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Sunday, October 30, 2011

HALLOWEEN STORY "Lights from yonder forest brings"!

It's an unusually warm October night, the bedroom window is up, all sounds echo in the upstairs bedroom of the farm house. The normal sounds coming from the creek and woods are Mother Nature at her finest. The hooty-hoot-hooting, coming from Mr. Owl doesn't bother seven year old Daniel in the least, quite frankly he's use to it and enjoys it, music to his ears. Sometimes, Mr. Owl sits in a tree a mite to close, waking him, he smiles and returns to sleep, as snug as a bug in a rug.

Daniel is woke up by sounds, he's not heard before! His eyes open to eery lights! He jumps out of bed to the window he goes, in a flash! Beyond the creek, through the woods, he sees gigantic eyes, unlike anything he has ever looked upon! The eyes penetrate through the wood land, looking directly at him! All leaves are gone by this time, so the trees on both sides of the creek bed adds to the mysterious sight, causing the light to distort in a devilish way! Now add the imagination and fright! Jeepers creepers! Ghostly chills, run down his back! Momentarily mesmerized, with fear! Now that whatever, has his undivided attention, it turns and moves slowly along the outskirts of the forest, it's bright eyes, light up the tree line! It's throwing off fire, he spots smoke rising across the full moon! Man oh man! It's a fire breathing, Dragon, just like in the movies! Holy Smokes! A fire breathing Dragon is in the woods! It's running away, why doesn't it fly? Dragons fly! Don't they? Unable to take his eyes off the Dragon, it turns and comes back his way! Ah oh! I should wake my big brother, he'll know what to do! Thinking quickly, Clayton his brother is a heavy sleeper and wakes up slowly, there is no time for him to take his sweet time! Daniel takes the bottle of water by his nightstand and pulls the whole thing on Clayton's face! Big brother rises from the dead as quickly as a springing cat, towards Daniel! Daniel was ready and makes a bee line to the window! Clayton was looking for a fight, when looking out the window stops his momentum! As quickly as he sprang out of bed, he stops! "That's why I had to wake you up so fast" says Daniel. Still in shock, Clayton stares, as Daniel announces "DRAGON"! Clayton has come to life, telling Daniel, "put your boots on, let's go have a closer look". Daniel doesn't hesitate, he is over the fright, curiosity has taken over, besides he'll be with his big brother. Mom and Dad would skin Clayton alive, if anything happened! He has to see that Dragon up close! Boots and jackets are on faster than a fireman puts on their fire britches, sliding down the pole! There out the back door, headed towards the creek. Clayton says, "follow me Danny, we'll come up from behind, across the creekbed, as he grabs his little brother's hand". The Dragon's still moving slowly, like a caged animal in the field on the other side of the road! Across the rocky creek bottom the two lads go. Stopping amongst the trees on this side of the road the Dragon's a quarter mile away, with it's eyes looking away from them. Suddenly, as if it senses their presence, it turns towards them! Clayton pulls Danny down and motions sheesh! They are looking at the monster as it comes to them! Slowly, in no hurry at all, the growling Dragon with smoke rising and evil eyes are coming to devour the boys! Daniel wants to run but Clayton holds onto him with brotherly strong arms! Clayton lets out a laugh, that reverbrates throughout the rocky bottom creek bed! Daniel was more scared than ever, has the Dragon drove his brother mad! Then Clayton said, "look real close Danny, them eyes are lights, the smoke is coming from the exhaust, it's a combine, picking corn at night, we've never seen that before and it scared us to death, thinking it's a Dragon! We can tell our Grandchildren about this some day and make it a Halloeeen story"! Clayton gives out a big howl, mimmicking a wolf! Together the two brothers walk back across the creek, howling scaring the critters of the night! They faced their fear head on and laughed together! It don't get no better than that!

Every Halloween around the campfire, about this time of year this story is re-told. The story has taken on new twists and scarier turns, through the years. It's a family tradition. Whenever the kids are at the old homestead, they wish to re-enact the night of this true, but finely tuned adventure of two brothers having fun...  THANK YOU, GOODNIGHT, I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS HALLOWEEN STORY, STRAIGHT FROM THE IMAGINATION OF AN OLD FAT MAN, WHO LOVES TO TELL A GOOD YARN, ALMOST AS MUCH AS HE LOVES A BOWL OF CHILI ON THE FIRST FROSTY ASS NIGHT OF FALL!!!              

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hooray, Hooray, it's good to hear

The time for fear is drawing near

When ghost and goblins can be seen

And witches with their faces green

Who hop upon their magic brooms

And fly across the harvest moon

Black cats with their tails so high

Jack-o-lanterns grin as you pass them by

Trick or treaters dressed for a night of fun

Goodies and treats for everyone

The blowing leaves make an eerie sound

At last HALLOWEEN  has come to town

                                                  Ghost Writer
A little something for today, thank you for visiting my scary site.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kamikaze Squirrels, Take Over The World!!!

The front page of the local newspaper. "Squirrel Creates Major Power Outage". My mind thinks, one little squirrel can cause a major power outage!!! Then how in the hell do we ever have power? A tiny furry critter can bring the modern civilization to dark ages! This seems, SO asinine, in such a stupid way! Only something, SO ignorant could be TRUE!!!  This sounds soo much like a Saturday Night Live skit! Then I have a second of grieving for the furry little one, not-knowing he was about to be zapped!  I remember childhood in the park watching these beautiful animals play and jump all over the trees, I feel a child momentarily, I wish to cry for the poor squirrel! I'm totally discombobulated! Do I cry, laugh or think, our whole way of life could come tumbling down with TERRORIST SQUIRRELS! Headlines read, "Kamikaze Squirrels Take Over The United States Set Sights On World!!! I'm frozen with fear! My mind flashes ALERT! WARNING! This can't be true! I'm stuck in the Twilight Zone! Squirrels Conquers The World, a really bad B Movie! Now upon every !@#$ING thing else in my life, I now have to worry about SQUIRRELS taking out the Power Grid! What if they communicate and strike at the most opportune moment! Worrying about everything else, so now Squirrels are at the top of my list! The hell with paying my mortgage, the hell with evil taking over the world, the hell with Politicians, I no longer care about fluoride in the water, the hell with EVERY-@#$ING-THANG-I'M-SACARED-TO-LOOK-AT-A-SQUIRREL!!!!

I read a book where a man was sruck by lightning, while talking on the telephone. (This was back in the old days before cellphones.) Lightning damn near killed him! He had a near death experience with the tunnel, the light and so forth. He describes everything in detail and was quite interesting.

Now what I be a-thinkin is, what if the poor little Squirrel survives and tells, family, friends about the close encounter with the BIG ZAPPING, the light, tunnel etc. Talk About a story that little critter could tell!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The View I See!

What I see depends! Depends on my mood! You're saying to me, "old man you've completely lost it"!
Have I? Ponder what I just said, please! No matter how hard you try! You can-not force youself to be in a good mood can you? If you're in a crabby mood, ready to jump sideways, your claws ready to snag any one that crosses your path, it's terribly hard to change in an instant right! Don't you hate those crabby ass moods and absolutely HATE yourself for being in one of those sour ass frigging moods! I do! I've been working terribly hard to stay out of those crabby ass moods. (I was going to just use the initials C.A.M. but it's too much silly ass FUN to type and say the whole words.) If you're sick, with the flu, it's hard to be in a good mood. I find drinking a quart of Nyquil will put me in a better mood, because I be visiting dreamland silly! It's when I wake up I feel bad! Okay BAD example we can't stay asleep for a couple weeks!

I hate Mondays alway's have, I believe that's why I like Garfield the cat so much. I always go to work in a bad, oopsey, crabby ass mood! Damn you have to go to work, that alone is good enough for me! If I loved all the people I worked with, I would visit them on weekends right? There is this thing called WORK u-know, it don't say "paarty"!!! It's WORK!!!

Okay. okay, okay I be veering off course a wee bit! Why is it sometimes you wake up in a good mood? I think I've done that a couple times in my life! The view I see reflects the day ahead, or at least gets me started in that direction. (Except for Mondays, the only way to make Mondays agreeable, is to take Monday's off, but then Tuesday become Monday's and lord almighty! You understand don't you!)

Most likely I'll wager, if there was someway to keep track of your day, bad, good, acceptable, more time would probably fall into the acceptable category. If we're having a crabby ass day, we'll believe the whole day was lost, most likely! On the flip side if we're having a good day, the few crabby ass moments are probably forgotten! Amazing ain't it!!!

So what be the answer my friends? I want you to tell me because I've had a crabby ass day!!!

Yes, truthfully I have BUT, I'm happy to be able to come home to my house and relax and have a job!
Quite simply, simple, ain't it!!! Well I'mma here to tell ya'all, I'm plum silly ass happy to be alive and to be reminiscing, silly ass shit with ya! I consider myself lucky to be alive! Lucky to be working! Lucky to have a home to come home to! Crabby ass moods are going to happen, that's life sometimes baby! But this old-silly-ass-man-is-a-tellin-ya'all-iffun-you-take-the-time-to-re-evaluate-your-daily-existence and  learn to APPRECIATE the many comforting comforts, we take for granted, which is what I've been TRYING-SO-HARD to do this year!

RICHNESS IS NOT MEASURED BY MONETARY, MATERIALISTIC, WEALTH... IF! YOU! DO!NOT! UNDERSTAND THAT, THERE IS NO HOPE, IS THERE!!!  goodnight sorry about the sermon, please come back dspite it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tiredness, Ya-hoo!

When I be tired mentally, everythang is out-ta whack!!! (You know what I mean Vern!) [I been wanting to use those words for a long time, does anybody out there remember Jim Varney?]

Normally! I keep a rather consistent sleep schedule, especially on my days off. Any change throws my body, mind & demeanor off terribly! (Is-sa feel a lot meaner!) You don't know how much I hate that uwe! My old body doesn't respond well to anythang, other than a good night's rest, please trust me on that!!!

