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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! (A mite different today, WARNING!!!

Imagination is a wonderful thing! Without mine I truly doubt, I'd be here tonight writing this post! Imagination is GOOD, RIGHT? --- YES, --- and NO! Imagination's a double edge sword! If you don't understand that, count your blessings! You've never tasted the slicing of a deep cut. For that I'm happy for you! Believe me!

Imagination running amuck, out of control is the darkness within all of us! Without controllable restraints, it's too heavy to bear. The highly trained Psycho Babblers of the modern era have labels for EVERYTHANG, don't they!!! I absolutely @#$%ing HATE that!

I have touched several times on TOUGH LOVE. I so see that missing everyday. I have had many conversations in recent years with people who have earned my respect, we talk about this. Sadly it's just not parents I'm talking about. It be leaders I come into contact with, in my every day environment.

Leadership, "good" leadership can't be taught in my humble opinion! There has to be a drive within true leaders who can and will accept the challenges that fall upon their shoulders. Leaders have a knack to make everyone around them to rise above their safe zone and work for the good of the whole! Sadly I see that missing, no matter where I turn! You see the ineptness in their eyes!

"How does imagination tie in", you ask? Without imagination how are you going to see the others? What makes them tick, how to help them, make them better, give them drive determination, etc. Damn ain't everybody wired the same, you got to rewire them and get the most as a team! Baby! I sure don't see that, from Washington, to where I work, to where I get my tires rotated and balenced! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! Where has the craftsmanship and the ability to work WITH individuals, RATHER than against! It be all about ME!!! 

I told a supervisor once, "this is the most reactive rather than proactive place I have ever seen"! They had no @#$%ing idea what I was talking about!

Ya'all reckon that's what's wrong with our Political Leadersip today? Nah! They just bought by the Lobbyist, lot, stock and barrel! Don't kid yourselves they don't give a shit about us, the REAL people!
Sad fact but true you know that, don't kid yourself!

Okay, okay, okay the next election won't change NOTHING, Dumocrats or Repukecans. There be people never seen, RULING this planet.

But why the fuck can't the simplest ass leaders at the lower leadership levels lead? I'll tell you why! ---
In the modern society of human evolution you simply take whomever has been there the longest and making the highest wages and make them leaders! So theoretically you can have Dickie Dipstick a manager or Barbie Brainless or Charlie Challenged...

Once upon a time work ethics, team work was everything.. What happened? I'm afraid I'm not qualified, meaning I don't have enough degrees with fancy pantsy letters behind my fucking name to qualify for that!

FUCK-IT!!! I've been round this mishandled, mismanaged planet long enough to SEE! Yes I have and I'm about to testify, I'm all fired up, yes I am!!! "We are a ME society! Made that way because we only care about ME, Myself and I! I'm an old hobbled man from working my ass off, yes I am! I've worked with, the good, the bad, and the ugly! Today we just mostly BAD! The leaders at the top a-listening to the ones below them as they cover their own asses! It be that way all the down to Jimmy James on the tail end of line! He be the low indian on the Totem pole a-tryin with all his might to do his job! BABY he getting TIRED! That shit run down hill and he be standing in all the crap trying to do his job! All that shit has run from the top down and we lowly hard working back breaking SOB's are fucking TIRED OF THE SHIT!!!----- BUT WE BE THE ONES THAT HAVE TO PAY! AND PAY AND PAY!

whow-wee good buddies seems someone had a burr under his saddle! you see i never, never know where i'm going to go. i just go with where my mind wants and say what be on my mind, good or bad or ugly it be me, goodnight one and all.      

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  1. What an excellent post !!! You have put into words what I have seen and been thinking for quite some time.

    "Okay, okay, okay the next election won't change NOTHING, Dumocrats or Repukecans. There be people never seen, RULING this planet."

    I tell people this all the time when the subject of elections comes up and most of them look at me like I fell off of the turnip truck or something. But I do believe a lot of people are finally waking up to what is really going on.

    Hmmm, maybe I will write your name in as my choice for president !!! :-)