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Thursday, July 7, 2016

The County Fair

A stream a day keeps the world away or a streaming (screaming) keeps me neurons a firing in old age!  

Step right up boys and girls, its county fair time. I love all the smells hanging thick in the air, yes, even the live stock! Now when I talk about the food, well sir! there ainna no place else I have ever been that can compete, smells that is! Now, I'm a big ol' boy who loves his food. I don't have to explain it no further you know exactly what I be a sayin'! Don't you? So many foods to smell your nose reacts like a blue tick hound's. Nose sensors pushed to the max. Normally the smells are so mundane your nose sensors don't jiggle a hair, except after Junior deposits yesterdays whole day of, Lord Almighty what the hell does that boy eat? "Good Golly Miss Molly!!!

Let us stream the county fair as I paint a picture for you to see.

      The county fair is one of the traditions that link generations together, imagine the fair of today or the fair of 1950 all are mostly the same. That's pretty amazing seeing how so much has changed. The flashing lights of the midway still amaze, taking us  getting older folks, back to our childhood's, first fascination with The County Fair.
      It's always hot, well hell yes! Can't imagine a fair in the wintertime, no sir-ree! Weather hot and humid, fans going full bore in the livestock building, keeping them piggies, lambies, goaties, heifers, and all the rest of them farm animals from stroking out. I just thought of something maybe that's why you can get a whiff of the animal barn, you know the end product from a good ways away. The 4 H-ers shovel and keep the individual pens right nice. They place all that m-a-n-u-r-e on a pile that piles up pretty high, quite quickly, whilst I don't mind looking at it, DAMN BABY! it sure puts off a potent smell in the air!  It's a good thing all the food booths have their own unique smells, that's what negates the manure pile.

      Community buildings are plentiful at our fair, highlighting the many items of the 4-H. Booths of businesses that want your business, the list is endless. What would a county fair be without farm implements, tractors new and old.

      Tractor pulls, demolition derbies, T Q Midget races, rodeos, acts of all kinds, whatever sells tickets. Ten days of the fair keeps the expenses of the fair going from year to year.

      What do I need to say about the midway? Lights stimulate your cranium into riding the many rides, play the many games, even though you know you're at their mercy, people, every where. Power cords running everywhere, from the many generators powering the midway up. At the end of the visit you find your car, sit for a few minutes, looking at all the flashing lights. The midway is set up and torn down going from counties to counties, an undertaking of monumental proportions. Tired from the heat, the body to body slew of people, visiting all of the many buildings, all the walking, petting all the animals, eating, playing of games and such, natural instinct sets in as your walking to your car, you check to be sure you have the wallet. Sad but true where crowds congregate crooks appear.


  1. Another excellent post that brought me back to the sights and sounds of our county fair which came around in August up there in my part of Indiana. It was the last big summer thing to do before school started back up. My siblings and I used to pick blueberries at all the local blueberry farms so we could save money to go to the fair. My dad never paid for us to go, but if we earned our own money, he usually would give us a little extra to buy our food. Wow you are on a roll so I can't wait to read and experience more through your words :-)

  2. Thanks, memories of what appeared to be a much simpler time. Ah, good memories of childhood still seem vivid. Glen