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Saturday, September 24, 2016

I Should A Known Better!!! (Part One)

I sucked up my fear of Dentists Thursday after a couple weeks of pain, I gave in. I love peanuts especially the trail mix kind. Not too long ago in a galaxy far away,   (Sorry about that, that was where my mind went so I took you there!) Not too long ago maybe three weeks or could of been two days ago the way time is in my daily life. Non the less I have not had any peanuts in a while.  I chomp down on them like a pig to slop! (Yikes! I seem a bit silly this morning must be the antibiotics and pain meds.) I ate the whole bag several ounces, should a known better! Never one to be known for thinkin', if it feels good do it! That was in my younger days, now well you get the picture! Now I'll take, satisfaction, pleasure, any good feeling any time I can get it. The trail mix taste better than a $30.00 prime rib, umm, umm good! Lost a tooth not too long ago from popcorn, don't you just hate it when, you're watching a good movie eating popcorn and Lordy! An un-popped kernel, bringeth tears to your eyes, can't even say the f word! Well this one done some real damage! That sucker was loose and I decided I'll leave it alone for a few days, to see what happens and you know how much I love Dentists!!! It kept getting looser, I kept my tongue working on it, not intentionally, I'd find my tongue massaging it and tell it "to stop!" Just like children, they do the opposite of what you tell them! I was eating a few days later and that damn tooth just came right out of there! Yes it did! I said "Damn! probably just saved $500.00 and some discomfort."

So my latest go round eating things that us old people probably should not a even be eating. I have been eating nice soft food like, apple sauce, mash potatoes, you know soft food. I believe them almonds, (sometimes I feel like a nut some times I don't!)  sorry 'bout that!  I find myself under the influence of too much apple sauce, I mean a couple extra meds.

I have a bridge on my right side, from habit that's where I chomp away on hard foods such as peanuts. Broke the back side of my bridge and the side of the tooth behind. Well, everybody knows, a broken bridge is not good. I began the fretting of having to go see a Dentist. Done went and destroyed me bridge and the tooth beside it. I be in a world of shit now!

Should a known better, yes I should a!!!

The tooth behind the bridge has a filling in it, too much thinkin' can get one, especially an old fart like me in trouble!

With the insurance we have today, not too good, We have a $6,000.00 deductible, just a few years ago it was $500.00. Obama has done wonders for us the lower middle class working people ain't he?

Okay, now where was I? So I broke me little bridge from a hard nut, most likely one of them hard ass almonds, the filling is still intact in the other one and the bridge seems to be holding up okay.  (Notice how I started the last sentence off with okay and ended it with okay!) No real rush, right? So naturally I put it off too long! Woke up one morning with blood on me pillow and the side of my mouth, I thought "what the hell?" The filling had come out, oh shit!

Should a known better, yes I should a!

What I'm about to tell you is a true story that happened in the town I live and grew up in, it was on the front page of our newspaper. A Dentist from one of them national chain Dental offices, was working on an older man in his fifties, pulling a tooth, apparently the man had a bad infection and the Dentist had to pull several more than any one expected. The wife wondered what was taking so long and checks on her husband, she saw blood everywhere, and she 'bout has a heart attack. She calls 911 and takes him to the hospital, yep what do you think 'bout that?

So I be a fretting about fixing my little bridge and the tooth behind it and you just know . . . their gonna find plenty of other work on this old fart that has not taken good care of his teeth. I be a sweating it and putting' it off.

Okay here is the quandary I was in. Do I put a shit-pot full of $'s in an old man's teeth or do I just yank them suckers, all of them. I thought about it and thought a whole lot more.

Should a known better, yes I should a!

Whilst I be doing all this thinkin', not only did I get a headache, I got a toothache, and my sinus's we're rebelling! Now I decided it be the right time to go see Mr. Dentist.  TOO CONTINUE!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Odontophobia! (Crikey)

I come to you today in great pain, I have never written before with such a jaw, sinus headache type pain. I should go to bed but don't wanna! I put off going to Doctors as much as possible especially the Dentist. I have a fear of Dentist, you see. No . . . I really do! Odontophobia is what it's called I think. I prefer I hate the Dentist. Scraping, drilling, pushing, with strangers sticking their hands in your mouth, gives me the hee-bee-gee-bees! I come from a very poor family and at a time when Dentistry was not practiced like it is today, preventatively I mean. There was a Army Dentist called Dr. Pushor, well he'd just jerk that bad tooth out whilst my parents held me down. Yep! that's my first experience at Dentistry! They didn't even give me a shot of whiskey, like on the westerns before surgery! HA HA!  I may be exaggerating a little but very primitive unlike today. Luckily I brushed my teeth regularly after that, and was good until about the age of 22, as best as I can recollect. Had another tooth pulled. In todays world of perfect teeth and prevention this seems so archaic, but poor people did things differently, why? because they knew no better and did not have insurance. My Momma wore dentures by the age of 30. My Daddy was missing a few teeth, some were pulled by old Dr. Pushor and some were knocked out from Bar fights.

(It were a different time in my hometown and  bar fights be another story, I hope I don't forget to write about!!!)

Golly . . . where was I headed? Perfect teeth, although hugely important was not number one, because of money and insurance, lack of, you see! (No Obamey Caring back then, you know!!!)

Dad-burn-it-all-to-hell, forgot once again what I was going to say!

I tried taking care of my teeth, well in my later twenties because my Momma lost her teeth I decided to go see a Dentist regularly, found me a new one just in town and done the works. I needed several things done and since I had first rate insurance I said "let's do it right!" Took right good care of my teeth, yes I did!

You know there is nothing quite like a person, well a woman with a nice smile and beautiful teeth. She smiles and you see them pearlie whites shining, just looks so nice1

 My family the older ones had no teeth, wore dentures, or when they smiled it was frightening. watching.

Never stopped them at supper time, they'd be gumming or two teething the corn bread and beans!

Several years back this whitening of teeth become the craze. I've seen women news anchors, opening their mouths so wide with them sunny bright smiles, that's all I could see, especially if they had dark skin. On my old tube television I would never of noticed that, but when with my new big screen high resolution television, damn, baby!!!

Had me a point when I began this little ordeal in writing, lets see I started off, let me go back and check because I did forget. It's not old age, it's just the way my mind really works and it has slowed down immensely in the last several years. It burnt out long ago!

Pain, dental phobia, as in  O-DON'T-FUCK-WITH-ME-A-PHOB-I-A! I mean Odontophobia, that be a mouth full ain't it?  There is more I was a gonna write a, but I'm going to the Dentist tomorrow and I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

I just don't understand!

It's been a week since I sit down at me computer, I can hardly believe that, seems like only a couple days in Glen's time. I have nothing to base my days on, I basically do the same thing every day, so every day seems the same. That's kind of interesting and scary at the same time. Don't rightly recollect what day it is or the date. No need to I suppose. Haven't been watching the news, seems I'm stuck in limbo or la-la land. Actually la-la land is a nice place to be, no worries, no ups or downs, just hanging in there surviving. Nothing wrong with that is there?

The earth is still turning, wow just sit back in the swing and swing away. That is a learned process, which has taken me a heap of time to get used to. I was always used to going faster than my mind could go and making sense of it all. I'm here to tell you "it don't make no sense!"

Two years ago the 17 th, of this month the world as I knew it come to a standstill. If not for an old Army Sergeant I'd be dead, he literally breathed new life back into me after a blood clot stopped me dead in my tracks. A most interesting experience I wish not on no one. Many jump starts from them paddle of life chargers, thing-a-ma-gigs and I'm charged for life like the energizer bunny! Half a month in two different hospitals returns me not to normal, but somewhere in between, whatever normal is?

Friends and relatives are dropping like  . . . you know. We all have expiration dates, sooner as in accidents, later as in old age or illness, we're headed to wherever. Sad but certain fact we cannot stop.

I struggle to make sense of the world I find myself living in. Simply put very little makes any sense at all. I feel like an alien in my own little world. Seems common sense, simple solutions to simple problems have become so bloated, no amount of Gas-X can cure!

I'm ready for whatever lies beyond this world, simply to get off the merry go round. I tire of simply turning in circles as the world is out of focus all around me.

I do not understand even my closest friends and family, perhaps that's because I'm not out there in the rat race anymore. Glad I'm not! I watch, read listen, thinking I'm hard of hearing but the world is simply F'd up! Any national newscast confirms that. I see things from a different light, perhaps I'm just set in my ways but the problems I see are solvable but "ain't no one working on them!"

I once heard this saying "it takes a village to raise a child." You're saying "WHAT!"

I have no idea what it means, unless, people working together for the good of one creates a whole village that works together. Damn . . . that does make sense! Ain't never gonna happen baby!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Laugh along with me!

Can't sleep so thought I would try and type a little somethun, somethun. I will warn you Just like I used somethun, I absolutely love to play around with the spelling of wurds. "Why?" Thanks for askin'. I haven't the foggiest idee. Welll that's not entirely true. Once again I remind you I have a sisnificant hearing loss. I've had hearing problems all my life. Didn't know I did, till I did not pass the hearing test in school. So the school sent me to the Doctor, Doctor give me the news.

(Sorry a wee funny, well at least to me, reminds me of an old song, please bear with me as I feel a mite wild, lack o sleep I reckon!) Cannot be lack o sleep I sleep more now than ever!

