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Thursday, July 7, 2016


Gonna mow some grass, temperature upper 80's, humidity 'bout the same. Been rainy for a spell the grass is getting away from me. I've got to have a go at it, possibility of rain for the next two days. If I don't mow now, I might have to bail hay, It'll be too high. At least a breeze is blowing, yep . . . now's the time. I slowly push my mower, with a noticeable, definitely feel-able, although determined limping of one leg. A life of mishaps, work ainna, gonna, stop this old boy today! After several laps my hip gets in tune with my gimpy leg. The old locomotive has found its wheels! Instead of smoke spewing from out of the furnace powering the steam engine, the sweat breaks out to cool me down. A hand towel keeps the sweat out of my glasses and eyes. Keeps me busy make a lap, wipe some sweat. My arms feel strong, all stiffness has subsided, actually my whole body feel pretty darn good. I'm no longer limping. I think to myself "what the hell?" I'm walking slow as a sloth, but smoothly, who cares! I've got half a day, I can stop and take a break anytime, nothing else on my agenda for today. I decide to take a break and cool down, I hit the coolness of my 70 degree house sit in my chair and watch the news. After cooling down, I realized my mistake! First signal was getting out of my easy chair, sometimes it ain't so easy! I have cooled down too much, my body is rebelling saying "we're done for today!" I talk back and say "no way Jose!" The hot clammy air hits me as I open the door, as significantly but opposite manner I had going inside. Wow-wee, definitely breaks up the boredom of just another day! I have my sweat towel and fire that sucker up again for another go at it. After a lap my body's back in tune, slow, but steady. Don't take long before I'm moping sweat off my brow. I mow for a while, time for another break, I get in my old car with the windows down soaking up the wonderful breeze,  I stop and get me a nice cool tea at B.K. I'm back, ready for another go round. I don't do the sir-condition thing again until I'm done for the day. Well now . . . for what ever reason I have mowed more grass than I have in one day this year. "I'm a mowing machine, yes I am!" I hope into the shower before my body turns to . . . one big pain! Drink a glass of water take a couple Tylenol, I took some earlier as preparation for the big day of grass mowing. I'm now prepared for the body cooling down, pain phase. I'm cold so I place a blanket over my soon to fall apart body. I'm waiting, waiting, my belly decides it needs some grub so before the breakdown I take care of that. Back to the old man's easy chair underneath my blanket. Hours later my body is no worse for the wear, now I'm thinkin' "it'll be hell to pay tomorrow morning!" As I post this in my daily journal, hell ain't happened yet! If it does I'll do another post and describe in detail all my aches and pains. Man I hope that doesn't happen!!! Sweet dreams until we meet again, yer pal G.

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