Friday was one of those days where an old man, (ME) had to work like a 25 year old youngin again, plus overtime. Thinkin back to Friday as I'm a typin this on Sunday, I'm TOTALLY amazed at what a 60 year old Dinosaurus-Old-Assus-A-Glenus, accomplished. Sometimes! In a factory environment when pressure is on, deadlines to meet, it ain't fun! (Nope,take my word on it!) I've worked in production all my life, 20 years in Supervision. There is this saying I love, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going". Simple straight forward logic right?

I'm from another era, hillbilly lineage on my Father's side, self sufficient, little schoolin. They pretty much built, repaired what was needed, raised their food, as people were forced to due to survive in 1930's. My Mother growing up in the same period from similar humble beginnings, but better educated. You had nothing! Unless you worked hard for it! I'm proud to say I take after my Mother on that! My Father had problems, that's as far as I'm going there!

I knew I was expected to work over on Friday, sooo I was prepared, extra aleve, you see! This old man took pills and gulped down caffeine, like an alcoholic at a a party with free booze! I knew I was gonna need the extra BUZZ, after all, this is Friday, my most physical day! (That be an unknown word in the vocabulary of young-ins today, I must say! (Now before you'all out there in blogdom get ya pan-ties in a pinch, I be a generalizing, I know some good young-ins!)

Well things start off right nice in Cuckooville, but then things started to turn sour, real quick. One department is late producing the product for my department. Not good, but still do-able. (Is that a word, I don't care, it is, here on Glen View!) Whenever you hurry, old machinery doesn't respond well, u-know! Before we know it, we be an hour behind schedule, not looking good for the home team. We're made up on this night of second and third stringers, um, um, um!!! Out of 8 people we have 4 good-uns! (You ever heard of good-uns before, that be hillbilly talk, I like usin my backwoodsy humor when I get a-rollin, BABY I'm startin to feel the power of my ancestors!) One, be a woo-kie, (I know, I know, it should be rookie, but I like the sound of woo-kie, OKAY! Don't get your light sabres out, a little Star Wars humor!) Three of them be Challenged ones. Let me a tell ya, we, ur (slang for are) up the creek without a paddle! What do ya do, when you're a drowning baby? You keep on, keepin on. (treading water) Between the cussing, temper tantrums, product throwing and some changin, in ur plans, we make it, SOMEHOW! It were plum silly ass !@#$ing fun! We tough ones got tougher and we kicked some production ass! YAHOO! Reminded me off some drunken hillbillies a-doin whatever it takes!!!

There be one thang wrong, for this old feller here (ME). Man oh, man after that adrenalin, caffeine high and the aleve a-wearin off who-wee! This old fart with numerous physical ailments and more mental ailments than you can shake a stick at, was a-hurtin baby! I come home took me a looong ass shower, heated me up some of my cure-whatever-ails-ya-chili and fell down in the Lazy Boy Recliner. I was too tired and hurting to sleep, too mentally challenged to write! (Ah oh, is that what happened to them challenged ones I work with, BRAIN OVERLOAD, nah!)

Any way it's Sunday as I'm writing this little plum silly ass little post about an old man's experience. I'm not recovered, my sleep is all messed up. At the time of my aleve, caffeine, adrenalin stupor on Freaky Friday, I felt young once more, if only for a little while. It made me remember the days that the young locomotive could still pull, all them damn boxcars... But, I'm too !@#$ing old for that shit NOW! Much more of that crap and I'll be pushing up daisies alongside my hillbilly ancestors... I'm not ready for that yet, I have thousands of stories to write and all the silliness ya'all out there in the kingdom of blogdom, can handle... If I think it, I'll write it, here in the Kingdom, of Glendum... Ah, hahahahahahaha!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ma & Pa Turtle in "Sunny Side Up"

Starring Ma & Pa & Rickie, Dickie & Trixie and the rest of the Turtle Creek Gang. Last weeks episode was Hard Shell as you can see we caught up to the new reality show sensations this week as they take some time to get a tan on there beautiful shells, they want to look good in front of the camera so any free time is spent relaxing and working on their  hard bodies. As everyone knows the camera adds size and a good tan makes them abs more defined.

The hit series is a much needed change of pace in the modern face paced world we live in. We follow them around the creek as they visit the whole Turtle Creek family. The creek is full of adventurish slow moving characters who are not afraid to show, we the viewers how they paddle around seeking thrills. This family is as down home and as challengingly slow as characters come. There slow moving slow talkers have caught we the viewers off guard.

"We the Hares of the world are strung out from a-runnin around all day, too much Mexican influence in our daily world. We Hares believe we need to rush, rush, rush, then we can't relax, too strung out on life you see"! That's my opinion as your host of  Turtle Creek, my name is Hairy Hairbrains.

This weeks episode is proudly brought to you by the Super Fast Shoes Incorporated, where you'll be able to zig and zag with the top Hares in your town. Remember, the Easter Bunny endorses our product!

Tonight's opening shot you see Ma & Pa discussing these young Turtles of today and their Shellphones. "What in the creek could they be a-talkin about all the time"? Pa asks, Ma speaks up, "well dear it does take a long time for them to swim over to their friends log! Would you rather, they be gone all day? At least this way we know where they are, isn't that the most important thing after all honey shell"!  

Pa says, "of course you're right my little turtle dove, they could be out on the road trying to outrun them be squash machines that go round and round on that asphalt jungle on the other side of the creek. In my day we would stay on the side of the road in the tall grass and watch them machines going so darn fast they'd make our heads spin. My Uncle Tex from the big creek of Texas would have the rest of us young turtles push him over on his back and wait for one of them squash machines to go by, he'd spin around so many times and so fast we couldn't count. Then we would turn him back on his feet and he would sing get along little dog-gie. He'd be so discombobulated once we had to push him back away from those squash machines, he were so out of it! Those were the good old days I reckon! This young hard headed, hard shelled young-ins are gettin plum shell silly. Remember Touche my brother Shelton's son, who would tried to cross the road. Touche wanted to see what lies beyond Turtle Creek and became a flat dead Turtle. We watched as vulture carried him off, it was not a pretty sight so all in all Touche's legend serves a purpose for these young ones, so I won't complain no more about them Shellphones. Them Shellphones and all them games they play on them will keep them from getting flattened on the road! It may rotten their brains, but hey, we're just slow moving fun loving challengingly slow and we can watch the Hare channel on cable. I just love to watch them fast moving Hares being chased down by all the animals that are faster than they are! It don't matter though, them damn Hares multiply so fast you could never get rid of them. So we'll be happy being the slow one"s of the animal kingdom, every night as I look at my young-ins I'm proud as can be that there still at home in Turtle Creek"!

This silly little story was inspired by a picture I saw a day or two ago, hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! Just goes to prove a picture IS worth a thousand words!      THANKS FOR STOPPING BY, YOU'ALL COME BACK NOW YA'HEAR!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Exorcising My Mind!

Yesterday's post was as fun as it gets! Imagination running full boiler pressure, silliness a-flowing and hit publish! I seriously love being silly, but I seriously love writing serious stories! What's an old man to do? Why can't I do both? Is there any reason why not?

My exercise in nightly madness while practicing my typing before I check out. Whoop-sey I don't mean as in the big check out, as in you know, the last check out EVER!!! I really, REAlly, REALLY, needed to practice!!! (I just looove them cute little exclaimation points.) Coordination approaching old age sure as hell ain't what it used to be! Eyes, hands, and brain working together is amazingly wonderful, when it happens, if, and when it happens!

Frustration runneth over in the beginning. It's like that o'l Devil was workin overtime on me. I was too stubborn to stop, so I kept at it. I suppose that's how my silliness got out of control. I made the decision to practice, PRACtice, PRACTICE. After all that made perfect sense to me. I must learn to type so I can get all this STUFF, outta my head.

Anyhow, I let whatever was in my mind come out, "exorcising my mind". (Yep, I meant to say exorcising, not exercising.) I found it delightfully. In a weird way! Sometimes I may of gone over the edge, damn after a hard day's work and taking nightly silly pills, I just let-er-rip, no harm, no foul I reckon, the joke be on me as I tell my thoughts good or bad. Hells fire if you can't make fun of yourself, then don't make fun of others, is my thinkin!

I have many short stories to write. Seems the only time I can concentrate on them is weekends. I find my mind too hard to control after a day at Cuckooville R Us. Yikes, it's all over the place as I'm sure you have noticed. If you question my sanity, and I'm SURE you have!!! Stop for a moment to think about what lies ahead in my mind. (SCARY AIN'T IT!) Now ponder WHAT it would be like to me ME! If that ain't a scary movie for Halloween, I don't know what is! Please don't dwell on that point, I don't want you having nightmares!

My goal is to write more stories. I'm not going to give up my silliness because I'm BOTH!


Funny story to throw in. There was a belt on the bulletin board at work, think about that for a few seconds.................... Have you ever seen such a thing on a bulletin board? No note needed, lost belt, don't you believe someone would KNOW if they lost a belt! It was a black leather belt with many silver  decorative studs on it. Huuum! My first thought is, did someone take it off to spankee someone!(hahaha)

"Okay, okay, okay, you fricking moron". I know that voice anywhere, that's Joe Pesky voicing his opinion. "If the crazy ass took his belt off you simply look for the nincapoop pulling his pants up all the time". Thanks Joe for that very informative response, I think!

My answer to Joe is, every male today seems to be having trouble keeping his pants up! Some wear them so low they show their underwear, either that or their proud of their underwear!