The family Doc. was an old Army Doctor, no fancy, smancy tests back then. This is when they give you a shot for everything, he checks my ears and did a verbal hearing test with his back turned. Thank God no shot, said "some hearing loss, but okay, recommend to sit up front in class." So every hearing test it was the same o same o.

Dad burn it, I lost my train o thought, talkin' about the hearing shite! Where the hell was I? Oh wasn't talkin' 'bout nothin' no how!

Had me a good day if-fin I took out having the shits! You know the diarrhea thing-a-ma- bob. Wow that'll sure clean you out! Hahaha. This just proves I'll talk about anything, maybe I should be a Political Advisor!

Let me tell you what I witnessed the other day. I was at the grocery store and watch a little old lady come out of the store in one of them scooter carts for people that you know have problems with walking, back, whatever. Anywhoo, I watch her while I was writing down my grocery list. She drives to the back of her van unloads her groceries, then she takes off the front part of her scooter, then she takes off the seat. So we have like one third of a scooter left, she picks, what remained up and places it in the van. Yes she did! I kid you not! I was in shock! Now I'm no expert in people scooters but damn! This part had the battery, and batteries to run that ain't light! Let's imagine for a minute, please imagine along with me. If the scooter weighs say 100 pounds and she reduces it by half, I cannot see an old lady, especially with some kind of affliction picking up half, can you. Lets take it a wee further, say what's left weighs 35 pounds. Dead weight, placing it in the van, well she's still a pretty good old lady I'd say!

I'd like to see what she bought in the grocery store and ask her what she eats. I would start eating whatever super food she's on. She can't have a back problem, or heart trouble. "Yikes" is all I can say!!!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Head out the window of life.

How you doing? I did not watch the Matt Lauer interview with the two Presidential want-a-bees. No sir-ree! I could not make myself do it!

The corn is turning brown, the days are shorter, seems summer just gets started and fall is upon us. I took a ride out into the country today with my sidekick  Tigger (Rambo) all 4 pounds of him. There is this one spot where corn covers all four sides at a stop sign. From green to brown it is a sight to behold. Then the farmer picks it and the fields look so empty. The ground has done its job giving life for countless people. It's magical if you really think about it. May finds planting of a small kernel in the soil with proper moisture it grows to 7 foot tall, in just a few months. If that's not something, I don't know what is!

Since springtime I like to take a little ride everyday. I row the windows down and enjoy the fresh air. I'm like Tigger he has his head stuck out the window the wind in his hair. Other the other side I take in the goodness of simple pleasures. Even on hot days the breeze keeps us cool, a cold ice tea also helps, he has his own ice water, whoo-wee, were good baby!

I mow grass most every day. Tigger sits in the car my Mom's old Monte Carlo our favorite riding around in vehicle. I park it under a shade tree and he watches as I work. He has the life doesn't he, all he has to do is look cute, whilst the ugly must do the work. Haha!

Animals are so special, literally life savers to ones with special needs. I've read and watched many amazing stories about the bonding and saving of lives by our friends of the furry kind.

I find it impossible to stay on one subject, but those of you that tune in regularly know that, don't you. My mind don't whirl as fast as it used to, the old motor needs rebuilt, but what's left of it will have to do until the rebuild into my next go round. Do we reincarnate, hell I don't now, don't care do you? Do we go to a beautiful white house in the sky? Do we visit the deeps of hell? Questions, questions, questions? Always questions but no answers! Some make a mighty fine living producing answers. Do they really know? I don't think so! I live by the answers felt by my soul and my heart. For there lies where we have to live.

Not a moment of wisdom but seriousness in that last paragraph. I shall try to stay away from that, takes too much energy!

Thursday, September 8, 2016


A big HELLO my friends. What's new in the looney-tooney world of American Politics? No one cares anymore!  Cannot get any more boring can it? Donald Trump is out campaigning or should I say out inflating his ego playing to his choir, soaking up all the limelight that celebrities get off on. Hillary spends her time not campaigning but raising money, lord have mercy! She has a new plane, those suckers ain't cheap! Three or four hundred million, ought to buy one! Crikey! She spent a week hobnobbing with the rich and famous so I hear in California, probably paid for that new plane in one week. She has to out do Donald's old plane you know! I wonder if it has Clinton on the side?

As I age I get the feeling I have crossed over into an alternate universe. I have had that feeling for quite a spell now. Every day things sometimes seem out of sync. I'm not kidding! I believe I partially enter into the bent strings of other universes, where briefly I find myself. There is what is called string theory and I think my last synapse short circuits and there I be! Yep makes sense to me!

That makes as much sense as what I encounter in this here real world. I must spend my last few years in. "THE TWILIGHT ZONE?" FOR SURE MY GOOD BUDDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

The funny thing is you know what I'mma talkin' about, don't you. Two years ago I fell hard onto the concrete at work, the Dr.'s were worried about damage to my brain, this is true now. Dr. asked my wife after waking me up from a drug induced coma for several days "Is he acting normal?"  My wife answered  "he's always been that way!" Is that supposed to be funny? I just came back from the land of almost gone from a blood clot, where they shocked me back numerous times!

I do not watch Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump talk, it is unnerving. Trump cares only about his brand, so what can go beyond his Ivory Tower that he has built? If you're stuck on yourself as he is The White House I suppose!

Hillary, she cannot answer press questions apparently! She appears to be a power hungry manipulation of the Elitist. Where money, name alone will buy the White House. She wants to be the first women President soo baad!



Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I Shall Overcome!

Some day I just want to stay in bed, I feel no pain in my dreams ya see. I live inside my dreams, whether it be leaping tall buildings with a single bound, or flying like a bird over the country free as one can be. I have many dreams about flying like a bird. I find my body turning into a giant hawk my arms become wings my, body completes the transformation and it is the most satisfying beautiful part of my reoccurring dreams.

I also have dreams where I just float upwards like a balloon, I go where the breeze wills me, sometimes just over the rooftops, above the power lines. My first dream of this type found me up, up, and away higher and higher. I felt no cold something protected me, I did not worry or ask why? I simply enjoyed the moments actually hours floating viewing the countryside from a different perspective. Floating above ball players having fun after dark, the lights seem so spectacular. Shopping centers seem so clean I could not see the trash that people leave behind. Flying over the interstate was a sight to behold, car lights go on forever. Seeing my city looking so small from high above. The view from just above the trees to high above made me feel so free, so alive, no fear, the highest highs, of my life. Shame it's only a dream! Hey I'm convinced its the dream state that has kept me alive in time of troubles, Mother Dream comes to me, giving me dreams of wisdom, soothing  I escape in ways not possible in real life.

The most reoccurring dream I have is, I always find myself trying to get back home to the house I currently live in. Obstacles of monumental proportions seem to keep that from happening. The house I grew up in from about 6 to 17 years of age is more prevalent than the other house I have lived in. There is a tie to this house that prevents me to coming home, where I wish to be.

Obstacles of every day plight to evil forces surrounding my neighborhood, baggage created by my father. Really dark forces, I mean REALLY DARK FORCES enters in a few of the dreams. Nightmares of sorts, but I'm able to overcome them.

Most of my dreams are really good dreams, I can do anything, like play guitar, sing, always interesting. My only regrets is that I cannot transfer the emotions actually the dream itself into the computer at the time I have it. What remains after I wake up, just for a short spell is soon gone. I do remember some more vividly than others. I believe that is the reoccurring dreams staying fresh.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Good neighbors and more!

Here I sit this is the time I like to fiddle around, hoping some notes come my way. I probably should give up this attempt at writing, seems I have nothing much to say anymore. I play around waiting for the Big Kahuna, the writing God will send a tiny speck of something my way. Ya see the automatic writing thing-a-ma- jig is contagious. When it hits me I can type out a post lickety-split. My fingers and mind work together in ways I never thought possible. My clumsy old arthritic fingers peck away at the keyboard and it is truly exhilarating. I get high, and the best way to keep the mind alert in old age is to keep it active. It may not appear much to you, my friends out there but I do try. My imagination has dropped off considerably and I don't wish to lose what I have left, so every night I spend some time hoping, a few drops of auto pilot writing, something or the other comes out of the deep recesses of my cranial cavity. Surely there lies from past experiences, a lifetime of chaos, order, funny predicaments, my God there's endless possibilities, if I can pull it out. Seems when I was forced to participate in the madness of work and every day activities, my emotions and endless thoughts run amuck. Now I live a simple life where nothing much happens. My brain activity is pretty much on minimal life support. If it wasn't for watching the daily news my few remaining brain cells would wither away. I watch the news but am able to laugh where I use to get mad. I shake my head in disbelief most of the time. I do like seeing people views and what they believe. It gets down right hilarious members of both political parties arguing and defending their candidates. I must keep my mind active, my body shrivels, however if I can keep my mind active I feel I will survive.

I mow my grass for exercise I have a riding mower but choose to mow at least a half hour a day. It has been relatively hot this summer the sweating and mowing seems to help me. I mow as much or as little as I want ya see. My next door neighbor cannot understand and has talked to me about mowing in the hot dog days of summer weather, when the dogs are smart enough to do nothing and lay around in the shade. Not true of my dogs they are in the air conditioning. Damn doesn't make me look too fricking smart does it? I'm out sweating and their lying around in the coolness. I choose to do it, rather than walking for exercise I am productive by pushing my mower. Any how my neighbor mows part of my yard when she is out there mowing her yard, on her riding mower. I'm not going to tell her not to I'm not that dumb!

