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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rainy Day Thoughts!

I am completely relaxed, no need for meditating, any more calm and I'll fall asleep. I haven't anything on my mind, this is what I like the best, just start and see where I go! Possibly I have had too much fun at my nightly, before I go to bed posting. I thought it would be a good way to practice my typing and work on my writing. I seem to be enjoying it, too much I have not worked on my stories. Corner Lot was from a dream I had, but completely changed directions and I fell in love with the character Dorothy and allowed me to explore other mysterious story content. Bill Lee Hill is a character I created originally from making fun of my ancestors and also fell in love with him, as I wrote more about him. Limestone, Brick and Mortar explains my love of old buildings. This was where I attended middle school. Occa Onally was a story, simply from the word occasionally. Lost Road was from a dream and morphed into a very fun story to write. I have ideas for numerous others. Inner Voices and Elijah is very special to me. It popped out from nowhere, it just flowed. It's these times that fulfill me in ways that I can't explain. Even when I'm being plum silly, it's me. The releasing of whatever is in my mind is a high unlike anything I've ever known. I'm too old to learn the proper way to write, who cares! I gotta be me, I gotta be me! Trying to be someone or something I'm not, makes no sense. I threw that out the door! Like me, love me, hate me, I'm going to be me!!! I absolutely love playing with words the way I hear them in my mind. I toy with misspellin them correctly because that' how I hear them, when I'm typin them. I tried typing them propa, but in this case I like typin, (better than typing.) So if I want to leave off the g, you still know what I'm sayin. In today's world of textin, it makes some sense, at least, to me! I also love to be a-writin and insert my thoughts within the sentence with (  ) to give the exact thought I be a thinkin. A thought within a thought, even though I'm tellin a story or whatever, I like to make it more personal. To those who ACTUALLY took writing classes, I'm sure there is a name for that, but I don't give a shit or want to know. As long as you get my point and understand who gives a rat's ass if it be perfect. I suppose what I be attempting to say is! I love writing something to take some pressure off my mind before I go to sleep and I also like writing stories! Hummm, what do I do? I reckon I'll continue pretty much the way I have been except, try to write more stories.

I originally planned to talk, er, excuse me write about common sense. Common sense seems to be a dying art form gone, the way of face to face communication! Or is it JUST me? I sure as hell don't see it as prevalent as I once did. There is probably many reasons for it! Years ago chores, working on farms and responsibilities, (taught RESPONSIBILTIES), along with manners and many other valuable tools of life. I'm not convinced the world today is actually teaching common sense characteristics! It's a whole different world out there, better or worse is yet to be decided! I don't like to preach doom and gloom, but I can't help to question this!  Goodnight, ya'all come back now ya here!!!!  

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  1. I'm glad you wrote this. It will give me some background information as I make my way through your older posts. I was going to ask you if Bill Lee Hill was based on an actual person. Now I don't have to ask !

    Your last paragraph here about common sense......I have to agree with you 100%. I often find myself saying similar words. I think you are right, too many kids are raised without responsibilities and without that, how can they learn good old common sense??

    You just keep writing the way you write. Heck with proper grammar and spelling. I think your writing is just fine the way it is and I hope you don't change. Those who stumble upon your blog here will either hate it or love it, but you should always be true to yourself. Be free, be YOU !!!