I'll keep you posted on the lost belt. GOODNIGHT FROM Glen View.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Forklift Man

Once upon a time, there was this factory hidden in the Challenging Forest. The name of this company was Nuts & Money. In spite of all, the handicaps, this company makes money. The more challenged the merrier the logo reads, and they're certainly right! I know someone who knows someone who works there and we meet regularly for drinks before the Saturday night comic club extravaganza at the local Holiday Inn. My friend tells of the recent happenings in the Challenged Forest. This conversation is a warm up act for the real comedians and always puts me in a funny mood. We drink beer and hear real life adventures from Ray Earl Truth. He assures me Nuts & Money is real! Ray Earl says this every week and I  laugh every week, at the same words. Employees with names like I Know Man, Grandpa, Hoodman, Grinchster, Talks Toomuch, Always Late, Old Man, and tonight's winner to talk about The Fofk Lift Man.

Elmer VanSit is his name, he came to Nuts & Honey from the Ain't Too Bright Academy for the Lazily Impaired. Elmer was voted the most impaired in his class. He won the Can't Do Nothing award for the laziest in his graduating class. There was only one thing he was good at. If it was sitting he could do it. During the hiring interview he impressed the company trained interviewer with his abilities. He said, "I have been sitting all my life and have created an art out of it". He showed the highly impressed interviewer his Can't Do Nothing Award. The company interviewer gave Elmer VanSit the official job of Forklift Man. It was a match made in the seat. The Forklift and Elmer were lover's at first seat. During Elmer's shift you never have to search for him, even during breaks he sits in the seat. If there be a few minutes of nothing going on, others would be emptying trash sweeping or such silly nonsensical stuff, Elmer would be sitting in the seat of his love. Parting is such sweet sorrow. (That be a oxymoron saying for my Buddy Timster.) Sorrow my ass, Elmers ass was stuck to the vinyl seat! His ass sweated soo much from sitting still soo long, his !@#$ing pants would not leave his love! So after that it's mandatory for him to get his ass out of the seat every two hours. They had to call 911 and bring their ass removing tool to pry his ass off the sweaty ass seat. The paramedics all agreed that was the worst case of the lazy ass, sweaty seats, they'd ever witnessed!!! Since then he has been promoted! With his unique ability to sit for long periods of time, he drives the company truck, making the long ass trips, noobody's ass can sit like Elmer VanSit. Elmer is the person everybody looks down to, because he's always sitting. There was once a man working at Nuts & Money called Kenny Dolittle, no match for Elmer though. There was one other employee Heza Assisamine, nope, no competition for Elmer. Elmer VanSit is the Poster Person for the Ain't To Bright Academy, there he is sitting in all the asinine glory for the new potential students to shoot for.

Elmer is the prime example of what can be accomplished if you put your ass into it! Where others have to work their asses off to keep a job, Elmer VanSit has made a living out of sitting!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rainy Day Thoughts!

I am completely relaxed, no need for meditating, any more calm and I'll fall asleep. I haven't anything on my mind, this is what I like the best, just start and see where I go! Possibly I have had too much fun at my nightly, before I go to bed posting. I thought it would be a good way to practice my typing and work on my writing. I seem to be enjoying it, too much I have not worked on my stories. Corner Lot was from a dream I had, but completely changed directions and I fell in love with the character Dorothy and allowed me to explore other mysterious story content. Bill Lee Hill is a character I created originally from making fun of my ancestors and also fell in love with him, as I wrote more about him. Limestone, Brick and Mortar explains my love of old buildings. This was where I attended middle school. Occa Onally was a story, simply from the word occasionally. Lost Road was from a dream and morphed into a very fun story to write. I have ideas for numerous others. Inner Voices and Elijah is very special to me. It popped out from nowhere, it just flowed. It's these times that fulfill me in ways that I can't explain. Even when I'm being plum silly, it's me. The releasing of whatever is in my mind is a high unlike anything I've ever known. I'm too old to learn the proper way to write, who cares! I gotta be me, I gotta be me! Trying to be someone or something I'm not, makes no sense. I threw that out the door! Like me, love me, hate me, I'm going to be me!!! I absolutely love playing with words the way I hear them in my mind. I toy with misspellin them correctly because that' how I hear them, when I'm typin them. I tried typing them propa, but in this case I like typin, (better than typing.) So if I want to leave off the g, you still know what I'm sayin. In today's world of textin, it makes some sense, at least, to me! I also love to be a-writin and insert my thoughts within the sentence with (  ) to give the exact thought I be a thinkin. A thought within a thought, even though I'm tellin a story or whatever, I like to make it more personal. To those who ACTUALLY took writing classes, I'm sure there is a name for that, but I don't give a shit or want to know. As long as you get my point and understand who gives a rat's ass if it be perfect. I suppose what I be attempting to say is! I love writing something to take some pressure off my mind before I go to sleep and I also like writing stories! Hummm, what do I do? I reckon I'll continue pretty much the way I have been except, try to write more stories.

I originally planned to talk, er, excuse me write about common sense. Common sense seems to be a dying art form gone, the way of face to face communication! Or is it JUST me? I sure as hell don't see it as prevalent as I once did. There is probably many reasons for it! Years ago chores, working on farms and responsibilities, (taught RESPONSIBILTIES), along with manners and many other valuable tools of life. I'm not convinced the world today is actually teaching common sense characteristics! It's a whole different world out there, better or worse is yet to be decided! I don't like to preach doom and gloom, but I can't help to question this!  Goodnight, ya'all come back now ya here!!!!  

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brown Blanket & Gallinippers!

I come home from work exactly one week ago and there was a brown blanket on my back porch! It wasn't there when when I to work. The falling of leaves can happen that quickly, amazing, isn't it! My green grass is now all shades of brown. Low and behold, my leaves decided to fall, all within 24 hours on the tree closest to my back door. The first sighting of leaves on the ground is breathtaking, fall is in the air, and then, the excitement is gone, you come to your senses, I hate to rake leaves! A flashback of a kid making money raking the brown feathers of the Tree Goose. They're so light, you force and force placing your leg inside the plastic bag pushing as many in as possible. You can get a mountain of leaves in a few bags, yet they weigh so little, like a bag of feathers, Goose feathers. You take two bags and have a fight with your friend or sibling, then it's fun. If you have to rake and rake and rake it becomes boring labor intensified WORK, yuck! Then you get the reward $, allright, straight to the neighborhood Grocery Store for a candy bar and a bottle of working boy's reward, Coca-Cola to replenish the energy lost and the candy bar because it's soo good! You're a boy once again that workin, is too much like work, how does Mom and Pop do that, thinkin to yourself. (When I grow up I want to be rich, so I won't have to work, it sure ain't fun, as you stare at the callouses on your hands.) You jump onto your Schwinn bicycle and ride, ride, ride,  working off the caffeine/sugar buzz. Hi-oh Silver! Your back to a kid once more as you ride your trusty stallion, just like The Lone Ranger.

 I remember years past leaves accumulating was a rather slow process. If there was rain and a strong wind, then they would come down in a hurry like a heavy snow. I suppose each year is different and follows Mother Nature's advice, I reckon! I have learned a easy way to get rid of them tree goose feathers. I mulch them suckers with my cub cadet, pulverize them to smithereens, fertilizer for next year, yep!

The same night as I walk across the grass from the parking lot at work, my eyes behold an unusual sight, Gallinippers. (I hear ya thinkin WHAT?)  Every fall these mosquito like, in appearance are every where. While I was walking through the grass, I was kicking them up and rather eery reminiscent of mosquitoes only 10 times larger. Their proper name is Crane flies, other names used for them are, mosquito hawks, mosquito eaters and jimmy spinners.

The same night as the leaves falling and the walk through the sea of Crane flies, I'm at my computer. Normally I type with only the light from my monitor, I find it more ????? relaxing, intimate, personal, hell I don't know why! Anyhow, one of them big ass mothers landed on my computer screen. I had an amazing look at one of them up close and personal. The screen magnified the head and I was mystified as I watched the head moving, believe me when I say this was probably a once in a life time coincidence, I was in awe, it was quite amazing!!! 

You're probably thinkin, I live a borin life! Well that there's one way of lookin at it! I love noticin or takin the time to APPRECIATE little thangs. Darn I neva getta tired of tellin or enjoyin the small once overlooked itty-bitty wonderment of livin my life. I love to toy with ya with misspellin wurds, givin my opinions, inner thoughts with the (brackets), my OWN sense of huma. Ya see, I don't wish to be like everybody else, I'm what I write, what you read. I am what I am! I am my imagination flyin free being and goin wherever it wishes to be!!! No cares no worry FREE, you SEE!!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Games People Play!

From out of the blue the song, The Games People Play, enters my mind, while I'm at peace, enjoying some quiet moments. Some of the lyrics I remember are, "never saying what they mean now, never meaning what they say". Beautifully complicated, they do seem to me!  People, possibly don't mean what they say, because they don't wish to be un-kind, as in hurting people's feelings, most likely, a white lie of sorts, it makes sense to be kind, doesn't it! Everyone tells white lies, don't they?

Life is more than a game, it's extremely complicated wouldn't you say! Playing chess is a game, jeopardy is a game. Beating another at chess, makes you smarter, in jeopardy you can win money, both rewarding. The living of life is one continual game isn't it! It can be a battle, that you always lose. It can be a delight, if you're up to the challenge. For most of us, it's a fluctuating combination. At this time in my life, I don't want battles, takes too much out of me, shortens my life! I wish to savor every moment and play down the bad, as in not letting Jimmy Joe's asinine attitude ruin my day! I've not known patience in my life until this year. Life altering events have a most unusual way of changing one!!! Couple that with age and what I'll call "learned wisdom". Learned wisdom be what you must go through to see into the picture, the painting. If you quickly glance and can't see the beauty it holds then you need to slow down and learn to appreciate the ever changing breathtaking beauty that each day brings. No two sunsets are alike, if you don't understand that, you'll never see true beauty.   

I had a friend who viewed life as a game, compared to my seriousness. (I think upon it more as responsibility.) I reflect back upon his childhood compared to mine, I see why he looked at life that way. Brad being an only child was spoiled growing up, therefore; he never grew up, it's plain and simple to me. He was an extremely like able chap, but that alone is not enough, is it?