Just to be thought of and someone going out of their way is so meaningful, so special. Words cannot describe what has been lost in today's selfie world. It warms me in ways un-thought of. We pass each other and wave and smile everyday. It helps an old worn out man get through another day at that simple act of kindness, we sure need more don't we?

While typing the last paragraph I remember a little kind and funny incident that happened not all that long ago I use to visit a certain convenient store all too often to get a sugary soda, don't do that any more! I have always opened doors for people, a habit still done but not a lot. I had my big gulp death in a big ass cup, headed to the door when a young woman opened the door for me, a mighty kind gesture I'm thinking. Then a thought passed, I must be getting old when young people are opening the door for me. It was the kindness shown that helped make my day, even though I'm getting old!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Can't sit still!!!

I come to you tonight with a blank brain, having just watched the news. Ha ha ha. I just lost an hour of my life! Why do, I do that? Better still, why do, I do that, every night? ( There sure is a lot of dos in the last two sentences . . . just remember where your at! ) I'm addicted to mental anguish, I suppose. So how about I do something else in the evening. I was fixin'  to mow grass. I took a peek at the radar and it shows NOTHING, no rain anywhere near me. I open my garage door, fill my push mower with gas, there was a most wonderful breeze, even though it was 90 degrees. I was looking forward to mowing some grass ya see, I need the exercise and me old body always feels better afterwards. It be the getting going waking up all my worn out joints, I cannot get in no hurry, I can't!!! I mow for a spell, sit for a spell, read the newspaper and watch the world move at my pace. I use to haf-ta move at the worlds pace, don't haf-ta do that NO more! I have a old fashion rocking chair with webbing, I plant my big arse in it to rest or just study the situation ya see. What be I studying? aw come on people, us-ta be front porches on every house, few had air-conditioning the older retired folks especially grandpa would sit in his rocker on the airy front porch waving away at the people going by and you know what? everybody would wave back because that's what they always have done. Friendly folk retiring to the front porch doing their job as greeters, that's where Sam Walton got the Greeter idea.

I feel a sprinkle, doesn't concern me, I just looked at the radar on the computer. Forecast for this evening was a slight chance for pop up rain. The steady breeze was from the west, felt so good . . . I can't rightly express, how it enhanced my feeling so damn good at that moment. It blew a good mother nature high on the moment. Ya see I'm old and pert-nert shot, mentally and physically. So when them little moments in life thrill me, baby they really thrill me!

I use to attend church with my grandma and grandpa on my daddy's side, poor simple folk. They had been around, been through much in their lives, never got shook up at anything. Although I have seen my grandma get all shook up when the spirit of the Lord leaped in her soul. I have wrote about the Pentecostal religion before. You may be thinkin' "what the hell is that old boy a talkin' about?" Sometimes, well that's not quite right, once in a while, an energy, a presence of goodness, that feels so good you just have to shout, shimmy and shake. Um huh, not rock and roll like old Jerry Lee, but a feel goodness so as you cannot sit in the pew, no more! My grandma was one of them when she felt the power, the goodness, the holy spirit strike, she was rejuvenated. I don't have the words to do justice my friends but I sure am going to try and take you along with my grandma through my eyes and the thrill I received watching her take herself to a new, higher level.

Most of the services I hate to use these words in the little country church out in the hills and hollers, were rather boring dead like. There was singing, testifying, preaching but no chord was hit to take it  higher. But then I say THEN . . . something would click, the energy comes, yes it does, hallelujah! out of no where, like a breeze blowing in from out of the universe, dag-nap it its so darn hard to explain unless you have experienced it. I shall do my best! There has been times in our life when we cannot sit still. Okay some of you may not fully grasp what I be a tryin' to tell ya! Think of a Black Baptist Church with a choir, singing church songs with the feeling that is simple, sweet, special to the heart. Now come on "people you can imagine that, think Blues Brothers, every one is in the groove feeling the power, damn I can feel it as I type it! I'm feeling good!"

Me grandma was a couple hairs over 5 foot, long red hair, worn up. As country looking as your imagination can imagine, Grandpa was over 6 foot, only had one eye. He loved to wear suits he bought second hand. Any way I would be sitting besides grandma and could tell when it was 'bout to happen. She always got into the singing feeling good. But . . . once in a while it'd go beyond just good. When she was beginning to feel real good, her body would start to sway, her feet could not be still, she'd be standing up, hands above her head she had to move, shake, she was happy her body was full of the spirit!!! Every body would be on their feet, singing .They were under a joyful power greater than themselves, a natural glory high! It sure was something to experience let along witness.

I doubt many have experienced such things. All I know is they were happy, no drugs, alcohol. High from life at that moment, if one got started it become contagious. Call it anything you will. Nothing wrong with feeling good about something, anything! Power be it the Holy Spirit, the spirit of a wonderful breeze the kind that happens rarely, The smell and beauty of a summertime rain. Whatever makes one feel good. Dag-nap-it . . . there are times unexplainable happenings that make one just want to shout. Ain't nothin' wrong with that, is there????

Monday, August 22, 2016

Smells and Radio

My life is so boring riding over to Burger King for lunch getting some chicken nuggets and an ice tea with my dog is pert-nert the highlight of my day. Wow huh? Actually it is quite refreshing, the wind blowing through our hair, just feels natural to me and my Yorkie. Today as we we're headed to my car a rabbit was in the front yard. Rambo seen it, ah all I thought never get him into the car as he raced after that wabbit! No matter how cute he is, nor the size he is a dog after all. Well the race is on, Rambo was doing pretty good until the wabbit made one of them running back moves. I hollered to him and sure enough he knew better than to chase that wabbit, his heart was set on a ride with the breeze blowing through his hair. He applies his brakes and runs to the car, jumps in ready to ride. Dogs are born to hold their head out the window and ride, ride, ride. I have a jumper seat for him so he can see out, remember now he weighs in at the fighting weight of  3 and 1/2 pounds that's why I nicknamed him Rambo, his real name is Tigger.

On the way to lunch a smell got my attention, I go the same way every day but never noticed this smell before. As soon as that scent hit me I thought of the old library I use to visit when I was young. I spent a lot of time there doing schoolwork, books to read and such. This library was very old with wooden floors and the smell of books was everywhere. That smell briefly sent thoughts through my mind. No where else have I experienced that except the old downtown library, which by the way was torn down and replaced over years ago.

My question is? Did My mind cause that smell or did I actually smell that while riding around?

Our minds can play many tricks on us of that I'm sure. I have experienced this most unusual, weird whatever for probably twenty years. I will wake up in the middle of the night and hear what I have identified as a radio being played so low I cannot understand the words. With that being said I have caught a song lyric, once the call letters of the station and once a couple words being said.  I know I'm nuts but I swear this is true! I make light of the fact that I'm hard hearing and if I  wasn't possibly I would understand more. hahaha

I have read where this has happened to other people and it was believed to be fillings in their teeth. I've also read where some people are super sensitive to electric, micro wave signals and such.

I bring this radio thing up only because of the smell I described earlier. I do believe our mind is far more active than we allow it to be. If only we could tap into it more.

I believe famous thinkers have been able to tap into some kind of cosmic intelligence or whatever you wish to call it. I believe Nikola Tesla said he got his ideas in his dreams.





Saturday, August 20, 2016


Is this it? Tell me, please . . . it ain't true! I'm begging you! The choice is between the bad and it gets ugly. I can no longer listen to neither of them. I mute the television and just laugh at them. Like watching someone doing skits of them on Saturday Night Live. Then I think, "one will actually hold the highest office in our country, shiver me timbers, can't be, can it?"  

Do you really think either one of them, knows what walking in our shoes for one day, hour, minute is all about? Both have misused their power over people. Clinton name is synonymous with abuse in politics. There is no way Trump could be as wealthy as he is without shady dealings.

The most amazing thing I have noticed about both candidates is no matter what baggage there is, voters believe in their candidate..

I've heard countless times the ones backing Trump are uneducated white men mostly. So that must mean, the educated back Clinton.

Blacks vote for Democrats every election at 80 % per an article I read recently. I find that astonishing! Why is that?

I do love to listen to the guests on news shows. Their opinions pro or con sometimes trigger the last watt in my head. ( 'bout now your thinking WHAT? )

The best part is to remember their opinions, comments, feelings and try looking at it from their perspective.

We older ones have been around for a long time, have witnessed and remember all the bad stuff of our lifetime. Younger ones have no recollection of past history to go on.

As for Donald he has spent a lifetime creating himself, he's not going to change. You love him or hate him for who he is. He gets his highs on being in front of thousands of people, his die-hard fans. He is hung up on himself and the audience glorifies him. There's no place he'd rather be! The world is his stage and he is a super star.

Hillary all she has is the Clinton name, and it is as worn out to most people as she seems to be! She wants to be the first woman president so bad!

I was wondering about the last census and the percentages of the races.

White 63.7%

Black 12.2%

Asian 4.7%

Hispanic 16.3%

I would of thought Blacks would outnumber Hispanics, wouldn't you? I remember reading an article many years ago seems like it was after the 2,000 census reports came out and, the reporter was talking about that the fastest growing race was Hispanics and even gave a time line of when they would overtake the blacks and gave another timeline for the Whites would no longer be the majority.

Well, well, well, that sure is a deep subject. I have had the time to watch many different television news shows and such. Since I have much free time I am trying to learn about Politics. I reckon you can actually get a degree in Political Science. I cannot imagine that, really I cannot!!!!! 

