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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Since I'm well over half a century old, "oh my gosh", NOBODY, listens to old people! I'll say what I think!

Suzie Smartassy, rudely interjects, "it's your blog you old looney bird"!

Yesterday's post Neigbahood was strange even for me, hells fire, I'm gonna visit where no man's gone before! Yesterday I was upset with many things, but I damn tootin, (I like leavin off the g's sometimes, hope you don't mind!) wasn't going to write about them! I didn't want to go to Dreamtown a-frettin! The first paragraph be plum silly, that be my mind, over-riding the bad, you see. My quest is to laugh at myself and let you ride along. If you got the guts, the stamina, to go with me to new record depths of silliness.

 My favorite newspaper cartoon is Garfield. I'm not sure why, but I got hooked on it. Well possibly I see myself in him! I absolutely HATE Mondays, always have. I'm fat, looove to eat. Garfield helps me get through the day, I get a smile and a bit of familiarity. He says what he wishes, makes fun of everybody, but down deep he is a good o'l boy. Besides, he has big eyes and is cute, and I'm an animal lover. I rasised a kitten his mother abandoned, because nature weeds out the weak. In his case his head was too large, and he would be abnormal. (like me, haha) He was my Bud, I bottle fed him. I named him Radar and we had loads of fun for 8 years. That be another story I'll write in great detail someday.

If you can't laugh at yourself, then yee be in BIG trouble. EXAMPLE! I'm hard of hearing, never have I passed a hearing test in my life, I have a 35% loss. I hear things differently than a normal person. I absolutely love, and make fun of what I think, I hear, verses what in actuality is being said. I used to feel cursed, and extremely down on myself because of the hearing loss. In my old age I simply choose to make fun of it. I believe I bring that forth to a certain extent and wish to explore that in more detail in posts to come. Example I always set up front in school and heard the Teacher until they turned their head to write on the blackboard, then I was completely lost. As long as someone looks at me during our conversation I'll get the most of the conversation. They turn their head I'm sunk! I view it as just another one of life's challenges, learn to live, accept and move on! Damn if I didn't get side tracked ONCE AGAIN!

Damn where was I? I tire of the news ALWAYS baaad! Why is it Death, Destruction makes headlines? If you read, listen, whether it be radio, t v, internet, newspaper, it's never good. I listen, I read, once upon a time I took the BAD of the day to bed with me. I lay my head upon my soft pillow a-oohing and a-aahing, ready for a good night's rest, close my wittle eyes, (ha ha) all them bad thoughts and vibes from the day start going off like fireworks in me wittle head. Well is there any wonder I can't sleep? No matter how much pondering I do my wittle brain is no match for the problems, I encounter, read about, watch on t v, or that happens in my measely day to day existence. I must possess (Many a-person have told me, I was possessed.) the fortitude, very interesting word I've never used before to my recollection! I must built a fort around myself to continue life as ME! I must find the courage, the strength, the wisdom, to take the cards life has dealt me and quite simply allow myself to be me, FREE!!!

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