I grew up in a large poor family, we share, we love as a family. (When the timing is right I'll write stories about a young me.) A far cry from Little House on the Prairie closeness or the Walton's. Problems from one parent lingers in all of us to this day. Mom was the rock of Gibraltar representing the saving grace needed, thankfully! My childhood represents me today, plus the games of life I've learned or choose to play! I hope I'm making sense here as I try to work through the thoughts coming to me as I write. Words, songs pictures pop into my consciousness and I've found the only way to get them out is to talk or write about them.   

Games are destroying us at every level, why and how did the challenging, mischievous, lying for our good ever get started in the first place. Certainly we're not born that way. It's learned behaviour from witnessing adults. A child's heart knows right and wrong. I believe it starts out imitating what we witness and while some use the games, the lying, others feel it's not right in their heart. Some grow up to be Politicians, some grow up to be the pillars of the community, bright shining examples for our children.

The dad-burn games are part of life. I hate these type of games. I can't listen to a Politician as they lie to the American People. They ought to be strapped to a lie detector for every question asked by us, the REAL people. How does a Politician get to the top in their profession? (I can't understand what would make someone chose Politics.) I think of it this way, the upper crust of the Political Arena are simply front men for their Parties, like the best salesmen, fast talking, smooth!!! Con men, Hucksteers! The Powers That Be are running this here world, always have!!! Who be TPTB, follow the money baby! It sure as hell ain't you and me and the average good citizen of this here world!!! How did it get this way? It's always been this way!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

NIGHT MOVES, Brain Lost!!!

I'mma gonna be totally honest with ya'all. Ausssie Blue & I just returned from a relaxing ride out searching for Bigfoot, (You now the hairy creature of the night, that some believe exist.) Any how, I'm bedtime sleepy from our delightful ride and snacking at Taco Hell, (oops sorry!) The point IS, I be-a-makin to ya, is, I'm gonna take my meds and typa-as-longa-as-my-wittle brain can. When I can't typa nooo more, I will hit publish and hopefully make it to my bed! I hope! It might be a mite cold on the carpet, ha, that be funny like a passed out drunk! This be a good tiredness, so I'm WARNING ya, I have NO idea where this is going. I'm going to let the errors go and EVERYTHANG, getcha another cup-O-coffee and strap yourself in!!!

Oh my God! What am I about to do, this will either be the best-us, most-us, fun-us, EVER, or the craziest thang! I ever did! My mon-ey is on the latter! Well, one thang you already ur, aware of, I'm plum ass silly! Whatever come-a into my mind I'll say. (Interesting note, come-a, sound-a, a lot-ta like COMA. Huuum! Maybe I stay in a partial self-induced coma to keep from spontaneously combusting, or to keep from going plum XXXXING nuts. Yep sounds logical to me!!!)

After taco's I visited the Super Store where nothing is made in America, (Kinda funny, kinda sad!) and all employees appear to be aliens, (From another planet.) not Mexico! I personally, well unfortunately, know one young man who works there, and he is UNLIKE "anybody" I have seen in 60 years. How would I describe this character? Ummm, most interesting thought! Let's take a Leprechaun that's almost six foot tall and weighs 250 pounds, who talks funny and all the time, but on the other hand he reminds me of that character Fat Bastard in the movie with Mike Myers as .......... damn, damn, damn, I can't remember the name of that @#$%^&*&^%$#@ movie, that just flat !@#$%^&*&^%$# pisses me off!!!!! I have completely lost whatever I was saying, before the !@#$%^&**&^%$ tirade! I believe he is from the planet Lepermania in the, Challengmanic galaxy near the Moronic what-cha-ma-call-it thing-a-ma-boob!  OH! OH! OH! The name of that Movie was Austin Powers, baby!!!

Man oh man! Oh man! They got Halloweenie stuff and Christmas stuff out at the same time, doesn't seem right somehow. (WARNING MEDS KICK-IN IN BIGG TIME, I FEEL ABOUT A 4 BEER BUZZ, WOOZY, I'D RECKON!)

So me and Aussie Blue ride around searching for the critters that move in the night. An extremely goood night. Many deer, one slow moving old fox, reminding me of ME and my old dog. Beautiful night, clear and 55 degrees. I wore my hooded sweatshirt so Aussie Blue could enjoy her head stuck out the window. Sometimes I think that's the only thing keeping her going, riding, love and taco's. She turns her nose up at dog food. I give her what I eat, you can't be around her when I eat ham & beans! (haha) Eye sight going, mind gone! THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Peanut Butter/Jelly Sandwich! Yep, You Read Right!

Here I go again. My day is done and I'm at the keyboard. The day has been reduced to memories. Before shutting the book of my life on this individual page of what I hope is plenty more to come, I'd like to add my last bit of thoughts. My way of relaxing, body, mind and soul. Lessons are learned every moment, every, hour of the day. Unless we replay them through our heart their gone. Why? Let's think upon this for 60 seconds, uninterrupted.

We have been blessed! How! The fact that you're reading this! The fact that I'm talking to you and given the privilege to type my thoughts as the last thing on my mind is simplistic beauty. You're taking a moment of a quite possibly hectic day to read my last thoughts, craziness, jokes, ramblings, whatever you wish to call it, teaches me humility. How so? I search for simplicity of mind, heart and soul. Whether it be in saying the EXACT thoughts, no matter! I truly have been humbled beyond words that my wish to say what's on my mind uncensored.

Uncensored by meaning, in our everyday world we DON'T speak our mind, or truly listen do WE? WE, and I make myself , # ONE have had our basic simple child like love destroyed through living. How sad! My quest is to release the child locked away from everyday burdens. What you're reading is doing just that, at the ripe old age of 60. Yep the big 6-0.  For the first time since the innocence of childhood I'm not afraid to be ME! Is it growing up, old age, I don't give a shit! I'm being ME! If only for an hour a day, it feels GREAT! "Find your passion and make it happen". Simple enough right! We give up too easy, because just living, just existing is too hard!!! Amen brothers and sisters!

Working my life in production facilities, WE are always rushed. Hurry, hurry, hurry, scurrying, scurrying, scurrying, like rats in a sewer. That's how we start looking at everything in OUR life.

I'm here to tell you you can find simple pleasures EVERY WHERE if you start searching! Seems totally idiotic right! You mean to tell me you can't see or feel simple pleasures! I don't buy that! You need to bring back the child within! It ain't easy, nothing worth having comes easy. Damn! Instead of spending your lunch time, scurrying around in a crowded restaurant. Take a peanut butter/jelly sandwich, go to the park, watch the squirrels play, roll down them windows, listen to mother nature, slow the world down.

We can't control the world, but we can find reprieve for a little while in our day. The world and WE move way too fast. We think we must be hurrying, in constant non-stop communication with our cellphones, why? Take a leisurely stroll without that Devil's Spawn! If  you can't do without the self-inflicted habit for one hour, there ain't no hope for ya!!!       

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bobble Headed Toys & People Too

Every one knows what a bobble head is right! The silly little heads on a spring that bobbles up and down. I personally think these small outlandishly funny spring headed toys are the neatest advertising gimmick ever! It's the continual rocking and popping up, down, sideways, you can't stop looking, hopefully you're not driving.

My first memory with a bobble head toy is watching the head weave and bob as I rode in the backseat of my parents car. I couldn't of been more than six years old. I put it in the back window and watched it, absolutely delighted. For the life of me I can't remember what face was on my first one. Oh well it doesn't matter, it was the movement as the car went around corners, hitting bumps, and the jarring motion. How can something so simple and funny have stayed with me all these years? It was fun that's why!

These types of items were given away as promotional gifts way back when, most probably at what we once called service stations. I'll give a quick history lesson as a reminder to you old ones and something never experienced in the fast paced pump your own convenience stores from hell of today for you young'ins. On the most prominent corners in cities, you might have two to three service stations competing, for YOU, the once loved and sought after CUSTOMER! You'd pull your 58 Chevy Impala into the drive, where a buzzer would sound alerting the station attendant or attendants, CUSTOMER. Before the key was turned off, there would be a "helpful smiling" human, asking "fill-er up, mam or sir". While filling up your automobile they'd clean your windshield and check your oil, free of charge, yep! I have not taken my meds yet, so I ain't hallucinating, meditaing, or medicated, na, na, na, na, na, na!!!

 (Slight regression to childhood please strike that from the crazy old man's rambling, readers will remove that from their memories.)

 These servive stations offered tires, tune-ups, basic automotive repair and they had these stations everywhere. There was numerous names long gone, like Sinclair, who's logo was a dinosaur, Phillips 66, an on and on. No big gulps, hot dogs or any of that stuff, these were service stations, and they were in competition for your automotive fuel and needs, yes-sir, them were the days of real service!!!

Now we have "CONVENIENCE" stores! There sure as hell ain't nothing convenient about them! Well maybe if you pay at the pump with your credit or debit card, then you can zip out. Lord have mercy, if you pay cash, you may be in for a long afternoon. If you want  $20 on pump 32 you may have to wait--- and wait--- for people carrying 64 ounces of super chug soft drinks, or people buying Lotto tickets, or hot dogs, on them germ infested turning all the time, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, PROBABLY never cleaned super sausage kill-ya grills! Yikes, yuck, yum, yum!!! CONVENIENCE stores my ass! You ever made the mistake of buying fuel with CASH and going inside on Friday evening around five o'clock? Won't do it again will ya? First off, there be 32 @#$%ing pumps and you can't get to one of them! These crazy ass people are all inside! Does everybody in my neighborhood need fuel at the same time I do or what?!?!?



We should have them bobble headed toys on our desks and everywhere in our working environment. Feeling tense, go pop a bobble head of Rocky Balboa as Apollo Creed plays whoop ass on him! Watch Rocky's head bobble up, down, sideways, just like in the movie. Better still put a picture of someone who gives you the hee-bee-gee-bees. It would be a frustration reliever and watching that critter move up, down, sideways, you would have to smile at least an inner chuckle, or baby you ain't human, you're a robot!   