I have come across many interesting, facts from, pollsters, brainiacs, and such. I am an uneducated old man who has a degree in Life Sciences as in living over 60 years and being out there, working for  living, paying taxes, not cheating on my tax returns, obeying the laws, rules of humanity!!!

I consider myself the minority. I have paid, and paid, and paid. When I hear phrases like Sanctuary Cities, it just makes my blood boil. WHY? There would be very little problems with Hispanics coming here if as a country the laws already on the books were enforced!

The laws that I have followed for over 60 years are there for a reason. When government passes the laws then they're the laws of the land. OR at least I thought that's how it used to be! Being the person that I am I would never consider going against them!

Ah! Only the government can make the laws and only the government can decide what laws not to enforce. That must be taught in one of them Political Science classes.

I could go on and on, thankfully I won't! The poor people trying to survive, the uneducated apparently, think in terms of raising our families and getting by. I balance my budget and don't spend more money than I take in. Armies of Lawyers, don't work for me! We the uneducated don't screw the goose that lays the golden egg. Yep! I reckon we the poor people don't understand the Political way.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rage at McD's Drive Thru

First this is a true story that I witnessed happening right in front of me on Sunday.  I pull up to the please take my order speaker, waited, waited, waited, there was two lanes in which to take orders, but nobody a helpin' me. Finally I said "is anybody in there?" Still didn't acknowledge, several seconds later I hear a person, ("yeah, yeah!") I'm thinking. One of my pet peeves is to not be acknowledged! If they'd said "please hold" acknowledging my existence, no problem. Well any way, that's not the problem all I wanted was an ice tea, if I had any glimpse into what was about to unfold, I would of brought my own drink and popcorn, to the show, yes I woulda! Finally the little speaker comes alive and I order my tea. I see a car from the other lane pull in front of me, it stops at the first window and waits for someone to take her money. After a while I think to myself "pull up to the first window lady ain't nobody home!" Sure-nuff, Jimmy mus-ta went home early. I pull on up behind the soon to be show, as it's about to start. "There short handed" I say to myself, all I want is a ice tea I shoulda went to B. K.. It sure was taking a long time!  "Hey, I got no schedule to keep, after all I'm retired."  The show is about to begin.

I see food and drinks being handed into the car, I reckon they're done, then I see an arm trying to knock on the window, the arm was too short, so the woman opened her door and knocked on the window, she was holding a large French fry and jibber-jabbering, I just figured by the looks of the fries she was not satisfied with the amount, after all if you up size you want all your French fries!

 "My mind wanders away for a second, remembering once I only got 7 chicken nuggets for a 10 piece order." ( The reason I say this is "it ain't no big fricking deal, I sure as hell don't want their job, mistakes happen, I ainna, gonna, get all riled up over 3 pieces of nuggets! )

So I see the French fries going back thru the window and a new full bag comes back. "Yeah! Yeah! I'm gonna get my ice tea!" Sadly no! I see finger pointing from the woman ahead of me in a loud voice which I could not hear, because I'm hard o hearing. Actually I did not need to hear it, watching told the story, I was filling in the blanks. Remember this whole exercise is taking an unreal amount of time, especially considering she was the only one in front of me. I'm laughing to myself, then I hear horns honking behind me, "oh shit, road rage at McD's drive thru, they'll think it's me and I'm just watching the show!" From out of the back seat two doors open with semi-adults of 15 or 16 years of age they start hollering profanities, if looks could kill, lets just say every one in the drive-thru lane would be toast, ready for the jar to put their ashes in. The woman was giving the drive-thru person hell, pointing at him, shaking her head like some do emphasize her point, speaking loud and you can figure out the words being used, her children was using them, looking back at the ones waiting for a Big Mac. So the un-lady like lady is giving the worker hell, cussing having a conniption fit, her children are hollering out their open doors using such language I held my hands over my dog's ears.  About now I'm thinkin "Is this ever going to end?" The worker tired of the verbal tirade, shut the window, then the woman threw a drink at the window, and FINALLY moves away! Here she was worried about a few fucking French fries and she threw a drink at the window. I pull up after I swear 15  minutes of my life wasted for a glass of ice tea. I had the exact change ready for my tea, wanting to grab it and get the hell out of there. The woman in the car ahead of me was still in the parking lot, "oh shit!"

I'm glad I live in a small quiet town and not Chicago! I could of been tomorrows headline 'Old Man Shot At Drive-thru Waiting For Ice Tea.'

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Woudn't it be nice! (Up close and personal)

I just can't get over tiredness. Tired of everything, life, health, trying to keep at bay the mental disillusionment of what I've become. I think about it often, but try not to dwell upon it. When I hit the big mat for a full ten count a couple years ago, it would of been better, to stay down and not get back up. No pain just the big knock out out and that's it. There has been two in-laws die in the last six weeks and one cannot help but think about such things. Damn it! I'm just fucking tired of trying, why do so?

Wouldn't it be nice to be dreaming a fantastic dream and just slide into that dream, dying in your sleep. Yes the dream becomes your new life where you stay forever. Wow! wouldn't that be nice.

I'm thinking out loud to you just like we're having a conversation in person.

Seems dying doesn't bother me, it's the suffering that erodes all of what once was. I've slipped mentally, physically, everything is a chore any more, with no desire for anything. That's not living, that's purely existing!

Once I had hopes, dreams, things to accomplish, after all I have a lifetime ahead of me. Then one day all that was, gone, life had taken its toil. Where did I go wrong? Well when your young you don't take age into consideration. You cannot understand what you've not experienced. Funerals bring sadness of lost ones, however you tell yourself  "I'm young, my life lies ahead."

To do life over retaining the knowledge learned, definitely yes. To do over again the same, no thanks! Ya see just putting one foot in front of the other some days hurts so fricking bad, I don't want to! I will continue because I must. Living a little is better than no living, or is it? I question everything in life but know nothing.

I'd like to say I don't care any more, sadly I still do. I wish I did not! Just say fuck it! I can say those words easily but their not the way I feel.

HEY! I tell this not for pity. My true thoughts are important to me and I wish to give you the pure truth in my posts. All will go through the same emotions before the end.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Glen-i-fy them

I have many posts started, most of them get erased. Ya see, I may have a thought, a sentence a flash of something, a feeling that's really good at that time. Sometimes it becomes a post, mostly it's gone before I get to my computer. When I use to toil away at the daily grind I could usually tap into the daily emotions, which for me was all over the place. I loved when that happened it just comes out. I must do one hell of a lot of playing around, "priming the pump." I absolutely never know what'll come out of my brain next. I don't try to stay focused, hell I can't. I usually get a good laugh at myself and that makes it worth it.

My days are mundane, same o, same o, ya see. The biggest thrill for me is to have a pleasant day as far as the temperatures goes. I like to ride with my car windows down, smelling all the aromas that mother nature provides. This time of year the corn is fully grown, releasing its own beautiful smell. You would never notice you drive out into the country, with your air-conditioning on. That's as thrilling as my days get, plus my old ticker can no longer stand the challenges of life in the big city. Hahaha, big city I would die if I lived in a big city. I live out here in the heartland outside a city of approximately 35,000. Actually it was country when I moved here, half my lifetime ago. DAMN! seems only yesterday!

Lets look at the week in review. Don't remember anything of any importance, in the on going struggle, and I do mean struggle, to elect a president! Fire them both and let the runners up in both parties have a go at it. We're tired of all the lies and bullshit from both. Neither knows jack about the real people! Rich spoiled brats who's asses get kissed every day!

I believe I know now why my brain doesn't work any more. I am addicted, I find myself watching one of the evening news shows every night. I cannot help myself! I learn nothing it seems. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs. I'm addicted to learning nothing, I need help, this presidential election is killing me!

What is the positive traits of both candidates??????????????????????????????????  DAG-NAP-IT, that has left me wordless..........................................................................

I shall try to hit upon another subject. How about the Olympics, have you watched any?

My personal week in review, boring, uneventful, still alive, mowed some grass, played with my dogs, listen to my wife describe her days. Whoa . . . I see daylight in the swamp! My life's so boring, I can become a piranha and feed off her daily stories. That might just work. Her feelings about things are pretty much the same as mine. I can steal her life and put my own thoughts and color them to my shades. I will feed off her emotions and Glen-I-fy them!

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Hello friends, what's new in your neighborhood? My neighborhood is still the same, peaceful, just the way I like it. It's not Mr. Rogers Neighborhood by no means. "Does anybody out there remember Mr. Rogers?" I reckon the world is still the same, I sure wish that some of the bad things would magically disappear. It'll never happen though, will it? We can pray all we want but it'll remain the same.

I'm going to give you the answer to what's wrong with the world?  "PEOPLE!"  Ah, ha, ha, funny right? The animal kingdom has structure built in, instinct. I've seen many documentaries describing how the animal kingdom operates.

Many people go by their own standards, while most follow basic moral guidelines, obeying the laws of the land, working hard, raising children. These plain folks, cannot understand how the despicable, money grubbing individuals sleep at night! Money Grubbers, worship money, that's their God, basic simple folk pray to God to get by.

It's a sad fact that modern families just don't work out, hard to raise a family with only one parent and a one parent income. Sheesh! Even if you have both parents with both working giving their all to be good parents, there is no guarantee when Johnny goes to school and hangs with undesirables. Johnny hopefully has the foundation to succeed!

