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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Been THINKIN Again! Sorry!!!

Monday has come and gone! GOOD! I hate Mondays, always have! You have a nice relaxing weekend and what comes after the weekend? Yep, you're right! That dreaded day!

 Let me see what's happening in my neighbahood. (I like to spell it like that, it's okay!) Damn ain't nothing good in my neighbahood on Mondays! What was I thinkin??? (I just looove them question marks, don't you?)

Common sense, does anyone out there know what "common sense" is? Common, makes sense! It be the sense part that makes no sense! If we have some coins in our pockets then we have some sense. Oops! Sorry, that's spelled cents not sense!(Sure makes sense to me, sounds just alike!) I look sense up in the dictionary and after reading many, many definitions, I was confused, so that makes no sense! Does any one truly understand sense? Please help this o'l country boy! My Grandma would say "that boy ain't got a lick o sense". Now, I've just added lick to the equation. Lick is licking out the icing bowl. A dog licks everywhere, just like a cat. So licking is??? I used to get lickings when I was bad. That means a whop-pin, as in a hand or switch on my ass and that ain't good! So licking out a bowl is good, licking as in a switchin ain't good, at least not to the one getting the switchin or licking! What have I learned here? Absolutely nuthin!!!

Let's try again common is..... Common people are like you and me. (Oh my God! Are there other people out there like me? That be plum scary!) Commoners be regular, law abiding, workin people, raising families. I have it REAL PEOPLE!

Sense???? I sense a train a-coming. Why? Causin I see it and hear the horn. So I have senses such as eyes, ears, smell, touch, thinkin. Wow!!! We're understanding now! So sense is a-thinkin right! So why are some people so !@#$ing stupid? That be common in my neighbahood! I see a lot of common people everyday but they don't appear to have a lick o sense! I think to myself, I sure feel sorry for their children. So iffun the parents ain't got o lick o sense, what do the children have? A little bitty bit o sense! Maybe a mite o sense! Ain't got no !@#$in sense!

Oh! Oh! Oh! You got to go to College to get that common sense! Yeah! I be a proud Poppa, my boy is a Grad-U-Ate in Common Sense, received a Di-Plo-Ma that says he gots common sense. Me I no longer got no cents at the prices these Colleges charge. I hocked the farm and all me pigs, so my boy could get some sense!

I was listening to My Governor and he says "its common sense", he talk for 30 minutes and I never learned one thing!   JUST HAVING SOME FUN BEFORE BEDTIME! HOPE YOU ENJOYED MY WAY OF GETTING MY BRAIN READY FOR BED. WHEN I WAS A YOUNGIN I'D PUT ON ME PAJAMAS, NOW I HAVE TO ACT SILLY TO GET MY BRAIN READY FOR BED!ANYHOW I SLEEP BETTER TYPING FER A WEE BIT AND JUMP INTO BED. (CORRECTION LIMP TO BED.) Goodnight as always thanks for visiting my humble site. gLeN 

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