ANY-HOW--- back to my "original" thought, of two days ago! (haha) Have you ever known people with a head, as hard as Rocky? AMEN! On that! We all have! Am I right!! I know one of these bobble headed ones! I'mma talkin about the ones who say, "I know! I know! My most recent adventure with one of these I call bobble headed ones was just the other day. I just learned something from "the horses mouth", a decision made on something that happened just that "very day". This bobble head says, after I tell him this news, "I know! I know! I know! I know! I knew it last week"! Shaking his bobble headed moronic, lame brained, spring headed, head! This is not the first time I have tried to tell him something that I know, he doesn't know! (Are you following me on this?) I ABSOLUTELY GO BANANAS WHEN SOME ONE DOES ME THIS WAY, AND I KNOW THEY DON'T!!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!!!  Thanks for visiting the partial workings of my mind!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oxymoron "WHAT"?

If there's something amiss, in your neighbahood, who you gonna call, "ghostbusters". Sorry a senior moment, hope you don't mind! I had to work over 4 hours, but for some reason I'm okay with that! Ah oh "warning"!!!

 "Gramps has overdosed on the aleve, to aleve his pain and it plum fried his brain, or he has been taking too many of them silver vitamins for seniors again", says Suzie Smartassy.

"Okay, okay, okay, but when the silver haired old fart comes down off them aleve and caffeine, he won't be worth a shit! I thought them dumb nincapoops know better than asking Grandpa to work over, he won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow. You know the old grey jackass ain't what he used to be. Once upon a time it wouldn't be nothing, when he was a young jackass", says Joe Pesky.

Thanks Joe and Suzie I think! I'm too tired to think about what you said! I can feel myself coming down slowly from the adrenalin, aleve and caffeine. My m-e-d-s  a-r-e  k-i-c-k-i-n-g  i-n!

Oxymoron is on my mind ever since my buddy Timster wrote that ??? crazy ass word and I can't get the SOB out of my mind!!!! I keep seeing a gigantic blue ox, you know from the story Paul Bunyon. Damn sure as hell ain't thought about that in like, forever, thanks Timster how dare you! (hahaha) I'll have a nightmare for sure about a 40 foot blue ox, like I don't have enough craziness in my dreams already, nooo, he had to plant other stupid silliness! So oxy would be like oxygen right! I better look it up and see for sure. Oxy, containing oxygen, ah oh, why ain't nothing be easy? But wait! There's mooore! Containing the hydroxl radical, okey, dokey, enough of that crap!

Let's try moron, sounds more fitting to me! This here word has a star beside it in my old dictionary, (I'm old fashion I still like doing things the OLD way.) this is gonna be real good I have a feeling. Definition # 1 moron is a retarded person mentally equal to a child, between eight and twelve years old: an obsolescent term: see MENTAL RETARDATION. What the hell? # 2 says a very foolish or stupid person. Wowza, I know a lot of these!

Oxymoron damn it's actually a word, acutely silly: see oxy & moron, I don't think soo, been there done that! Stupid ass dictionary!!! A figure of speech in which opposite or contradictory ideas or terms are combined (example: thunderous silence, sweet sorrow)  

I'm tired I know, but this is getting deep. I find it, not the least bit, cutely silly. I find it assinine stupid! (Seems I got one to many s's in asinine, but who gives a rat's ass, I'm plum past dream time and I think I'm having a nightmare.) Am I teetering on the precipice of oxymoron Timster?

There ain't no @#$%ing way you can have thunderous silence, is there? Thinkin.................. If you're deaf, you could feel thunder possibly! If you felt it, but cannot hear it, I suppose there could be thunderous silence.

Let's think upon this sweet sorrow a moment..................... still thinkin................. I'm plum thought out, I may have to get Timster to clarify this oxymoron thing. 

Sweet sorrow, oh, oh, oh, what if you have a rich Auntie who left you a gazillion dollars. That sure as hell seems like sweet sorrow!

I may possibly have something here, BUT this is an inside joke, that only a couple of fellow co-workers might get oh hell! Why not! There was thunderous silence at work today, due to the passing of  a moron, and his loss is sweet silence!   GOODNIGHT MY FRIENDS, SWEET DREAMS.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Before My Last Sunset

News of the day the old fashion way, I have been wanting to give a go at reading the newspaper and give my thoughts, my opinions and hopefully find things to joke about. Away I go! Damn that was short. What was I expecting? It be the same o shit. Why did I think I would find anything different today, I have no idea. It seemed to make sense at the time. I reckon I'll just let my mind wander for a few minutes and see what the little white ball pops up.

First thing, lighting is not right, I'll have to fix that. Ah, much better, just the light of the computer screen, drawing me like a moth to the flame. Saying, "come hither you old fart, what kind of meandering nonsense are you going to slap me upside the monitor with tonight"? Perhaps a story, make some fun of  Politicians, nah, boring, I feel like something fun, exhilarating! Damn, damn, damn, I may have to resort to meditating and if that don't work, I'll have to medicate.

It's been a little over a year, since I undertook this escapade in madness. Still seems strange, but in a good strange, almost out of body way! Believe me when I tell you, I have worked hard in learning to type. It sure as hell ain't easy, when ye be on the verge of Alzheimer years. Sad, but a mite funny I know! I struggle in the beginning, asking myself, "old man what are you thinkin"? For those of you that have typed all your life, there is probably no way to understand, that such a seemingly simple thing, could be so challenging, confusing, irritating. Honestly, I gave up countless times! English, was my worst class in school. I never understood all the rules, all the propa, properness of every @#$%ing thang, that goes into being propa!!! My good friend Timster, over at how dare I, somehow knew, I wanted to do it. He told me "you ought to start a blog". Yeah right! An old illiterate nincapoop who knows nothing about computers, doesn't know how to type, knows nothing about writing! Who in there right mind would even think of such an unlikely moronic thing to do??? There be the answer! BABY I AIN'T NEVER BEEN IN MY RIGHT MIND!  So here I am still strugglin, still tryin, still a-peckin at them damn keys on that devil's board! Lord have mercy, it be a hard row to hoe, (A little country humor.) I have the feelin, that I be a-learnin until my last peck at the keyboard. I have nuthin, earth shattering to tell, no educated words of wisdom to spread. I be a simple, plain o'l boy from the humblest of poor hardworking folk! Once, I was ashame of where I came from. That was my mistake, but when you're young, you don't know, NO better! Ain't it a cryin shame, you must learn from your mistakes, however; it be them mistakes that make you grow! I have been through my share of sorrow and grief and will see more before my last sunset... I sure as hell would change, and fix many things, but not for me! I would take away the pains of life my family has seen... It simply, not be fair sometimes... I am at peace, and am ME, because of the good and the bad. I've struggled a lifetime... I ask for more, to continue a-peckin away... I never want to be perfect at, nuthin... I just wish to be ME... If I touch someone's heart in any way... I be forever grateful and humbled... They say laughter is good for you and I do believe that... Laugh with me... Cry with me... Love, as I attempt to write heartfelt stories and humor, MY WAY!!! goodnight my friends, no matter where you be!!!    

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! (A mite different today, WARNING!!!

Imagination is a wonderful thing! Without mine I truly doubt, I'd be here tonight writing this post! Imagination is GOOD, RIGHT? --- YES, --- and NO! Imagination's a double edge sword! If you don't understand that, count your blessings! You've never tasted the slicing of a deep cut. For that I'm happy for you! Believe me!

Imagination running amuck, out of control is the darkness within all of us! Without controllable restraints, it's too heavy to bear. The highly trained Psycho Babblers of the modern era have labels for EVERYTHANG, don't they!!! I absolutely @#$%ing HATE that!

I have touched several times on TOUGH LOVE. I so see that missing everyday. I have had many conversations in recent years with people who have earned my respect, we talk about this. Sadly it's just not parents I'm talking about. It be leaders I come into contact with, in my every day environment.

Leadership, "good" leadership can't be taught in my humble opinion! There has to be a drive within true leaders who can and will accept the challenges that fall upon their shoulders. Leaders have a knack to make everyone around them to rise above their safe zone and work for the good of the whole! Sadly I see that missing, no matter where I turn! You see the ineptness in their eyes!

"How does imagination tie in", you ask? Without imagination how are you going to see the others? What makes them tick, how to help them, make them better, give them drive determination, etc. Damn ain't everybody wired the same, you got to rewire them and get the most as a team! Baby! I sure don't see that, from Washington, to where I work, to where I get my tires rotated and balenced! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! Where has the craftsmanship and the ability to work WITH individuals, RATHER than against! It be all about ME!!! 

I told a supervisor once, "this is the most reactive rather than proactive place I have ever seen"! They had no @#$%ing idea what I was talking about!

Ya'all reckon that's what's wrong with our Political Leadersip today? Nah! They just bought by the Lobbyist, lot, stock and barrel! Don't kid yourselves they don't give a shit about us, the REAL people!
Sad fact but true you know that, don't kid yourself!

Okay, okay, okay the next election won't change NOTHING, Dumocrats or Repukecans. There be people never seen, RULING this planet.

But why the fuck can't the simplest ass leaders at the lower leadership levels lead? I'll tell you why! ---
In the modern society of human evolution you simply take whomever has been there the longest and making the highest wages and make them leaders! So theoretically you can have Dickie Dipstick a manager or Barbie Brainless or Charlie Challenged...

Once upon a time work ethics, team work was everything.. What happened? I'm afraid I'm not qualified, meaning I don't have enough degrees with fancy pantsy letters behind my fucking name to qualify for that!

