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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dr. Jeff

What is my favorite television show? Thanks for asking, it would be Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet. I bet you never would of guessed that, huh?

I like many different types of programs. I happened upon a show called Globe Trekker which I enjoy. National Geographic, documentaries, Ancient Aliens, shows that can hold my attention, and give a spark to my last synapse. YEAH! Certainly not a lot of shows make me think, except to change the channel!

DAMN IT! I do like to catch one of the many, many, news shows. I say to myself, "don't watch them news shows, you know all they're, is bad news!" So I mosey over to my computer and there, hitting me smackdab in the face, lite up with all the same shite, plus a whole lot more! Can't get away from the news, no sir!

Dr. Jeff he be one of the good-uns! He's real, like the ol' crocodile hunter, Steve Erwin, yes sir, they be my favorites! Hey what about Steve Erwin's daughter Bindi, winning the Dancing With The Stars competition. I love to listen to her talk!

My two fa-vo-rit-iest animals at this moment is them cute little meerkats and to the other end as far as size goes elephants. Them meerkats are just so darn cute I can't stand it. The female elephants with babies led by the smart old female leader, protect and look out for each other especially the little ones. I've watched many documentaries through the years at times they seem so smart with human like emotions.

I also like Dr. Dee Alaska Vet, she has been a Vet for thirty years, she has a real sense of humor! There has been other shows like Aloha Vet and Dr. Poole, haven't seen them for a while.

I watch animal videos every night before I go to bed, relaxes me and makes me laugh. Certainly never hurts for us to have a good laugh, does it?

I laugh every day at my Chihuahua Taco, he's a lot of company. Just watching him playing not a care in the world, he has it made at my house.

The four pound Yorkie I use to have lives with my sister-in-law. They hit it off bonding real good. I dog sit for her today. She named him "Pee Wee."  Poor thing here I nicknamed him "Rambo," it's a good thing dogs cannot understand!

Animals have been great comfort to me in some of my most trying times. They'll comfort me till the day I pass on. I took Pee Wee for a ride today to our old stomping grounds. Everyone who sees him smiles, how could you not smile at a four pound dog with that face?


  1. Haha, poor little dog went from Rambo to PeeWee ! I wonder what he thinks of that.

    I love the meerkats too. There are some at our zoo here and they are so fun to watch.

    I don't watch tv too much these days and I only watch the local news, and lately even that hasn't been too pleasant to view. Well not that it ever was.

  2. Thanks as always for your comment. There has been times in my life when cats and dogs have saved me,