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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Serious Side

I have been working on what I consider a funny piece, least wise to me, you may not think it's funny. I'm trying to be serious, but my serious side is not kicking in. The world is too serious a place, we must have something to laugh at, to take some of the pain away. I use to watch the news and get riled up, now I just laugh at the silliness, mostly the political fun we have going on with Hillary and Donald. I don't have the volume or close caption on when the two presidential nominees are on. I find myself laughing while watching them, cartoon characters they are, say "Tom and Jerry, maybe the Road Runner with Wile E. Coyote".  Hillary's so stiff and orchestrated, Donald, just looking at his fake tan, white around his eyes, I won't even mention the hair thing!

I 'm going to be serious, hope you don't mind.
July 3 temperature is a cool 68 degrees, at 4 pm, it's cloudy, rain is coming. I need something warmer for this unusual day. I get a sweatshirt, then head to my garage and open the overhead door for a front row seat of a summer rain shower. I laugh, thinking the weather forecast calls for 90 and humid in a couple days, doesn't matter now, this old man needs another layer of warmth, to cover his old thin, fat skin. I remember back we'd clear snow off the school basketball court to play ball in mid winter. Physical exertion and playing, soon we're in tee shirts, red faced and sweating. That was 50 years ago!

The overcast day is welcomed as we're about to go into "the dog days of summer." The corn in the fields around my house is drying up, needs a good steady rain, not a "gully washer." The rain arrives ever so slowly, I'm ready to relax and watch, mother nature's magic, while sitting in an old rocking chair warm and snug, a rockin' the day away. No wind at all, while the peek-a-boo rain revs up over 10 minutes to a steady beautiful soothing, I swear the corn is saying "aahh!"

No lightning, no thunder, perfect, grass greening, crop rejuvenating, mother nature's gold, growing them beautiful, silky ears of sweet corn to deliciousness. I'm thinking "fresh corn, first of the season, umm, umm, good!"

The rain sings a steady note, echoing of my open, non-sheet-rocked, yet dry garage. I can smell the damp grass from my mowers, beside me.  My imagination watches the grass rejuvenating before my eyes. No, no, no! as I come to my senses, oh well better for the farmers. Why am I thoroughly enjoying such a day? This rainy day does not get me down, it gives me peace. I find myself bordering on meditation. The every day news seems, like water off a ducks back, nary a twitch of foreboding impending everyday doom for me at this moment! The rain peaks and slowly peters out.

Not a drop of rain has touched my thinning hair, yet cleansed my soul, all the way down to my toes. Such beauty on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I'm fortunate to have the front row pew in the "church of life."

I've always loved the summer rains. A hot humid day turns, bringing in a gentle cool wind, placing goose bumps upon the arms, so ... invigorating.

Another summer time rain, we referred to as "gully washers." A quick storm brings forth a lot of rain quickly, leaving water standing. We kids took full advantage of the rain pools, playing in them. It was much fun, the perfect way to cool off in "the dog days of summer!"

Hope your fourth found you full of, barbecue, apple pie, and fireworks!!!!!! Good night!


  1. What an absolutely beautiful "write". I felt like I was right there watching that summer rain shower myself. Also made me miss my home state in the summer :-)

  2. I have been very upset with my postings, same O same O, you know. I'm going to go back to what motivated me in the first place. I read some of my earlier posts and like them much better than today's. I want to put the fun and the excitement of the little things that got me started. Thanks as always my friend!