FUCK-IT!!! I've been round this mishandled, mismanaged planet long enough to SEE! Yes I have and I'm about to testify, I'm all fired up, yes I am!!! "We are a ME society! Made that way because we only care about ME, Myself and I! I'm an old hobbled man from working my ass off, yes I am! I've worked with, the good, the bad, and the ugly! Today we just mostly BAD! The leaders at the top a-listening to the ones below them as they cover their own asses! It be that way all the down to Jimmy James on the tail end of line! He be the low indian on the Totem pole a-tryin with all his might to do his job! BABY he getting TIRED! That shit run down hill and he be standing in all the crap trying to do his job! All that shit has run from the top down and we lowly hard working back breaking SOB's are fucking TIRED OF THE SHIT!!!----- BUT WE BE THE ONES THAT HAVE TO PAY! AND PAY AND PAY!

whow-wee good buddies seems someone had a burr under his saddle! you see i never, never know where i'm going to go. i just go with where my mind wants and say what be on my mind, good or bad or ugly it be me, goodnight one and all.      

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Run for the Border, The Observer and Leisure Time???

Me and my favorite girl, have come from makin a run for the border at 2 am. Yep, we do this every Sunday, absolutely noo-body out around 3 to 4 am. Taco Bell's open till 4 am. Um um um! We keep the windows down, because "tacos and fire sauce not good for windows to be UP". I put mild sauce on Punkster's soft taco supremes. Why? Damn you ever been on the back end of a 55 lb dog who has taco's? She will eat absolutely anythang I eat! Somehow that don't sound quite right after thinkin on it! She be old with no appetite. I believe what is keepin her goin is fun stuff we still do together! If I eat it she wants it!

I'm tryin to warm myself up, hoping for something serious to write. I haven't taken my meds to keep what SERIOUS brain cells I might have a-goin!

I have a character I call The Observer that I've created and want to write about. I've toyed rather loosely trying to launch him and am currently writing a story I'm considering calling,  The Lying, The Rich and The Train Station. Actually I've already written part of it, just waiting for the time to write some more. The Observer taps into Mother Nature wrath from his desire to correct the problems he witnesses on a daily basis. His observational skills in alliance with the power of Mother Nature to correct wrongs inflicted upon the common man. A modern day Vigilante of one with the power of Mother Nature, as she rights the wrongs!


Once, Sunday's were beautifully simple, in the Heartland! Away from the big cities are small towns. From a few residents, to a few thousand, all joined by the rail road. These tracks don't run outside the towns, they run through the heart of  the community. Watching these mighty beast of burden day in and day out, hearing the rumbling and the rickety sounds they make exclusively was magnificent! Now add the blaring of the horn and the big one eyed monster up close at night, it's plum spectacular to a young child. It's the greatest show on earth! The Greatest Show on my tiny slab of Earth, beyond a shadow of a doubt. I have yet to see a movie, know nothing of the newsreels describing the world. Don't have a television set, they're still in their infancy. Only the largest metropolitan's had them, a rich man's toy! The fright of the dinosaur gives way to life's pulse of the outside world. The big black one eyed horse carries everything, everywhere, across America. Have a picnic in the park on Sunday watch the black beauties go by, count the cars watch the caboose go by and disappear to places far, far away, places you have yet to hear about.

Sunday's are for church, picnics, visiting family a leisurely drive through farm country. Leisure is the key word here, please focus on that! Long before shopping centers and mega, mega marts, was main street. From a hardware store, train depot and of course always a bank, to actual developed communities with churches and a State highway, long before the cement super highways of hell!

There was not one bit of commercial business done anywhere in the whole county on Sunday! Lord have mercy!!! That be within my lifetime in the Midwest. No I'm not talking 1900 baby! I'm talking 1950's.
Extraordinary, incomprehensible, leisure; free and unoccupied spare time!!! Whoa! Scarier than the first sighting of the mighty iron horse at night, belching smoke, horn blaring and one eye that lights up the night forever it seems!    

Where has the leisure time gone? That's the trouble in the fast paced world of everything happening all the time. There is no leisure time! Can't imagine a child today enjoying a picnic in a park, giving one thought of a train going by. Learning to count watching the mighty horse and the amount of cars it pulls, their too busy with electronic gizmos to occupy their minds. Sheesh, adults ain't no better! The train represents another nuisance a hold up in their busy schedule that leads to nowhere!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

I. M. Confused, (My new name)

TGIF... I'm gonna think under my new nickname, Confused, has a really nice vibe to it. Let's lengthen it a mite, I. M. Confused, yow-za! I like it, I really like it, sounds soo, soo ME don't it? Goll-ly, pals of mine, Eureka! The discovery of what I have been placed upon this planet to do, OR to do to all of you who visit my neighbahood! Did I confuse you more than you already are!!! (I was going to say that in a more earthy feel, as in the f word.) I'm a thinkin, maybe, just maybe I should try cleaning up my act a wee bit, let's just see how it goes. No promises, because sometimes I get mad, REAL mad and that word just pops out uncontrollably.

I. M. Confused. I really like my new name, EXCEPT, I be confused about everythang, in this here world. Maybe I need to ease into my new name, let's look at what happened today in, my neighbahood. Good night's sleep, no confusion there. Startin off right's good, yee-haw, oopsey, didn't last long. I couldn't find my ?, dag-blasted car keys. Um-um-um, I be a gettin pissed off, then I get confused. I always place them ?, whoops darn things in one of two places, nope and nope, so where can they be? I go round in circles a thinkin. Man am I ever gettin CONFUSED, big time! I lookee at the clock, I'm goin to be late for work, I recheck the two places I already checked mumerous times before, nope, and nope. After checkin the same two places a hundred times them rascals be right there, where I put them last night just like I always do! How the ??, heck do you explain that? My Grandma would say "the devil had his hand on them"! That ??, crazy ass devil a playin with me huh? I hope the hell not!

I get to work, TGIF. I do my normal thang. (I be sorry, I just loove the way thaaanG sounds!) Well I sure as hell ain't confused but lands-a-mighty the look of confusion on my compadres! WOW!!! U-know if I was to write exactly some of the crazy ass thangs that goes on in Cuckoo Inc. You would probably think I have lost it. There ain't no ?? wonder we ain't got production jobs anymore. Them be some lazy ?? oops, people in Cockoo Inc. Sue and Klem work with me and they know what I be a sayin, but ya'all out there hopefully in the REALLY REAL world don't have to put up with what I do at Cuckoo Inc.

I. M. Confused and thinkin!!! HOW can I make just ONE point, to give you an idea of a what I'm a talkin about. Our business is good only due to the fact that, Cuckoo Inc. has picked up additional work, ONLY because, other smaller businesses like us are closing, due to a major lack of interest in this antiquated product. We have new business, only because we be in the right place at the right time! NOT because of our fantastic product! I don't want to bite the hand that feeds me. I actually like my job and have worked in an industrial environment my whole life. It's the CHALLENGED individuals in all capacities that don't know what the ??, heck work is all about that frost my balls. Warning! terribly close to the f word, I will allow it this time!

I been contemplating about how to write about my daily adventures at Cuckoo Inc. To witness the deteriation of the workforce that I have worked around for over 40 years be reduced to this, is so ??, sad and so ?? confusing I just feel like CRYING! Sad but true, AND SO FUCKING CHILDISH WITH INMATURE BEHAVIOUR FROM ONE LAME BRAINED NINCAPOOP OF AN EXCUSE FOR A PERSON. IT ACTUALLY MAKES ME HAPPY TO THINK THAT I'M NOT GOING TO BE AROUND TO SEE THE COMPLETE LOSS OF SIMPLE WORK ETHICS THAT ARE VANISHING, ALONG WITH WHAT I ONCE FOUND PROUD TO BE HUMAN!!! goodnight and (thanks Timster for helping clarify my point, by making your point on my last post) hahaha! I absolutely loved it!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Brain Filter, Huh!

In the course of the day many thoughts flash through my mind to write about. A smell, a word, an emotion, a laugh. The flash is gone as quickly as it strikes, other priorities more pressing, the thoughts are put on the back burner, so to speak. We move on, because life is that way, so much happening at the same time. We don't have time to relish in the seconds that seem so damn good at that time! There is no way we can recapture them, like right at this moment! It would be great to be able to do that one time at the end of the day. Take inventory of the laughs, smiles, grins, good thoughts even for a fraction of a second. On the flip side how about bad thoughts, hatred, jealousy and so on and so forth! What would we find our tally to be at the end of the day? I bet it would be totally surprising!

I have a very poor memory. I can recall the overall importance, but damn I wish I count remember the stats and lingo. It irritates me that I can't, never could! In taking tests during my school days, I struggle remembering the dates of something so trivial to me as, what year was Joan of Arc beheaded? What year was the Statue of Liberty delivered to the United States? Interesting to me at only that moment of time. Nothing I plan on ever neeeding to know, ever again, u-know!  

Anyhow, recently on the radio, I heard some extremely interesting statistics, stating the amount of decision making thoughts our mind makes in one day, I remember thinking wow!!! This person also said, a particular part of the brain weeds out immediatly what needs to be retained and tosses out the rest, also the amount, out of thousands, this particular part of the brain saves. I was in awe of that fact, vowing to remember, not the statistics, but the name of the part of the brain that does that! Well, needless to say, I forgot, but the amazement of that statistical moment + the fact that our on board computer/brain can do that intrigued me!

Why are people wired so differently? I have always been a student of observation. Probably more so than average, from hearing lost and just plain old curiosity that has never deminished to this day. Years spent around machinery and as a supervisor only heightened my curiosity and observation. I find it to be a + and a - in my lifetime.

In my miniscule daily existence, I choose to laugh and make fun of the difference in people I come across everyday! I think it would be interesting to get inside so and so's brain to see how they are wired. Then I glance at so and so and think, ain't no way I want inside that brain!!! What if I can't come back to my mind? Terror causes me to shake uncontrollably!

