50 years or so!"

People, people, people!!! Look at the complete destroying of America in just the last 20 years or so!!! Just focus on one thing, our debt!!! Do you think Billy Bob Nascar did it! How about I. M. NERD! They're too busy drinking beer, hollering yee-haw and creating robots and new cellphones to destroy the I, Q. OF THEIR UNBORN CHILDREN!

I completely understand the dilemma you're facing right now. Your saying to yourself "this Glen View feller is plum !@#$ing crazy! Yep! I take that as a compliment! You ain't going to win with money against the powerful enemy we face! You ain't going to win with intelligence or military cause they own that! You got to out flank them with Glennitus and if you have read this post I'm attempting to reboot your brain so we can out Glen View them with my !@#$%^&*!@#$%^&!!! AH, HA, HA, HA, HA.

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