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Friday, July 15, 2016


I've been away from the television, paper and computer for a few days. Can't really say I've missed them. Always bad news on the television. I see nothing has changed the first news I see is the bad news from France. Terrible!

Haven't felt any where normal par for several days, it wears on my spirits when I'm like this. I'm so sick of a lot of things. Always death destruction, never any cures! How do you cure the sickos of the world? Can't cure sickos, there's only one cure. Fear has its grip on the world, and that means the sickos are winning. The more news headlines they receive the bolder they become. Only one way to get rid of evil. Whether it's world wide terrorism, hatred, sickos will find any reason to harm, kill.

As we become one, meaning slowly becoming a one world government, all the problems of the world become every single country of the worlds problems.

What are the answers, seems to me no one is addressing the problem. They wait for heroes of the comic books to save the day. We need real people to step up. History has shed light on what we thought was men of fortitude, religious, political, men who seem to work miracles, well folks we need some. My future is short, but to our children I cry for you! We need world class visionaries that have built something out of nothing to forget about the almighty dollar and concentrate on one goal.

I reckon I'm old and na├»ve, could it possibly be the ones that have all the money, the Elite, the 1% be the ones that have created the world as we now know it? My heart cannot grasp such a theory! My common sense believes in such a scenario. The world must be brought to its knees, talk about sick ones!

Trillions of dollars has been spent over the last 15 years is anything better? Hell no! The middle east is in the worst shape of my lifetime! Refugees flood the world, do they try to adapt to the new surroundings or retain what they left?

I could ramble and solve nothing, like the rulers, politicians, the leaders of the world are now doing.

How do you fight a war on terror when the world is terrorized? They've already won. The world makes them stronger through the media. The news as it happens if not from the media the instantaneous placement as it happens from individuals, it cannot be stopped ! The run away locomotive grows, as it runs on no tracks, with the whole world jumping on!

We cannot go backwards, only forward.

Wars are supposed to be fought to win. If the world is willing to live with the terror, our modern terrorist inflict, then so be it. It will take a worldwide effort from all countries to wage a winnable war. We need leadership such as never seen or envisioned to act as one. Sadly I shall not see such a miracle in my life, who am I kidding, it can't be done.

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