Education is the key to breaking the bonds that hold our children back. That also goes back to lack of parents or parental skills. Too many teenagers having children following in their mother's footsteps, getting on welfare and never getting off. Too many uneducated parents that probably cannot assist their children with homework. I cannot blame the child if the parents are illiterate do I say this? trash!
Sorry but it goes on and you know it does!

I felt a rant coming as I started this post, I'm not sure I even have one in me right now, seems I summed up the problem with the title. Can it be so simple? Yes it can! It be the problem of fixing them! Can't be done, no way, no how, impossible!!!

I read a piece in the paper that just floored me when I finished the article. Seems we now give Israel 3 bllion a year in aid and it's going up to 5 billion for 10 years?????? HUH!!!! They have been country since 1948 so why the hell are we giving them that kind of money? We could build our own walls with that!


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Who wears short shorts!

I've always been a believer that people should dress appropriately where age is concerned. You know what I'm talking about. With age bodies just change, no matter how much exercising and proper eating age starts showing everywhere. It's just a sad fact. I have nothing but respect for the ones that have a healthy exercise and eating program. I never did and I'll die a fat old man. That being said the secret to dressing appropriately no matter your age or size is extremely important. If you have a young tight body then you can wear anything. ( If I had a young tight body I'd wear nothing! ) Maybe I should not feel this way but I drive in the evening down a widely traveled road a very popular destination for families and bicyclist, it has a real nice sidewalk. Well the point is I see this older woman. I try not to notice her, it's impossible because being summer her colors are very bright. I find her choice of shorts distasteful for a woman of her age. I apologize for that but that's my opinion. You know what they say about opinions don't you. "Opinions are like assholes everybody has one!" Hahaha!

I would never of thought to write about this except I have seen her many times this summer and it has stuck in my mind, I wish it did not! I tell myself "heah" if she's okay with it why do I give a rats ass?"

On the flip side I have seen parents allowing their young daughters to wear the same type shorts which I also find inappropriate and the parents should know better! I reckon I'm old fashion and should get with the times but if the child is not taught better then she cannot understand. No I'm not saying women of all ages should not wear shorts there is a point of being to short. A grandma type should not wear those tight short shorts. A teenager should understand she is still going to be just as cute but have a little more respect.

Yes everybody has their opinions. I'm from another era, most days I'm not terrible happy about that fact either! Todays world moves too fast for me, I don't feel like I fit in, nor do I want to. I see so much that I don't understand and too old, to want to try. I read articles and question why? Complications seems to be the way of the world, a normal process trying the patience of even the patient. I suppose that's why there are so many on anti-depressant drugs and use illegal ones.

Simple common sense solutions never go out of style. I tire of even talking let alone trying to explain anything to anybody. It's like I'm speaking a foreign language. Everybody is preoccupied with their own little world and listen only to what they want to hear.


Monday, August 1, 2016

I have been thinking again!

I've been doing a lot of thinking, I actually wish I wasn't, especially since it's about this years Presidential election. Hillary Clinton was the heir apparent candidate in 2008, not by me but the news articles and newspapers I read. The Powers That Be, the Elite, you know money people, had already decided she was the one. Then Rocky Balboa Barack Obama gave a speech which I happened to see live introduced in Chicago by Oprah Winfrey, I said "he'll be the next President!" His speech was phenomenal, probably the best I have ever seen. I remember thinking "is America ready for a black or female president?" I remember watching Obama's inauguration speech and I felt like he was the real deal, Jesse Jackson had tears in his eyes while listening to the new president. I thought this man a mixture of black and white could work wonders, bringing the racial divide to new togetherness.

I got a little sidetracked expressing the thoughts of yesteryear, sorry! So an unknown from Chicago blew away the Clinton name, should I say brand? Much unhappiness in Clintonville over this Obama fellow, per the articles I read. Hate seems the proper word.

This whole presidential election just seem off, like it's staged, first off look at her primary competition. It looked to be a runaway for Hillary. Orchestrated to perfection. Bernie I believe a fine honest man was allowed to think he was a real deal. The Powers That Be need a good believable screenplay and I think it was delivered. The contest must look real!

Donald Trump plays a part, simply by being who he is. Knocking off the other real Politicians, because they were Politicians. The idea was to tap into the forgotten people that feel left out. The white males. Only not just any white males, the non college, deemed NRA beer drinking good old boys from all across America.

The Politically correct way the lifetime Politicians talk make them good ol' boys vomit their Budweiser. Good ol' boys tell it like it is, using words of their every day usage. Factory, coal miners, farmers, truck drivers, dock workers, etc,  REAL language, of the real working Americans. Once the backbone of America, delegated to second class people!

I have too much time on my hands since I'm unable to work and watch a lot of news shows, not local, national. I have seen countless times guest commentators say things, "like the un-educated people are the ones for Trump," and other such words making fun of we the working class. Like we're ignorant and only the smart educated ones vote counts.

I an older white male have been tired of the all the political correct words for a long time. No one I associate with uses the Politicians politically correct. Millionaires and Lawyers talk differently than REGULAR, COMMON, PEOPLE. Political correctness has gone too fucking far! All minorities have organizations fighting for their individual rights. Who is fighting for the common people? All thru history you had the Kings, Queens and the common people, who literally broke their backs, making a living, raising children, having enough to feed their little ones, THEN the tax man for the King would collect taxes.

I'm not sure I believe these statistics but just last week I read where America is 65% white, 15% black and all the rest make up the rest. So Asia, Spanish, India, Korea and all the other refugees make up the remaining 20%. I question those statistics. My main point is the once dominant hard working poorly educated, are the least thought of. All the minorities get their share of Lawyering up! We, if we are still the majority, should be better represented! The taxes we have paid all our lives was not meant to be freebies for all minorities. I watched a documentary a couple weeks ago about drug addicts in San Francisco. One talked about getting on social security. Say what!!! In general San Francisco seems to attract junkies, homeless and such per that documentary, such a shame. It is one of those sanctuary cities, then the government there, get what they deserve. I'm tired of giving, working all my life for what little social security I draw, and then have Politicians say its a fringe an extra, EXTRA my ass I have paid in all my life, almost 50 years! what I have paid in and what my employers have paid in with interest over 50 years would be a hell of a lot more than what I currently draw.

The Powers That Be, the Lawyers, the highly educated people, have brought us to the mess we are in. They play chess, with us and orchestrate the world. If Hillary Clinton wins which I think she will, then that'll prove what I think. Donald Trump will be as I though the only actor with the ego big enough accomplish what the self anointed Kings and Queens wanted.

I an uneducated white man who has toiled in factories all my life may be silly but I call the other silliness as I see it!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Old Age and Wis . .

Old age and wisdom, is that true? Wise old Owl, well if an Owl manages to live to old age I do reckon, he's wise. Seems logical heah? So maybe just being a survivor, makes one intelligent, I keep waiting on that intelligence, yes I do!

I knew some stupid people in my younger days, did they get smarter later in life? I'm asking stupid questions, so apparently the wise old thing has not hit me yet! Still waiting . . . I'd like to be intelligent just one day in my life. Oh well I can dream can't I?

This rambling is what I call my warm up, can't throw an old mind right into the fire of writing coherent sentences. My oh my . . . it wouldn't work for a week if that happened. I'm feeling the Bern about now, maybe some politics will jump start into some wisdom type talk . . . hell you never know, could happen!

I told myself last week don't get tied up in them old conventions, a waste of time. There ain't nuthin' to lurn in one of them silly ass convince-ons. Just a bunch of drunk, silly dressed wild uns, holding up signs until they pass out or away. What in tarnation would convince somewhat intelligent people to do such a darn thing anyhow? Beets the watermelon out of me. 

(I just had me some watermelon, umm, umm, good, it ran down my jaw, yep just like when I was a kid, nothing has changed.)

((Sorry about my mind interrupting me, that happens a lot!))

I have already forgot about the Republican convention, I do remember Crudee snubbed his nose and Hashish did not even bother to show up in his own home state. Politicians standing up for what they believe, damn . . . how about standing up and representing WE THE PEOPLE!

The DNC Chairman caused a little hiccup before the convention even started, something about e-mails, I thought that had already been cleared up? Mostly like the Republican convention, a bunch of yaa-whos trying to convince the American people how good, smart, honest, trust worthy, their candidate is. Hillary brought in the big guns a firing, you know, the Obamas.

I really feel sorry for Bernie Sanders, this 74 year old played his heart out and what did he get?

Money and power on both sides what will it come down to? Likeability oh my God! Their both in big trouble! Honesty . . . no!  Looks . . . whow! that might be a toss up!

I suppose, old age and wisdom can't explain everything!

Who do I think will win. Let me be perfectly clear I despise both of them! Hillary has the big guns to stump for her, two Presidents. The money and power of Wall Street and Main Street Medias. Donald has several children to go out stumping for him. Does he have enough jets with Trump on them for them. My wisdom tells me you cannot beat the house when playing in their house, you know like a casino! Hillary.   AHHAHAHA, JUST A FEELING KINDA FUNNY! GOODNIGHT

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Been a hot, boring day, I have nothing to say!

Sorry don't know what got into my mind! Apparently very little!

Yes I have been watching some of the Republican Convention, "please don't tell any one, lets keep this our little secret."

