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Saturday, July 9, 2016

A whole lot a talkin' going on!

I wasn't going to address the mess happening right now. One cannot help but think about the shootings, of all lives. Talk is cheap, sometimes action is needed. Action after heart wrenching, soul searching with the best intent. With that being said I don't see it happening!

Can't stop hate. That's a horrible fact! I see our leader reacting with ideology. Does it stop the hate?

Others in the every day news, some leaders and want a be presidents offering words of wisdom, yeah right!


I'm going to ask myself a question or two. Do I hate?

As much, as I hate, to admit it . . . yes. Hatred's continually festering, from reasons we most probably don't even understand. A lifetime of brainwashing, a tad at a time, grows, forming scars. I'm not proud of that, they surface from time to time, but I'd be a lying if I said other.

I've never known a perfect human. I don't care what profession they're in.

How do you legislate and get rid of hatred, prejudice, racism etc,. Never going to happen amigos.

Now with that being said, are the representatives of religions, races, cultures and so on and so forth even a trying to ease the tension that's running rampant. Most spew hatred to make their points.

News anchors, don't just report the news, they give their thoughts, just as all newspapers spout their intended messages. We all know that all news is absolute truths, don't we?

I'm going to cut this short because my hatred starts running amuck, when I contemplate the intelligence level of our learned, ruling classes and ass-o-ciates.

There is a whole lot a talkin' going on, so why are we in such deep doo-doo?.

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  1. I don't know that I hate people themselves, but I sure do hate some of the behaviors coming from people. I try to understand why people do what they do, but sometimes I have a hard time imagining what could cause some of the evil that is perpetrated by people, what drives them to it....

    I am sad at the direction our country is going. It was a beautiful place growing up, but it just seems to be spiraling to hell on a fast track