Naturally we come prewired from our parents and imprinted from day one by them. That be good or bad, depending right! But never in the history of mankind have we been bombarded by so much from everywhere, non XXXXing stop. That part of the brain I'll call it a FILTER seems to be working better on some than others! (hahaha)


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Neighbahood once more

I have absolutely nothing to write, my o'l brain has gone away. I knew this day would someday come. I need something to revive a tired soul. I had a better than NORMAL day at work which is most unusual. I feel relaxed like I have been meditating, huum, something's amiss in Glen View! Should I call 911, what do I say, "me mind is blank, please send help"!

Operator responds, "we been expecting this call for quite some time".

Please explain I ask? "Our Intelligence Officers have been on standby, suspicious activity on your site, irrational behaviour, unintelligible mumbo jumbo, 16 hits from Italy the other day. Until that day you have not one single hit from Italy, NADA! People leaving comments to the ramblings of a Mad Man. Mighty strange, you have been single out as one who has fell off his rocker, gone over the edge! The top Intelligence Officers have no place to put you in there long list of mentally unbalenced. You are making them CUCKOO! They have studied your goofiness looking for secret messages hidden among the madness. Two assistants have been dismissed from studying your foolish meandering. They flew the coop and currently reside at the State Hospital for Brain Blown Nincapoops! The Big Minds left this decision up to me a 200 pound middle aged woman trying to make a livin on the wage of a Dispatcher, who has been doing this type work for 20 years. My advise to you Mr. Glen View is don't be callin here no more, I know who you are and where you live, I'll come over there after work and slap the snot right out of you! You be the craziest @#$%&*^%$#@#$%^^&* I have ever read! You make no sense at all, you remind this old girl of my ex husband, God rest his soul! Oops I can't believe I said that! Any how don't you call me here no more, but here is my home phone number"!!!

Shocked back to reality once again from the real people, the front line workers who WORK for a livin instead of them? What was it, that nice Dispatcher said "@#%^&*&^%$#@#$%" or something like that! Any body be trying to figure me out be in a heap of trouble. I be a simple man from the humbliest of folk, who grew up during the depression and ain't never had anything given to them. They be hard working proud. Nuthin ever came easy for them and they are what THIS WORLD WAS ONCE ALL ABOUT. WE MY FRIENDS HAVE BEEN LED DOWN THE WRONG PATH BY @#$%^&**&^%$#@ OF THE EARTH AND I JUST WANT TO HAVE A LITTLE FUN MY WAY UNTIL THEY COME AND TAKE ME AWAY HA! HA!

To PerfectMindStorm please keep up the posting. Sad but true about society and Dirty Man! Definitely liked The Gift! For some reason I haven't been able to leave a comment on your site. I'm so new to computers I'll eventually figure it out. Simpleton!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Since I'm well over half a century old, "oh my gosh", NOBODY, listens to old people! I'll say what I think!

Suzie Smartassy, rudely interjects, "it's your blog you old looney bird"!

Yesterday's post Neigbahood was strange even for me, hells fire, I'm gonna visit where no man's gone before! Yesterday I was upset with many things, but I damn tootin, (I like leavin off the g's sometimes, hope you don't mind!) wasn't going to write about them! I didn't want to go to Dreamtown a-frettin! The first paragraph be plum silly, that be my mind, over-riding the bad, you see. My quest is to laugh at myself and let you ride along. If you got the guts, the stamina, to go with me to new record depths of silliness.

 My favorite newspaper cartoon is Garfield. I'm not sure why, but I got hooked on it. Well possibly I see myself in him! I absolutely HATE Mondays, always have. I'm fat, looove to eat. Garfield helps me get through the day, I get a smile and a bit of familiarity. He says what he wishes, makes fun of everybody, but down deep he is a good o'l boy. Besides, he has big eyes and is cute, and I'm an animal lover. I rasised a kitten his mother abandoned, because nature weeds out the weak. In his case his head was too large, and he would be abnormal. (like me, haha) He was my Bud, I bottle fed him. I named him Radar and we had loads of fun for 8 years. That be another story I'll write in great detail someday.

If you can't laugh at yourself, then yee be in BIG trouble. EXAMPLE! I'm hard of hearing, never have I passed a hearing test in my life, I have a 35% loss. I hear things differently than a normal person. I absolutely love, and make fun of what I think, I hear, verses what in actuality is being said. I used to feel cursed, and extremely down on myself because of the hearing loss. In my old age I simply choose to make fun of it. I believe I bring that forth to a certain extent and wish to explore that in more detail in posts to come. Example I always set up front in school and heard the Teacher until they turned their head to write on the blackboard, then I was completely lost. As long as someone looks at me during our conversation I'll get the most of the conversation. They turn their head I'm sunk! I view it as just another one of life's challenges, learn to live, accept and move on! Damn if I didn't get side tracked ONCE AGAIN!

Damn where was I? I tire of the news ALWAYS baaad! Why is it Death, Destruction makes headlines? If you read, listen, whether it be radio, t v, internet, newspaper, it's never good. I listen, I read, once upon a time I took the BAD of the day to bed with me. I lay my head upon my soft pillow a-oohing and a-aahing, ready for a good night's rest, close my wittle eyes, (ha ha) all them bad thoughts and vibes from the day start going off like fireworks in me wittle head. Well is there any wonder I can't sleep? No matter how much pondering I do my wittle brain is no match for the problems, I encounter, read about, watch on t v, or that happens in my measely day to day existence. I must possess (Many a-person have told me, I was possessed.) the fortitude, very interesting word I've never used before to my recollection! I must built a fort around myself to continue life as ME! I must find the courage, the strength, the wisdom, to take the cards life has dealt me and quite simply allow myself to be me, FREE!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mr. Glen's Neighbahoodd!!!

Man oh man, I feel good! Don't know why! I'mma tired of the bad, ainna-gonna-ruina by day! Just say the magic wurds. Ah, oh! Somethun's amiss in the neighbahoodd, what could it be, ain't noobody messin with me! The magic wurds, I'll givim to you, relax, chill, whatever! If-fun, ya allow the problemos to get to you, then the Devil Ones have won today! The magic wurds will come your way, just pull them pants up, way too low anyway! Hurry, hurry, hurry, worry, worry, worry. The magic wurds you already know, "can't say them out loud", you say! This is my neighbahoodd, may I please help ya take the worry, hurry away! Damn it be four letter wurds and reading this silly ass piece, anytime you feel pissed, fretting, things ain't going your way! Okay, okay, okay remember Joe Pesky, think what would he say? Aw come on, come on, you gotta, betta, imagination than that! Joe Pesky would say," XXXX-it, one more time in another way, @#$%-it! You say, you don't cuss or usa, OKAY, OKAY, OKAY, just read what Joe Pesky's advise to you in my neighbahoodd is fuck-it, Fuck-it... Laugh about it... we're just one person of billions. How we gonna fix it ANYWAY???

damn don't know where that come from but felt rrreeeaaaallll good! absolutely nuthin makes no sense does it? do something different, laugh act like a child again, who cares! break up the daily boredom in your own neighbahood, it be okay! no matta how old we may be, the child locked away can be taken out to play. damn it! who says, "we have to act our age, act a certain way"! my mind ain't dead, why act that way! I'M ALIVE, MORE SO TODAY, THAN YESTERDAY, QUITE POSSIBLY MORE TOMORROW THAN I AM TODAY!

We must break free from the everyday world we live in, every same-o day! Hell yeah we have to make a livin, ain't NOBODY a-givin us the doers, thinkers REAL PEOPLE of the Planet any breaks! We carry the world upon our backs! What do we get for that! A broken back and a broken bank account! We comma into this here world naked and broke. In our mind we can be free, go back, remember childhood delights, if only a vision for a few minutes a day. We never truly, really grow up, our bodies just get bigger! Responsibilities, responsibilities, responsibilities, hard to break free and get away! True soo sadly true! What you got to lose! It might just be possible, WHAT YOU ARE A TRYIN TO DO AIN'T A WORKING FOR YOU!!!       PLEASE ENJOY MY SILLINESS, FUN-NEST DAMN PIECE I EVER WROTA, AH, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Thank you for visiting my humble site. I hope you have a good day today!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


For some reason this beautiful word keeps popping up. Whether I'm reading or just out of the blue. I've no idea why, but I love this word. SERENDIPITY means, a seeming gift for finding something good accidentally. I'm not sure where to go after that, but damn, it's pretty!

SERENE means, clear; bright; unclouded (a serene sky), also not disturbed or troubled; calm, peaceful, tranquil, etc.

SERENITY means, the quality or state of being serene; calmness; tranquility.

I'm going to say what has crossed my mind about these three words, then I'm going to write something to break my train of thought and come back to these words. "WHY"? I hear Suzie Smartassy ask. (She be one of my inner voices, ignore her!) The reason is I'm going to give any of my inner voices that's awake some time to HELP ME! (You don't really think any one person can be as serious one day and goofy the next day do ya? I have HELP!

All I can say about SERENE, I want that, especially the not disturbed part!!!

SERENITY, the only way I'm going to find that is drunk, passed out in the floor!!!

SERENDIPITY, I be a mite confused on that one I see two totally opposites here, like ying & yang! Serene be GREAT, but that DIPITY be right confusing!!! I believe I'm going to write under the name Confused, that sounds more in my area, especially where I am employed.

I'm going to try that meditation shit again, it sure as hell never works for me, but here goes, hang on as I put you on hold___________________. Are you still there? I forgot to take my meds so I haven't meditated yet, but soon I'll be medicated and I think that will be better for my mind. I'm going to put you on hold once more.____________________. Deep breathing___deeper breathing______deepest breathing so far____________))))))) snoring)))))))))) Uh, uh, (Gasping, shaking my head!) Damn I was having a nightmare, Aliens had taken over my body! When I go to sleep, they took over my mind, it was horrible, I woke up with no imagination, no emotions. I had become a Politician, I'm still shaking at the thought, eeewwee! What would I write, without an imagination, "trust me", "I'll get rid of the Lobbyist", "I'll do what's right for the American people". In my nightmare I saw ear to ear smiles, gold so bright so shiney, Lawyers, Bankers! It was horrible!

