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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oxymoron "WHAT"?

If there's something amiss, in your neighbahood, who you gonna call, "ghostbusters". Sorry a senior moment, hope you don't mind! I had to work over 4 hours, but for some reason I'm okay with that! Ah oh "warning"!!!

 "Gramps has overdosed on the aleve, to aleve his pain and it plum fried his brain, or he has been taking too many of them silver vitamins for seniors again", says Suzie Smartassy.

"Okay, okay, okay, but when the silver haired old fart comes down off them aleve and caffeine, he won't be worth a shit! I thought them dumb nincapoops know better than asking Grandpa to work over, he won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow. You know the old grey jackass ain't what he used to be. Once upon a time it wouldn't be nothing, when he was a young jackass", says Joe Pesky.

Thanks Joe and Suzie I think! I'm too tired to think about what you said! I can feel myself coming down slowly from the adrenalin, aleve and caffeine. My m-e-d-s  a-r-e  k-i-c-k-i-n-g  i-n!

Oxymoron is on my mind ever since my buddy Timster wrote that ??? crazy ass word and I can't get the SOB out of my mind!!!! I keep seeing a gigantic blue ox, you know from the story Paul Bunyon. Damn sure as hell ain't thought about that in like, forever, thanks Timster how dare you! (hahaha) I'll have a nightmare for sure about a 40 foot blue ox, like I don't have enough craziness in my dreams already, nooo, he had to plant other stupid silliness! So oxy would be like oxygen right! I better look it up and see for sure. Oxy, containing oxygen, ah oh, why ain't nothing be easy? But wait! There's mooore! Containing the hydroxl radical, okey, dokey, enough of that crap!

Let's try moron, sounds more fitting to me! This here word has a star beside it in my old dictionary, (I'm old fashion I still like doing things the OLD way.) this is gonna be real good I have a feeling. Definition # 1 moron is a retarded person mentally equal to a child, between eight and twelve years old: an obsolescent term: see MENTAL RETARDATION. What the hell? # 2 says a very foolish or stupid person. Wowza, I know a lot of these!

Oxymoron damn it's actually a word, acutely silly: see oxy & moron, I don't think soo, been there done that! Stupid ass dictionary!!! A figure of speech in which opposite or contradictory ideas or terms are combined (example: thunderous silence, sweet sorrow)  

I'm tired I know, but this is getting deep. I find it, not the least bit, cutely silly. I find it assinine stupid! (Seems I got one to many s's in asinine, but who gives a rat's ass, I'm plum past dream time and I think I'm having a nightmare.) Am I teetering on the precipice of oxymoron Timster?

There ain't no @#$%ing way you can have thunderous silence, is there? Thinkin.................. If you're deaf, you could feel thunder possibly! If you felt it, but cannot hear it, I suppose there could be thunderous silence.

Let's think upon this sweet sorrow a moment..................... still thinkin................. I'm plum thought out, I may have to get Timster to clarify this oxymoron thing. 

Sweet sorrow, oh, oh, oh, what if you have a rich Auntie who left you a gazillion dollars. That sure as hell seems like sweet sorrow!

I may possibly have something here, BUT this is an inside joke, that only a couple of fellow co-workers might get oh hell! Why not! There was thunderous silence at work today, due to the passing of  a moron, and his loss is sweet silence!   GOODNIGHT MY FRIENDS, SWEET DREAMS.


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  2. Sometimes I realize too late that I said something stupid .........sorry