"What have I been the most impressed with?" Thanks for asking. The thing I question is, what are they pumping through the air vents? Did you see the delegates dancing, laughing, looks like a party! Do they serve Trump wine and liquor there? Is marijuana legal in Cleveland and it is the first time some of the delegates especially the older ones has smoked? Maybe it's second hand smoke leftover from the Cleveland fans.

Whoo-wee,,,,,,, did you see Chris Christie's speech or was that a courtroom scene? He's probably pissed because he didn't get to be Vice President. He had to hang somebody, I bet HRC face was burning! Ted Cruz doesn't hold a grudge does he? I did not know Mike Pence was a stand up comedian! I do feel sorry for Melania Trump though. Words are words, the fact that they were special and coming from her heart, give her a break, must of been a slow news day. Come on people . . . there's only one perfect woman in the world and she is a Democrat!

DAMN, I haven't heard much about the protestors there in Cleveland, are there any out and about? I betcha they're waiting for Thursday evening and who know who is going to give a speech. The men in blue are 3100 strong outside the Convention, just been practicing for tonight. Gonna fix me some popcorn and watch THE BIG SHOW!  I read where the men in blue from all over Ohio and the nation are in Cleveland.





Monday, July 18, 2016


Good evening, morning or whatever time it is in your area. Just typing trying to get my brain going, hoping the news I watched earlier has not permanently fried my noodle. Yikes, news sure is scary! Caution, do not watch the news before going to bed, you'll have nightmares. You'll see strange looking hair and a snarling Hillary's face! HAHAHA! A wee bit of humor or not.

I reckon the world is treating me good compared to what it could be. Have all the necessities I need, don't want for nothing, am able to watch politicians and laugh so I'ssa good.

Yip-pee the Republican Convention is upon us, that's like the County Fair I do believe, perhaps not. I'll do some examining and see how they compare. There's a lot of people attending, to witness and vote for the livestock. The best of show, gets sold for big money. There is a lot of shit smells and slinging. Pork is everywhere. That's just the livestock barn.

On the midway there's crooked games everywhere, if you're not into losing money at all the booths you can go for a ride, seems like we middle class are definitely being ridden! Look at all the pretty lights like smoke and mirrors magic tricks and Washington deals.

Over at the grandstand there's rednecks playing demolition derby in Chevys and Fords, no foreign cars there. Boys will be boys as they let off steam! Over in the 4-H buildings the heart of Apple Pie America shows off what the children made and advertisers from the area trying to get new customers.

Before you can get out of your car you must pay a $5.00 parking fee, just like government in your breeches before you can get out of the car. Some kind of parking tax I reckon.

At the convention the speakers will be wearing expensive suits, here at the working man's fair, it don't matter, we're regular people, we shop at Target's and such.

At this years convention who-wee most likely a heap of police officers attempting to keep the peace. Here at the fair a handful, with police and sheriff cruisers parked everywhere reminding people to keep the peace.

At the convention there will be protesters, protesting the police officers who will be protecting them!!! Lets hope the happenings that are trying to disrupt our way of life is quiet.




Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dr. Jeff

What is my favorite television show? Thanks for asking, it would be Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet. I bet you never would of guessed that, huh?

I like many different types of programs. I happened upon a show called Globe Trekker which I enjoy. National Geographic, documentaries, Ancient Aliens, shows that can hold my attention, and give a spark to my last synapse. YEAH! Certainly not a lot of shows make me think, except to change the channel!

DAMN IT! I do like to catch one of the many, many, news shows. I say to myself, "don't watch them news shows, you know all they're, is bad news!" So I mosey over to my computer and there, hitting me smackdab in the face, lite up with all the same shite, plus a whole lot more! Can't get away from the news, no sir!

Dr. Jeff he be one of the good-uns! He's real, like the ol' crocodile hunter, Steve Erwin, yes sir, they be my favorites! Hey what about Steve Erwin's daughter Bindi, winning the Dancing With The Stars competition. I love to listen to her talk!

My two fa-vo-rit-iest animals at this moment is them cute little meerkats and to the other end as far as size goes elephants. Them meerkats are just so darn cute I can't stand it. The female elephants with babies led by the smart old female leader, protect and look out for each other especially the little ones. I've watched many documentaries through the years at times they seem so smart with human like emotions.

I also like Dr. Dee Alaska Vet, she has been a Vet for thirty years, she has a real sense of humor! There has been other shows like Aloha Vet and Dr. Poole, haven't seen them for a while.

I watch animal videos every night before I go to bed, relaxes me and makes me laugh. Certainly never hurts for us to have a good laugh, does it?

I laugh every day at my Chihuahua Taco, he's a lot of company. Just watching him playing not a care in the world, he has it made at my house.

The four pound Yorkie I use to have lives with my sister-in-law. They hit it off bonding real good. I dog sit for her today. She named him "Pee Wee."  Poor thing here I nicknamed him "Rambo," it's a good thing dogs cannot understand!

Animals have been great comfort to me in some of my most trying times. They'll comfort me till the day I pass on. I took Pee Wee for a ride today to our old stomping grounds. Everyone who sees him smiles, how could you not smile at a four pound dog with that face?

Friday, July 15, 2016


I've been away from the television, paper and computer for a few days. Can't really say I've missed them. Always bad news on the television. I see nothing has changed the first news I see is the bad news from France. Terrible!

Haven't felt any where normal par for several days, it wears on my spirits when I'm like this. I'm so sick of a lot of things. Always death destruction, never any cures! How do you cure the sickos of the world? Can't cure sickos, there's only one cure. Fear has its grip on the world, and that means the sickos are winning. The more news headlines they receive the bolder they become. Only one way to get rid of evil. Whether it's world wide terrorism, hatred, sickos will find any reason to harm, kill.

As we become one, meaning slowly becoming a one world government, all the problems of the world become every single country of the worlds problems.

What are the answers, seems to me no one is addressing the problem. They wait for heroes of the comic books to save the day. We need real people to step up. History has shed light on what we thought was men of fortitude, religious, political, men who seem to work miracles, well folks we need some. My future is short, but to our children I cry for you! We need world class visionaries that have built something out of nothing to forget about the almighty dollar and concentrate on one goal.

I reckon I'm old and na├»ve, could it possibly be the ones that have all the money, the Elite, the 1% be the ones that have created the world as we now know it? My heart cannot grasp such a theory! My common sense believes in such a scenario. The world must be brought to its knees, talk about sick ones!

Trillions of dollars has been spent over the last 15 years is anything better? Hell no! The middle east is in the worst shape of my lifetime! Refugees flood the world, do they try to adapt to the new surroundings or retain what they left?

I could ramble and solve nothing, like the rulers, politicians, the leaders of the world are now doing.

How do you fight a war on terror when the world is terrorized? They've already won. The world makes them stronger through the media. The news as it happens if not from the media the instantaneous placement as it happens from individuals, it cannot be stopped ! The run away locomotive grows, as it runs on no tracks, with the whole world jumping on!

We cannot go backwards, only forward.

Wars are supposed to be fought to win. If the world is willing to live with the terror, our modern terrorist inflict, then so be it. It will take a worldwide effort from all countries to wage a winnable war. We need leadership such as never seen or envisioned to act as one. Sadly I shall not see such a miracle in my life, who am I kidding, it can't be done.

Monday, July 11, 2016


Last week gave us several nice rain showers for the crops, they really needed it! A couple days of relief from heat and humidity before the summertime starts boiling again. It's summer so what the hell?

 I'm searching for words, something to make a post out of. Would be easy to talk about the problems all around us OR is it that a fart can be let any where and posted  at that second? Well, well, well not a fart we would not see, nor would we want to smell the you know! I, representing the older generation that don't have one of the Apple 6 celly-phone. Hell them are not cell-phones, they're fucking computers disguised as a phone! They have all these apps thing-a-ma-bobs that'll take all your brain work right out-ta your head! You know what I be a sayin'! Sheesh-ka-bob! One day there's gonna be sex in the phone or glasses or some appy that'll make you right happy! You know what I'm sayinn'! Not for this old babby boomer! I liked the personal, feely, fucking around of the real thingee!

Yikes . . . what have I stumbled into? Millennials have grown up with the latest technology, just gots to have it! Yes they do! They's go plum fucking nut-so unlessen their hand is holding or their eyes cannot see their phone-computer, happy appy thing-a-ma- bob. They got to be in the loop. The loop is a fryin' some of their brain! Hey I'm old and fried my brain the old-fashion way, tryin to figure politics out!!! I have lost what I had left on this presidential election year! Sooeeyy . . . That's the call for all the hogs to come in for pork-barreling time. It is fair time you know!

Older ones are a tuning into the signals them phone-computer-appy things too, oh yeah! I kid you not. Us-ta grandma would be helping little Jimmy at the kitchen table with school work. Not anymore, grandma has her laptop and Apple phone out, Jimmy is showing grandma how to operate that darn thing. Takes Jimmy quite a spell to teach grandma new things. After grandma has the hang of it, grandpa comes home for supper. It's Lean Cuisine dinner and showing grandpa how to play games and such. Before long grandpa is stopping by Wendy's, bringing home supper, so as they can play games and such.


Saturday, July 9, 2016


Good morning to you my friends, hope you're "fair to meddling!" Another oldie but goodie saying that comes to mind., scary sometimes! I can be thinking good and bad, positive and negative, ying and yang simultaneously and that's on a bad day! Always been that way, a by product of my unusual, polar opposite parents. I'm not about to go there though, been there too fricking long!

