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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Old Age and Wis . .

Old age and wisdom, is that true? Wise old Owl, well if an Owl manages to live to old age I do reckon, he's wise. Seems logical heah? So maybe just being a survivor, makes one intelligent, I keep waiting on that intelligence, yes I do!

I knew some stupid people in my younger days, did they get smarter later in life? I'm asking stupid questions, so apparently the wise old thing has not hit me yet! Still waiting . . . I'd like to be intelligent just one day in my life. Oh well I can dream can't I?

This rambling is what I call my warm up, can't throw an old mind right into the fire of writing coherent sentences. My oh my . . . it wouldn't work for a week if that happened. I'm feeling the Bern about now, maybe some politics will jump start into some wisdom type talk . . . hell you never know, could happen!

I told myself last week don't get tied up in them old conventions, a waste of time. There ain't nuthin' to lurn in one of them silly ass convince-ons. Just a bunch of drunk, silly dressed wild uns, holding up signs until they pass out or away. What in tarnation would convince somewhat intelligent people to do such a darn thing anyhow? Beets the watermelon out of me. 

(I just had me some watermelon, umm, umm, good, it ran down my jaw, yep just like when I was a kid, nothing has changed.)

((Sorry about my mind interrupting me, that happens a lot!))

I have already forgot about the Republican convention, I do remember Crudee snubbed his nose and Hashish did not even bother to show up in his own home state. Politicians standing up for what they believe, damn . . . how about standing up and representing WE THE PEOPLE!

The DNC Chairman caused a little hiccup before the convention even started, something about e-mails, I thought that had already been cleared up? Mostly like the Republican convention, a bunch of yaa-whos trying to convince the American people how good, smart, honest, trust worthy, their candidate is. Hillary brought in the big guns a firing, you know, the Obamas.

I really feel sorry for Bernie Sanders, this 74 year old played his heart out and what did he get?

Money and power on both sides what will it come down to? Likeability oh my God! Their both in big trouble! Honesty . . . no!  Looks . . . whow! that might be a toss up!

I suppose, old age and wisdom can't explain everything!

Who do I think will win. Let me be perfectly clear I despise both of them! Hillary has the big guns to stump for her, two Presidents. The money and power of Wall Street and Main Street Medias. Donald has several children to go out stumping for him. Does he have enough jets with Trump on them for them. My wisdom tells me you cannot beat the house when playing in their house, you know like a casino! Hillary.   AHHAHAHA, JUST A FEELING KINDA FUNNY! GOODNIGHT


  1. "Looks . . . whow! that might be a toss up!"

    Ahahahahaha, you gave me my first laugh for the day with that line !!!

    Who's going to win ? It depends on who "they" want to win and that will be the next POTUS. Either way the country is screwed ...

  2. I agree, Hillary was suppose to win almost 8 years ago. She'll win this time because a patsy was brought in, probably an agreement between both crooked parties.