That be one of the worst nightmare I ever had. Losing my mind and becoming a Politician! I thought meditating was suppose to be calm, relaxing, tranquil, serene. Serene my ass, it was awful, not disturbed, I was as disturbed as I have ever been, NO IMAGINATION!

That word serenity brings something else to mind after that feeling of being a-a-a damn, I'mma shaking and can't say the fricking word, a-a-a Pol-i-ti-cian! I'd rather be dead than a-lyin out both sides of my mouth to the American People. What kind of evil entities could do that? Have to be evil Aliens from the planet Lawyeranus.

"Okay, okay, okay, you @#$%ing moron, embicile, nincapop of an old fart"! There is only one voice within my head that cusses like that, I introduce Joe Pesky to the readers of Glen View.

"Have I not taught you any @#$%ing thing since I took up residence in your penthouse of a brain! You always try to make goody goody crappola out of everything you do. You're the DIPITY part of serendipity you stupid hillbilly dipstick!" Ah, ah, ah, (I stutter for something to say.)

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, the @#$%ing cat's got your ignoramous tongue. Lawyers are HIGHLY paid for the work they do. Just so happens, Politicians seem to be mostly Lawyers, am I right? Ying and Yang my ass, they both be taking directions from the behind the scenes Power Brokers of the World baby! That be the rich, the ones that have always pulled the puppets strings! Gold talks, and gold buys anything and everybody! They sit upon their Thrones of gold, live in their Castles and Ivory Towers the same as they always have! They once called themselves Kings & Queens. They rule the world with the military might of the ones they have bought, lot, stock and barrel"!

I must apologize for allowing Joe Pesky to speak his thoughts, my mind's an equal opportunity inner voice brain!

So much for serendipity huh! Finding the good accidentally is gonna be hard after Joe!

Well the way I see it! There has always been bullies, monsterious Devil types ever since I can remember. There has always been the kind, sweet Angel types. The more people in the world the more of both. We can only HOPE, there is a POWER stronger than the lust of gold and manipulative entities. Since the beginning of time these types have fought and WE as everyday, honest, hardworking folk HOPE that someday we'll rise up with the help of the FORCE of the universe! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US!!! goodnight

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two Old Dogs A-Talkin

We're sitting on the front porch on a Summer's day reflecting on our lives. Age slowly & unmercifully continues to erode our old bodies. That's okay, we ain't complaining, no sir, complaining is for wusses! We discuss the wusses we've known in our lifetimes, we laugh it makes us feel childlike inside! The characters we've seen, we should write a book, instead of sitting , rocking the day away, we both nod our heads in agreement. Yes, tomorrow we'll start on that, tomorrow, it is!

A couple boys in their late teens are walking down the sidewalk, we look at each other and laugh at the same thing that we've laughed at for years now. It be them pants dragging the sidewalk, me & Earl, my best friend & neighbor. Earl laughs & says, "my Pa see me wearing britches like that, I wouldn't be able to sit down for a week"! You see there is much fun to have even when you're too old to do much except rock the day away on your front porch in the city. My Grandchildren ask, "what do you do all day Grandpa'? I tell them my day is full"! I love the look they give me! You know, crazy old man look! They be hurryin, scurryin, talkin on them damn cellphones! I'll ask them to come out on the front porch on a perfect day, it be like askin them to take out the trash, you know that look! Finally with much disgust & attitude I manage to get Nicole my oldest outside with me. "Sit in Earl's seat, he's at the Barber Shop getting his bald head shined"! Nothing, no sign of life out of Nicole, just that attitude look of boredom I was a-talkin about. I be a-talkin fun stuff, like me & Earl talk about, makin fun of Politicians and such. Nicole be over there wearing the letters off her cellphone, she calls it textin, I call it plum ass rude! I tell her, damn girl I'm tryin to visit with you for a few minutes, can't you put that dag-blasted demon of conversation away, let me see what's so important you can't look at me for maybe half an hour!!! I grab the Devil's toy out of her hand & put my spectacles on. Lord have mercy, my Grandbaby can't spell, she be 14 years old & don't know what a vowel is! I ask Nicki, "do you go to school girl"! She says "of course Grandpa"! I tell her, "you can't spell worth a hoot"! She gives me a even deeper look of disgust & boredom! "It's faster", she says with an ugly look in her child like eyes!

I couldn't help myself , I snatch that Devil toy out of her hand, ah oh! The look was scarier than watching some of the scary movies she likes to watch, I do, because I love her & want to be with her, watching her enjoying them gives me enjoyment, happiness. I don't interfere with my Daughters mothering, I enjoy time with my Granddaughter. Takin a cellphone away from a 14 year old, while she's textin, ain't a pretty sight! Her eyes, well let's just say she went from a baby face looking Angel to some of the things we view on them scary movies. That's it! Now she's done pissed Grandpa off & that little whipper snapper ain't getting that Devils toy back!!! She be a whinin, stompin her foot throwin a regular hissy fit! I tell her, "Nicki I got all day, sit down, your unlady like tantrum don't mean diddly squat to me, if you want this cellphone back, you're going to visit me, for 30 minutes, you can cry, stomp your feet, until they turn blue, you can act like a snot nose brat until your mother picks you up, that be up to you"!

I start off talkin to Nicki, about the first time I look upon her at the Hospital. So delicate, so tiny so beautiful, a little Angel. My heart was a fluttering, tears of joy overtook an ornery old man. It's unconditional love at first sight & I haven't touched you! I look at Nicki, she was a listenin, but them lips are still puckered, I turn my head to the side and smile. You came home & they put you in my arms for the first time, our eyes lock, I thought ah, oh! I thought sure you were going to cry, you touched my nose and smiled so big, the cloudy day popped into a clear sunny day! I can't look at you even as you sit there with that pouty face & see anything else. I see that beautiful baby, who has gave me, so much happines! That look of disgust and hatred over me takin away something so insignificant as a communication device breaks my heart. I have so much love for you, I wish to give you the happiness of simple pleasures. I look at her & the pouty look on the verge of temper tantrum tears has flip-flopped to  a caring face on the verge of loving tears. I still had a piece to speak, now was the time. Nicole I love you with all my heart! I give you a lifetime of advice in a few minutes. Absolutely nothing will ever be better in your whole life than a family's love. You'll grow up marry, have children, of that I'm sure, but, the unconditional love of family will never wither, never die, we will love you even when you don't love yourself, through any & all hardships, we'll be beside you spiritually even after we're long gone, because we're blood. I love you so much, I only ask for a few minutes of your time, to look me squarely in the eyes. I wish to give you the true meaning of love! That be something as simple as a few moments of time, just sitting enjoying the company of one another. Nothing in the world buys that, it's given!!!
Nicole jumps into my lap, just like when she was three years old, we cry tears of love, together! She rubs my nose and smiles, just like the first time I held her. About an hour later my Daughter, picks up her Daughter. She asks, "what's going on here"? We laugh as she goes inside. Two young men walk by with their underwear showing, I ask Nicki, "why do they wear their underwear showing"? Nicki laughs and says, "I don't know, all the boys wear them that way"! We laugh just like Earl & I, we are having as much fun as two old dogs a-talkin about life's fun moments, enjoying real conversation! Oh by the way she did ask for her cellphone back as she left. She said, "thanks Grandpa I love you". We spend every Saturday afternoon together after that communicating about everything. I catch her looking at me the way I look at her as we watch scary movies together. It's been many years now and Earl has passed on, but every Saturday afternoon Nicole visits me & we're like Two Old Dogs A-Talkin!!!  THANKS FOR VISITING GLEN VIEW, goodnight sleep tight!           

Saturday, October 1, 2011


It's late, do you know what's on my mind? I bet  you don't! The hell with deep breathing, meditation and all that self help, fly the universe, or universes, Astral soaring, Mind projecting, sitting on a mountain top, listening to the wind, L S D and all the mind altering products, natural or man made. Forget about all the wisdom , logic, Confuscius crap! Yell you heard me right! You got ME!!! I'm a regular working man. A working man that has toiled over 40 years. Damn how time flys! I've been confused since the 50's, I reckon I've been confused long enough to earn my gold watch in confusion, yes sir! I have become an elder statesman of confusion. A thought just struck my cranium, either that or a migraine's coming on! I oughta get me a job in Washington, with the loss of working brain cells on a downward trend, I'm qualified to be a Senator, Representative, advisor to the Pentagon, advisor to the President! DAMN! Another lightning strike, just lit up my mind! Ka-ching, ka-ching! I'm going to change my name to Confused, Joe R. Confused, has a nice ring to it. I'll be an honest man. Honest Joe, Honest Joe R. Confused. I'll run for President, a vote for Honest Joe R. Confused is a vote for the average Joes everywhere! We're all so confused! Nothing makes, not one lick of sense anymore. It's like we're doing the Ground Hog Day movie! We're all stuck in some kind of Ground Hog temperal distortion loopey thing a-ma-bob! That makes as much sense as anything that comes out of Washington!

Honest Joe R. Confused would give full disclosure on Aliens. No not the ones from this planet! They walk among us! All leaders of all the countries in the world are ALIENS! Shit the planet couldn't be more @#%&ed up if they were elected, appointed, or waged war to make themselves leaders! Colleges are turning out brainwashed Aliens! Don't get your undies in a pinch at me! Where the fuck has all them high I Q's gotten us average citizens. It sure as hell ain't the average Joe's that built the Atomic bomb. It ain't the average Joes that messed up, The Gulf of Mexico for a million years. You actually think the average Joe gives a rats ass about the Particle Excellerator that is searching for!!! What the fuck are they looking for??? We have String Theories, Quantum Physics and God only knows what else is going on in a College Lab some where. Damn, I get a migraine every time I read or hear this mumbo jumbo crappola.