I'm not depressed, been there done that, not going there again in this life, maybe the next!

I'm just simply  "TIRED!"  How am I to explain? Like a stuck record that's been played too death, sticking in an ever endless amount of new ruts! (Here I talk of records, oh well most likely any one that reads my silly little journal of life is old enough to remember the little 45 rpm, and 33 rpm records.)

Old age poisons my whole body, damn . . . I sure do hate that! or is it loss of neurons while I sleep, mostly likely both, sends chills through my achy-breaky-heart. (Oh crap now that old song will stay in my head! You know, Billy Ray Cyrus had a hit with that song, Hanna Montana's dad, now Miley Cyrus.) 

Nothing truly excites me anymore. Do you understand what I'm saying? Say someone offered me a new car, any car I wanted, with the stipulation, I must drive it, no one else. Once upon a time I woulda been thrilled to death. Now, seeing as how I drive very little what in tarnation do I need a new car for? I have two old, but good enough for me, that I'm happy with, besides, taxes, license, insurance, don't need no more expenses!    

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy, my wife, family, puppy dogs, even they cannot keep the tiredness away.

Each and every day wears on me.

I have seen the grinding away of one's body, wearing all the way through the heart, erasing a once magnificent soul, the very essence of what once was ...  gone!  Old age, body or mind deteriorating, only the shell remains. Sad as hell ain't it? It is a hell, a kind of hell, experienced by all sooner or later unfortunately!

I'm tired . . . Tired in ways never thought about years ago. I've seen older ones die a slow death but never yielded to the fact that, it would be me one day!

Little things never thought about in daily life become challenges! Each day seems to bring new ones. Is it so, or is it just more noticeable?   

A whole lot a talkin' going on!

I wasn't going to address the mess happening right now. One cannot help but think about the shootings, of all lives. Talk is cheap, sometimes action is needed. Action after heart wrenching, soul searching with the best intent. With that being said I don't see it happening!

Can't stop hate. That's a horrible fact! I see our leader reacting with ideology. Does it stop the hate?

Others in the every day news, some leaders and want a be presidents offering words of wisdom, yeah right!


I'm going to ask myself a question or two. Do I hate?

As much, as I hate, to admit it . . . yes. Hatred's continually festering, from reasons we most probably don't even understand. A lifetime of brainwashing, a tad at a time, grows, forming scars. I'm not proud of that, they surface from time to time, but I'd be a lying if I said other.

I've never known a perfect human. I don't care what profession they're in.

How do you legislate and get rid of hatred, prejudice, racism etc,. Never going to happen amigos.

Now with that being said, are the representatives of religions, races, cultures and so on and so forth even a trying to ease the tension that's running rampant. Most spew hatred to make their points.

News anchors, don't just report the news, they give their thoughts, just as all newspapers spout their intended messages. We all know that all news is absolute truths, don't we?

I'm going to cut this short because my hatred starts running amuck, when I contemplate the intelligence level of our learned, ruling classes and ass-o-ciates.

There is a whole lot a talkin' going on, so why are we in such deep doo-doo?.

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Gonna mow some grass, temperature upper 80's, humidity 'bout the same. Been rainy for a spell the grass is getting away from me. I've got to have a go at it, possibility of rain for the next two days. If I don't mow now, I might have to bail hay, It'll be too high. At least a breeze is blowing, yep . . . now's the time. I slowly push my mower, with a noticeable, definitely feel-able, although determined limping of one leg. A life of mishaps, work ainna, gonna, stop this old boy today! After several laps my hip gets in tune with my gimpy leg. The old locomotive has found its wheels! Instead of smoke spewing from out of the furnace powering the steam engine, the sweat breaks out to cool me down. A hand towel keeps the sweat out of my glasses and eyes. Keeps me busy make a lap, wipe some sweat. My arms feel strong, all stiffness has subsided, actually my whole body feel pretty darn good. I'm no longer limping. I think to myself "what the hell?" I'm walking slow as a sloth, but smoothly, who cares! I've got half a day, I can stop and take a break anytime, nothing else on my agenda for today. I decide to take a break and cool down, I hit the coolness of my 70 degree house sit in my chair and watch the news. After cooling down, I realized my mistake! First signal was getting out of my easy chair, sometimes it ain't so easy! I have cooled down too much, my body is rebelling saying "we're done for today!" I talk back and say "no way Jose!" The hot clammy air hits me as I open the door, as significantly but opposite manner I had going inside. Wow-wee, definitely breaks up the boredom of just another day! I have my sweat towel and fire that sucker up again for another go at it. After a lap my body's back in tune, slow, but steady. Don't take long before I'm moping sweat off my brow. I mow for a while, time for another break, I get in my old car with the windows down soaking up the wonderful breeze,  I stop and get me a nice cool tea at B.K. I'm back, ready for another go round. I don't do the sir-condition thing again until I'm done for the day. Well now . . . for what ever reason I have mowed more grass than I have in one day this year. "I'm a mowing machine, yes I am!" I hope into the shower before my body turns to . . . one big pain! Drink a glass of water take a couple Tylenol, I took some earlier as preparation for the big day of grass mowing. I'm now prepared for the body cooling down, pain phase. I'm cold so I place a blanket over my soon to fall apart body. I'm waiting, waiting, my belly decides it needs some grub so before the breakdown I take care of that. Back to the old man's easy chair underneath my blanket. Hours later my body is no worse for the wear, now I'm thinkin' "it'll be hell to pay tomorrow morning!" As I post this in my daily journal, hell ain't happened yet! If it does I'll do another post and describe in detail all my aches and pains. Man I hope that doesn't happen!!! Sweet dreams until we meet again, yer pal G.

The County Fair

A stream a day keeps the world away or a streaming (screaming) keeps me neurons a firing in old age!  

Step right up boys and girls, its county fair time. I love all the smells hanging thick in the air, yes, even the live stock! Now when I talk about the food, well sir! there ainna no place else I have ever been that can compete, smells that is! Now, I'm a big ol' boy who loves his food. I don't have to explain it no further you know exactly what I be a sayin'! Don't you? So many foods to smell your nose reacts like a blue tick hound's. Nose sensors pushed to the max. Normally the smells are so mundane your nose sensors don't jiggle a hair, except after Junior deposits yesterdays whole day of, Lord Almighty what the hell does that boy eat? "Good Golly Miss Molly!!!

Let us stream the county fair as I paint a picture for you to see.

      The county fair is one of the traditions that link generations together, imagine the fair of today or the fair of 1950 all are mostly the same. That's pretty amazing seeing how so much has changed. The flashing lights of the midway still amaze, taking us  getting older folks, back to our childhood's, first fascination with The County Fair.
      It's always hot, well hell yes! Can't imagine a fair in the wintertime, no sir-ree! Weather hot and humid, fans going full bore in the livestock building, keeping them piggies, lambies, goaties, heifers, and all the rest of them farm animals from stroking out. I just thought of something maybe that's why you can get a whiff of the animal barn, you know the end product from a good ways away. The 4 H-ers shovel and keep the individual pens right nice. They place all that m-a-n-u-r-e on a pile that piles up pretty high, quite quickly, whilst I don't mind looking at it, DAMN BABY! it sure puts off a potent smell in the air!  It's a good thing all the food booths have their own unique smells, that's what negates the manure pile.

      Community buildings are plentiful at our fair, highlighting the many items of the 4-H. Booths of businesses that want your business, the list is endless. What would a county fair be without farm implements, tractors new and old.

      Tractor pulls, demolition derbies, T Q Midget races, rodeos, acts of all kinds, whatever sells tickets. Ten days of the fair keeps the expenses of the fair going from year to year.

      What do I need to say about the midway? Lights stimulate your cranium into riding the many rides, play the many games, even though you know you're at their mercy, people, every where. Power cords running everywhere, from the many generators powering the midway up. At the end of the visit you find your car, sit for a few minutes, looking at all the flashing lights. The midway is set up and torn down going from counties to counties, an undertaking of monumental proportions. Tired from the heat, the body to body slew of people, visiting all of the many buildings, all the walking, petting all the animals, eating, playing of games and such, natural instinct sets in as your walking to your car, you check to be sure you have the wallet. Sad but true where crowds congregate crooks appear.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Serious Side

I have been working on what I consider a funny piece, least wise to me, you may not think it's funny. I'm trying to be serious, but my serious side is not kicking in. The world is too serious a place, we must have something to laugh at, to take some of the pain away. I use to watch the news and get riled up, now I just laugh at the silliness, mostly the political fun we have going on with Hillary and Donald. I don't have the volume or close caption on when the two presidential nominees are on. I find myself laughing while watching them, cartoon characters they are, say "Tom and Jerry, maybe the Road Runner with Wile E. Coyote".  Hillary's so stiff and orchestrated, Donald, just looking at his fake tan, white around his eyes, I won't even mention the hair thing!

I 'm going to be serious, hope you don't mind.
July 3 temperature is a cool 68 degrees, at 4 pm, it's cloudy, rain is coming. I need something warmer for this unusual day. I get a sweatshirt, then head to my garage and open the overhead door for a front row seat of a summer rain shower. I laugh, thinking the weather forecast calls for 90 and humid in a couple days, doesn't matter now, this old man needs another layer of warmth, to cover his old thin, fat skin. I remember back we'd clear snow off the school basketball court to play ball in mid winter. Physical exertion and playing, soon we're in tee shirts, red faced and sweating. That was 50 years ago!

The overcast day is welcomed as we're about to go into "the dog days of summer." The corn in the fields around my house is drying up, needs a good steady rain, not a "gully washer." The rain arrives ever so slowly, I'm ready to relax and watch, mother nature's magic, while sitting in an old rocking chair warm and snug, a rockin' the day away. No wind at all, while the peek-a-boo rain revs up over 10 minutes to a steady beautiful soothing, I swear the corn is saying "aahh!"

No lightning, no thunder, perfect, grass greening, crop rejuvenating, mother nature's gold, growing them beautiful, silky ears of sweet corn to deliciousness. I'm thinking "fresh corn, first of the season, umm, umm, good!"

The rain sings a steady note, echoing of my open, non-sheet-rocked, yet dry garage. I can smell the damp grass from my mowers, beside me.  My imagination watches the grass rejuvenating before my eyes. No, no, no! as I come to my senses, oh well better for the farmers. Why am I thoroughly enjoying such a day? This rainy day does not get me down, it gives me peace. I find myself bordering on meditation. The every day news seems, like water off a ducks back, nary a twitch of foreboding impending everyday doom for me at this moment! The rain peaks and slowly peters out.

Not a drop of rain has touched my thinning hair, yet cleansed my soul, all the way down to my toes. Such beauty on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I'm fortunate to have the front row pew in the "church of life."

I've always loved the summer rains. A hot humid day turns, bringing in a gentle cool wind, placing goose bumps upon the arms, so ... invigorating.

Another summer time rain, we referred to as "gully washers." A quick storm brings forth a lot of rain quickly, leaving water standing. We kids took full advantage of the rain pools, playing in them. It was much fun, the perfect way to cool off in "the dog days of summer!"

Hope your fourth found you full of, barbecue, apple pie, and fireworks!!!!!! Good night!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day

Independence Day what does that mean to you? I'm not talking about the sequel to the movie made years ago with Will Smith. We celebrate Independence Day for a reason. Come on people put your thinking caps on. Yes, we celebrate and call it The Fourth of July, there's more to the story. Yes, fireworks are set off, and yes they're so beautiful. Did we learn about this in school? Yes if we were there that day! Yes, we have barbecues, drink, celebrate. I know some view it as a paid holiday every year, like our other holidays.

We celebrate the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776. It feels a mite spooky me talking about independence after Great Britain's recent vote to leave the European Union.

Seems we get into the swing of summer, with the longest day of the year barely behind us. Mid year celebrating, before you know it the farmers fields have peaked green and start turning . . . don't want to go there yet, you know live for the now moment, the perfect time of the year as far as I'm concerned!

It will not rain on my parade, even if it rains all day, I'll hold an umbrella over my barbecue or take the grill to the garage.

I have seen many Independence Days, I cannot note any more memorable than the others. I have been given another shot at life from a couple years ago. I think why? Why was it not my time? I no longer dwell on it like I once did, but cannot block out a small question mark of that day.

Oh well I wanted to post a little somethun, somethun, today.

Is Independence Day, a movie about illegal "aliens?" HAHAHA!

Independence Day is a hammock, lemonade, apple pie with vanilla ice cream, relaxing in 85 degree weather, with family and friends . . . . . . . . .

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just a streaming!

A big, HELLO! to my friends, well I hope I have a few friends out there. Have some that partake upon this old man's words and that's right nice of you, thanks a heap! I write as my mind thinks, no . . . I'm not kidding you. Funny thing I actually reel it in, because what seems fine or makes sense to me ainna, I'm afraid, gonna make sense to you. This old feller is humbled that you tune in. So what's in store for today? Don't know yet' I'm playing around hoping for a ghost to pop in for a few minutes. I need any help I can get. I feel in a fun mood and when I feel like that I like to mess with the spellin' of wurds. Hope you don't a mind 'cause I'll do it anyway! I'm ready for tis stream of consciousness writing to kick in so I won't have to write anything.

                                        How to Write Stream of Consciousness

Now I'm cooking! going to learn how to write it! Here goes nothing! Probably!

One way to cultivate your emotional and poetic mind, and to improve your writing skills, in general, is to write stream-of -consciousness. This is unstructured, unedited writing that reflects, your observations or feelings about a certain person, event or item. Stream-of-consciousness is a good way to write poetry or journals, and can end with a piece of writing that can be as much graphic as verbal.

I most assuredly need to cultivate my mind. It has a lot of weeds, cobwebs especially in the summer.

I have many emotions, poetic mind . . . don't think so.

Improve my writing skills, that's what I'm after.

Unstructured, unedited, yep that's me.

Reflects my observations or feelings, hell yeah!

Can end with a piece of writing that can be as much graphic as verbal. What? I can understand maybe painting a picture in my mind, but verbal, I'm writing not talking.

Stream of unconsciousness that be me! Ha, ha, ha. I could write better probably if I was unconscious. I have the most fantastic dreams, if I could let my dreams somehow get to the computer, woo-wee sure would be fun. DAMN! whatever kind of writing I'm doing now is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Yes I definitely believe, I write stream-of- unconsciousness.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Bloody Hell"

If it wasn't for my wife and pets, I'd go fuckin' nuts. Can I say that NUTS?!?! Its my blog and I'll say it if I want to!

The House of Representatives are on vacation, holiday or something like that. That's something to celebrate on the Fourth Of July holiday. The set off fireworks early, didn't they? I don't know why I've gotten interested in politics, seems I could find something better to waste my time on! Well now,  I bloody hell would, if my body would allow, sheesh mowing grass and smoking grass whilst I be a mowin' is about all I can do anymore.

I watch too much television, but what's a worn out old man suppose to do when his joints sound like the Tinman on the Wizard of Oz. A can of oil won't help me none, I need some good pain pills and My Doctor won't prescribe them, I reckon I'll get me some good pain meds on my death bed heah? Always frost me balls. People that obey the laws and do what's right must pay the price and carry the burden of the abusers.

Several weeks ago I watched a documentary about drugs in America, this episode was in San Francisco. DAMN!!! Do thy ever have trouble with drugs, homeless, EVERYTHANG!!! Yikes I'll cross that city of as one to never visit in case I inherit some money!

Television advertisements have prescription drugs that'll cure every frickin thing that a Doctor and all the test at your local hospital can find wrong with you, AND your insurance will cover. Just like an automotive care center! They tell you all the conditions you have . . . Hell I already know I feel them, its called old, and worn out.

This evening on The Judge Judy show one of her guest brought up a fact that blew me away, Their talking about the Brexit poll and money was brought up about costing Britain something like 20 billion per year for their share of the European Union "BLOODY HELL!" Apparently like Washington is the capital of the U. S. A. Brussels is the center of the European Union.

( So that Judge Judy, is a firecracker, isn't she? )

I intended to an interesting point about money, the Elite and such, I felt as though I needed to set it up! Okay here goes, the guest said, "of the five richest counties in the United States, three are in Washington D. C. That fact latterly floored me for a second! Do you believe it?  BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Common Sense Gun Control

Common sense gun legislation---- yeah right! The House came to a stop Wednesday, imagine that! Democrats took over the floor, brought our civilized politicians our fine highly paid, excellent benefits, world of law making, get nothing accomplished as we know it, to a standstill. They're probably jealous at all the attention Hillary and Donald are getting, why not further show their true colors to the American people.

Hope We The People aren't paying for their overtime, they cost too much the way it is!

One representative talking last night said, "we're trying to get common sense gun legislation passed."

That's never going to happen! To start with you must have people with common sense. I've seen little common sense out of politicians any time, past or present, let alone this season of  the Reality Politician show. Waayyy too much reality for me!

I'm quite simply, a simple old man from a simple upbringing of being a simple boy, and young man. Common sense was what we depend on. Common sense and simple means the same, don't it?

If we the simple, common man, who's poor in education and dollars, could be in charge with common man sense, hey let's not forget the women, so let's call it, common Joe and Josephina sense. You think it don't take sense to raise families with today's wages!

It takes a hell of a lot of common sense, good parents to raise a family, most likely both will have to work to keep a float. Takes two strong willed, strong backs, with good common sense, values. These kind of people have common sense, core values. Sadly with everything against these type people today these values are disappearing, too damn many obstacles. There's no wonder the common, middle class is dying off.

There's never going to be any common sense gun legislation that'll truly make an impact, sheesh some of the toughest gun cities have the highest death rates.

I have never understood why an average citizen would need an assault rifle, with large magazines.

Too many factors at play for our legislators to pass meaningful legislation. there's so many other problems that need fixed. No they would rather make it appear like they're really doing something.

Seems, drugs, hate, culture, race, religion, sex, mental illness, a whole lot of other reasons are at play here.

What would happen if assault weapons are banned? Those weapons would still be bought like drugs, illegally.

Placing a Band-Aid over a severed artery won't help much.

Where are the heroes when most needed? There's no simple fixes. Politicians talk a lot, some I believe have a heart and maybe common sense, I said maybe! Corruption along with money corrupt even the best of the best. Real life and the Real Reality show we live in, is not like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. That's an old movie that still underlines the goings on behind the scenes.

To me it's not just about the gun control, it's far greater. I could rant forever I won't do that to you! We as a nation we have many problems, seems none ever get solved.

The finest minds money can buy, fail to do anything, about anything1 I reckon that last sentence sums up everything in a nutshell to this old, country boy, at he end of his life.